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{1}{72}movie info: XVID 544x240 23.976fps 700.2 MB|/SubEdit b.4072 (http://subedit.com.pl)/ {3032}{3071}You've got to be quick. {3093}{3115}What? {3971}{4003}Let's move, Bill. {4048}{4085}Wait. Hold the door. {4137}{4177}Could you hit five please? {4950}{5018}She told me she was majoring|in political science. {5735}{5786}{y:i}You've reached the Sommers' residence. {5788}{5902}{y:i}Leave your name and the time you called.|We'll get back to you as soon as possible. {5925}{5970}{y:i}Hi, Mom. It's Marcus. {5974}{5998}Marcus! {5999}{6071}{y:i}I figured it was time|we saw each other again. {6081}{6127}{y:i}I'm on the road right now. {6135}{6199}{y:i}I should be in St. Louis by dinnertime. {6221}{6245}{y:i}'Bye. {6593}{6651}Good afternoon. Sommers Talent Agency. {6653}{6683}Oh, hi, David. {6739}{6795}Mrs. Sommers, it's David for you. {6817}{6837}Hi, Davie. {6839}{6906}Mom, guess who's coming home|for dinner. {6941}{6966}Marcus. {7026}{7067}Of course I'm happy, darling. {7068}{7147}Mom, think peace. Okay? {7150}{7191}Okay. Talk to you later. {9059}{9124}I think I'm beginning|to like Brussels sprouts. {9248}{9276}I'll get it. {9559}{9596}Yes? Can I help you? {9639}{9685}- You bastard.|- Son of a bitch. {9813}{9892}- You've lost weight.|- No. You've lost touch. I got taller. {10007}{10056}Who poured ugly all over the walls? {10058}{10155}Mom just wallpapered half the apartment.|Tell her you like it, please. {10167}{10190}No. {10268}{10299}- He's here!|- Hi. {10303}{10356}Sorry I'm late. I got held up. {10376}{10410}Welcome home. {10509}{10539}New wallpaper. {10556}{10589}It's really nice. {10599}{10636}I'm glad you like it. {10652}{10720}I think the fish is still warm.|Come on, sit down. {10807}{10849}I already ate on the road. {10896}{10939}In that case, I might as well... {10940}{10987}I'll take those, Mom. I got them. {10989}{11033}Why don't you two... {11161}{11185}I got it. {11233}{11294}I came home because I'm worried|about Davie. {11339}{11390}He should go away to college, Mom. {11445}{11513}Look, I'm willing to help pay|if that's a problem. {11517}{11625}- Come on, Marcus. Let's not start again.|- I know you don't want to talk about this. {11633}{11703}He is really old enough|to be out on his own. {11738}{11783}He's doing just fine where he is. {11785}{11821}He's not doing fine. {11844}{11893}He's almost flunking out. {11908}{11978}I have friends on the faculty.|He is not doing well at all. {11979}{12016}- He could've if...|- Could've. {12018}{12053}He's had a very rough year. {12055}{12146}That's our motto. That's our family motto:|"The Sommers Could've." {12151}{12255}I could've. You could've. Daddy could've.|Now it's Davie's turn. {12256}{12306}We're always looking for excuses. {12323}{12415}I'll tell you about "could."|I could be crazy about you, but I'm not. {12448}{12542}And you could've made|Dad's last few weeks a lot easier. {12583}{12614}But you didn't. {12676}{12702}I know that. {12744}{12787}I got your pictures, Vera. {12801}{12834}No, they're nice. {12912}{12960}But I am a little disappointed. {13035}{13145}I never thought it was true love,|you and me, but I did think it was true sex. {13154}{13230}Now you're telling me it was true,|but it wasn't free. {13255}{13325}I'm not in the modeling business, Vera.|My mother is. {13327}{13397}If you want an interview,|you really should call her. {13399}{13472}I don't want to fight with you.|I'm too worried about Davie. {13474}{13560}He's a smart kid, Mom.|He just needs to get out of here. {13564}{13641}Didn't you look at him|when you walked through that door? {13659}{13715}You're a doctor. Couldn't you tell? {13716}{13765}Tell what? What's the matter with him? {14019}{14088}{y:i}Kids lose weight for all kinds of reasons. {14090}{14183}{y:i}You can get dizzy spells|from an ear infection or even a bad diet. {14185}{14246}{y:i}Have you taken him to a hospital|to have him checked? {14248}{14305}Have you forgotten|he's terrified of hospitals? {14307}{14365}Well, I'm a doctor. Why didn't you call me? {14387}{14421}Because I couldn't. {14454}{14520}My God, Marcus.|The way things have been between us... {14522}{14595}...you're the last person in the world|I could turn to. {14618}{14666}I was hoping the symptoms|would go away. {14668}{14757}They are not gonna go away|if it's what Dad had. {14825}{14917}Why don't I take him back with me|to Wisconsin? We'll do a CAT scan. {14924}{14974}I'll have him checked and I'll call you. {15834}{15869}Your rear wheel's not true. {15871}{15922}It's better than the front one. {15964}{16002}Got a spoke wrench? {16013}{16036}Yes. {16123}{16182}Got to take care of your equipment, Davie. {16274}{16331}I heard you dropped out of pre-med. {16332}{16382}I've dropped out of pre-law, too. {16384}{16431}So what are you studying now? {16434}{16477}I have a double major. {16479}{16540}Eastern philosophy and cowboy movies. {16562}{16631}The Yin, the Yang and the bang-bang. {16661}{16709}Think we can get serious for a while? {16715}{16790}Marcus, what're you trying to do,|be a one-minute brother? {16791}{16889}After a year and a half of phony|phone calls, you finally show up here. {16903}{16954}You're late for dinner and now... {16983}{17016}Now you want to hassle me. {17093}{17163}If you're still concerned,|you can hassle me in the morning. {17165}{17222}I have to get back to Madison tomorrow. {17259}{17308}Why the hell did you bother coming then? {17350}{17375}There. {17403}{17448}Why don't you come with me? {17499}{17559}Bring your bike. We'll ride around. {17591}{17635}Just the two of us. How about it? {17636}{17680}I would love to. I just... {17700}{17745}I shouldn't leave Mom alone. {17747}{17797}Mom thinks it's a pretty good idea. {17799}{17825}What? With you? {17898}{17931}- Ask her yourself.|- I will. {17933}{18050}'Cause either you drugged her senseless|or you'll be up for the Nobel Peace Prize. {18061}{18085}Mom? {18639}{18690}{y:i}Mom says you've been riding|the bike a lot. {18692}{18754}{y:i}Yeah, a little bit, 30, 40 miles a day. {18763}{18807}- Ever done any racing?|- Yeah. {18811}{18846}- Really?|- Well, not really. {18847}{18961}I go on these long rides by myself|and I sort of pretend I'm in a race. {18970}{19030}I'm trying to get away|and the pack's chasing me... {19031}{19112}...and then when they get me,|we sprint, you know. {19114}{19210}It makes the miles go faster.|Keeps my mind off of things. {19243}{19282}Do you ever race against me? {19284}{19339}Yeah. We had a good one last week. {19341}{19376}We did? {19381}{19459}- How did I do?|- I nipped you at the finish line. {19470}{19503}That's bullshit. {19505}{19559}Are you gonna try out|for the Olympics again? {19579}{19631}No. I'm getting a little too old for that. {19633}{19674}At least you made the team once. {19675}{19711}Really? That's funny. {19712}{19750}I thought I was an alternate. {19751}{19814}- Well, it's the same thing.|- It's not the same thing. {19816}{19882}- You could've...|- No more "could've." I didn't. {20066}{20130}There are decisive moments in bike racing. {20141}{20235}When the moment came, I gave up. {21015}{21055}Just set it anywhere. {21105}{21167}- Want something to eat?|- No, I'm just sleepy. {21206}{21258}If you do, the fridge is full. {21370}{21413}- You like this sofa?|- Yeah. {21418}{21442}Good. {21444}{21479}It's all yours. {21527}{21591}This really doesn't look like|a doctor's house. {21643}{21714}Whenever the newspapers wrote|about "bombed-out Beirut"... {21716}{21775}...this is what I imagined it looked like. {21906}{21963}Oh, Sarah, this is David. {21980}{22016}Davie, Sarah. {22047}{22079}Nice to meet you. {22091}{22128}"Bombed-out Beirut," eh? {22267}{22361}If you hear strange noises|coming from the bedroom, don't worry. {22389}{22480}It's just Sarah and I in the grips|of a wild sexual frenzy. {22500}{22525}Yeah, sure. {22527}{22565}You think he's joking? {22622}{22651}No, ma'am. {22696}{22730}You sleep tight. {22776}{22808}Good night, Dave. {25219}{25258}Where are you going to ride? {25259}{25313}I thought we'd do a few sprints with Eddy. {25315}{25395}Be careful, David.|Eddy's a real son of a bitch. {25422}{25462}- See you guys later.|- See you. {25464}{25488}Bye-bye. {25535}{25562}Who's Eddy? {25579}{25640}Sarah's right. He's a real son of a bitch. {25642}{25690}Then why are we going to ride with him? {25692}{25763}He's a good sprinter|and I need to work on my sprint. {25764}{25807}I got a big race coming up. {26113}{26150}I'm not in yet. {26190}{26220}Good morning, Denis. {26222}{26267}Good morning, Sarah. How are you? {26269}{26309}- Fine. And you?|- Fine. {26311}{26343}Want some juice? {26385}{26420}Marcus came back last night. {26422}{26482}I thought he'd be gone for a few days.|What happened? {26484}{26555}It's his brother, David.|You know the family history. {26557}{26582}Yeah? {26587}{26649}There's a chance his brother|might have it now. {26651}{26682}Oh, Christ. {26740}{26801}That family's got a curse on it, hasn't it? {26821}{26880}Sarah's Apache? She's really Apache? {26883}{26960}Yes, among other things.|She's also Black, Scotch-lrish, Chinese. {26962}{27040}I've met all of those before,|but I've never met an Apache. {27146}{27203}Where does this guy Eddy live anyway?|Minnesota? {27209}{27260}No. Right up there in this house. {27283}{27305}Hey, Eddy! {27337}{27368}Are you coming? {27457}{27494}Aren't we going to wait? {27496}{27527}He'll catch us. {27607}{27633}Here he comes. {27655}{27682}That's Eddy? {27691}{27714}That's him. {27716}{27751}You son of a bitch! {27889}{27922}You better pump. {28145}{28175}He likes you. {28429}{28470}He hasn't eaten, Dave. {28643}{28676}You son of a bitch! {28678}{28702}Look out! {28747}{28771}Get away. {28772}{28803}Get away. Go. {28819}{28852}Get out of here, dog. {28949}{28982}He took the shoe. {29005}{29037}He ate my shoe. {29077}{29115}I got to go back. {29139}{29190}On second thought,|do you want to go back? {29545}{29595}- Wait for me out here.|- All right. {30257}{30299}I got someone I want you to meet. {30339}{30393}I took him for a ride with Eddy today. {30403}{30444}He got his ass chewed off. {30446}{30513}This is Dr. Dennis Conrad,|the founder of this place. {30515}{30550}- How are you doing?|- Good. You? {30551}{30619}Fine. Let me give you the ten-cent tour. {30627}{30735}In sports medicine, we try to determine|what the potential of an athlete is... {30738}{30812}...and then do all we can|to help him or her achieve it. {30815}{30898}We analyze, theorize, proselytize... {30910}{30966}...sometimes we even sympathize... {30978}{31028}...but we never, never rationalize. {31030}{31053}Never. {31061}{31108}What do you think of all this? {31135}{31162}There's our motto: {31179}{31228}{y:i}"Res firma mitescere nescit"... {31230}{31320}...which roughly translated means:|"Once you've got it up, keep it up." {31335}{31373}- Right?|- Right. {31484}{31566}Are you ready for the torture test?|I love to torture guys your age. {31567}{31639}We just finished a hard ride.|I think he needs a rest. Right? {31641}{31665}Yes. {31667}{31691}Maybe tomorrow. {31693}{31733}- You free tomorrow?|- No. {31761}{31792}Well, maybe... {31794}{31853}Tomorrow it is. Nice meeting you, David. {31891}{31947}I told you about those damn dogs, didn't I? {31949}{32009}You didn't die yet, so die or do something! {32132}{32173}Can I ask you something? {32176}{32231}Does anyone ever say no to that question? {32237}{32262}Go ahead. {32285}{32328}Can you speak Apache? {32334}{32405}No. Your mother's half French.|Can you speak French? {32407}{32427}No. {32449}{32474}I can. {32515}{32559}- We're here.|- Hi. {32635}{32682}- Dinner ready?|- Just about. {32691}{32715}Good. {32748}{32797}This is Leslie. Leslie, David. {32811}{32835}I saw her. {32841}{32881}I saw you today, didn't I? {32883}{32931}Yes, at the institute. I saw you, too. {32973}{33004}Nice to see you again. {33039}{33058}You, too. {33069}{33097}Butter. {33120}{33199}I never expected Dr. Sommers' place|to look like this. {33225}{33263}You've never been here before? {33265}{33300}It's my first time. {33367}{33413}I wonder who the occasion is? {33434}{33458}Big mistake. {33460}{33533}Why don't we sit down?|Leslie, take the spot right here. {33656}{33721}Davie's taking our famous|torture test tomorrow. {33723}{33755}- Oh, really?|- Yeah. {33757}{33835}And I have a feeling|you're taking yours tonight, Leslie. {33964}{34000}Salad. I love salad. {34038}{34068}Tomatoes. {34106}{34126}Great. {34268}{34338}Dr. Sommers tells me|you're into Eastern philosophy. {34347}{34409}Yes, I'm sure Dr. Sommers told you that. {34411}{34470}When Dr. Sommers tells you|to come to his house... {34471}{34540}...to meet his brother|who's into Eastern philosophy... {34542}{34605}...you really don't have much choice,|do you? {34615}{34665}You're being very inconsiderate, Davie. {34667}{34705}My name is David. {34781}{34830}And I'm not being inconsiderate. {34850}{34896}- I'd better...|- It's all right. {34898}{34958}Sit down. Eat your dinner.|Don't mind him. {34966}{35023}You don't have to take orders from him. {35025}{35098}You can tell him to go to hell.|You can tell me to go to hell. {35099}{35168}- I didn't come here to tell...|- I know how you feel. {35269}{35325}You seem like a really nice girl. {35343}{35442}But for once I'd like to meet a girl|who doesn't know my mother or brother. {35443}{35482}The world's full of them. {35483}{35521}You have to leave home first. {35523}{35597}That's great. "Dr. Considerate" speaks. {35613}{35674}Father dies and you take off the same day. {35731}{35758}What was I supposed to do? {35760}{35823}This isn't the time to bring up|family problems. {35825}{35850}I'd better... {35851}{35927}It's all right, Leslie.|I'm not ashamed of my family. {35942}{36028}You probably have a mother. You wouldn't|turn your back on her in a crisis. {36030}{36073}She created the goddamn crisis. {36075}{36127}I don't care who created it! {36299}{36353}She was crazy about you, Marcus. {36357}{36423}Bragging about her brilliant son.|Everything you did. {36425}{36479}I know. Everything I did was great. {36481}{36546}When I lost, she convinced me|I could've won. {36548}{36583}That there's no difference. {36584}{36648}I don't think that's so terrible.|Do you, Leslie? {36650}{36681}I think it's terrible. {36683}{36727}Many people would call it support. {36729}{36805}When Dad needed support|when he was dying, where was she? {36824}{36856}Where the hell was she? {36858}{36946}You know where she was.|She was right there in the apartment. {36948}{36986}Hiding out in the guest room. {36987}{37059}She fell apart, okay? People do! {37061}{37105}Goddamn it! You were there! {37137}{37173}You didn't fall apart. {37196}{37298}You heard him calling for her at night.|I had to plead with her to go to him. {37299}{37399}Tell me, Dr. Sommers, when people aren't|as strong as you'd like them to be... {37401}{37476}...and they let you down,|have you ever considered forgiving them? {37787}{37815}I'm sorry, Leslie. {37817}{37858}Perfect. Just perfect. {37957}{37986}It's okay. {38007}{38066}- I'll take you home.|- I brought her, I'll take her. {38067}{38132}This whole thing was my idea!|I'll take her home. {38134}{38215}No, thank you. I'll take myself home. {38251}{38293}I've got to call my mother. {39018}{39058}You never answered my question. {39059}{39115}I don't have to answer your damn question. {39117}{39201}I've considered forgiving Mother|many times. I almost did many times. {39203}{39239}"Almost" isn't good enough. {39240}{39279}Why the hell not? {39296}{39384}"Almost" is good enough for everything|else in this family, isn't it, Davie? {39386}{39424}Excuse me, David. {39763}{39805}It's all computerized. {39819}{39887}The speed will increase.|The grade will increase. {39896}{39938}You'll go into oxygen debt. {39939}{40011}If you last long enough,|you'll go into oxygen bankruptcy. {40013}{40048}Don't worry about it. {40050}{40114}I just want to go one second longer|than Marcus. {40120}{40211}You do? Marcus holds the institute record|with 25 minutes... {40239}{40277}...and 14 seconds. {40279}{40308}- Are you ready?|- Yes. {40310}{40340}There's your clock. {40342}{40375}Have a good trip. {40750}{40798}This is the torture test? {42337}{42373}He's going for 25. {42540}{42571}Come on, David! {43209}{43258}Come on, David. Keep it up! {43440}{43480}Keep it up! Keep it up! {43583}{43622}Come on, David! Push harder! {44609}{44658}Come on, David! Keep it up! {44807}{44836}Turn it off. {45763}{45818}{y:i}It's like Star Wars down here. {45863}{45897}Warp speed. {47977}{48049}I can't believe you're still planning|to go to Colorado. {48051}{48146}I'll go if David wants to go with me.|He's always wanted to see the West. {48152}{48203}- You've got to tell him.|- I can't. {48287}{48314}Not now. {48325}{48406}Not after what he did today.|I don't want to ruin it for him. {48430}{48475}I love him too much for that. {48484}{48518}I understand. {48532}{48573}I got to run, buddy. {48581}{48634}Wait up, I'll walk out with you. {49241}{49269}No big deal. {49823}{49859}What are you doing out here? {49861}{49899}I just needed some fresh air. {49901}{49964}I've been looking all over the place for you. {49984}{50058}- Want to hear the results?|- I know the results. {50063}{50109}You do? Who told you? {50111}{50149}Nobody has to tell me. {50228}{50254}I'm fine, right? {50271}{50305}Physically, you're fine. {50312}{50390}You have the cardiovascular system|of King Kong's first cousin. {50391}{50432}Just emotionally, you're a mess. {50443}{50528}Frankly, anybody who wastes|the potential you've got pisses me off. {50530}{50570}Well, it pisses me off, too. {50586}{50667}- What are you going to do about it?|- I don't know. {50738}{50839}Shinto philosophy teaches you|to accept life as a seasonal occupation. {50843}{50898}Sounds like bull Shinto to me. {50942}{50988}I burned your ass on the treadmill. {50990}{51045}Sure, you also beat my SAT scores. {51047}{51120}You're great at taking tests|every few years. {51222}{51283}Here's the thing, Shinto. {51327}{51387}There's this bike race in Colorado... {51389}{51427}The Hell of the West. {51461}{51549}- It's the last time I'll race in it and I'd like...|- I'd love to. {51553}{51592}- What?|- Race. {51600}{51660}Give me a break.|I'm trying to talk you into it. {51662}{51737}I had a speech prepared|about how we've never raced together... {51739}{51816}...and this might be our last chance,|the Sommers team... {51841}{51889}- There's just one thing.|- What? {51891}{51938}I'm not shaving my legs. {52037}{52079}We'll talk about it. {52119}{52196}I think we should give Mom a call.|What do you think? {52231}{52255}Okay. {52424}{52471}Marcus? How is he? {52478}{52521}{y:i}- He's just fine.|- He is? {52523}{52555}Clean as a whistle. {52556}{52583}Oh, God! {52655}{52687}Oh, darling. {52727}{52786}Enough already.|You're supposed to be celebrating. {52788}{52843}Oh, darling, I am celebrating. {52866}{52949}It's just that I have lived with this|for so long and he's all I've got. {52969}{53019}I thought you had two sons. {53047}{53081}Marcus, of course I do. {53121}{53191}{y:i}That's not what I was going to say.|Marcus, come on. {53193}{53227}That's all right. {53231}{53300}This whole conversation is probably not|what I meant to say. {53322}{53350}What does that mean? {53389}{53425}Davie's all right, isn't he? {53427}{53490}Davie's just fine. He sends his love. {53520}{53545}I've got to go. {53547}{53621}Marcus, I want you to know...|Please understand, I love... {53623}{53658}I've got to go. {53663}{53687}'Bye. {53823}{53843}How's Mom? {53846}{53910}- She's fine.|- You told her I was okay, right? {53918}{53965}Is this a fish burger in here? {53970}{54052}No. I told her you got hit by a bus.|What do you think I told her? {54054}{54113}- I want to show you something.|- Where are we going? {54227}{54262}Remember this? {54273}{54338}This is the first of three stages in this race. {54340}{54429}The field gets cut in half here.|If you don't finish in the top half... {54436}{54466}...you're out. {54692}{54734}- Pretty fast, huh?|- Yeah. {54750}{54786}Well, it gets faster. {54787}{54865}Coming in the back,|some guys will hit 60 miles an hour. {54888}{54941}It can get really dangerous. {54999}{55050}There's me and Muzzin going at it. {55083}{55137}That's the guy on the poster in the kitchen. {55167}{55258}That's Barry Muzzin.|He was my teammate. My best friend. {55346}{55398}He's affectionately known|as "the Cannibal." {55399}{55427}You know him? {55429}{55480}Yes. I was married to him. {55531}{55559}Did you see that? {55561}{55585}See what? {55813}{55837}Right there. {55916}{55961}Did you see that? The race is over. {55987}{56007}I quit. {56025}{56048}You didn't. {56050}{56132}Shows you how good I am at it.|Nobody can even tell anymore. {56252}{56309}That's what it looks like when you win. {56425}{56468}This is what it sounds like. {58331}{58358}Two points. {58439}{58466}Good shot. {59333}{59386}I'm starved. What have you got? {59388}{59460}- Give her one of these. They're great.|- Here, Beck. {59493}{59548}I'm tired of granola and sesame seeds. {59554}{59647}Sesame seeds are great. Pure protein|and energy. It's just what you need. {59649}{59741}I need a chocolate shake and french fries.|And a Quarter Pounder with cheese. {59743}{59785}Becky, that's flesh. {59788}{59856}Have you ever looked in a cow's eyes|when it's killed? {59858}{59929}You're eating fear, Becky.|You're becoming one with fear. {59931}{59982}We were going to live off the land. {59984}{60095}I don't see how eating generic nuts|from the supermarket is living off the land. {60097}{60131}We made a vow. {60163}{60237}Look into the crystal light|and release meat. {60289}{60332}I can't believe this. {60373}{60402}What the hell's that? {60415}{60454}The Pony Express? {60864}{60901}{y:i}I was wondering... {60938}{60973}{y:i}If Dad were alive today... {60975}{60999}{y:i}Yeah? {61012}{61115}Well, they didn't have any cure|for a berry aneurysm two years ago... {61119}{61179}- I was wondering...|- They still don't. {61196}{61288}If there's a weak blood vessel|and it's located deep inside the brain... {61290}{61389}...you can't get to it without destroying|the patient's vital brain functions. {61391}{61468}Meaning the patient could become|a chef's salad. {61514}{61559}It's like a heart attack of the head. {61560}{61660}Even if you're in the best shape,|it can still hit you right out of the blue. {61689}{61780}The thing is, you know,|you read those stories... {61795}{61890}Some bald guy grows hair again.|Now he needs a haircut once a week. {61895}{61979}People doing things through willpower.|What do you think of that stuff? {62332}{62362}Good night. {62376}{62410}Good night, David. {62877}{62928}I always wanted to do that. {63454}{63502}Don't forget the napkins. {63539}{63578}Can I take your order, please? {63579}{63690}I'd like a Quarter Pounder,|large fries and a chocolate shake, please. {63711}{63793}It'll be a minute for your Quarter Pounder.|How about a Big Mac? {63795}{63816}Okay. {63839}{63873}Wait. No. {63927}{63947}I'll wait. {64522}{64551}Where are you headed? {64582}{64607}California maybe. {64656}{64687}- You?|- Colorado. {64752}{64790}Where are your friends? {64792}{64851}It didn't work out. I split. {64927}{64973}It isn't right, Marcus. {64981}{64999}What? {65001}{65062}You should tell him the truth, that's what. {65087}{65157}We wouldn't be making this trip|if he knew the truth. {65159}{65244}- I think you underestimate him.|- Do you mind? He's my brother! {65319}{65382}Maybe I know some things about him|you don't. {65385}{65458}Maybe so, but don't use|that tone of voice with me. {65543}{65632}- You never heard of bike racing?|- No. Is that what you were doing today? {65634}{65711}No, that? We were just training|for this big race in Colorado. {65713}{65809}We'll ride to the top of the Rockies|and back. It's very dangerous stuff. {65811}{65906}One wrong move and you're just|another statistic in the Hell of the West. {65913}{65954}I hope you come out of it alive. {66033}{66053}Good luck. {66059}{66086}You, too. {66249}{66280}Would you like a ride? {66371}{66408}Where, on your handlebars? {66482}{66507}Marcus, look. {66510}{66544}How fast do you go? {66561}{66607}Sixty. Sometimes faster. {66714}{66747}Hope she's the quiet type. {66749}{66821}Not a chance. She even walks loudly. {66880}{66941}What did she do to her hair? What is that? {66959}{66999}This is Becky Chandler. {67005}{67048}Becky, this is my brother, Marcus. {67050}{67098}- This is Sarah.|- Hi. Nice to meet you. {67099}{67133}How's your finger? {67180}{67217}Sorry about that. {67219}{67302}Thanks for the ride. Hell of the West, huh?|Sounds great. {67814}{67869}How far are you planning to go with us? {67872}{67953}Tell you what, Doc.|I'll go pretty far if it feels good. {68018}{68044}All right. {68818}{68915}Ready? I'll get you on a machine|and have you buffed up in no time. {68927}{68979}I don't like this place. It smells bad. {68981}{69059}That's sweat, Randolph.|And it does not smell bad. {69067}{69125}Mama said I didn't have to do this. {69133}{69191}You're in Daddy's sinister clutches now. {69193}{69288}And Daddy wants to see his beloved son|Randolph sweat his ass off. {69290}{69331}{y:i}Dr. Conrad, Line 3. {69333}{69379}I'll put you on this bike. {69398}{69439}Use this one, Randolph. {69509}{69534}Hello? {69588}{69629}Who is this, please? {69645}{69679}How do you do? {69683}{69771}It's just that I called his house last night|and then again this morning... {69773}{69823}...and no one answered, so... {69827}{69897}...being a hysterical person,|I started to worry. {69899}{69955}There's nothing to worry about,|Mrs. Sommers. {69956}{70050}The three of them went on a camping trip.|Marcus, David and Sarah. {70062}{70090}Who is Sarah? {70091}{70138}{y:i}The girl he lives with. {70206}{70248}I wanted to tell him something... {70271}{70299}{y:i}... but it can wait. {70340}{70393}Come on, Randolph. Move it. {70426}{70477}I'll have him call you when he gets back. {70498}{70552}You can go faster than that, damn it. {70554}{70629}It was nice "meeting you," Mrs. Sommers. {70706}{70776}You're supposed to be picking a sport.|So, pick a sport. {70782}{70806}I like bowling. {70808}{70927}Bowling? Bowling is not a sport.|Bowling is just a big video game. {70932}{70971}Don't get all defrosted, Dad. {70987}{71014}Don't do what? {71015}{71071}You heard me. Don't get all defrosted. {71073}{71118}How does your mother put up with you? {71119}{71219}Now, look, Dad. The way I see it,|there are no black bowlers. {71235}{71327}Basketball, yes. Football, yes.|Golf, we got one guy. {71347}{71414}But bowling, we got zip. Think about it. {71490}{71545}Boy, bring your ass over here. {71587}{71659}We stayed in this same place|two years ago. Remember? {71665}{71721}- What do you think?|- I think you better remember. {71723}{71800}I think you ought to use|a different tone of voice with me. {71802}{71861}It's just the way my parents are.|They're too nice. {71863}{71930}I bring a guy home|and they fall in love with him. {71931}{72018}So there were three guys I broke up with,|hanging around my house... {72020}{72103}...watching TV with my dad,|eating my mom's cookies... {72117}{72150}So I freaked out. {72155}{72228}That's what I do.|When in doubt, I freak out. {72257}{72319}You must fall in love easily. Three guys? {72321}{72358}Oh, that wasn't love. {72376}{72412}Not love love. {72441}{72496}I knew it was going to be like that. {72516}{72556}I think she's kind of nice. {72558}{72610}What does it say on that T-shirt? {72667}{72725}- That's Latin.|- Latin? What does it say? {72820}{72873}"Once you've got it up, keep it up." {72908}{72950}All right! Where can I get one? {73225}{73307}- Let's do it like they do it in the Olympics.|- How do they do it? {73310}{73362}You know, exchange T-shirts. {73575}{73602}What are you doing? {73612}{73693}If it's the Olympics,|you have to play the national anthem. {73759}{73796}Only if you win. {73831}{73891}Excuse me. You're not going to see that. {74114}{74161}So, about that tone of voice... {74782}{74808}{y:i}What's going on? {74810}{74834}Shake and break. {74836}{74859}What's that? {74863}{74950}If you're making a solo breakaway|and you've got a wheel sucker hangin' on... {74952}{75014}...you shake and break to shake him off. {75021}{75067}{y:i}Wheel sucker? What's a wheel sucker? {75069}{75113}{y:i}Someone who drafts all the time... {75115}{75170}...and won't take his turn up front. {75311}{75363}Hey, you wheel sucker! {75367}{75395}Get up there! {75580}{75613}You want to get them? {76395}{76437}We got them! We got them! {76778}{76811}Watch this, Dave. {76845}{76878}Give it a race, guys. {76882}{76935}You boys ought to get yourselves a horse. {77175}{77223}Oldest trick in the book, Dave. {77486}{77517}That was great. {77688}{77730}Second oldest trick in the book. {77759}{77795}Look at those buns. {77954}{77983}{y:i}What is that? {77995}{78040}{y:i}Looks like we've got a flat. {78718}{78745}We've got to stop. {78888}{78914}It's okay. {78930}{78951}Sarah! {78953}{78975}Jerome! {78977}{79033}- Look at you.|- How are you doing? {79071}{79119}- It's good to see you.|- It's good seeing you. {79121}{79221}I said to Jerome, "Jerome,|that sure looks like Marcus's van." {79239}{79277}Our old team van. {79305}{79363}- Hello, Geronimo.|- Hello, Muzzin. {79402}{79426}Where is he? {79441}{79465}Riding. {79474}{79564}He's great when it comes to training,|but what's he like in the clutch? {79566}{79611}You said you wouldn't start nothing. {79613}{79679}You know, Jerome,|women are a real mystery. {79699}{79768}In bike racing, the best man always wins. {79781}{79887}But what is it about some women that|makes them fall for quitters like Marcus? {79895}{79942}You know the bigger mystery, Jerome... {79943}{80053}...is what makes "some" women ever fall|for a rabid dog like you, Muzzin. {80123}{80177}Hey, come on, you two. Cut it out. {80216}{80260}You tell him, Sarah. {80299}{80333}He knows I'll win. {80346}{80427}But you tell him that I'll make him bleed|before I beat him. {80431}{80515}I don't deliver messages.|Sometimes I don't even hear them. {80559}{80590}He'll quit. {80636}{80732}I'll make sure of that.|I'll make him die in the mountains. {80828}{80886}Jerome, I consider you a friend. {80909}{80990}Would you take this damn Cannibal|out of my face before I kill him? {81010}{81101}I'm Jerome. You're a damn Cannibal.|That's a big rock. {81124}{81178}Let's get out of here.|We got a race to win. {81278}{81302}'Bye, Sarah. {81371}{81467}Well, I'll be a Fig Newton!|I'm standing next to a lady with a past. {81654}{81679}{y:i}Then Jerome says: {81723}{81783}"I'm Jerome.|You're the goddamn Cannibal... {81784}{81845}"...and this is a big rock." So they left. {81858}{81935}Sarah was so tough. So cool.|You missed it all. {81981}{82020}I'm keeping this rock. {82033}{82085}I'm taking this rock to college. {82839}{82883}{y:i}We're seven minutes to the start... {82885}{82957}{y:i}... of the famous Morgul Bismarck stage|of the Hell of the West. {82959}{83026}{y:i}We're getting the race caravan organized|and ready to begin. {83027}{83070}{y:i}Here come some of the press people. {83072}{83162}{y:i}More vehicles coming through.|Team cars, let's keep the roadway clear. {83163}{83273}{y:i}Mexico, Great Britain, Italy,|Norway team cars coming through. {83275}{83354}{y:i}Press people, please report|to your vehicles immediately. {83395}{83451}{y:i}We'd like to introduce to you|some of the riders... {83453}{83565}{y:i}... who will participate in today's event,|beginning with the U.S. National Team. {83668}{83731}{y:i}And ladies and gentlemen,|the Soviet National Team... {83733}{83820}{y:i}... led by the defending Olympic champion,|Sergei Belov. {83864}{83935}{y:i}And finally, ladies and gentlemen,|the 7-Eleven team... {83936}{84057}{y:i}... led by our own 1980 Olympian and|winner of the Hell of the West last year... {84059}{84110}{y:i}... Barry "the Cannibal" Muzzin. {84360}{84400}Shake that, Belov. {84483}{84590}{y:i}And now, our honorary starter for today's|Hell of the West, Stage No. 1... {84595}{84702}{y:i}... ladies and gentlemen, the greatest|racing cyclist in the history of the sport... {84704}{84746}{y:i}... Mr. Eddie Merckx. {84824}{84890}{y:i}We will be starting|on the sound of the pistol. {84895}{84929}{y:i}Riders, ready? {84955}{84989}{y:i}Timers, ready? {85107}{85200}{y:i}We're under way,|the Hell of the West, Stage No. 1. {85250}{85300}{y:i}Let's hear it for a big sendoff. {85311}{85393}{y:i}The Hell of the West, Stage No. 1.|We are under way. {85544}{85640}{y:i}This first circuit of the Hell of the West|is the dreaded Morgul Bismarck. {85647}{85727}{y:i}It's a world championship court|which offers little shade... {85730}{85790}{y:i}... steep hills, fast descents... {85794}{85912}{y:i}... and the gut-wrenching climb to the finish|that sits here, atop the devastating Wall. {85916}{86006}{y:i}Riders who have raced here before|seldom look forward to coming back. {86008}{86108}{y:i}And newcomers to a race of this stature,|unused to riding in a large pack... {86115}{86154}{y:i}... will soon find out why. {86155}{86246}{y:i}This is a race of seven laps,|totaling 91 miles. {86251}{86304}{y:i}A grueling test for any rider. {86318}{86351}Sommers, look out! {86356}{86393}Watch your line! {86495}{86543}Move over, Sommers! Move over! {86862}{86890}Here we go, Dave. {86915}{86968}Enough of this Sunday stroll. {86977}{87019}Let's hurt a little bit. {89110}{89167}10-4. We are rolling in|an ambulance right now. {89409}{89456}{y:i}Three laps down and four to go. {89458}{89519}{y:i}Four to go, four laps yet to go. {89521}{89619}{y:i}Barry Muzzin in the 7-Eleven team|followed closely by the Soviet team... {89622}{89672}{y:i}... and Marcus Sommers of ShaverSport. {89674}{89776}{y:i}Each lap yet to come on this grueling|course will take its toll on the riders. {89779}{89844}{y:i}Only the toughest will be|among the first 48... {89847}{89944}{y:i}... who will go on to contest Stages 2 and 3|of the Hell of the West. {90142}{90165}Shit! {90173}{90202}Tough break, Marcus! {90229}{90278}Marcus has got a flat. Pull up. Quick. {90331}{90382}Okay, pull up. Slow up. Come on. {90526}{90562}Come on, Sarah. {90572}{90631}Come on, baby, they're leaving us behind. {90661}{90692}Come on, honey. {90740}{90811}You got it. Good. Good girl. Now, push. {90831}{90855}Push. {90883}{90907}Look. {91039}{91073}Move it! Move it! {91084}{91124}Come on! Pick it up! {91183}{91259}You want back in this race!|Pick it up! Come on! {91272}{91333}{y:i}One lap to go! Bell lap coming up. {91335}{91394}{y:i}One lap to go! One lap to go! {91559}{91582}Here we are! {91657}{91688}Here you go! {91691}{91749}Marcus, water! You need this. {91935}{91965}Water! Water! {91967}{92054}You're 52, David. You've got to move up.|You've got to move up! {92227}{92287}{y:i}The caravan is in sight,|ladies and gentlemen. {92289}{92359}{y:i}They are around the corner,|at the bottom of the Wall. {92363}{92389}{y:i}Here they come. {92391}{92486}{y:i}And in a remarkable recovery,|Marcus Sommers has regained position... {92488}{92597}{y:i}... near the front of the lead group|after a flat tire way out on the course. {92726}{92820}{y:i}Muzzin, Sommers and the Soviet, Belov,|fighting it out as they come up the Wall. {92826}{92893}{y:i}A real neck-and-neck battle|as they come through. {93109}{93160}{y:i}It will be a three-way sprint for the first. {93162}{93246}{y:i}The Americans, Sommers and Muzzin,|and the Soviet, Belov. {93281}{93343}{y:i}Right now it's Muzzin in front,|Sommers, second. {93345}{93424}{y:i}Sergei Belov of the Soviet team|charging up in third. {93718}{93770}{y:i}And it's Marcus Sommers, the winner! {93777}{93842}{y:i}Muzzin, second. Sergei Belov, third place. {93901}{93963}{y:i}Ladies and gentlemen,|a tremendous finish! {93967}{94029}{y:i}Sommers, Muzzin and the Soviet, Belov. {94471}{94551}{y:i}Fourteen, 15, 16 riders across the line. {94563}{94658}{y:i}The winners are already in.|We're counting the last riders to qualify. {94663}{94762}{y:i}Only the first 48 finishers today|will be able to race tomorrow. {94815}{94869}- Where's David? How far back?|- I don't know. {94944}{95008}{y:i}Only three more riders will stay|in the race. {95036}{95098}{y:i}The rest will have to wait until next year. {95215}{95251}- Is that him?|- It is. {95527}{95585}{y:i}With the field closing in fast behind them... {95587}{95652}{y:i}... two riders, the final two|that will qualify... {95654}{95718}{y:i}... and the field is eating them up|coming up the Wall. {95752}{95847}{y:i}Struggling up the Wall for the final time|in this grueling Hell of the West. {95848}{95883}{y:i}And they're down! {95985}{96066}{y:i}One rider is back up.|He's on his bike and he's going to finish. {96339}{96362}Run with it! {96378}{96413}Get going! Pick it up! {96585}{96632}- Can he do that?|- I don't know. {96636}{96662}That's it. Run! {96787}{96834}Come on, David! A little more! {97028}{97169}{y:i}And in a remarkable finish, David Sommers|crosses the line 48, carrying his bicycle. {97183}{97230}- Can he do that?|- Is that legal? {97242}{97281}I think I screwed up. {97343}{97362}It's okay. {97364}{97409}{y:i}It's official, ladies and gentlemen... {97411}{97494}{y:i}... David Sommers becomes the 48th|and final qualifier... {97497}{97565}{y:i}... to ride Stages 2 and 3|of the Hell of the West. {97612}{97675}- Two more stages.|- It was a real close race, wasn't it? {97677}{97699}No shit! {97705}{97777}{y:i}Tell us what it was like|to have ridden 90 miles. {97779}{97875}It's a big day for American cycling to have|two Americans beat an Olympic champ. {97879}{97920}You must feel some pride? {97931}{97985}- Come on, walk it off.|- I'm all right. {98043}{98142}I'm not riding for America, lady.|I tried riding for America. {98146}{98237}I spent four years working at shitty jobs|so I could train... {98242}{98327}...and make the Olympic team|and ride for America and look at me. {98334}{98415}Then some fat-asses in Washington|started having opinions. {98417}{98471}The Olympic Committee started|having opinions. {98473}{98564}You, you bitch, I know you.|You started writing your opinions. {98576}{98618}So we boycott the Olympics. {98623}{98691}I was in the best shape of my life|in the summer of 1980... {98692}{98735}...and I got beat by opinions. {98737}{98795}Is that why you're boycotting|the victory ceremony? {98796}{98850}What victory? There's two stages left. {98851}{98887}Still, the fact remains... {98889}{98989}Bitch, you wouldn't know a fact|if it banged you all night long. {99003}{99116}{y:i}In first place, the leader of|the ShaverSport team, Marcus Sommers. {99734}{99769}{y:i}Okay. I got one. {99771}{99817}{y:i}I got one. It's about David. {99889}{99941}David was only 10 at the time. {99944}{100023}He comes into my bedroom|looking real serious. {100035}{100116}Remember this? He wants to know|what's oral sex. {100125}{100167}Nobody wants to hear this. {100179}{100227}Yes, I want to hear it. Go on. {100259}{100320}You say things about me,|I can say things about you. {100322}{100392}So he says, "What's oral sex?" I tell him: {100394}{100446}"Oral sex is the opposite of written sex. {100447}{100538}"If you read about it, it's written sex.|If you talk about it, it's..." {100540}{100578}Oral sex! {100655}{100714}Three weeks later,|he goes to a birthday party... {100716}{100770}...up on the third floor for Sheila Fletcher. {100772}{100806}Who's Sheila Fletcher? {100809}{100864}Comes back in 15 minutes. {100885}{100955}Mom and Dad want to know|why he came back so quickly. {100956}{101000}"Because", he said, "it was boring. {101002}{101069}"Everybody was just standing around|having oral sex." {101151}{101225}You got to know my mom.|She flew out of the apartment. {101873}{101927}- Is your name there?|- Yeah, somewhere. {101955}{101983}- David!|- What? {101985}{102068}You're only two minutes and 11 seconds|behind in the standings. {102072}{102110}- Is that all?|- That's good. {102112}{102162}Marcus, how many rooms for the leader? {102164}{102201}One for us, Tom. {102216}{102256}David, how many rooms do you need? {102258}{102281}Two. {102531}{102562}And one for us. {102757}{102801}- How is your leg?|- It's fine. {102848}{102902}Remember, we are racing tomorrow. {102911}{102945}See you then. {102990}{103030}We are going to win. {103186}{103239}- Are you okay?|- Yeah, I'm fine. {103950}{104013}You know,|I think this whole thing was destiny. {104015}{104039}What whole thing? {104041}{104102}You and me. This trip. Everything. {104119}{104170}I mean, there I was at McDonald's. {104187}{104234}And I wanted a Quarter Pounder. {104248}{104301}The girl goes, "We're out. {104333}{104398}"You'll have to wait.|Do you want a Big Mac?" {104425}{104518}Just think. If I hadn't waited|for that Quarter Pounder... {104526}{104573}...I wouldn't be here with you. {104778}{104814}That's destiny. {104940}{105021}There's really something|you should know about me, Becky. {105085}{105143}You don't have a girl back home, do you? {105150}{105170}No. {105180}{105266}- You're not gay, are you?|- No. Hell, no. It's just the opposite. {105301}{105328}Then what? {105335}{105409}I probably shouldn't be telling you this... {105466}{105500}I think I'm going to die. {105659}{105706}Thank God I'm not the only one. {105709}{105802}I think I'm going to die too|if we don't do something really quick. {105877}{105912}I'll be right back. {105935}{105984}Stay right here. Promise? {106736}{106785}They're playing our song. {107090}{107146}- David, are you all right?|- It's just my knee. {107148}{107198}We don't have to do this|if you don't want to. {107199}{107230}Yes, we do. {108775}{108816}Where are you going? {108840}{108898}I want to go over the course with David. {108914}{108998}Come back to bed.|The race isn't until noon. {109145}{109194}What a beautiful morning. {109333}{109386}I love you, Marcus, so much. {110143}{110173}You're out early! {110199}{110278}Look, they got four of these flags|scattered around the course. {110280}{110380}{y:i}Each time you win a sprint to one of them,|you gain 30 seconds on your time. {110416}{110445}Do you understand? {110448}{110488}I'm not an idiot, you know. {110503}{110582}- I don't want you to ride like an idiot.|- What do you mean? {110597}{110655}You're two minutes and 11 seconds down. {110657}{110747}If you win all four of these sprints,|you'll be only 11 seconds back. {110749}{110858}Because nobody knows you, if you do|something stupid like take off by yourself... {110869}{110906}...they'll let you go. {110919}{110998}What's the big deal?|You don't need me. You're winning. {111001}{111049}The big deal is we're brothers. {111261}{111281}How is he? {111283}{111351}He won the first stage.|You should've seen him. {111353}{111480}{y:i}The son of a bitch told me I couldn't come.|He didn't want me there. He did it, eh? {111494}{111525}I think it's begun. {111681}{111763}I don't suppose he'd consider|not racing today. {111831}{111878}I know he's against it but his mother... {111883}{111932}{y:i}Somebody should call her. {112423}{112449}Shit. {112527}{112578}I had a bitch of a workout, Dad. {112636}{112661}You okay, Dad? {112682}{112702}No. {112709}{112787}Come on, Dad. Cheer up.|It's not your fault. {112800}{112863}Every black man can't have a son|who's Julius Erving. {112959}{112991}You're soaking wet. {112998}{113022}I sweat. {113026}{113066}Funny, doesn't smell like sweat. {113071}{113106}I used a deodorant. {113115}{113184}Go take a shower.|I have to make a phone call. {113186}{113209}Good. {113220}{113258}Then can we get something to eat? {113259}{113328}Yeah, Randolph,|then we can get something to eat. {113533}{113629}{y:i}One look at the lunarscape of the|spectacular Colorado National Monument... {113631}{113729}{y:i}... and you understand why it has come|to be known as "The Tour of the Moon." {113912}{114007}{y:i}The view and terrain are like nothing|on earth, with bright red rock formations... {114010}{114098}{y:i}... tunnels, numerous sheer cliff drop-offs,|and rapid descents. {114106}{114155}{y:i}The race totals 83 miles... {114159}{114255}{y:i}... and in 1984 was won by|America's Olympic Champions... {114260}{114318}{y:i}... Tommy Carpenter and Alexi Grewal. {114517}{114550}Okay, get ready. {114735}{114766}Do it, David. {114868}{114899}Okay, here we go. {114901}{114934}- Oh, God!|- It's the breakaway. {114935}{114962}David, no! {114971}{115016}Goddamn it! It's too early. {115107}{115148}No. David, you dumbbell. {115325}{115408}Let them go, Tommy. They're nobodies.|They'll die on the hill. {115429}{115461}Let them go! {115793}{115845}{y:i}Here comes the breakaway group|up the hill. {115847}{115942}{y:i}The first rider past the flag will gain|30 seconds on his time. {115945}{116035}{y:i}There goes No. 7, Ulie, of the Kelly's team,|starting the sprint for the flag. {116037}{116086}{y:i}But here comes David Sommers|of ShaverSport. {116088}{116154}{y:i}It looks like these two are both|going for that 30 seconds. {116155}{116186}{y:i}Ulie's in the lead. {116189}{116237}{y:i}But Sommers is coming up hard of breath. {116239}{116352}{y:i}And it's Sommers who wins that|very valuable 30-second time advantage. {116597}{116632}Let's reel them in. {119081}{119140}{y:i}The breakaway group's coming up|to the second flag. {119142}{119244}{y:i}David Sommers, who took the first one,|riding very strongly at the front again. {119287}{119357}{y:i}And David Sommers indeed takes|the second time flag. {119359}{119424}{y:i}And it looks like he's going|to keep right on going. {119427}{119490}{y:i}The way the chase group is coming up|hard behind them... {119495}{119577}{y:i}... he's going to need all these time bonuses|that he can take. {119595}{119626}We got them. {119965}{120020}Where's Sommers?|Where's the other one? {120135}{120171}You son of a bitch! {120177}{120220}Marcus, I taught you that move. {120222}{120264}We got us a race, Muzzin. {120355}{120410}Tommy, Jerome, come on, let's move it! {122133}{122198}Hold your line!|What's the matter with you, man? {122474}{122540}Hey, Marcus, look out!|What are you doing? {122644}{122670}Oh, no. {122850}{122902}Marcus, I'm right here. {123056}{123130}Marcus, I'm right here.|Okay, here I am, Marcus. {123267}{123309}Sarah, what's wrong? {123340}{123382}Hang on. Hang on. {123405}{123442}Oh, God, Marcus. {123639}{123675}Becky, help me! {123735}{123762}We're here. {123779}{123803}Hold on! {123819}{123874}Oh, God, Marcus! {123925}{123963}Becky, hold the wheel. {124047}{124073}I got him! {125616}{125649}Watch your line! {126696}{126753}Hold it against his mouth.|Make sure he can breathe. {127013}{127051}What is he doing? {128246}{128334}{y:i}They're coming down to the finish line,|and David Sommers is still the lead. {128336}{128439}{y:i}But the chase group is breathing down|his neck and getting closer every second. {128852}{128904}{y:i}The field's in sight,|coming down to the finish. {128906}{128958}{y:i}David Sommers is still out in front. {128971}{129027}{y:i}But the pack is coming hard on his heels. {129029}{129109}{y:i}It's going to be a miracle if he can hold on.|No, they've got him! {129111}{129202}{y:i}David Sommers has been swallowed up|by the chase group. Here they go. {129267}{129315}{y:i}They're getting ready to begin the sprint. {129317}{129406}{y:i}Muzzin makes the move on one side,|Belov on the other. They're neck and neck. {129408}{129503}{y:i}Muzzin and Belov, Belov and Muzzin.|It's going to be a fantastic sprint. {129507}{129564}{y:i}And it's going to be... It looks like Muzzin. {129566}{129612}{y:i}Barry Muzzin and Sergei Belov. {129619}{129675}{y:i}And its going to be Muzzin, Barry Muzzin. {129677}{129750}{y:i}Sergei Belov, second.|David Sommers holds on for third. {129763}{129820}{y:i}The rest of the field coming through... {130191}{130252}David, you uncorked the big one today. {130254}{130280}Where's Marcus? {130283}{130325}Please, get out of my way! {130394}{130438}It's Marcus. We've got to go! {130827}{130878}So, how much time did you make up? {130930}{130958}Two minutes. {130999}{131054}We did it, huh? You did it. {131116}{131167}Marcus, what the hell is going on? {131539}{131591}Remember when we were|out front, talking? {131593}{131647}I told you that you were free of diseases. {131649}{131704}But you never told me anything|about yourself. {131722}{131784}I wanted you to come with me.|I wanted us... {131787}{131839}Remember, the two of us,|the Sommers team... {131841}{131899}Did it ever occur to you|that you could've told me? {131901}{131958}That maybe I might pull through for you? {131962}{132048}How many goddamn brothers|do you think I have anyway? {132111}{132142}Son of a bitch. {132236}{132310}It's a good thing you dropped out|of pre-med. {132313}{132361}Your bedside manners are atrocious. {132421}{132463}How can you be sick anyway? {132534}{132639}Look at yourself, what you've got...|You have a moustache and everything. {132756}{132807}I had this all figured out. {132815}{132925}How to handle this, if it's me. But not you.|I don't know what to feel, Marcus. {132934}{133017}Am I supposed to feel happy|it's you and not me? Is that what? {133020}{133050}Then what? {133619}{133662}Be strong, now, okay? {133679}{133703}Okay. {133915}{133954}Thank you, Becky. {134131}{134174}You have to finish the race. {134184}{134274}You're crazy, you know that.|I think you've eaten too many bananas. {134302}{134390}- It's not over.|- It's over for me. Don't you understand? {134392}{134449}The race isn't important now. It's you. {134451}{134482}What will you do for me? {134483}{134526}We'll take you to a hospital... {134527}{134584}I don't know how much time I have left. {134587}{134687}Maybe a few days, maybe more,|but there's nothing they can do for me. {134691}{134746}Come on. Help me with this. {134785}{134814}I want to sit up. {134848}{134918}I'm not trying to be a hero, you know that. {135014}{135092}It's just that I won't let them turn me|into a chef's salad, either. {135144}{135198}Then I'll stay here with you. {135205}{135238}But I can't race tomorrow. {135240}{135312}That's just great. Years from now,|you'll tell your kids: {135318}{135390}"There was this race in Colorado|and I could've done great... {135392}{135481}"...if my brother hadn't gotten sick."|You won't use me as an excuse. {135483}{135522}I'm not listening to you anymore. {135524}{135564}Goddamn it, David! {135699}{135769}I'm still alive, so don't ignore me. {136045}{136086}What happened to Marcus? {136099}{136135}He had some trouble. {136350}{136406}I hope he feels better, Geronimo. {136433}{136469}Thanks, Cannibal. {136543}{136577}Are you okay? {136583}{136614}I'm fine. Why? {136615}{136661}You sound half-human. {136671}{136708}I am half-human. {136797}{136893}I was in your office when you|and Dr. Conrad were talking. {137006}{137044}Do you remember what you said? {137065}{137123}"I don't want to ruin it for him," you said. {137193}{137250}"I love him too much for that." {137289}{137313}You remember? {137343}{137364}No. {137472}{137547}I swore that one day|I was going to say it to your face. {137691}{137735}Come on, you have to look at me. {137787}{137844}Are we going to do this the hard way? {138070}{138113}I love you, too, Marcus. {138484}{138521}What's our plan? {138891}{138923}{y:i}Stage 3. {139158}{139241}{y:i}Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,|and welcome to Golden, Colorado... {139243}{139350}{y:i}... site of the third and final stage|of a race they call the Hell of the West. {139353}{139418}{y:i}Looks like we're in|for a great day here today. {139687}{139808}{y:i}Before we get started, I'd like to introduce|the main contenders in this competition. {139810}{139871}{y:i}Beginning with the rider|in third place overall... {139873}{139964}{y:i}... 11 seconds behind the leader,|David Sommers. {140017}{140086}{y:i}In second place overall,|from the Soviet Union... {140087}{140169}{y:i}... only two seconds behind the leader,|Sergei Belov. {140237}{140336}{y:i}And ladies and gentlemen,|last year's winner of the Hell of the West... {140338}{140422}{y:i}... the race leader today going into|the third and final stage... {140431}{140481}{y:i}... Barry "the Cannibal" Muzzin. {140603}{140665}{y:i}We'rejust minutes from the start|of the competition. {140667}{140739}{y:i}All caravan drivers,|please report to your vehicles. {140741}{140808}{y:i}All officials, please report to your vehicles. {142356}{142432}{y:i}Here's a surprise.|The Russians are starting things early. {142434}{142537}{y:i}Belov is sending a teammate up the road,|forcing the others to do the chasing. {142539}{142631}{y:i}That will take some of the sap out of them|if they're not able to hold the pace. {142633}{142734}{y:i}The weaker ones will get burned off and|won't be able to make the climbs. {142735}{142790}{y:i}Over 100 miles to go and the Russians... {142792}{142860}{y:i}... are really making things pop|right off the bat. {142870}{142976}{y:i}Belov must have a lot of confidence in|his ability to start a breakaway so early... {142979}{143018}{y:i}... in a race like this. {143158}{143211}It's no fun up front, is it? {143499}{143547}I must be hallucinating. {143590}{143630}That looks like Randolph. {143678}{143707}It is Randolph. {143709}{143745}Who's Randolph? {143859}{143892}Sarah, pull over. {144136}{144170}Mr. Sommers, don't! {144552}{144601}Do you want to go with us? {144731}{144758}Go around. {144765}{144827}We'll follow you.|Come on, let's go, Randolph. {144899}{144926}You must be Sarah. {144927}{144978}- Yes. Mrs. Sommers.|- How do you do? {144997}{145038}- Hi, I'm Becky.|- Hi. {145090}{145125}Okay, let's go. {145440}{145535}{y:i}Golden to Mount Evans race is the third|and final stage of the Hell of the West. {145536}{145648}{y:i}It's also the most difficult. It starts at|the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado... {145650}{145749}{y:i}... and begins a spectacular climb|over 6,000 feet into the Rocky Mountains... {145752}{145815}{y:i}... finishing nearly 12,000 feet|above sea level. {145817}{145902}{y:i}And that's over the highest paved road|in North America. {145911}{145982}{y:i}Not many of these cyclists|have ever raced at this altitude. {145983}{146062}{y:i}In Europe, for instance, the courses|through the Alps are much lower. {146064}{146098}{y:i}It's a torturous course. {146099}{146192}{y:i}Even the fittest athletes can't get|enough air to maintain a normal speed. {146356}{146414}Notice anything unusual, Randolph? {146431}{146472}Yeah, I have jet lag. {146516}{146563}Hardly any black riders out there. {146579}{146605}Think about it. {146607}{146647}I don't have a bicycle, Dad. {146649}{146690}Your birthday's coming up. {146781}{146826}I want a bowling ball. {146923}{146976}I'm still here, Belov. {146978}{147020}Right on your red ass. {147022}{147063}Think about this, Belov: {147065}{147143}I'm behind you,|but I'm really two seconds ahead. {147151}{147203}Are you nuts?|He doesn't understand English. {147205}{147229}He understands. {147243}{147274}Don't you, Belov? {147289}{147370}You know why you won the Olympics?|Because I wasn't there. {147395}{147428}Well, now I'm here. {147435}{147486}Only I'm not here. I'm two seconds ahead. {147543}{147593}He does understand English. {148084}{148113}Up, Dave. Up. {148157}{148181}Up, Dave. {148192}{148218}That a boy. {148887}{148915}Get him, Belov. {148917}{148961}You go get him. {149302}{149404}{y:i}Ten miles to go and David Sommers|is trying to steal this race from them. {149407}{149506}{y:i}He's been very aggressive this last mile,|forcing them to chase very hard. {149507}{149627}{y:i}These last few miles many riders will drop|as the lack of oxygen grows more severe. {149632}{149666}He's going all out early. {149668}{149700}Should I pull over and wait? {149702}{149789}No. Let's go up to the finish line.|It's his race, let him ride it. {150137}{150179}Here we go, Sommers. {150923}{150962}Okay, we got him. {151011}{151090}Just sit back and you've got second|locked up. Okay? {151109}{151133}Okay. {151555}{151578}Shit! {151925}{152006}I gave you a chance, Sommers.|Now all bets are off. {152965}{153039}{y:i}It's David Sommers in the lead,|coming around the corner. {153041}{153090}{y:i}But even if he crosses the line first... {153092}{153177}{y:i}... Muzzin still has|an 11-second time advantage overall. {153179}{153264}{y:i}If Muzzin crosses the line|less than 11 seconds after Sommers... {153267}{153344}{y:i}... Muzzin will still be the winner|of the Hell of the West. {154443}{154513}{y:i}Sommers is finished.|He'll become the overall winner... {154515}{154601}{y:i}... if Muzzin doesn't cross the finish line|in the next 11 seconds. {155003}{155038}{y:i}Muzzin didn't make it. {155039}{155095}{y:i}David Sommers wins the final stage... {155106}{155179}{y:i}... and clinches the overall victory|in the Hell of the West. {155181}{155243}{y:i}A fantastic performance|by this young newcomer. {155245}{155330}{y:i}He has beaten the veterans this year|and made quite a name for himself. {155332}{155391}{y:i}Young David Sommers, a fantasticjob! {155393}{155470}{y:i}Let's give all these riders|a big round of applause as they come in. {155472}{155514}{y:i}What a finish here today! {155691}{155736}Mrs. Sommers, would you come up? {155738}{155776}How about some smiles? {155908}{155932}Next year. {157008}{157042}Come on, look over here. {157071}{157138}Come on, give us a smile.|Over here. Look out. {157140}{157176}That's it. Picture, please. {157178}{157220}That's it, that's it. Thank you. {157268}{157340}.:: Napisy24 - Nowy Wymiar Napisów ::.|Napisy24.pl