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{2562}{2622}Radio Moscow.|Director Andreyev. What is it? {2703}{2733}Seventeen minutes. {2752}{2822}Yes, of course I can ring back|in 17 minutes. {2845}{2869}Yeah. {2894}{2945}Mm-hm. Yes, I'm writing it down. {2973}{3009}I can't get the... {3011}{3062}One, five... {3098}{3147}Sorry? Was that a nine, as in "fine"? {3159}{3215}Or... or another five as in, um... {3229}{3267}- "Hive."|- "Hive"? {3296}{3348}Hello? Hello? {3479}{3533}- Hive?|- Who was it? {3535}{3586}The Secretariat|of the General Secretariat. {3588}{3658}Of the General Secretary.|The Secretary of the General... {3660}{3687}Stalin? {3747}{3790}Turn that down. {3818}{3848}Put that apple down. {3850}{3890}You're always eating bloody apples. {3892}{3943}I'm to call him back|in 17 minutes. {3945}{3986}Seventeen minutes from when|you picked up the phone {3988}{4037}or from when you put it down? {4039}{4134}Seventeen minutes from when I said|I'd call back in 17 minutes. {4136}{4184}- When was that?|- I don't know. {4200}{4227}Thirty seconds ago? {4262}{4298}- A minute?|- Well, which one? {4300}{4325}- A minute.|- A minute? {4327}{4353}A minute. {4382}{4414}- You sure?|- No. {4537}{4567}Well, well, well. {4604}{4669}Oh, I put Shteyman|on the list, the writer. {4672}{4756}- I know you like his work, but...|- No, leave him on. {4758}{4834}And, uh... Shteyman two, his wife? {4836}{4861}On. {4875}{4904}They're a couple, ain't they? {4931}{4973}We're talking about Stalingrad,|how cold it was, {4975}{5061}and we would do anything,|anything, to warm ourselves up. {5063}{5106}We'd throw live grenades|to each other. {5109}{5162}We'd pull the pin,|throw it to the prisoners. {5164}{5264}They'd be jumping around|like drunken whores. "Oh, oh, oh!" {5266}{5318}What was the grenade? {5334}{5370}- A grenade.|- Georgy. {5373}{5412}- A grenade... what do you...|- No no no. {5415}{5461}You're obstructing the story.|Let him tell it. {5670}{5730}So, ten past, the call came in. {5741}{5803}- Seventeen minutes...|- So call back 10:27? {5830}{5891}- Yeah.|- You don't seem confident. {5894}{5958}Well, I wasn't the one|on the phone. {5960}{5995}And it was definitely a nine,|wasn't it? {5998}{6058}- I wasn't the one on the phone.|- You keep saying that. {6060}{6163}- It's not helping.|- I wasn't, though. So... {6166}{6204}A grenade in his mouth! {6237}{6296}- Always cracks me up, this one.|- And then boom! {6298}{6327}I'll have these dispatched. {6330}{6380}That's how you turn a Prussian|into a bowl of soup. {6399}{6440}Oh, there he goes. {6442}{6484}Yes, we see your list, Beria. {6570}{6632}Shoot her before him,|but make sure he sees it. {6634}{6673}Oh, and this one... um... {6696}{6758}Kill him, take him to his church,|dump him in the pulpit. {6783}{6821}And I'll leave the rest|up to you. {6850}{6892}Let's go! {7336}{7406}First three names on list.|Top name, apartment 15. Go. {7409}{7437}Go, go. {7954}{8039}Come on. Where are you going?|Get round here. Get on the bus. {8073}{8144}Comrade, it's the greatest honour. {8146}{8183}He can't see me bow. {8199}{8244}- Comrade Director.|- Oh, shit. {8349}{8420}Five... nine. {8525}{8550}Hello. {8568}{8594}This is Stalin. {8596}{8634}Bravo! {8637}{8710}Sorry. It's really noisy.|I'm sorry about that. {8712}{8773}How are you?|How is it wherever you are? {8776}{8810}Sorry. Sorry again. {8812}{8858}- Are you there?|- Receiving you. {8887}{8937}I want a recording|of tonight's performance. {8939}{8974}I'll send someone to pick it up. {9004}{9043}I think you split|a couple of notes. {9046}{9081}You cheeky bugger. I did not. {9083}{9125}- How was it? Was it good?|- I thought wonderful. {9127}{9163}Was the concerto recorded? {9209}{9294}Was it recorded? Please say yes. {9296}{9390}- Erm... no. It went out live.|- Stay. Stay. {9392}{9469}Okay, nobody leave! Nobody leave!|Lock the doors! Lock those doors! {9472}{9512}If you wouldn't mind|just taking your seats again. {9514}{9539}That would be fantastic. {9542}{9582}Take your seats.|Take your fucking seats. {9584}{9674}Don't worry, nobody's|gonna get killed, I promise you. {9676}{9742}This is just|a musical emergency. {9744}{9775}Take your seats. That's it. {9777}{9814}Nobody be alarmed. It's fine. {9816}{9876}Sit down! Do not defy me! {9879}{9919}Sit your arses down! {9977}{10034}Top me up. Everybody drinks. {10036}{10091}As I was saying,|we had this 12-year-old scout. {10094}{10140}His whole family|was wiped out by the Krauts. {10143}{10214}But before that he taught us|this trick. He taught us this trick. {10217}{10281}He taught us this trick.|If you stick somebody's little finger {10283}{10359}in a glass of water|while they're sleeping, {10362}{10393}they wet themselves. {10437}{10463}Here, what next? {10465}{10499}You stick a bar of chocolate {10501}{10542}in their pocket,|they shit their pants? {10629}{10735}But it's biology, Chief.|We did it to Polnikov in Stalingrad. {10737}{10790}But, anyway,|"shit your pants", that's great. {10793}{10831}Whatever became of Polnikov? {10924}{10983}You wanna know|where fucking Polnikov is? {11011}{11037}You wanna go there? {11063}{11114}I love that grenade story. {11145}{11230}- Oh, is there one in your pocket?|- No, no, come on. No, not again! {11232}{11288}No, don't you... {11290}{11343}God damn it! {11346}{11405}Caught red-handed. {11407}{11459}Well, I would die for the Motherland! {11524}{11580}Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! {12005}{12037}Wait a minute. Wait a minute. {12064}{12098}Take this, you bastards! {12178}{12206}All right, let's get going. {12209}{12277}Time for a cowboy movie.|Who's in my posse? {12347}{12420}Here we go. He rides out,|he gets shot off his horse. {12471}{12532}Adios. {12570}{12613}Thank you very much.|It's gonna be okay. {12616}{12643}Sit where you sat before. {12656}{12707}Right, what do you think? {12710}{12779}Well, half the audience have gone.|The acoustic will be very lively. {12796}{12855}Go and get some more people|in off the street. {12858}{12904}Fat ones, so we don't need as many. {12907}{12961}Really? How fat? {12963}{13043}I could get my wife.|She'd deaden the acoustic. {13046}{13112}Comrades... Comrades, shut up! {13127}{13163}I have wonderful news. {13165}{13239}Comrade Stalin|loved tonight's concerto {13242}{13301}and would like|a recording of it right away, {13303}{13391}which we don't have, for reasons|that are myriad and complex and... {13393}{13544}But meanwhile the concerto|we just played will be played again. {13546}{13644}And this time we will record it|and we will applaud it. {13703}{13735}Yes. Yes. {14092}{14134}Brilliant. Okay. {14175}{14208}Excuse me. {14223}{14249}I won't do it. {14281}{14342}Come on, through here.|In you come. {14423}{14455}Sit down. Sit down. {14482}{14532}You, Joan of Arc,|do you want to get killed? {14535}{14587}Like my father got killed,|my brother? Like that? {14607}{14694}- But they would want you to live.|- I won't do it. You can't force me. {14709}{14762}- Can't we just get another pianist?|- That would be ridiculous. {14764}{14808}The sound would be|completely different. {14810}{14851}- Even Stalin could...|- Even? {14854}{14916}- I didn't mean...|- Even Stalin? {14919}{14954}I hope this office isn't bugged. {14987}{15037}Of course Comrade Stalin would|be able to tell the difference. {15040}{15120}He's a great man with a great ear. {15122}{15187}- Two great ears.|- Sharp. They're sharp. {15190}{15276}- The sharpest ears in the...|- In the Soviet Union. {15279}{15347}Maria Veniaminovna,|you have to play. {15349}{15395}I didn't...|I didn't mean what I said. {15398}{15426}So you said it, then? {15449}{15553}As God is my witness, I won't do it.|The Lord will see me through. {15587}{15617}10,000 roubles. {15649}{15678}20,000. {15702}{15750}Done. Let's go. {15898}{15922}Ohh! {15924}{15975}What the fuck? {15978}{16102}What fucking brainless fire-safety|fucking idiot put that there? {16130}{16190}Now we need a new conductor.|Let's go. {16383}{16415}Which one's your father in? {16460}{16509}Thank you. You've been very helpful.|Follow me. {16555}{16584}Open up! {16604}{16636}Let's get these on the bus. {16638}{16720}Keep it moving!|We've still got things to do! {16723}{16753}Come on, move! {17077}{17116}I love you. I love you. {17118}{17193}Now, you say whatever|you have to say to them. You say it. {17203}{17234}Oh, God. {17256}{17301}Hello. Hi. {17312}{17347}Deepest apologies, sir. {17350}{17408}Radio Moscow requests your|presence immediately, please. {17410}{17518}You're Moscow's finest and nearest|conductor, so... we must hurry. {17697}{17753}I rather enjoyed your reference|to Polnikov this evening. {17756}{17817}Stalin looked like he was|gonna split your head open. {17819}{17933}"What became of Polnikov and|Trotsky? I was a huge fan of his." {17935}{17973}"I miss the Tsar." {17975}{18047}I'm exhausted. I can't remember|who's alive and who isn't. {18049}{18108}Georgy, when you go home,|make sure your wife writes down {18111}{18155}everything you think|you said tonight. {18158}{18213}All right, this way in the morning|you know what you're dealing with. {18215}{18250}That's Khrushchev's Law. {18252}{18328}Good night, comrades. Long live|the Communist Party of Lenin-Stalin. {18341}{18408}Long live John Wayne|and John Ford. {18441}{18484}Goodbye, Molotov, old friend. {18486}{18513}Goodbye forever. {18556}{18589}Yeah. On the list. {18610}{18640}It would be simpler and cheaper {18643}{18682}if they just drove|straight into a river. {18721}{18749}Sweet dreams. {18810}{18842}Good night. {18941}{18967}Night. {19191}{19222}People in off the streets. {19224}{19251}Just this way. {19375}{19449}I don't think any of these people|have ever heard of Mozart. {20042}{20082}I made a joke about the farmers. {20085}{20144}- Did Stalin laugh?|- Yeah. {20193}{20240}I made a joke about the navy. {20242}{20300}- No laugh.|- No more navy jokes. {20313}{20338}Good evening. {20341}{20383}Get this lot checked in. {20385}{20410}Good. Nice. {20413}{20457}Long live Stalin! {20555}{20602}Long live Stalin! {21182}{21234}- Shouldn't we check it?|- No time. {21268}{21337}If it's not okay, then Stalin's men|will chop you into dog meat. {21339}{21363}Thank you. {21374}{21450}Move, move, move, move, move.|Excuse me. Thank you. {21453}{21494}I have it. I have it. {21562}{21689}I have the recording. I just had to|get a new sleeve, a white one. {21692}{21730}The delay has been logged. {21733}{21798}I wish to convey a special|message from my heart. {21800}{21870}I wish to convey this recording|to Comrade Stalin. {21872}{21914}I want Comrade Stalin to know {21916}{21972}the full intensity|of my feelings for him. {21986}{22026}No, this is unauthorised narcissism. {22029}{22056}No. {22090}{22178}The item is now in my possession...|after a significant delay. {22180}{22210}Note the time. {22907}{22960}What took you so long?|You fucking walk here? {23531}{23576}Josef Vissarionovich Stalin, {23578}{23646}you have betrayed our nation|and destroyed its people. {23660}{23738}I pray for your end,|and ask the Lord to forgive you. {23740}{23775}Tyrant. {23930}{24004}Oh, fuck. Fuck... {24211}{24250}Should we investigate? {24253}{24326}Should you shut the fuck up|before you get us both killed? {24595}{24626}Good morning. {24712}{24739}Well? {24830}{24869}Comrade Stalin? {24893}{24936}Comrade Stalin? {25015}{25048}I just need some names. {25063}{25134}Each name you give me|is one less bit of you I'll cut off. {25136}{25184}Enter. {25229}{25325}Sorry to interrupt, Comrade Minister.|It's Comrade Stalin. {25362}{25426}Oh, don't worry about him.|Those ears are full of blood anyway. {25456}{25496}Comrade Stalin is very ill. {25513}{25540}Very ill? {25558}{25583}Yes. {25615}{25642}Uh-huh. {25665}{25718}- You, carry on.|- Of course. {25758}{25829}Tell them Beria is on his way. {25846}{25958}They are to touch nothing,|call no-one. Understood? {25976}{26024}Tell me you understand|my instructions. {26026}{26076}I understand your instructions. {26079}{26112}Good. {26114}{26182}Shh, shh. {26196}{26232}What's your name, Lieutenant? {26270}{26305}S-Slimonov, sir. {26307}{26341}S-Slimonov? {26370}{26413}Be here when I g-get back. {26458}{26506}Long live Stalin! {26604}{26678}- Abramovsky still holding out?|- Yeah. He's close, though. {26681}{26721}He was close yesterday. {26723}{26753}Long live Stalin! {26756}{26794}Have his wife move into the next cell {26797}{26836}and start working|on her until he talks. {26838}{26871}Make it noisy. {26874}{26951}Shame. Mrs Abramovsky's been|most cooperative so far. {26982}{27051}Some women will do anything|to get their husbands released. {27053}{27104}Yeah, and she did everything. {27106}{27177}I thank the Union for bringing me|so many devoted wives {27179}{27226}who fuck like sewing machines. {27236}{27266}Glasses. {27326}{27368}To his dacha. Urgently. {27551}{27606}Tanks, farmers, navy, {27608}{27642}grenade: Funny. {27645}{27717}Beria, tomato, pocket: Funny. Horse... {27719}{27761}- Funny?|- Slippers: Question mark. {27764}{27827}- Farmers, horse again, navy...|- There were no whores. {27830}{27917}What are you writing?|Oh, "horse". Is this in code? {27919}{27978}This is your drunken nonsense,|not mine. Don't blame my notes. {27981}{28042}"Molotov C-H-H-H..." {28045}{28084}Was I stuttering? What is that? {28086}{28126}Molotov... {28156}{28218}Oh. It's Molotov... {28251}{28299}- He's on the list.|- Poor Molotov. {28314}{28355}First his wife, now him. {28371}{28430}Georgy is off in a hurry somewhere. {28442}{28469}Something's happening. {28511}{28538}Hello? {28549}{28573}What? {28576}{28609}Get my trousers. {28611}{28664}Just get my... No, not you. {28666}{28711}Who's there? Is Beria there? {28713}{28748}Never mind. I'll be right there. {28765}{28810}Your trousers. Your trousers.|Here are your trousers. {28812}{28852}- Okay, okay.|- Let me take your pyjamas. {28865}{28942}No, there's no time. Get my|shoes, please, Nina, my shoes. {28944}{28991}- Your shirt.|- Send me a shirt and tie. {29432}{29467}Were you on duty|when he was found? {29470}{29531}- Yes, sir.|- No-one is to come in. Understood? {29534}{29567}Yes, sir. {29569}{29603}Remain at your stations. {29703}{29733}Oh, God. {29832}{29889}They told me|not to get a doctor. {29891}{29927}You did well, Matryona Petrovna. {29929}{29978}The Central Committee|will handle things now. {29980}{30044}- So they'll get a doctor?|- There are procedures in place. {30075}{30124}- So you'll get a doctor?|- I am the doctor. {30151}{30189}I'll see to everything. Come on. {30268}{30298}Go on. He'll be fine. {30395}{30445}Smells like a Baku pisshouse in here. {30494}{30519}Greetings, by the way. {30623}{30650}Oh, shit. {30780}{30807}Uh-huh. {31252}{31296}Oh, come on. Fuck! {31774}{31840}Khrustalyov! Khrustalyov! {31939}{31981}- Take the papers.|- Let them go. {31984}{32029}Take the papers or I'll cut|your eyes out one at a time {32032}{32062}so you can watch it happening! {32064}{32096}- Drop it.|- Take them! {32692}{32726}Come in. {32851}{32884}Oh, my God. {32998}{33074}Is this...|I'm guessing that this is... {33076}{33138}Yeah, he's feeling unwell, clearly. {33181}{33213}He's irreplaceable. {33277}{33326}How can we possibly... {33369}{33430}All right, we must|think of the people. {33464}{33525}As Acting General Secretary,|I must step up. {33527}{33650}I must... I must take his place|while he's... on the floor. {33652}{33697}But you just said|he's irreplaceable. {33699}{33745}Irreplaceable. Take his place as in {33747}{33790}assembling the Central Committee,|of course. {33792}{33885}Good. I was testing you.|Get used to that sort of challenge. {33925}{33960}So, what next, boss? {33998}{34045}We should...|We should get a doctor. {34067}{34093}Yeah... {34113}{34146}Yes. If only we hadn't... {34149}{34199}put away all those highly|competent doctors for treason. {34201}{34241}- You remember?|- Yes, I do. I do. {34244}{34297}You know,|they were plotting to poison him. {34299}{34343}Yes, that's right.|You collected the evidence. {34345}{34413}Yes, I did. I did.|Are you still testing me? {34533}{34596}Oh, this is calamity! {34617}{34649}Calamity! {34652}{34708}Ah! Ohh... {34718}{34767}Oh. {34770}{34821}Oh-oh-oh, no! {34834}{34941}Oh, he's on the floor.|He's on the fucking floor! {34943}{34983}Okay, be careful, careful. {34986}{35068}Oh, what to do? Oh, what to do? {35070}{35125}My heart, it feels sick... {35172}{35214}like it's going into battle. {35481}{35512}Which doctor have you called? {35515}{35560}Well, the subject's currently|under discussion. {35563}{35596}As Acting General Secretary, {35598}{35655}I think that, well,|the Committee should decide. {35658}{35689}The Committee? {35691}{35786}But our actual General Secretary|is lying in a puddle of indignity. {35788}{35865}I mean, I think he's saying,|"Get me a doctor now." {35867}{35943}No, I don't agree. I think|we should wait until we're quorate. {35946}{36026}Quorate? The room|is only 75 percent conscious! {36028}{36104}- Are you wearing pyjamas?|- Yeah. So? {36106}{36172}- Why?|- Because I act, Lavrenti. {36184}{36219}Decisively and with great speed. {36221}{36250}I said you'd be tested {36253}{36313}and now you're being tested|by a shouting man in pyjamas. {36315}{36377}Have you got a nappy|under those too? Too late for him. {36380}{36456}Out of my way, you fannies. {36578}{36602}Shit. {36661}{36734}Where's the big fella? {36737}{36775}Are we late? {36810}{36843}Sorry. {36877}{36945}He can't go, not like this. {36947}{36992}- Careful. Careful.|- Whoa, whoa. {36994}{37034}It's wet. {37036}{37113}- So, was Beria here first?|- Yeah, what do you think? {37115}{37164}This can't be happening.|This can't be fucking... {37167}{37213}No, that's wet. For God's sake. {37216}{37273}You got here quick, comrade. {37275}{37321}I didn't stop to put on cologne. {37323}{37363}Hey, watch the suit. Watch the suit. {37366}{37430}Compelling drama, gentlemen,|but we do need to get him into bed. {37433}{37467}- You take the head.|- Why? {37469}{37526}- You're Acting General Secretary.|- I would be honoured. {37541}{37588}It's just me here|kneeling in the piss, yeah? {37590}{37650}- Why don't you...|- But, there's piss... {37653}{37711}- Come on.|- It is better. It's more balanced. {37713}{37758}Yeah? Well, you can pay|my laundry bill, then. {37791}{37838}You're not auditioning|for the Bolshoi. {37841}{37902}- Who are you, Nijinsky? Come on.|- I have a bad back. {37904}{37947}Too much social climbing, I expect. {37949}{38019}- The head is the heaviest part.|- All right, ready? {38021}{38066}- Three, two...|- Two. {38068}{38093}One. {38103}{38147}Lift. Jesus. {38168}{38225}- God.|- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. {38228}{38273}- To me.|- Turn, turn, turn. {38276}{38335}- This way. There we go.|- Yeah, all right. {38337}{38367}Are you wearing pyjamas? {38370}{38408}Can we just stop twittering {38410}{38457}like fishwives at the market|and concentrate? {38459}{38538}- Whoa, whoa, whoa.|- Open the door. Back up, back up. {38541}{38574}No, no, that way. {38576}{38631}Go. Right, go. {38634}{38671}- Get back to the kitchen now!|- Move! {38673}{38702}- Move!|- Now. Now. {38721}{38766}He's heavier than I thought he'd be. {38768}{38840}- Do you think Stalin's too heavy?|- No, it's a compliment. {38842}{38879}- Gold is heavy.|- Well, you'd know. {38881}{38932}You've looted enough of it,|you saucy little pirate. {38934}{38979}Get back in the dining room! {38993}{39057}- Right, this one. This way, this way.|- Stop using his feet. {39059}{39100}- I'm sorry.|- Can we just put him down? {39102}{39158}- I'm absolutely soaked.|- Lamp. Lamp, lamp. {39161}{39218}- Out of the way.|- No, wait a minute... move, move. {39220}{39269}Mikoyan,|move out of the way, quickly. {39271}{39338}- I can't, I can't.|- Fucking hell! {39340}{39403}- Fuck. Jesus Christ!|- Turn him over. {39406}{39490}Fuck me! Three fittings|I had for this suit. Three. {39549}{39586}He looks ready now. {39589}{39654}- I need a vodka.|- I need a wash. {39656}{39722}But we didn't drop him.|Well done, us. {39724}{39803}Oh, I still got fucking tomato|in my pocket. {39806}{39840}It's still funny. {39858}{39925}All right, comrades,|now that we're quorate, {39928}{39968}I propose we call a doctor. {39970}{40057}All the best doctors|are in the gulag, or dead. {40059}{40126}Yes, yes, because they tried|to kill the boss. {40128}{40238}So any doctor still in Moscow|is not a good doctor. {40241}{40362}What are people's thoughts|on getting a bad doctor? {40365}{40431}What the fuck are you|talking about? That's mad. {40434}{40501}What if he recovers|and finds out? {40504}{40574}Well, if he recovers,|then we got a good doctor, {40577}{40642}and if he doesn't recover,|then we didn't, but he won't know. {40658}{40693}What was the name of the... {40696}{40754}that woman who gave evidence|against the doctors? {40779}{40811}- Timashuk.|- Yes. {40814}{40876}She's got everything|we require for the situation. {40878}{40949}The location of all the remaining|doctors in the Moscow area, {40951}{41050}a proven desire to survive|and a talent for fellatio. {41053}{41096}Yeah, right, she gets my vote. {41098}{41157}Good. Let her find us|some doctors. {41159}{41250}Yeah, and if it goes badly,|we pin it all on Lady Suck Suck. {41253}{41305}- Then we shoot her.|- Yes, that would work. {41307}{41386}You see? We're better as a committee. {41388}{41413}Let's go. {41957}{42021}You have a nice long sleep, old man. {42084}{42112}I'll take it from here. {42935}{42989}That's him.|That's him there. There. {43198}{43253}Please, I've done nothing wrong. {43255}{43280}Take the stethoscope. {43282}{43355}Comrade Timashuk,|I retired six years ago. {43358}{43399}- Get that coat on him.|- Please, I... {43410}{43448}Look, I can give you names. {43450}{43515}- Come on. Stop resisting.|- What about my dog? {43517}{43556}- This is appalling.|- Hurry up. {43594}{43621}Get him in the van. {43640}{43678}We found some old friends of yours. {43694}{43741}I've never met them|before in my life. {43898}{43945}So, Molotov's off the list. {43947}{44007}Yes, Beria's moving fast. {44028}{44068}But we can still outvote him. {44070}{44184}I always thought it would be you,|to fill Stalin's shoes, if I'm honest. {44186}{44218}Not Malenkov. {44301}{44347}Who knows the future|of the Union? {44371}{44439}Well, the Union|could really use change. {44459}{44507}Maybe some reforms|now that the old man... {44510}{44549}No, Nicky. {44564}{44616}Nobody needs factionalism. {44640}{44678}You want factionalism? {44681}{44747}What about those two, fucking|Abbott and Costello over there? {44750}{44787}Christ. {44789}{44867}When I piss, I try to make|eye contact with an officer. {44870}{44900}Ruins their day. {44919}{44993}When I piss, I try to piss|on an officer. Also ruins their day. {45020}{45067}We should keep an eye|on Kaganovich. {45070}{45125}Yeah, Khrushchev too,|his talking goat. {45127}{45207}Khrushchev. I spend my life|making people talk. {45210}{45270}I can't shut that gabbling idiot up. {45301}{45373}We need to assert our authority,|increase security in Moscow. {45376}{45420}We should get|Stalin's children here. {45423}{45501}Vasily will be lying face down|in a ditch full of vodka. {45503}{45564}- But Svetlana...|- The people love her. {45567}{45621}- I'm gonna get her in.|- Comrade ministers! {45623}{45719}- Svetlana is here!|- I'm here. I'm over here! {45721}{45772}- Svetlana!|- Svetlana! {45774}{45815}Shit. The race has started. {45817}{45902}All right, we need to start putting|together a plan. We need change. {45905}{45957}Put a halt to the arrests,|prison releases, {45959}{45994}maybe even reform the Church. {45996}{46044}How can you run and plot|at the same time? {46047}{46075}Hello! Svetlana! {46078}{46116}- They're trying to cut you off.|- Where? {46119}{46159}It's obvious. Svetlana! {46161}{46195}- Svetlana!|- Svetlana! {46198}{46247}- Oh, my darling.|- Where is he? {46249}{46301}- Where's my father? I would like...|- Oh, my dear. {46303}{46371}- I'm so sorry.|- I would like to see him. {46373}{46422}- Yes, of course.|- Where is he? {46424}{46475}We'll take you inside. He's in bed. {46478}{46529}God Almighty!|Look at that herb garden. {46532}{46558}Does nobody tend it any more? {46560}{46618}Do people no longer|eat herbs any more? {46620}{46655}Do they only eat weeds? {46657}{46708}- Come on, we'll take you to see him.|- Where is Vasily? {46710}{46756}- I will get your brother here.|- Most helpful. {46758}{46803}- All right.|- She wants Vasily. {46805}{46889}If Vasily is coming, granted,|we should probably have tea and buns. {46892}{46946}- We'll get some buns and some tea.|- Soak up the vodka. {47015}{47049}What? {47051}{47111}I saw you and Big Boy|out in the woods earlier. {47113}{47161}- Yeah.|- There's bears in there. {47187}{47234}You'd better watch your step, son. {47236}{47293}- Well, there's bears in here too.|- Hm? {47350}{47442}Come on, play! Play better! {47445}{47476}Urgh! {47478}{47516}Oh, Jesus. {47543}{47585}When we play Hungary,|are we allowed to use guns? {47588}{47642}These are the best|I could find since the plane crash. {47644}{47696}What plane crash?|There was never a plane crash. {47698}{47758}Was there a plane crash?|Soviet planes do not crash. {47760}{47818}And Stalin's son|does not fuck up. {47849}{47874}Christ! {47877}{47913}We have Bobrov.|He wasn't on the plane. {47915}{47940}What plane? {47951}{47977}Bobrov! {47993}{48047}- Go on. Hit it.|- No! {48086}{48154}He's terrified, practically leaving|a trail of yellow ice! {48156}{48222}You're the coach. Coach them so|they're as good as the dead team was. {48224}{48293}- Or I'll have you killed, okay?|- Apologies. And agreed. {48295}{48338}Or I'll just do it myself. {48363}{48415}Come on! Play on! {48436}{48482}Play through! Ignore me! {48484}{48566}Get it. Give it. Hit it. {48579}{48603}Vasily. {48605}{48661}Play better, you clattering fannies! {48664}{48693}Come. {48695}{48738}Oh, fuck!|Do they know about the crash? {48741}{48802}Give me a drink. I've got time|for a drink. Give me the flask. {48804}{48829}No, no. {48893}{48929}You are to come|to your father's dacha. {48932}{48964}The plane should never have taken off. {48966}{49014}Do you suppose|that just because I am who I am {49016}{49053}that I can predict an ice storm? {49055}{49121}Ice storm? Are you saying something's|happened to our national team? {49124}{49175}- Nothing's happened.|- What the fuck are you doing? {49177}{49234}My father will have you saddled|and ridden to Siberia, {49236}{49273}you rude fucking pies. {49306}{49375}These are good doctors,|my dear. They're the best. {49377}{49420}They look like mental patients. {49440}{49500}Are they going to sing for us?|Why are they standing in a line? {49519}{49545}Let's have it. {49733}{49821}Following a group assessment|of Comrade Stalin, {49823}{49906}we've arrived|at the unanimous conclusion, {49908}{49947}based on a collective finding... {49949}{49984}Please put him out of his misery. {50006}{50075}Comrade Stalin has had|a cerebral haemorrhage. {50078}{50125}The right side of his body|is paralysed. {50128}{50154}Oh, God. {50197}{50237}What is the chance of recovery? {50239}{50273}It is hard to say. {50333}{50441}Relax. I'm not gonna kiss you.|Will he recover, yes or no? {50550}{50574}No. {50576}{50609}- No?|- No. {50662}{50687}It's over. {50709}{50743}It's over! {50745}{50825}I want a second opinion.|I don't trust these creatures to... {50828}{50891}- I mean, how old are you?|- I'm 29. {50894}{50936}That's a lie. How old are you? {50938}{50966}You look dead. {50989}{51047}I know people in Stalingrad.|I know people in Moscow. {51049}{51154}No, no, no. We have all the doctors.|There is no other opinion. {51156}{51210}- Oh, God.|- And so it begins. {51213}{51237}Oh, God! {51239}{51302}I cry for Stalin.|I cry for all the people. {51305}{51359}- I cry for the...|- Courage. {51384}{51452}Courage, little bird.|We're here for you. {51511}{51556}Most of all, we cry for you, {51558}{51615}little... bird. {51618}{51703}We offer our tears,|though not as a gift, of course. {51760}{51805}Oh, God. {52005}{52048}I want Moscow cauterised, now. {52051}{52101}Cut off the city. {52103}{52205}- Moscow's closed. No-one gets in.|- Especially you. {52207}{52272}NKVD to displace army officers|at every station. {52377}{52434}Army back to barracks.|We're taking over. {52447}{52498}Remove Molotov from that last list. {52567}{52595}Implement our lists. {52618}{52643}New lists. {52712}{52736}New lists. {52738}{52801}Ladies and gentlemen,|reset your watches. {52811}{52851}- New lists.|- New lists. {52853}{52883}- New lists.|- New lists. {52886}{52925}New lists. {53238}{53275}Trophy hunting, comrade? {53278}{53357}Oh, Svetlana. No, no. I was... {53359}{53434}We were just about to make a toast|to your father's health {53437}{53543}and I know he kept|some fine vodka here somewhere. {53545}{53603}Well, better you find it|than my brother. {53606}{53652}Ah, yes. Vasily. {53669}{53715}I got a hold of him|and he's on his way. {53741}{53782}- Oh...|- Svetlana, I wanted to... {53784}{53878}There was one day when my brother|just rode a pig through here. {53895}{53963}- That must have been messy.|- It was terribly messy. {53966}{54021}And my father was so cross. {54023}{54079}Papa just chased him|around the room in a circle. {54081}{54134}Right here around this sofa,|just there, look. {54137}{54245}Yes, I wanted to let you know|that no matter what happens, {54247}{54361}I will never ever let any harm|come to you or your brother. {54363}{54432}- Who said anything about harm?|- No, that's what I'm saying. {54434}{54473}You know somebody|wants to harm us? {54476}{54516}- Tell me. I demand to know.|- If someone... {54519}{54562}No. I should not have used|the word "harm". {54565}{54612}Yes. But you keep mentioning|the word "harm". Why? {54628}{54772}If anyone tries to... you,|they'll have to get through me first. {54897}{54934}My father's going to die. {54936}{54983}I'm going to have you|to look after me. {55002}{55057}I mean, I may as well|just shoot myself like Mother. {55077}{55163}- Svetlana, we need to be strong.|- Who would put a lamp on a chair? {55269}{55353}We need to be strong|and never afraid. {55355}{55438}- I wasn't afraid. Now I am afraid.|- Don't be, because if any harm... {55440}{55468}God, I actually... {55470}{55498}can't believe you said that again. {55500}{55540}Quick! The boss is back! {55542}{55576}- Ohh!|- Come on! {55640}{55701}- Papa!|- A miracle. {55703}{55735}Stalin is invincible. {55737}{55799}The boss has shipped death|back to the salt mine. {55801}{55855}What's happening?|This is impossible... {55897}{55955}and... and... and wonderful. {55991}{56046}- He's pointing...|- What is it, Chief? {56048}{56115}Maybe he's appointing his successor. {56117}{56142}Do you think? {56187}{56219}- No.|- Maybe not. {56247}{56278}- What's he...|- It's the painting. {56280}{56346}- He's pointing at the painting.|- Hold on. You know what he's saying? {56349}{56399}He is saying, "I am the lamb." {56409}{56434}Huh? {56436}{56530}"I am the lamb and you, you,|my children, have given me life." {56533}{56558}Yes! {56575}{56703}Or the lamb is the people|and the milk is socialism. {56706}{56733}Maybe he's the milk. {56745}{56779}Maybe you're the tit. {56782}{56861}- Maybe he just wants a drink.|- A drink of milk. {56877}{56926}- Possible.|- Milk here! Immediately! {56928}{57017}- Not milk. Water. Water.|- And not in a horn. In a glass. {57057}{57087}So, Top Boy. {57090}{57150}You had your hair|fucking embalmed or something? {57176}{57209}I owe it to him and the people. {57237}{57287}- There's going to be photos.|- Oh, right. {57322}{57381}You're a hero, Comrade Lukomsky. {57383}{57477}This sometimes happens and I... {57497}{57555}I'm incredibly pleased. {57642}{57672}I won't forget it. {57925}{57949}Comrade. {57981}{58047}We've remained at our post|as you ordered. {58063}{58126}Might we respectfully|stand down from our position? {58128}{58153}Beria... {58186}{58213}he's dead. {58787}{58838}- Oh, Jesus!|- Fuck my boots! {58841}{58882}Oh, my God. {58884}{58941}I'm sorry, boss.|I wish I could take it for you. {58943}{59032}Thick skull, you know. It's|an incredibly strong, hard skull. {59035}{59063}Shut up. {59065}{59103}We need to think about the Presidium. {59106}{59165}Yes, succession. We need to... {59187}{59253}Oh, fuck. That's his... {59312}{59343}Who organised the Wurlitzer? {59346}{59413}- It's a respirator.|- Did you use it? {59416}{59482}- No. It's American.|- It's what? {59485}{59532}- It's from his hospital.|- It was his idea. {59535}{59611}Let's just pretend these last|six sentences never happened. {59614}{59657}Because if they ever find out|that we brought in... {59660}{59727}What are you doing to my father,|you jackals? Murderers! {59730}{59786}- You'll kill him!|- Vasily, your father is dead. {59788}{59863}You're dividing the spoils.|Leave his brain alone! {59865}{59899}- How old are you?|- I'm old. {59902}{59955}You're not old!|You're not even a person! {59957}{60027}You're a testicle!|You're made mostly of hair! {60029}{60072}- Vasily...|- Here's your fucking harvest. {60074}{60109}Here it is. {60112}{60163}Leave the man alone! I will not... {60188}{60235}No! Don't let him shoot! {60238}{60291}- Just get the gun off him.|- Vasily! {60293}{60349}- Let her through.|- Remember what Papa said. {60352}{60405}They have a machine|filling his brain with American lies. {60407}{60442}"Wade gently through the river {60444}{60494}because there are snakes|and crocodiles." {60497}{60563}It's okay, Vasily.|Everything's gonna be fine. {60566}{60635}- This is not exactly fine, is it?|- No, well, not exactly fine. {60638}{60673}My father's lying there|with his head open. {60675}{60741}Yes, your father is dead.|Your brother is shooting a gun. {60743}{60774}It's not fine. You're right. {60776}{60805}Come on. There we go. {60833}{60905}You have all made|a deadly mistake. {61016}{61078}- Excuse me.|- That's right. Off you go, kitten. {61606}{61644}Oh, come on. {61722}{61787}- Just keep the gun away from him.|- I've got loads, anyway. {61790}{61826}Have you forgotten|how to salute? {61828}{61880}- No, sir.|- Then salute me. {61927}{61974}Now, let that be a warning. {61993}{62064}"Be strong," I hear my father say. {62066}{62091}Come on, chop, chop. {62093}{62122}Beria's picked you out. {62157}{62184}Just do as he says. {62186}{62282}- My car is right this way.|- No, no. She'll be happier with us. {62284}{62332}Okay, but we need to go. Let's go. {62362}{62402}- See you in Moscow.|- See you. {62477}{62509}Ah, nice. {62707}{62785}We need to go through first!|No, let us go first! {63156}{63181}Go, go, go! {63359}{63384}Go! {63439}{63486}Shit.|What, are we last now? Come on. {64030}{64086}Comrades, we share your grief. {64088}{64156}You will assemble outside|for further instructions. {64158}{64229}All staff into the transport.|Yes, that's it, hurry up. {64231}{64285}Come on, get a move on.|In the transports, please. {64288}{64367}Where the fuck|did she come from? Get her out! {64369}{64408}Gently with that, will you?|Hurry up. {64446}{64494}That's it, everything out. {64639}{64696}Lookalikes.|I think their contract's up. {64699}{64723}This way. {64774}{64868}- You, come with me.|- But I don't understand. {64907}{64948}Come on. Just this way. {64950}{64974}You can stand down. {64987}{65011}Food in the kitchen. {65199}{65230}Halt! {65232}{65271}Move them out! {65402}{65445}Last one! Move it out! {65867}{65893}Hello again. {65928}{65952}There you are. {66016}{66044}You're very quiet. {66143}{66208}See the little birch in the meadow. {66237}{66314}See the leaves dancing|when the wind blows. {66360}{66385}No? {66402}{66497}Well, come on, your voice was once|so beautiful, Polina Molotova. {66553}{66606}Oh, yes, sorry, meant to say. {66635}{66664}Stalin's dead. {66699}{66773}No. The Stalin? {66805}{66844}Our Stalin? {66870}{66931}Yeah, your Stalin. {66971}{66999}The one who put you here. {67038}{67062}Come on. {67089}{67176}Let's smarten you up|for Comrade Molotov. {67178}{67247}Good girl. Come on. {67282}{67373}Oh, sorry, darling. Work.|I'll make it up to you. {67384}{67445}Fetch the mattress|and have her washed. {67447}{67471}Okay. {67484}{67522}Right, get in there. Go on. {67542}{67581}Right, with me. Come on. {67583}{67667}All right, jug, rug, flowers.|Right, grab that. {67710}{67762}- S-Slimonov, isn't it?|- Yes, sir. {67765}{67816}See you l-later, S-Slimonov. {67835}{67859}Come on. {67947}{68019}Bought you a lovely new dress,|a nice dress. {68589}{68629}Oh, God. {68695}{68788}Christ. You look like you're about|to be bulldozed into a lime pit. {68790}{68819}Need your toilet. {68925}{68979}Do you want me to hold back your hair? {68981}{69026}Polina always used to do that for me. {69037}{69069}Oh, no. Nothing's coming up. {69088}{69135}Futile gesture. {69138}{69259}Listen, I wanted to invite you|to tomorrow's Committee meeting. {69262}{69286}Meeting? {69320}{69376}What meeting?|Why didn't I know about a meeting? {69546}{69613}Stalin and Beria put you on a list. {69670}{69695}Stalin? {69748}{69831}Oh, I must have wronged him so badly.|What did I do? {69834}{69930}No, nothing. Don't you see?|Beria, he wants you out. {69946}{69988}Now, I've been talking|with Comrade Bulganin. {69990}{70014}No. No. {70016}{70050}I think he's right.|We can outvote them. {70053}{70112}No, no. This is factionalism.|Stalin didn't like factionalism. {70114}{70153}Oh, Stalin is dead! {70177}{70270}I've seen inside of him.|For fuck's sake, we have to act. {70272}{70325}I can't believe he's gone. {70360}{70403}Ohh... {70547}{70604}You have to wait for it to fill up. {70635}{70683}Fucking apartments. {70720}{70746}Listen to me. {70764}{70820}Beria had Polina killed. {70846}{70900}Now, surely you must have wanted to... {70902}{70967}Act against the party? Me? {70969}{71004}- No?|- No, never. {71007}{71033}- Really?|- No. {71036}{71077}- Not once?|- Not once. {71080}{71146}Hello? Anyone home? {71149}{71205}- What are you doing here?|- What are you doing here? {71227}{71264}We were just chatting. {71266}{71308}About Polina. {71330}{71405}- Well, well, would you believe it?|- Treacherous sow. {71436}{71505}Or a wronged woman who was framed. {71508}{71547}No, no. She was a criminal. {71562}{71587}I'm glad she's dead. {71601}{71672}Right, because,|well, she betrayed the party. {71674}{71737}- She plotted against Stalin.|- No, Nicky. False narrative. {71739}{71802}- No, no, she was a parasite.|- She was a parasite. {71805}{71915}She betrayed all of us, and, in fact,|the evidence was flimsy. {71918}{71988}There were no witnesses.|And look. Polina's back. {71991}{72034}Is it really you? {72044}{72144}Oh, my Polina.|Oh, I can't believe it. {72146}{72189}Oh, look, everyone, look. {72191}{72273}- My little Polinka's back.|- I am back. {72276}{72348}I kept her safe for you, Vyacheslav. {72351}{72406}And I kept him safe for you, Polina. {72408}{72463}- I've got so much to tell you.|- Good. {72465}{72512}- I've bought a dog...|- Oh? {72514}{72558}So many changes to come. {72595}{72640}And you're gonna like|some of them, Nicky. {72724}{72762}It's great to have you back. {73050}{73082}Hello, my sweet. {73301}{73328}You're the parents? {73391}{73451}Thank you. You should go now. {73569}{73601}We ready? {73627}{73655}Good. {73716}{73767}Now, please don't go|until I say, okay? {73817}{73842}Did you hear me? {74000}{74030}Okay. {74083}{74131}Yes? It's good? {74155}{74204}I'd like to try one|with a faraway look. {74257}{74282}Comrade, {74284}{74364}I've scheduled some telephone calls|later with various members of the... {74367}{74409}I can't hear you.|Can you say that again? {74412}{74487}I'm sorry. I've scheduled|some telephone calls later with... {74490}{74542}- Then tell me later.|- Of course. {74544}{74613}Mr Karloff, what an honour.|Love your work. {74628}{74714}Thinking of doing anything in colour? {74716}{74760}I need to talk to you about something. {74762}{74797}Would you please excuse me? {74854}{74883}I'll be right back. {75009}{75079}Don't you ever... ever... {75106}{75144}humiliate me again in front of... {75163}{75231}I am the General Secretary|of the Soviet Union. {75234}{75274}Apologies. A line has been crossed. {75277}{75339}It is my duty to look good|for the people. {75341}{75396}- Of course.|- Ah, comrade, apologies. {75399}{75457}I'm not gonna do the seating plan.|Give it to Blavatsky. {75459}{75528}- He's expert at sitting on his arse.|- Of course. Thank you. {75530}{75570}- The Committee meeting...|- Oh, yes, yes. {75573}{75683}Um, item one:|These lists and these arrests. {75699}{75767}I think we...|Should we take that down just a gear? {75769}{75802}Or hold off altogether? {75850}{75901}- Freeze them?|- Freeze, yes. {75904}{75954}Excellent thought.|Yes, we could freeze arrests. {75957}{76009}We could even release|some low-level prisoners. {76011}{76099}Fuck me. I mean... I mean, yes. {76102}{76142}But what would the old man... {76145}{76256}Oh, Stalin... Stalin destroyed|the status quo and he built a new one. {76258}{76321}The changes he made|were both radical and popular. {76323}{76373}- Liberalisation would be radical.|- Popular. {76375}{76416}- Radical.|- And popular. {76418}{76486}I will deal with whatever horseshit {76488}{76520}you have presently. {76522}{76582}- Actually, I'd like you to see this.|- Come on through. {76599}{76694}You remember that famous photo|of Stalin and the little girl? {76697}{76721}Yes. {76724}{76809}Well, I was thinking|a photo of, you and the girl. {76811}{76842}Continuity. {76853}{76929}And this way we're showing Stalin's|humanity moving forward, right? {76932}{76959}Yeah. {76982}{77037}I'm sorry about all that.|Find the girl. {77039}{77081}- We should head to the Committee.|- We are. {77194}{77253}So I'll outline the releases|under Article 31. {77255}{77296}- Yes, please.|- Okay. {77315}{77406}Please, understand that this|is not some cynical ploy. {77408}{77480}I mean, these reforms|are correct reforms. {77482}{77507}Totally understood. {77575}{77605}Are you wearing a corset? {77689}{77755}It's a girdle. I have a bad back. {77787}{77853}It's functional. It's not cosmetic. {77855}{77882}You wear it well. {77928}{77991}Let's make this|a test of your discretion, shall we? {77994}{78032}Of course. Of course. {78247}{78296}- So, in accordance...|- I call this meeting to order. {78298}{78330}My apologies. {78348}{78444}So, in accordance with his will,|I propose Comrade Malenkov {78447}{78487}be named Chairman|of the Council of Ministers {78489}{78537}and General Secretary of the Party. {78547}{78603}And I propose Comrade Beria {78605}{78672}for First Vice-Chairman,|Council of Ministers. {78674}{78730}So, let's take a vote.|Those in favour? {78733}{78774}Those are two separate proposals. {78776}{78842}I suggest we vote one at a time.|Those in favour? {78844}{78902}I'm unsure of what's being proposed. {78905}{78955}I just said what was being proposed.|I just said it. {78958}{79002}And you're being obstructionist. {79005}{79066}Comrade Beria is busy|combining his role {79069}{79120}as Minister for both|Interior and Security. {79123}{79171}Wouldn't it be kinder if someone else {79174}{79213}carried the happy burden|of Vice-Chairman? {79216}{79257}I thank Comrade Khrushchev|for his concern, {79259}{79323}but I'm perfectly capable|of doing two things at once. {79325}{79403}- Well, it's three things.|- Should we bring in an abacus? {79406}{79495}All right, let's move to a vote|on both proposals. {79497}{79573}All right? First me as... you know, {79576}{79634}and Comrade Beria as Vice-Chairman. {79636}{79662}All those in favour? {79752}{79778}Carried... {79812}{79857}u... nanimously. {79859}{79883}Right, next. {79886}{79945}We need someone|to take charge of the funeral. {79947}{80006}- What about Comrade Khrushchev?|- Where's this coming from? {80009}{80050}I formally propose Comrade Khrushchev {80053}{80096}be given the honour|of organising the funeral. {80098}{80139}What? Come on,|I don't have any time to do that. {80141}{80192}What if I can do three things at once,|you can at least do two. {80194}{80241}What do I know about funerals? {80243}{80288}You said you wanted|to honour his legacy. {80290}{80339}You told me last night|in the bathroom. {80422}{80494}- All those in... all those in favour?|- All those in favour? {80496}{80529}No, uh... {80532}{80604}Well, I think you'd be good,|actually, you know. {80666}{80703}Passed unanimously. {80706}{80763}Nicky Khrushchev, funeral director.|It suits you. {80765}{80807}- Yeah.|- It suits that face, anyway. {80861}{80938}- Comrade Beria.|- I propose a halt to deportations, {80941}{81041}the release of some existing detainees|under Article 31 and the suspension {81044}{81107}of all arrests that were officially|sanctioned three days ago. {81110}{81215}Whoa, whoa. That's like wiping|your arse on Stalin's final list. {81217}{81258}- No, no, no.|- This is demonstrably revisionist. {81261}{81362}Releasing people we arrested three|days ago will make us look cretinous. {81376}{81423}Listen, Stalin was misled. {81426}{81470}- We were misled.|- Really? {81473}{81554}Yes. So the people responsible|should be found and punished. {81556}{81624}Who are you kidding,|Lavrenti, yourself? {81626}{81707}We all knew what we were doing|when we signed those lists. {81710}{81840}Stalin destroyed the status quo...|and he rebuilt it. {81875}{81902}He was liberal. {81905}{81939}- Radical.|- He was radical. {81941}{81989}This is a blatant attempt|by Comrade Beria {81991}{82025}to buy the support of the public. {82028}{82097}I thought you were in favour of a more|liberal approach, Comrade Reformer. {82100}{82175}All those in favour|of pausing the arrests, {82177}{82239}of pausing the executions? {82273}{82299}All those in favour? {82352}{82489}Hmm. I've always been loyal to Stalin.|Always. {82503}{82568}And these arrests|were authorised by Stalin. {82570}{82633}But Stalin was also loyal|to the collective leadership, {82635}{82692}and that is true loyalty. {82737}{82831}However, he also had an iron will,|undeviating, strong. {82833}{82901}Should we not do the same|and stick to what we believed in? {82945}{82969}No. {82991}{83058}It is stronger still|to forge our own beliefs {83061}{83132}with the beliefs|of the collective leadership. {83152}{83220}Which I have now... done. {83324}{83390}Carried... unanimously. Thank you. {83393}{83431}I'll oversee the releases. {83461}{83520}We have loosened|the Union's great corset. {83558}{83637}Nicky, you've some bouquets|and swatches to look at. {83639}{83680}A funeral doesn't organise itself. {83876}{83934}- Long live Stalin.|- Stalin's dead. Malenkov's in charge. {83936}{83968}- Stop shooting.|- Long live Malenk... {83971}{84014}Amnesty effective immediately. {84017}{84093}Orders of Comrade Beria.|We're moving out. Let's go. {84114}{84146}Come on, let's go. {84507}{84537}Come on. {84633}{84663}Ahh... {84666}{84717}Oh, my God! {84733}{84787}Ohh! {85591}{85641}Not too much on that.|He's not Clark Gable, okay? {85644}{85689}Can somebody get a duster up there? {85691}{85744}We've got a cobweb|large enough to snag a sheep. {85747}{85790}We're opening in 15 minutes. {85793}{85828}Now, for the curtains|at the front, comrade, {85830}{85871}do you want ruched, not ruched? {85873}{85923}- Whatever. I don't care.|- Not ruched? {85925}{85985}- That's good. That's...|- Ruched? Not ruched? {85997}{86045}- Ruched?|- Would you stop with this? {86056}{86109}Why do you think I care?|Ah, excuse me. {86148}{86198}- Fix that button.|- Welcome, comrades. {86201}{86253}How's the Minister|for Fixtures and Fittings? {86255}{86284}It's going well. I'm enjoying it. {86286}{86337}- Yes, you're very passionate.|- Well... {86340}{86381}Yes, the ruched, please. Thank you. {86383}{86430}- You're doing a great job.|- I know. {86432}{86475}Well, hello. Are these... {86477}{86518}- Oh.|- These my... {86520}{86549}Which one of these is my girl? {86551}{86587}We couldn't find the actual girl, sir. {86590}{86630}These are some possible alternatives. {86633}{86686}No, no, I want you to find...|Excuse me. {86688}{86733}I want you to find|the girl in the photograph. {86735}{86782}Do you understand?|The nation depends on it. {86810}{86848}- Thank you.|- Thank you. {86863}{86945}All right, girls, the Snow King|does not approve. Wait over there. {86974}{87013}What happened?|Where's the girl in the photograph? {87016}{87055}We couldn't find the actual girl. {87057}{87143}I thought the entire point of the NKVD|was to know everyone's whereabouts. {87145}{87183}- Yes, sir.|- Yes, sir, yes. {87186}{87247}- So, you find her, you camel cock.|- Comrade Khrushchev. {87263}{87301}- Maria Veniaminovna.|- Yes. {87304}{87363}I'm sorry that you heard that,|but he is a camel cock. {87365}{87411}- How are you, Maria?|- Stalin? {87427}{87488}Yes. You want to have a look? {87577}{87649}Comrade Beria, this is Maria.|She'll be playing piano tonight. {87666}{87708}- Good to meet you.|- Comrade. {87711}{87739}What do you think? {87770}{87850}Small. He looks so small. {87958}{87996}- Sad day, soldier.|- Yes, sir. {87999}{88029}Sad day. {88031}{88089}Aslanov. You handsome devil. {88102}{88159}Stick you in a frock,|I'd fucking ride you raw myself. {88161}{88215}- I will take that as a compliment.|- Yeah, don't. {88218}{88302}Right, what's a war hero got to do|to get some lubrication round here? {88572}{88608}Ah, Generalissimo. {88610}{88656}There he is, eh, the great man. {88690}{88776}I've seen a lot of death,|but that... that is a loss. {88778}{88813}Tell me something. {88816}{88917}Why has the army been replaced|by the NKVD all over Moscow? {88919}{89005}I mean, I'm smiling,|but I am very fucking furious. {89008}{89049}Perhaps this is a good time|for Comrade Yudina {89051}{89096}to go and prepare|those precious fingers. {89098}{89135}Yes. One moment, General. {89137}{89193}I will properly catch up with you|this evening. {89195}{89273}- I'm looking forward to it.|- You never kiss my hand any more. {89276}{89339}- I taught Nikita's niece to play.|- Yes, you did. {89342}{89382}That was quite the salon recital. {89384}{89429}Oh, I love the idea of you at a salon. {89445}{89498}Do you have a party trick?|Burping the alphabet? {89526}{89606}Comrade Malenkov, with sharper|cheekbones, as requested. {89609}{89674}Sharp. Not sharp.|Sharp. Not sharp. {89694}{89728}I would like... {89774}{89838}that one destroyed, thank you. {89840}{89885}Good luck with the performance|tonight, by the way. {89887}{89954}- Thank you.|- Nerve-racking, so many notes. {89956}{90010}- Yes.|- Like your one to Stalin. {90049}{90077}Which I have. {90149}{90181}Come this way. {90184}{90242}Why has the army|been confined to barracks? {90244}{90313}The decision was mine,|supported by Comrade Malenkov. {90315}{90347}Mm-hmm. Oh, was it indeed? {90350}{90399}That right, Georgy?|It was your call? {90402}{90486}Um, yes, of course.|We had to make a decision. {90488}{90520}We're discussing the city's security. {90523}{90564}- I know.|- Jesus Christ. {90567}{90613}Did Coco Chanel|take a shit on your head? {90635}{90705}- No, he did not.|- Listen, listen. {90708}{90748}Moscow's gonna be boiling with people. {90750}{90827}His little fucking apes at the NKVD|won't know what to do. {90830}{90865}There's gonna be|thousands of civilians {90867}{90909}flooding in from all over Russia. {90911}{90953}No, we're controlling|the crowd at source. {90956}{91006}All trains and vans to Moscow|have been cancelled. {91031}{91060}- You can't do that.|- Wait a minute. {91062}{91089}People have a right to see him. {91092}{91138}- Oh, come on. No, no, no.|- Just temporarily. {91141}{91224}I'm the funeral. I'm the trains.|This is horseshit, okay? {91226}{91306}I've been picking out funeral cushions|with Slim Hitler over there... {91309}{91383}calico this, taffeta that,|and you've done what? {91386}{91442}No, I'm the trains and|I want them back. {91444}{91520}Well, let's see who can|mobilise first. Oh, seems to be me! {91522}{91564}You sneaky little shit. {91584}{91639}And we're opening the doors. {92022}{92104}Good. Steady pace.|Very good. Yes, just like that. {92277}{92316}Rather overwhelming, isn't it? {92358}{92398}And nobody's making them do this,|are they? {92400}{92428}- No, no.|- No. {92452}{92495}Just round to the right. Thank you. {92519}{92555}I don't suppose you want a chair? {92558}{92653}Oh, no, no, no. I can't sit down.|I haven't sat down since he died. {92656}{92693}One can't. He was too big. {92749}{92775}Yes. {92840}{92868}Do you remember Alexei? {92923}{92999}- I remember everyone. It's a gift.|- Oh. {93001}{93044}Do you remember|the way he used to laugh? {93111}{93176}- Alexei Kapler, yes, yes.|- Yes. {93196}{93258}Yes, special to you, of course. {93261}{93329}Some unsuitable associates. {93341}{93395}Tragic, really. {93398}{93445}I'm... I'm so sorry. {93461}{93519}Yes, well,|I want you to bring him back. {93580}{93627}The way that you brought|Molotov's wife back. {93667}{93695}She... {93723}{93813}- Well, I'd kept her as...|- Yeah, but I just want one person. {93836}{93867}Just one person. {93884}{93928}- Oh, my darling.|- Please. {93964}{94020}For you,|I will attempt the impossible. {94240}{94308}Keep it moving if you can. Thank you. {94318}{94357}A lot of people to process. {94573}{94662}Oh, fucking pollen. They should make|gas bombs out of the stuff. {94720}{94765}Wait, wait, wait.|That's not gonna fit. {94779}{94854}- It's larger than the region itself.|- Go back. Go back. {94856}{94894}Hunker down. {94950}{94977}A quarter turn. {95027}{95058}Through on that line. {95095}{95166}- How's Polina?|- She's well. {95168}{95263}I can sense how sorry she is|for her treachery. {95319}{95364}Jesus Christ, it's the bishops. {95404}{95459}I thought we'd banned those freaks. {95462}{95513}Sneeze on the bastards|as they go past. {95516}{95559}- Did you invite them?|- No. {95562}{95649}- Ask Beria if he invited the bishops.|- Don't give me orders. {95691}{95749}Ask Beria if he invited the bishops. {95752}{95824}- Did you invite the bishops?|- Yes. {95843}{95873}- Yes.|- Well? {95876}{95915}He said yes. {95933}{95985}I'm going to give everyone|in Red Square a voucher {95987}{96067}permitting one kick each|to his stupid face. {96070}{96115}Is he asking for some delicious hay? {96118}{96215}No, he said something quite|complicated about a voucher system. {96226}{96325}Ask Nikita why in God's arse|he invited the bishops. {96328}{96377}- No, I've already explained why...|- Ask Nikita. {96380}{96408}You tell him... {96444}{96496}- Never mind. Swap.|- No. {96499}{96549}- Just swap with me.|- I said no. {96563}{96611}We can make it look like|it's part of the ceremony. {96938}{96980}What the fuck are you doing? {97140}{97199}Buttoned-up sacks of shit! Fleabags! {97201}{97240}Should I handle this for you? {97302}{97377}Foreigners. A vile crime|has been perpetrated. {97380}{97475}Hairy monsters in coats|have scooped out my father's brain {97478}{97537}and sent it to America. {97539}{97619}And these traitors,|sucking the cocks and balls... {97639}{97689}sucking the cocks and balls|of Zionist... {97691}{97777}New York...|New York Zionist queers in petticoats. {97779}{97842}Look at them. You see?|Those brain thieves. {97845}{97886}- Do not translate this.|- I see you. Heed me. {97889}{97951}- There's food next door, gentlemen.|- I'm Stalin's son! {97953}{98031}You will not take me down.|I will not go down! {98034}{98085}Please,|this side. I'm sorry. I apologise. {98103}{98150}I will not be silen... {98153}{98198}I know about the hockey team. {98220}{98275}- I'm most deeply...|- Up we go. That's it. {98278}{98321}Thank you all for your... {98324}{98358}Medic! {98360}{98390}Not today! {98393}{98477}You're a fucking stain|on that uniform. You fucking behave. {98494}{98527}What is going on? {98529}{98576}He felt a little overwhelmed,|Svetlana. {98578}{98654}Harm. This is a perfect|example of harm. {98657}{98705}- He's okay.|- Come here. Get up. {98708}{98770}- Who did this?|- I did, and I enjoyed it. {98772}{98804}It's been a long time coming. {98827}{98857}If any of you... {98897}{98936}should do anything... {98955}{98998}Right, well, that's me told. {99000}{99071}I'm off to represent|the entire Red Army at the buffet. {99073}{99102}You girls enjoy yourself. {99154}{99202}Are you all right? He fell very hard. {99204}{99238}Why did you let him do that? {99240}{99317}Yes, I should have intercepted|his fist with my face. {99319}{99373}I want to make a speech|at my father's funeral. {99386}{99459}- And I want to fuck Grace Kelly.|- I simply don't care. {99461}{99513}I want to make a speech|at my father's funeral. {99515}{99556}Comrade Malenkov, your view? {99585}{99611}Well, I think, um... {99644}{99690}it can be, um... {99693}{99734}- no... no problem.|- Ah... {99737}{99794}Technically, yes, but practically... {99796}{99850}There are programmatic complications. {99852}{99905}You know, I think I misspoke|when I said, "No problem." {99908}{99962}What I meant was, "No." {99980}{100004}"Problem." {100057}{100123}Ignore me. I'm... It's no problem. {100125}{100176}- Yes. I take that as a yes.|- Go ahead, Nikita. {100178}{100243}I will unlock the schedule|and squeeze him in. {100245}{100285}I will not be squeezed. {100288}{100347}Sometimes the shortest speeches|are the most memorable. {100362}{100409}- Well, that's as maybe.|- True. Fish! Let's eat. {100412}{100455}- What's going on?|- I don't... {100492}{100540}I look forward|to the five garbled words {100542}{100592}we afford him|before we start the flypast. {100594}{100659}Hey, we need to talk.|First the trains, now the bishops. {100661}{100699}Who else are we pals with now? {100701}{100758}- You invite any old Nazis?|- Excuse me. {100760}{100823}These stairs are like climbing|Mount Kilimanjaro. {100825}{100862}I'm more sweat than man. {100865}{100910}- Did you see off Vasily?|- Yes, we did. {100913}{100961}And thank you|for landing me this funeral. {100964}{101009}Come on, Nicky. You're enjoying it. {101012}{101069}But why did you|have to invite the bishops? {101071}{101131}What, you think I wanted|those boyfriends of Christ here? {101133}{101161}That was his idea. {101163}{101219}Lavrenti, you of all people must know {101222}{101264}that religion|has never been part of... {101266}{101331}You lecturing me?|You standing in the Hall of Columns {101333}{101388}still insisting on Polina's guilt? {101408}{101456}Well, she... she is... {101509}{101576}- Um, sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have...|- Oh, come on. {101578}{101652}No, no. You both called|the blameless Polina Molotova {101655}{101722}a traitor and a parasite|in her own apartment. I heard you. {101725}{101797}She was guilty.|You found her guilty. {101800}{101855}And Stalin agreed.|Nobody doubted. {101857}{101905}Nobody doubted.|Past tense, you see. {101907}{101967}In the good old days you pine for,|that sort of dissonance {101970}{102008}would have had you both shot.|Both of you. {102010}{102074}Oh,|this is just fucking wordplay. {102076}{102101}Oh, is it? {102111}{102194}Allegiance to the party line, hm?|That was what Stalin demanded. {102196}{102223}Correct, Comrade Molotov? {102225}{102298}Um, allegiance to the party line? Yes. {102301}{102346}And defiance of the party line, {102349}{102397}that would mark you out|as a traitor, wouldn't it? {102424}{102478}I'm ashamed and I... I... {102480}{102563}I beg your forgiveness|for my selfish deceitfulness, {102566}{102645}and I will go and reassure Polina. {102767}{102809}You're just making this shit up|as you go along. {102812}{102880}- What game is this, Lavrenti?|- Oh, don't be hysterical. {102883}{102957}- We're in a new reality.|- What, you're the good guy now? {102959}{102989}You locked up half the nation. {102991}{103047}You beat them, you raped them,|you killed them. {103050}{103087}Yes, and now I'm releasing them. {103089}{103141}And you won't believe|how many will be free. {103144}{103196}So now you want the public|to love you, is that it? {103217}{103269}You're bending and cracking the truth|like a human body. {103271}{103297}The truth? {103299}{103361}This from the man who invited|his bit-on-the-side whore pianist {103364}{103421}to play at the funeral,|even though she swore to kill Stalin, {103423}{103448}who's now dead. {103450}{103511}Whoa. What the barrelling fuck|are you talking about? {103513}{103567}She wanted Stalin dead|and she knows your family. {103569}{103622}She taught your niece|to play, remember? {103649}{103679}I think you should read this. {103713}{103811}It's the copy of a note I found|by Stalin's body, from the pianist. {103814}{103871}It's lucky we both now live|in the new Soviet Union {103873}{103904}or you and your wife and your family {103906}{103983}would be a pile of dust|on the floor of a crematorium toilet. {104031}{104100}Kobulov! My stomach's rumbling. {104103}{104142}Is there any cheese in this building? {104298}{104360}No, I don't have time|for that shit right now. {104362}{104399}Wait, wait, wait.|Come back, come back. {104425}{104452}No, go. {104486}{104569}New security orders.|Restart the trains, all right? {104571}{104642}Open the city's borders|and let the people back into Moscow. {104688}{104726}They deserve to see the old man. {104729}{104786}Let's see how Beria's goons|cope with that. {104923}{104988}Train to Moscow in five minutes! {105898}{105968}- What's going on?|- Trains are bringing them in. {106146}{106193}Quiet. Quiet, quiet. {106219}{106248}Turn around! {106287}{106375}- This is a secure area!|- We've come to see Comrade Stalin! {106377}{106441}Back. Get back. Back! {106443}{106481}Back. {106497}{106563}- Stay back.|- Stay where you are! {106613}{106667}Fire over their heads. {107148}{107185}Don't let them through! {107371}{107409}This is your work, is it? {107412}{107450}Why? Are there spelling mistakes? {107488}{107569}Do you have any idea|what kind of man Beria is? {107571}{107627}He's releasing people from prison. {107630}{107692}That was my idea.|I was going to do that. {107719}{107784}I'm the reformer. Me. {107786}{107895}Don't you fucking laugh at me.|I was going to release the bishops. {107898}{107951}- I thought you hated the Church.|- I do! {107953}{108021}Just tell me it's not true.|Did you write this? {108054}{108111}Stalin killed my family, my friends. {108114}{108198}- Zinaida Reich, Kuperchinski.|- Kup... You knew Kuperchinski? {108200}{108246}I should have you shot|just for saying his name. {108248}{108298}Comrade Nikita Sergeyevich,|you know me. I... {108301}{108388}Stop. No, I... I don't know you.|You don't know me. {108390}{108488}You fucking taught|my niece piano lessons. That's it. {108490}{108575}Don't you see what Beria's done now?|He's tied me to you. {108577}{108607}We are tied together. {108631}{108664}- Like a rock...|- I know. {108667}{108704}That's sinking and... {108706}{108762}But I'm confident of everlasting life. {108801}{108867}Who the fuck in their right mind|would want everlasting life? {108869}{108916}The endless conversation. {109029}{109088}Piano lessons, Nicky?|How's the fingering? {109090}{109143}She hit the high note, did she? {109146}{109183}F sharp? {109185}{109235}Yeah, two clowns,|one joke between you. {109238}{109273}Work on your fucking material. {109321}{109358}Something's happening over there. {109361}{109447}I hate him.|Hate her. Fucking wet box. {109449}{109520}- Can you please just be cordial?|- I know the drill. {109522}{109581}Smile, shake hands|and try not to call them a cunt. {109583}{109617}Perfect. That's perfect. {109639}{109701}- How many?|- 1500. {109703}{109736}- Dead?|- Yes. {109749}{109816}- I need a man with an army.|- Comrade minister. {109819}{109918}I found her. She's uh...|grown a little since the photograph. {109920}{109971}She's the size of an ostrich. No. {109973}{110017}Okay, can we just go back|to my original idea {110019}{110080}and find a girl|who looks like her but little? {110083}{110145}No higher than this.|Chalk it on your fucking trousers. {110147}{110231}Modern soldier's greatest fear.|It's not death. It's not starvation. {110233}{110259}It's chafing. {110261}{110319}And then he planted the flag|on Hitler's bunker {110322}{110375}or he knocked the bear out|with one punch. {110377}{110449}Either way, the man's a war hero.|Excuse us, please. {110451}{110506}Listen, it was Goebbels' bunker,|not Hitler's. {110509}{110574}Listen to me. I was the one|who put the trains back on. {110576}{110615}- Comrade General...|- Fuck off! {110617}{110656}Or I'll punch you into a sticky pulp. {110659}{110710}- Thank you.|- What the fuck were you thinking? {110712}{110758}I don't know, okay, but I did it. {110760}{110824}- And I really need your help.|- To do what? {110827}{110865}There's bodies fucking|piling up in the street. {110867}{110890}It's a bit late, isn't it. {110893}{110950}What if we blame this on someone... {110952}{110993}- Wait.|- Who's out of control. {110996}{111068}Nicky, be very careful|what you say next. {111085}{111111}Who? {111141}{111169}Beria. {111192}{111249}I'm gonna have to report|this conversation. {111251}{111286}Threatening to do harm {111288}{111352}or obstruct any member|of the Presidium in the process of... {111355}{111397}Look at your fucking face. {111466}{111507}Nikita Khrushchev. {111509}{111588}- You balls like Kremlin domes.|- Stop. Be serious. Are you in? {111591}{111677}I'm in, I'm in. That fucker thinks|he can take on the Red Army. {111679}{111766}I fucked Germany. I think I can take|a flesh lump in a fucking waistcoat. {111768}{111831}- It's got to be tomorrow.|- Tomorrow? {111834}{111881}Sorry.|You busy washing your hair or what? {111884}{111916}Tomorrow's the funeral. {111918}{111990}Yeah, the day that the entire fucking|army's in town with their guns. {112022}{112053}That's perfect. {112055}{112120}But we need the Presidium on board.|Every one of them. {112123}{112185}Yeah, yeah, yeah...|Malenkov's a bit tricky. {112188}{112268}- No. We need fucking all of them.|- Well, I'll get him. {112412}{112445}- How many?|- 1500. {112447}{112522}Find Khrushchev. I want to talk|to him about his future. {112525}{112562}A very short conversation. {112594}{112658}If you could do me a favour|and just nod as I'm speaking. {112660}{112704}People are looking to me|for reassurance {112706}{112742}and I have no idea what is going on. {112745}{112813}We will bring the situation|under control. Order will be restored. {112816}{112887}This moron has restarted the trains. {112890}{112966}And your men pissed their pants|and killed 1500 people. {112968}{113000}We were controlling the crowd. {113002}{113039}Those people weren't|supposed to be there. {113041}{113067}Are you blaming the dead {113069}{113096}for their own death? {113098}{113172}I'm gonna tell you who's going to be|blamed. I am going to be blamed. {113175}{113225}This shit sack is going to be blamed. {113255}{113284}Let's get out of here. {113358}{113436}- Comrade, your girl. A girl.|- Ah! There you are. {113463}{113510}Are we ready for the balcony wave? {113513}{113576}Who's gonna carry the can|for this farrago of shit? {113578}{113628}That's easy. Khrushchev.|He put the trains back on. {113631}{113675}And you shot the people|getting off them. {113678}{113716}- Yes, he has a point.|- No, he doesn't. {113718}{113758}There's no point|to Nikita Khrushchev. {113760}{113831}Well, how about this?|We blame the security forces. {113833}{113882}Right? Hothead officers|on the ground. {113884}{113927}Sorry. I'm sorry. {113929}{113983}Do you still possess a working brain? {113985}{114056}You dumb animal.|I am the security forces {114058}{114129}and I'm not gonna be made the villain|for this catastrophe. {114132}{114210}Look, even if you do get blamed,|we close ranks. {114213}{114272}If anyone has a pop at you,|they have to come through us first. {114274}{114338}Yes, good idea.|Give me the girl. All right? {114340}{114402}- A lot of this is your own doing.|- You spineless rat. {114405}{114466}You're just a cadaver|we propped up in a corset. {114469}{114511}- Ohh...|- Hey, hey, easy. {114513}{114587}It's time all of you realised who kept|the daggers out of your backs. {114590}{114662}Show some fucking respect.|I... I've got... I've got... {114665}{114721}I've got documents.|I have documents on all of you. {114723}{114765}You, 13th of March, 1937. {114767}{114845}Zolotov trials.|Forty-two dead, 173 exiled. {114847}{114890}- Your signature.|- Beria, that's enough! {114892}{114954}Yeah, well, you signed off|the life of your own brother! {114957}{115016}Oh, you think that was easy?|You bastard! {115018}{115046}Bagrov, Gorev. {115049}{115099}How did your conscience|accommodate that? {115101}{115185}And Zykov! Zykov!|Poor blameless, guileless Zykov. {115187}{115213}All of you! {115243}{115300}All of you.|I have documents on all of you! {115310}{115333}I've seen what you've done. {115336}{115376}I know the truth.|It's all written down. {115378}{115475}It's all written down on a very...|on a very fucking long list! {115524}{115574}Just pick them up. {115613}{115645}Are we done? Hm? {115648}{115733}We will convene|tomorrow after the funeral. {115735}{115785}I will nominate some scapegoats. {115787}{115854}We can arraign a couple|of the officers who fired. {115856}{115884}- No harm done.|- Are you okay? {115887}{115958}Only comrades and friends|could shout at each other like this. {115961}{116019}Right, so we'll fix this|in committee, all right? {116021}{116092}Right, right...|He's using you, Georgy. {116094}{116142}He's using you|and then he's gonna kill you. {116144}{116211}- You saw those papers.|- What are you talking about? {116213}{116286}Jesus, Nicky, he was pointing at you.|He wasn't pointing at me. {116288}{116320}No, he said "all of you". {116323}{116390}No, no.|I was over there, you know? {116393}{116460}- And he went "all of you".|- Yeah, "all of you". {116463}{116511}- No, no.|- Yes. {116514}{116557}- "All of you."|- All of us. {116560}{116617}No, he said "all of you". {116619}{116721}You know, all of you|can kiss my Russian arse. {116723}{116754}All of you. {116776}{116807}On the balcony. Let's go. {117160}{117219}Why did Molotov|want to meet us at dawn? {117221}{117291}- Is he planning a duel?|- Said he wanted to start early. {117293}{117321}Murderer! {117339}{117390}You killed hundreds, Nicky. {117392}{117444}You certainly got your big funeral. {117462}{117518}- I'm regretting this already.|- Get in the car. {117521}{117579}- What?|- Can't talk. Get in the car. {117741}{117791}I see she moults. {117793}{117859}This is for hungry ears. {117861}{117930}The drivers. {117992}{118035}Let's do him in. {118048}{118080}- Who?|- Beria. {118082}{118140}The treacherous snake|brought back the bishops. {118143}{118177}He brought back Polina. {118179}{118233}He expressly ignored|all Stalin's orders. {118235}{118291}His men opened fire|on innocent people. {118312}{118380}He'll get the blame.|Clever, eh, Nicky? {118383}{118425}Yes, Beria is the murderer here. {118428}{118504}This is how the Soviet Union|was built. Not with bishops. {118507}{118585}Today Beria gets|an eight-foot crucifix up his arse. {118587}{118630}- Good.|- I've... {118632}{118696}I've had nightmares|that made more sense than this. {118699}{118765}- Now we have a majority.|- Yes, you do. {118768}{118869}- You two, me and Bulganin.|- Mikoyan and Malenkov. {118886}{118941}- No... but we still have a majority.|- No, no, no. {118943}{118975}Everyone in or not at all. {118977}{119062}Oh, come on. Slava, you just...|Dammit, you just said... {119064}{119111}- All in or it's off.|- No... {119113}{119210}This is what Stalin would have wanted.|The Committee as one. {119212}{119308}But you've got to act fast, comrade.|Act fast or be dead. {119310}{119371}Yes, Uncle Nicky's going to be dead {119373}{119419}if he doesn't get a move on, isn't he? {119421}{119453}Yes, he is. {119482}{119520}How's my guest? {119531}{119583}Yes, I'm working on my speech.|It's good. {119594}{119622}I've brought you something. {119670}{119699}No. {119702}{119746}I'm not drinking.|I'm using water. {119749}{119793}It's just to calm your nerves. {119795}{119826}Yes, actually,|I will need some of that. {119829}{119889}- No. He's not drinking.|- No, I'm not drinking. {119910}{119973}- How's the speech?|- Um... ba-dum-ba-dum... {119975}{120002}My father... {120038}{120101}was a warm and mighty bear, {120114}{120227}and we are his 170 million|orphaned cubs. {120230}{120322}Russian cubs, Georgian cubs,|Armenian cubs, Lithuanian... {120325}{120376}We'll leave you to it. Come on. {120379}{120422}So, Lithuanian cubs, {120425}{120498}Ukrainian cubs, Moldavian cubs... {120501}{120528}Svetlana. {120586}{120619}Alexei's dead. {120726}{120767}15th of March, 1949. {120791}{120872}Attempted escape from Kolyma|with 12 others. {120875}{120909}Executed. I'm sorry. {120911}{120955}But you said you would get him back. {120957}{121082}Listen, it was outside my direct|control. It just wasn't possible. {121084}{121147}Yes, but you said that|you would attempt the impossible. {121149}{121244}I hate being sober. It's a terrible,|terrible mood to be in. {121274}{121303}Why don't we go through that speech {121305}{121336}- one more time?|- Sit down. {121339}{121371}Get off me.|I can see what you're doing. {121373}{121410}- I don't want to sit down.|- Sit down. {121425}{121465}I don't want to sit down! {121552}{121660}Right, many terrible things were done|in the service of the Union. {121662}{121707}Evidence was fabricated. {121709}{121769}Those who are responsible|will be found... {121772}{121831}And what will you do to them?|Question them to death? {121833}{121857}You know what I'm doing? {121860}{121912}I'm offering you and|that bloated soak my protection. {121915}{122011}- We are not children!|- You are a real listener. Thank you. {122041}{122102}- I am not a child.|- Yes, you are. Yes, you are. {122105}{122201}And I warn you, stick by my side|or you will both be beaten inside out {122204}{122251}and strung up|for the crows by the others. {122253}{122281}Why should I trust you? {122283}{122334}Because I'm the only one|who's telling you. {122369}{122399}Trust no-one. {122666}{122752}Georgy, Georgy.|Georgy, we have to act today. {122755}{122785}Act, you limpet? {122787}{122872}Act sombre, act respectful|like the rest of us, please. {122875}{122919}Do you understand|how important this is? {122922}{122970}- Would you...|- Places, comrades, please. {122973}{123022}Form up either side of the...|Comrade, thank you very much. {123024}{123076}If you could join|your comrades over here. {123078}{123109}- Thank you.|- Damn it. {123244}{123293}All right, guys, come on. Lift it up. {123295}{123345}- That's it.|- Come on. Let's go. {123348}{123373}- Which foot?|- Left foot. {123376}{123407}I don't have a good balance. {123409}{123439}Okay. Yes. {123441}{123481}Ooh. Argh. {123567}{123612}Georgy... {123615}{123692}Not now. God sakes. {123732}{123828}- Georgy, we really have to talk.|- Shut up. Have some respect. {123842}{123905}- Is Malenkov on board?|- Yes, 100 percent. {123908}{123944}Saddle up, cowboy. {123947}{124038}- Is Malenkov with us?|- Trust me, 100 percent. {124040}{124071}Yes! {124074}{124139}- So you're on board, then, Molotov?|- Yeah. {124142}{124191}Okay. You've got me, then, Nicky. {124194}{124275}Put your dancing shoes on. {124277}{124340}- Which way shall I...|- Left. {124358}{124386}All right. {124389}{124469}Okay, let's go and catch|a pig for the pot. {124501}{124598}Stalin's love of the nation|was unwavering. {124601}{124720}So must we now take|our unwavering pain, {124723}{124806}our unwavering love, {124808}{124939}and with it build an unwavering,|unwavering... future. {124941}{124987}Guns, please, gentlemen. {124989}{125066}Take good care of this.|Don't want it going off. {125068}{125168}Today we pause.|We pause in grief and sorrow. {125171}{125258}But is not a pause in itself|part of the revolution? {125372}{125400}I think it is. {125402}{125446}Okay, let's tango. {125448}{125487}You heard him, gentlemen. Let's go. {125490}{125544}We must embrace our terrible loss {125546}{125610}with the strength and love|for our nation... {125627}{125686}that Stalin himself held {125688}{125723}in his mighty heart. {125769}{125799}Check the stalls. {125841}{125902}We promise you rights and liberties... {125904}{125967}bread... and peace. {126026}{126107}My father|was a great social scientist. {126121}{126197}But we,|the people of the Soviet Union, {126199}{126249}are not laboratory animals. {126307}{126375}We are all but cubs. {126394}{126434}Russian cubs, {126436}{126484}Georgian cubs, {126486}{126540}Armenian cubs, {126543}{126584}Lithuanian cubs... {126587}{126648}Latvian cubs... {126662}{126714}Estonian cubs. {126917}{126974}- Very good speech, Lavrenti.|- Thank you. {126977}{127042}Yes, "bread and peace".|I knew it would work. {127070}{127106}It was between "peace" and "sausages". {127116}{127206}Both good things, but you know|where you are with a sausage. {127227}{127324}Your name rings out.|Malenkov the hero. Good lad. {127326}{127373}Vasily's face|when the planes flew over. {127401}{127451}Should have strafed the little shit. {127454}{127520}Poor Vasily. I sometimes wonder|if he's meant for this world. {127523}{127591}I salute you, Top Boy,|and I salute your haircut. {127593}{127642}- Goodnight, Vienna.|- Georgy. {127683}{127730}Action is gonna be taken|at the meeting. {127732}{127760}Action? What action? {127788}{127853}Is this why everyone is treating me|like they wanna fuck my sister? {127882}{127938}Zhukov has everybody on board|against Beria. {127941}{127978}- When I heard that, I agreed too.|- Yes, yes. {127981}{128093}But Zhukov...|is not governing the Soviet Union. {128095}{128168}I am governing the Soviet Union. {128171}{128212}- Do you understand that?|- Yes. {128214}{128289}Now, I like him and I'll be happy|to listen to what he has to say. {128292}{128344}You'll definitely have a chance|to talk to him. {128347}{128426}Perhaps what we can do|is give Beria a slight demotion, {128428}{128485}I don't know, Ministry for Fisheries. {128541}{128624}All right, boys.|Meet your dates for tonight. {128637}{128675}I'll take the tall blonde. {128726}{128782}Comrades, time to set aside our grief {128784}{128874}and begin to write the next chapter|of our great history. {128877}{128918}- Comrade Malenkov...|- Proceed. {128921}{128981}Item one, the unfortunate events|of yesterday evening. {128983}{129067}It's clear that the regrettable deaths|of so many citizens... {129069}{129151}Comrades. Comrades,|I would like to propose a new agenda. {129153}{129210}Item one,|the conduct of Comrade Beria. {129213}{129268}Seconded. Time to take stock. {129270}{129322}If you have|a serious proposal, comrade, {129325}{129355}I suggest "Any Other Business". {129357}{129392}I accuse Comrade Beria {129394}{129440}of centralising power|within his Ministry {129443}{129489}at the expense of the Party|and Central Committee... {129492}{129554}- There's no tabled motion.|- Betraying the Soviet Union. {129556}{129619}I deplore this wanton|breach of protocol. Georgy. {129621}{129684}Breach, my arse!|This is an ad hoc motion. {129687}{129754}It will end very badly for you.|Georgy, Georgy! {129757}{129813}Georgy, press the button|underneath the desk. {129815}{129863}- Press the button, Georgy.|- What button? {129865}{129911}- Arrest that madman.|- Where's the button? {129968}{130017}Good luck, ladies. {130020}{130052}Guards! {130118}{130141}Guards! {130144}{130184}Hands up or|I'll shoot you in the face. {130187}{130217}Guards! {130220}{130253}Oh, shit. {130255}{130293}- Guards!|- Oi! {130374}{130421}Want a job done properly,|you call the army. {130434}{130467}Take his belt off. {130469}{130509}It's hard to run away|with your pants falling down. {130511}{130569}If you want to talk to General Zhukov,|now's your opportunity. {130572}{130635}Spit it out, Georgy.|Staging a coup here. {130649}{130688}He's got a knife by his ankle. {130690}{130755}- You're a disgrace.|- Give his head a good kicking. {130757}{130804}- Make you feel better.|- All in good time. {130806}{130937}Oh, I'm gonna enjoy peeling the skin|from your self-satisfied face. {130940}{131001}Not with that, you won't.|Come on, then. {131138}{131181}Sorry, comrades. {131194}{131234}- Wrong room.|- Aslanov. {131236}{131277}- Go and kill them.|- Kobulov. {131279}{131310}- Shall we?|- Yes, right. {131312}{131354}Let's do this.|Georgy, come on, now. {131370}{131413}Suit doesn't really work|without this belt. {131600}{131627}Oh, shit. {131723}{131781}Third door on the left. On the left. {131783}{131830}I have been picturing this moment {131832}{131889}every day for the last three decades. {131921}{131981}Arrest the staff.|Arrest all Beria's staff. {131983}{132037}Check the bedrooms. {132040}{132084}Come out. You're safe.|This way. Come out this way. {132087}{132124}You're safe. Come out. {132126}{132175}- You, take her down.|- This way. {132231}{132274}Is this magisterial|enough for you all? {132277}{132322}This charade? This is a lavatory! {132325}{132393}Well, you should feel at home, then,|you little coil of shit. {132396}{132419}Fuck me. {132422}{132501}Georgy's eyes really do follow|you round the crapper. It's weird. {132503}{132555}Why did they hang a picture|of my grandmother in here? {132594}{132648}This is madness.|This is madness. {132650}{132713}- He deserves a trial.|- He'll get a trial. Take it easy. {132716}{132777}Georgy!|Can't even look me in the eye. {132780}{132840}- Guilt. Guilty, all of you.|- Say nothing. {132842}{132922}Georgy, you'll get over it.|I did. Took me about five minutes. {132925}{132995}H-How long before the army's here?|We're in complete limbo now. {132998}{133075}Not long. We have to wait|for the NKVD to leave the Kremlin. {133077}{133176}In that case, if nobody objects,|I'm going to spend a kopeck. {133178}{133219}It's the excitement, I think. {133300}{133332}Right, hold your fire. {133335}{133393}Hold your fire. Hold your fire! {133395}{133444}The army's back.|Did you miss us? {133523}{133572}- Take their weapons.|- Come on, this way. {133641}{133722}All right, Judy Garland,|boys and girls. It's showtime. {133778}{133803}Georgy. {133805}{133882}- Georgy, you have to sign this now.|- No. No. {133885}{133957}No. He deserves a fair trial.|He's one of us. {134004}{134066}What about Tukhachevsky|and Piatakov? {134068}{134105}Did they get a trial? {134108}{134152}What about Sokolnikov? {134163}{134215}Who begged him to look after|his elderly mother. {134217}{134292}And what did this monster do?|He strangled her in front of him. {134340}{134368}It's too late. {134381}{134467}The only choice we have|is between his death or his revenge. {134492}{134536}And you will fucking sign this. {134833}{134868}I want it to go on record: {134883}{134929}This was not my first|course of action. {135001}{135047}Stalin would be loving this. {135184}{135237}Through the door. {135296}{135366}- Get the table.|- Let me through. {135368}{135426}Sit him down here. Sit him down. {135447}{135518}- All right, all right.|- This... This is a travesty! {135521}{135589}You are all witnesses to a criminal...|criminal travesty. {135592}{135640}Come on! {135643}{135707}I demand... I demand... Fuck you! {135710}{135770}I demand my rights under Article... {135772}{135848}- Will you stop banging?|- Read it, Georgy. {135850}{135890}- Here's your trial.|- Spit it out. {135892}{135948}- Marshal?|- Comrade General Secretary! {135951}{136006}- Get on with it!|- Read it. {136008}{136063}You're judging me!|You're judging me! {136065}{136091}- I judge you!|- Fuck you! {136094}{136176}I judge you!|I judge all of you. All of you. {136178}{136228}- Where's the logic?|- Nicky, read it. {136230}{136260}Would you like me to read it for you? {136263}{136317}- Read it, Nicky.|- Come on, Nicky, read it. {136319}{136363}"You are accused {136365}{136414}"of using your position|as Minister of the Interior {136416}{136469}- "to plot against the Soviet Union..."|- Traitor! {136471}{136560}With the goal of forwarding|the interests of foreign powers." {136562}{136620}Foreign powers?|Which one, the fucking moon? {136623}{136701}"You are also accused|of 347 counts of rape, {136703}{136791}"of sexual deviancy|and bourgeois immorality {136794}{136885}and acts of perversion with children|as young as seven years old." {136888}{136923}Exotic for old Beria! {136925}{136971}Seven years old! {136973}{137039}Rapists! Rapists! You are the rapists! {137041}{137080}Error! Error! Error! {137083}{137129}- Get on with it.|- "Petra Nikova, aged 13." {137132}{137240}"Nadia Ranova, aged 14.|Magya Holovic, aged seven." {137242}{137289}Would you like to read|the list yourself? {137292}{137381}"You are accused of treason|and anti-Soviet behaviour. {137383}{137454}The court finds you guilty|and sentences you to be shot." {137456}{137511}I rescind that. {137514}{137550}Take him out. {137552}{137582}No, please! {137596}{137655}Please, don't shoot me!|Don't hurt me. {137658}{137723}Shoot him! {137726}{137764}Get him out. Come on! {137766}{137815}Get out of here... {137886}{137917}Well, that's got it done. {137969}{138003}Come on, have a look. {138041}{138066}Come on. {138069}{138115}This is for us.|This is for the people. {138117}{138154}Everybody happy? Proper dead? {138165}{138242}- Ruined everything, Lavrenti.|- Come on, get him up. {138244}{138291}Fuck off back to Georgia, deadboy. {138293}{138337}- On the rocks.|- It was shit knowing you. {138339}{138365}Who's got a light? {138395}{138424}Get the cans. {138497}{138534}I wish the old man|could have seen this. {138628}{138655}That'll do. {138776}{138813}Fucking hell. {138839}{138913}I'm knackered.|It's been a busy old week. {138926}{139012}You see? Old Molotov's|still got some scheming left in him. {139125}{139177}I will bury you in history. {139179}{139256}- You hear me, you fat fucker?|- That's enough. {139258}{139292}That's enough. Come on, now. {139322}{139396}You smell like rendered horse,|you burning arsehole. {139448}{139496}That's how you deal with a problem,|isn't it? {139557}{139588}I'm sorry you had to be here. {139590}{139658}I hope you didn't tell Beria that|he was going to be safe from harm. {139660}{139745}You will be safe, okay?|Vasily, too. If you listen to me. {139748}{139800}Why wouldn't we be safe? {139802}{139855}- What are you talking about?|- Just be quiet now. {139857}{139920}- I refuse to be quiet every time...|- Just shut up! {139981}{140040}Vasily stays here in Russia|where we can take care of him. {140075}{140104}Read it. {140122}{140150}Vienna? {140262}{140312}- If I stayed, I could contain Vasily.|- No. No. {140314}{140380}No, you go to Vienna. He stays. {140382}{140428}We can't have a drunken madman {140430}{140477}spreading conspiracy theories|all over the world. {140479}{140528}- He's not... He's not bad.|- Listen to me. {140530}{140603}- He's just ill.|- No. No. {140659}{140695}You understand what's going on? {140744}{140810}This is how people get killed,|when their stories don't fit. {140875}{140901}Safe travels. {141007}{141041}I never thought it would be you. {141216}{141253}Now we can turn the corner. {141270}{141350}Yeah.|Put all the bloodshed behind us. {141501}{141543}I'm worried about Malenkov, though. {141603}{141632}Can we trust him? {141645}{141689}Can you ever trust a weak man? {141737}{141809}.:: Napisy24.pl - Wprost od t³umaczy ::.