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{1}{72}movie info: XVID 656x368 23.976fps 699.8 MB|/SubEdit b.4066 (http://subedit.com.pl)/ {646}{734}SWING VOTE {1295}{1375}/After a hotly contested race,|/Americans go to the polls today... {1376}{1446}/in what promises to be|/a very close election. {1447}{1538}/The Republican Andrew Boone,|/hoping to hold on to the Oval Office... {1539}{1594}/by edging out... {1595}{1708}/the Democratic challenger|/Donald Greenleaf. {2160}{2224}Bud... Bud. {2250}{2304}Bud! {2363}{2414}I'll call...|I'll call him back. {2415}{2518}If we had a phone, you could.|Come on! {2549}{2612}Goddamnit! It's cold. {2613}{2705}We're gonna be late again.|You need a shower. {2706}{2811}Can't believe|you slept in your clothes! {3030}{3087}Leave me any hot water? {3088}{3191}I don't know.|Water heater fix itself? {3197}{3278}Christ, Molly! Why don't you|just take the day off, okay? {3279}{3359}I'll write you a note. {3382}{3467}Now!|I'm not going to tell you again! {3468}{3526}Get up! {3720}{3756}/Bud! {3757}{3834}Alright, I'm coming! {4639}{4716}- What?|- Egg salad. {4725}{4760}Again? {4761}{4794}You like egg salad. {4795}{4909}Well, not every damn day I don't.|You could mix it up a little. {4910}{4944}We're on a budget. {4945}{5048}You wanna eat better?|Drink less beer. {5067}{5137}- Fine.|- Fine. {5145}{5249}- And don't forget today.|- What's... what's today? {5250}{5287}Election day, dummy! {5288}{5361}I'm supposed to do a report|on you voting, remember? {5362}{5434}I already told you before|I'm not even registered. {5435}{5487}I registered for you|in the mail. {5488}{5563}That's great,|I could get jury duty now. {5564}{5645}- It's your civic responsibility.|- It's my civic, my what? {5646}{5685}It's your civic responsibility. {5686}{5780}My civic responsibility?|Where you learning this crap? {5781}{5815}Mrs. Abernathy. {5816}{5900}Well, stay away from her. {5906}{5978}She's my teacher. {6553}{6615}Sign this. {6644}{6673}What is it? {6674}{6771}A questionnaire. I'm supposed|to ask you about your politics. {6772}{6826}Well, go ahead. {6827}{6885}I already filled it in. {6886}{6974}I wanted you to sound smart. {6989}{7086}Give me|the first question anyway. {7113}{7210}What's your political affiliation? {7218}{7313}Alright,|I'm a conscious objector. {7314}{7417}It's not a war, Bud. It's an election.|And you are an independent. {7418}{7514}Independent? Why in the hell|would I be an independent? {7515}{7549}Because the two party system... {7550}{7631}has neglected the needs|of the working poor. {7632}{7729}- Let me tell you something, baby...|- Here we go again. {7730}{7807}The voting doesn't count|for a goddamn thing. {7808}{7886}Just a way to make you feel|like you're in control of something. {7887}{7984}It doesn't matter who you vote for,|we can't afford insurance and... {7985}{8085}if you get sick, I'm gonna have|to start selling my blood again. {8086}{8177}Mrs. Abernathy said every vote counts.|It's a social contract. {8178}{8312}It's a social contract.|This Mrs. Abernathy is full of shit. {8764}{8825}Meet me at the polling place|after work. {8826}{8881}Fine. {8967}{9051}You forgetting something? {9082}{9186}Bud, screw this up|and I'm leaving you. {9304}{9363}Do good! {10046}{10105}Where... {10118}{10170}Where the hell is Dewey? {10171}{10200}He got laid off. {10201}{10282}Bullshit! He got insourced. {10283}{10310}Insourced? {10311}{10405}Insourced. Instead of exporting|our jobs to Mexico... {10406}{10480}they're importing Mexicans|to take our jobs. {10481}{10537}You're paranoid,|you know that? {10538}{10675}/Attention! The opening|/this morning is officially cancelled. {10721}{10809}I can't even read|the damn signs no more! {10810}{10881}Our days are numbered, fellas.|You mark my words! {10882}{10941}These hombres work twice|as hard for half the money. {10942}{11038}I just figure they need this job|twice as bad as us! {11039}{11096}Whose side are you on? {11097}{11221}I don't take sides, Lowell.|Just stating the obvious. {11239}{11321}Next thing, they'll be taking|away our right to vote. {11322}{11358}You voting, Bud? {11359}{11437}It's a social contract,|isn't it? {11438}{11519}Who are you voting for? {11522}{11592}Shit if I know! {11646}{11774}I think I picked up a couple shades.|Looks like an eight. {11775}{11833}What do you think, Marty? {11834}{11881}I don't like|the margin in Florida. {11882}{11974}Bus some young Republicans down|to the polling stations in Palm Beach. {11975}{12101}Make sure they're tall,|they're blonde and they're men. {12102}{12209}Because old Jews see a pack|of angry young white males... {12210}{12303}and they're gonna think twice|about getting out of their car! {12304}{12422}Kennedy was a nine.|And he put a man on the moon. {12466}{12541}That's what we need.|Something to shoot for. {12542}{12647}A defining moment.|Like... I don't know. {12698}{12769}Cure for cancer. {12822}{12887}Ohio run the gay marriage|ad every twenty minutes. {12888}{12945}Let's see if we can't get those God|fearing bastards off the fence. {12946}{13015}We take a bunch of scientists,|put them in the desert somewhere. {13016}{13093}Like the Manhattan project. Are you|listening to me? I'm serious about this. {13094}{13160}I think that cancer is going to be|a tough nut to crack in one term, sir. {13161}{13200}So, we make it a ten year plan. {13201}{13266}- Lincoln got to see the end of slavery?|- No. {13267}{13318}- Did Kennedy get to see the moon shot?|- Nope. {13319}{13420}No! But they got the credit!|It's the idea that counts. {13421}{13505}The guy that sets the goal|gets in the history books! {13506}{13598}Hope and positivity! Marty,|the American people want a bright... {13599}{13696}shining smile to represent|the promise of this country. {13697}{13775}Take old Georgie there. {13776}{13863}Boy, he was off the charts. {13894}{13961}They wanted to make him King. {13962}{14029}Son of a gun! {14322}{14414}Thank you,|thank you for coming. {14415}{14525}Galena and I would like|to thank America... {14528}{14583}for this glorious opportunity. {14584}{14680}I have met people of every race,|color and creed... {14681}{14727}during this long campaign. {14728}{14825}I pledge to you that my White House|will be a rainbow house. {14826}{14912}It'll be open to people|of all colors and creeds. {14913}{15029}Now, please, go and vote.|We need your support. {15153}{15193}That was great.|I'm gonna go do press. {15194}{15251}Great. {15314}{15392}Greenleaf! Greenleaf! {15441}{15482}Gallup has you down by a point. {15483}{15582}CNN, USA Today, has us up by two.|News has us down by sixty. {15583}{15639}What message are you trying|to get out to the undecideds today? {15640}{15719}The same message we put out yesterday,|last week and last year... {15720}{15786}when we started this campaign|and that's why we're going to win. {15787}{15876}Because we have the answers.|Not platitudes and jingoistic rhetoric. {15877}{15940}This is the truth|train operation real deal. {15941}{16025}In recent days, the president|has aired ads claiming Greenleaf... {16026}{16071}has vacationed|at a nudist colony. {16072}{16140}Come on, now, that's a tired|accusation. It's pure fiction. {16141}{16226}- Then, how do you answer for the photos?|- Right wing blogo-smear, that's how. {16227}{16321}I could stand here and perpetuate|the rumor that as a young man... {16322}{16417}the president had a gambling addiction,|but I'm got going to sink to their level. {16418}{16489}Despite eye witness|accounts and documentation. {16490}{16531}They sling mud,|we sling ideas. {16532}{16664}Still, if Greenleaf loses,|you'll be 0 for 7 on the national scene. {16665}{16761}Thank you, Betty. Sorry, folks,|that's all I have time for. {16762}{16821}Leeches! {16831}{16883}Why it's important to vote. {16884}{16953}Many brave soldiers|sacrificed themselves. {16954}{17010}A right we take for granted. {17011}{17065}- For the people.|- By the people. {17066}{17134}We the people! {17136}{17188}I can't read my writing. {17189}{17273}All the world's great civilizations|have followed the same path. {17274}{17364}From bondage, to liberty,|from liberty to abundance... {17365}{17470}from abundance to complacency.|From complacency to apathy... {17471}{17521}from apathy back to bondage. {17522}{17633}If we're to be the exception to history,|then we must break the cycle. {17634}{17777}For those who do not remember|the past are condemned to repeat it. {17816}{17909}Very good, everybody.|Very good. {17910}{17934}Hold this. {17935}{18031}Okay, remember, no running|till you get out to the playground. {18032}{18097}Your last one was great.|I'd like to use it on the news. {18098}{18123}- Molly?|- Yes. {18124}{18176}Molly, come here. {18177}{18253}This is Ms. Madison.|She's the reporter from the news. {18254}{18287}- Hi, Molly.|- Hi. {18288}{18318}- How you doing?|- Good. {18319}{18385}Your essay was very thoughtful. {18386}{18412}Thanks. {18413}{18473}Ms. Madison is going|to show your essay tonight. {18474}{18522}- Isn't that exciting?|- Yes, madam. {18523}{18656}Tell me something. What do you|want to be when you grow up? {18682}{18825}I go back and forth. Either|a veterinarian or chairman of the Fed. {18898}{18925}Where's Bud? {18926}{19064}Went to take a leak half an hour ago.|I heard his name over the loudspeaker. {19065}{19102}What'd you have for lunch? {19103}{19197}- Egg salad. You?|- Hard boiled. {19309}{19370}Hey, Bud. {19397}{19484}Just giving you a heads up. {19500}{19565}Management wants us|to cut another ten percent. {19566}{19659}Well,|you are management, Carl. {19675}{19759}Look, you haven't punched|in on time in six months. {19760}{19898}So, I'm five minutes late every once|in a while. What is the big whoop? {19899}{20012}You took thirty-one|sick days this year, Bud. {20033}{20162}Well, I gotta kid, Carl.|She brings it home from school. {20584}{20656}/Shit! Goddamnit! {21124}{21196}Well, hell, Carl! {21198}{21295}You could have showed me|your footage when you walked in. {21296}{21427}I know we went to school together, Bud.|I've always liked you. {21428}{21557}You gotta give me one good|reason why I should keep you. {21569}{21644}Why I can keep you. {22370}{22441}All hellsabelle! {22512}{22551}Sorry you lost your job. {22552}{22643}That's alright, Henry. Just... {22675}{22809}As soon as take your money,|I'm going from fired to retired. {22821}{22872}- Hey, Bud!|- Yes? {22873}{22943}Molly is on TV! {22953}{23002}- /Apathy back to bondage.|- Geez! {23003}{23113}/If we are to be the exception to history,|/then we must break the cycle. {23114}{23185}- Curly, what time you got?|- Nine past seven. {23186}{23240}God! {23244}{23314}God, man! Shit! {23758}{23820}Goddamnit! {27659}{27697}PLEASE,|INSERT YOUR BALLOT {27698}{27775}ERROR CODE - RESTART {29288}{29345}I hurt the top of my head. {29346}{29420}Come on, lay down. {29653}{29728}I'm so sorry, baby. {29962}{30044}I want to live with Mom. {30138}{30196}Me too. {30519}{30597}/New Mexico|/is a classic swing state. {30598}{30641}- /Mrs. Madison?|- Speaking. {30642}{30709}/I'm calling|/from the New Mexico election board. {30710}{30776}- The what?|- /The New Mexico election board. {30777}{30875}/Madam, did you cast your vote|/at a Texico polling station last night? {30876}{30927}I voted in the morning. {30928}{30973}/In the morning. Alright. {30974}{31001}Is there something the matter? {31002}{31061}/No, no, sorry to bother you. {31062}{31130}/It is amazing. With every state|/but New Mexico reporting... {31131}{31195}/we're now in a dead heat|/for the American presidency. {31196}{31269}/Each candidate with virtually|/the same amount of electoral votes. {31270}{31363}/270, the magic number to win.|/This is a real photo finish! {31364}{31419}/And it goes to whoever wins|/the popular vote in the state. {31420}{31486}/All five electoral college votes|/then swing to that party. {31487}{31540}/Well, they don't call it the land|/of enchantment for nothing. {31541}{31604}/Whoever takes New Mexico,|/takes the White House. {31605}{31731}/It's déjà vu again. 2000 presidential|/election came down to Dade County. {31732}{31853}/400 votes in the state of Florida,|/out of a total of 105 million cast. {31854}{31973}/If this is a certified tie, neither the|/candidate would receive the majority. {31974}{32063}/Do we even have a president|/to deal with this? {32064}{32138}/Pursuant to the 12th amendment, the|/House of Representatives would decide. {32139}{32185}/That hasn't happened since... {32186}{32302}/John Quincy Adams defeated|/Andrew Jackson back in 1824. {32303}{32346}/We're talking rare. {32347}{32428}/No, this isn't a great civics lesson|/to the people of this country? {32429}{32547}/If anyone in New Mexico didn't vote,|/he be kicking themselves right now. {32548}{32661}/The latest reports coming in,|/Curry County still too close to call. {32662}{32784}/This election is down to a single|/county. Is this even possible? {32785}{32876}Listen, John, there's only 653|registered voters in Texico. {32877}{32917}/And they've already|/recounted those votes. {32918}{33009}I know. With that information|and a dollar, I could buy a chalupa! {33010}{33089}Everyone I know who voted|has been personally called. {33090}{33122}So what? {33123}{33190}So, the election. The fact|that it's down to Curry County... {33191}{33261}it has something|to do with Texico. {33262}{33346}Oh my God. Call you back! {33778}{33832}Bud! {33835}{33884}Come on! {33885}{33952}God, my head! {34051}{34107}What? What time is it? {34108}{34165}There's some people|here to see you. {34166}{34202}Some people? {34203}{34278}They look official. {34311}{34424}- Child services?|- That's what I'm thinking. {34666}{34744}- Okay.|- Here we go. {34844}{34929}Mr. Johnson, we would have called first,|but you don't have a telephone. {34930}{35017}No, no, no, we got a phone. {35041}{35109}It's just not connected right now.|But I'm on it, you know. {35110}{35185}I'm not gonna say it's been easy|since the wife left, but... {35186}{35242}- we're getting on fine.|- Sure are. {35243}{35373}And I'm gonna pay these off, I swear.|Just as soon as I find a new job. {35374}{35429}- A new job?|- Yes. {35430}{35550}I used to be in this Willy Nelson|tribute band. I was thinking about... {35551}{35673}getting the guys back together again,|soon as our bass player gets paroled. {35674}{35752}And the drinking, I know it,|I know it looks bad. {35753}{35845}And licking that sucker|is at the top of my list. {35846}{35938}Please don't take away from me. {35939}{36035}I'll do anything you say,|I swear. {36036}{36086}She's just my only good thing. {36087}{36191}Mr. Johnson,|we're not from Social Services. {36192}{36225}No? {36226}{36281}We're from the State|Election Bureau. {36282}{36363}Fuck! Thank you, Jesus! {36433}{36513}I'm Secretary of State Brower.|And this is Attorney General Wyatt. {36514}{36609}Mr. Johnson,|did you cast your vote last night? {36610}{36660}Last night, did you vote? {36661}{36771}That's right,|it's my civic duty, isn't it? {36805}{36851}Indeed it is. {36852}{36952}Mr. Johnson,|is this your signature? {37042}{37069}I guess. {37070}{37101}You guess it's your signature? {37102}{37210}No, no. That's right.|That's my signature. {37226}{37288}Did you retain your stub? {37289}{37318}What stub? {37319}{37427}The perforated stub|on top of your ballot. {37538}{37685}Where's that perforated stub|that I gave you for your school project? {37690}{37755}I've got it. {38006}{38034}It's him. {38035}{38137}Yeah, it's him. What do you mean,|"him?" Me, him? {38138}{38187}Sir, your vote didn't count. {38188}{38247}Mr. Johnson,|it's our duty to inform you... {38248}{38355}that you are entitled to recast|your ballot in a timely manner. {38356}{38438}What if I don't want to? {38440}{38494}Bud! {38508}{38617}Alright then, how about if I, how|about if I just whisper it to you then? {38618}{38677}Right here we'd get it over with,|right now and you can listen too! {38678}{38735}No, sir, there are strict rules|and legal procedures. {38736}{38837}Legal shit. Shit, fellas,|I can't afford a lawyer. {38838}{38913}You're not in trouble.|You don't need a lawyer. {38914}{38973}However,|I will have to administer an oath. {38974}{38997}An oath? {38998}{39102}An oath. Please,|place your hand on the Bible. {39103}{39157}Do you, Earnest Johnson... {39158}{39246}swear to recast your ballot|in the spirit of the law? {39247}{39303}Yeah, yes, sure. Okay. {39304}{39322}So noted. {39323}{39413}A petition will be filed on your behalf|and a date will be set for your revote. {39414}{39532}Does this put me|on some sort of fast track list? {39558}{39636}You know, for like jury duty? {39637}{39769}Considering the gravity of this|situation, keep all of this a secret. {39770}{39844}Have a good night. {40182}{40221}/Sorry. {40222}{40355}You should be! I could get into|all kinds of trouble because of you! {40356}{40383}Gosh, Molly! {40384}{40489}Why can't you|learn just to let things be? {40490}{40621}I told you this was important to me,|but you never listen! {40835}{40924}/Another astonishing development:|/New Mexico Elections Bureau is reporting... {40925}{41025}/a single irregular ballot is holding|/up a final decision in the state. {41026}{41117}/As I said, a single ballot.|/That's one vote, folks! {41118}{41196}/This really couldn't get any stranger,|/MSNBC has learned that the voter... {41197}{41269}/has been identified and has|/agreed to recast the ballot. {41270}{41368}/One voter will decide the fate|/of the state's five electoral votes. {41369}{41485}/On this bizarre day, no one|/will soon forget, one American citizen... {41486}{41610}/will effectively choose the next|/President of the United States. {41611}{41680}Apparently the electronic|voting machine malfunctioned. {41681}{41745}The ballot was scanned, but the machine|died before the vote was counted. {41746}{41767}It's an anomaly. {41768}{41826}No shit, Larry! What polling|station was the machine in? {41827}{41893}Texico, New Mexico, sir. {41894}{41940}Is that a place? {41941}{41991}Where the hell is Texico? {41992}{42035}New Mexico, sir, Curry County. {42036}{42115}New Mexico election law dictates|if a voter's right is violated... {42116}{42218}The voter shall be-entitled|to recast the ballot. I know. {42219}{42304}Alright, kids,|we're going to war. {42305}{42361}A map!|Somebody get me a map! {42362}{42467}There's one schmuck standing between us|and the White House. Find out who it is. {42468}{42537}We can't do that legally. {42538}{42606}Just find him. {42698}{42809}We were supposed|to my cytoplasm out of Jell-O today. {42810}{42875}What kinda kid would rather|sit in a crummy classroom... {42876}{42920}than be out here? {42921}{43011}What kind of father goes fishing|when he should be looking for a new job? {43012}{43073}The kind who would just like... {43074}{43188}to spend a little more time|with his daughter. {43194}{43237}That's who. {43238}{43308}- Fine.|- Fine. {43358}{43396}Anyway, I've been thinking. {43397}{43467}How refreshing! {43475}{43576}Jesus! You gotta quit being|such a smart ass all the time? {43577}{43657}And you've got to stop using Jesus|as a cuss word all the time! {43658}{43701}He's a billion people's Savior. {43702}{43777}Alright, fine, okay?|I get it. {43778}{43848}- Fine.|- Fine. {43987}{44065}I wish...|your mom could be here... {44066}{44183}to talk to you about|everything that's going on. {44197}{44252}I really do. {44253}{44337}No, she... no, she can't. {44394}{44482}She's just, she can't, baby. {44532}{44586}Bud. {44647}{44762}Next Tuesday, is bring|your father to school day. {44763}{44850}- So?|- I want you to come. {44906}{44981}It's not gonna embarrass|you that I don't have a job? {44982}{45029}I don't care. {45030}{45115}I want you to come anyway. {45199}{45291}- Think you can remember?|- Of course. {45292}{45325}How? {45326}{45384}Well... {45396}{45486}I'll write it on my forehead. {45668}{45750}Can I go to school, now? {45797}{45879}Yes. Just one more cast. {46130}{46225}Why don't you go|start the truck. {46528}{46639}Try to get a two shot, alright?|Okay, come on! {46640}{46680}Earnest Johnson! {46681}{46743}- Yes?|- Kate Madison. {46744}{46818}- Hi, there.|- Hi. {46835}{46894}Shit! You're the lady|from the news. {46895}{46951}I am, and I'd like|to ask you a few questions. {46952}{47018}You know, you're much prettier|than you are on the TV. {47019}{47040}Thanks. I would... {47041}{47156}Don't get me wrong,|you're pretty on the TV too. {47157}{47216}Just, we got an old set|that kinda "squirshes" you. {47217}{47248}Squishes everybody. {47249}{47297}I believe, Mr. Johnson.|I believe... {47298}{47346}You can call me Bud. {47347}{47429}Bud. I was hoping you|could tell me why those men... {47430}{47561}flew from Santa Fe,|to see you in the middle of the night. {47671}{47793}Well, actually, I kinda promised|to keep that a secret. {47794}{47899}You mean,|you're going to recast your vote. {47900}{48001}Well, shit, I guess that I guess|it ain't that much of a secret then. {48002}{48091}Now, listen, Bud,|you need to watch your language. {48092}{48134}- We're taping this for TV, okay?|- The language? {48135}{48209}Goddamnit, yes of course! {48210}{48370}The question now is, who you voted for|and are you going to vote the same way? {48394}{48459}Remind me again who's running? {48460}{48555}What you're saying is,|you're keeping an open mind? {48556}{48612}Yeah, that's... {48613}{48665}That's the kinda guy I am. {48666}{48705}You gotta be kidding me! {48706}{48787}This is OJ big. Bigger! {48798}{48855}I gotta call network! {48856}{48941}John,|let me break the story. {48942}{48986}I thought I was gonna die|in this shithole. {48987}{49050}You said that when the time was right,|you'd give me a chance. That's the time! {49051}{49081}We'll be back to a real market. {49082}{49173}The city! With elevators and Chinese|restaurants and crime and traffic. {49174}{49243}I got the tape|of Mrs. Zachary's prize winning sow. {49244}{49293}Screw Mrs. Zachary.|And screw the sow! {49294}{49337}You promised me. {49338}{49438}Get network on the phone.|Don't screw it up. {49439}{49552}- You won't regret it!|- Better not! Darlene! {49764}{49878}So... is your dad coming|to talk to our class? {49902}{50048}I don't know. Doesn't really leave|the house much since my mom left. {50060}{50105}Mine left too. {50106}{50217}She's pursuing|a singing career in Albuquerque. {50218}{50275}I'm going to move there|when she becomes a big star. {50276}{50362}And she's gonna take me|on tour and everything. {50363}{50442}She'll probably do|a concert in Austin. {50443}{50493}I could get you free tickets. {50494}{50582}Maybe.|Guess I could borrow my dad's car. {50583}{50709}I'll wait till he gets drunk.|Sometimes he passes out. {50806}{50913}Do you think|I could try your skateboard? {50929}{50984}Okay. {51115}{51221}I'm the king of Curry County, John,|and I've been 15 years at this desk. {51222}{51340}I feel for you, Ted.|Don't make me call security. {51520}{51582}Holy crap! {51588}{51658}You, desk! Sit! {51659}{51709}People,|we go live in 30 seconds! {51710}{51756}From this point on,|the news counts! {51757}{51864}So excited,|I got my accent back. My god! {51911}{51957}And cue graphics! {51958}{52003}And cue music! {52004}{52063}And cue! {52070}{52201}Good evening. This is Madison, coming|to you from Curry County, New Mexico. {52202}{52285}Over the last 24 hours,|the American political process... {52286}{52382}/has ground to a virtual standstill|/as the world watches... {52383}{52501}/waiting for the outcome of an election.|/Today, I uncovered the identity... {52502}{52573}/of the person the entire|/world has been looking for. {52574}{52661}/The one swing voter|/who will decide the election. {52662}{52750}/Those of you hoping to hear that|/decision will be sorely disappointed. {52751}{52831}/Because you are about to meet|/a registered independent... {52832}{52917}/who claims to be|/keeping an open mind. {52918}{52987}/Imagine,|/on this man's shoulders... {52988}{53065}/stands the future|/of the free world. {53066}{53145}Just the kind of guy I am. {53146}{53289}Let it never again be said,|that a single vote counts for nothing. {53490}{53521}Bud! {53522}{53561}Bud! {53562}{53600}What? {53601}{53648}There's some people outside. {53649}{53758}Geez, you gotta stop|waking me up like this, okay? {53759}{53789}You're gonna kill me. {53790}{53880}There are some people outside! {53881}{53925}People? {53926}{53980}God! {54012}{54076}No, not there! Out front! {54077}{54154}Oh, God... What now? {54215}{54323}- Dad, hurry up!|- Yeah, I'm going, honey. {54340}{54382}There's a lot of people|out there. {54383}{54503}Okay, honey, let's see|what the fuss is all about. {54580}{54623}/Is that him? {54624}{54665}Bud! {54666}{54759}Mr. Johnson,|any decisions yet? {55013}{55108}- Holy shit!|- What do they want? {55114}{55181}I don't know. {55235}{55317}Go turn the TV on, baby. {55476}{55554}/We are in the midst|/of a historic moment. {55555}{55617}/The swing voter|/has finally been identified. {55618}{55705}/We go live now to a trailer|/in Texico, New Mexico. {55706}{55777}/Earnest Johnson made|/an appearance just moments ago. {55778}{55855}/Apparently, overwhelmed|/by the media presence. {55856}{55955}/And Mr. Landry, exactly how long|/have you known Earnest Johnson? {55956}{56049}/Earnest Johnson?|/Hey, Earnest! {56050}{56142}- /You mean Bud?|- /We all grew up together. {56143}{56192}/How do you think he's|/shouldering the responsibility... {56193}{56302}/of picking the next President|/of the United States? {56303}{56384}/Well, I'm sure that... {56394}{56492}/Earnest is...|/crapping his pants. {56554}{56618}/He's a good guy.|/He likes to treat them good. {56619}{56733}/We used to light|/the mesa back here on fire! {56834}{56866}It's all my fault, isn't it? {56867}{56933}No! No, no, no, baby, no. {56934}{57057}None of this would have happened|if I hadn't let you down. {57058}{57107}What are we gonna do? {57108}{57166}Well... {57204}{57297}I'm gonna back these people up. {57391}{57453}Holy shit! {57478}{57548}There's so many! {57549}{57666}Ok, I'm just gonna go out there,|right? I'm gonna... {57667}{57781}I'm gonna walk out there and tell|those people it wasn't me who voted. {57782}{57820}No, you can't! {57821}{57852}Why not? {57853}{57906}You swore to that judge,|on a Bible and everything. {57907}{57996}What? That was the middle|of the night. That can't count! {57997}{58077}You were under oath, Bud.|Voter fraud is a felony. {58078}{58139}And one more felony|and they take me away from you. {58140}{58241}You're right. Shit!|I am down to one! {58474}{58542}What do we do? {58630}{58705}We lie. We have to. {58777}{58913}Okay, that's a good plan.|Just a little white lie is all this is. {58914}{58981}- Between us.|- Just between us. {58982}{59085}Who knows,|maybe this thing, all these... {59086}{59194}Maybe all these people,|they just go away. {60070}{60134}Stop! Stop! {61114}{61154}What the hell is this? {61155}{61244}The biggest space we could find. {61245}{61317}How we gonna do this?|Build a campaign around one man? {61318}{61378}- I don't know how to do this.|- You're gonna leave it to me. {61379}{61451}We're gonna win him, Don!|We're gonna win this guy. {61452}{61504}We got the issues on our side! {61505}{61546}- There you go!|- He's gonna love me! {61547}{61622}What's not to love? {61674}{61773}We're in trouble. I need you to dig up|everything you can on Earnest Johnson. {61774}{61809}Talk to his family, his friends. {61810}{61865}I want to know what he reads,|what television show he watches. {61866}{61985}His hobbies, his favorite foods,|his hopes, his dreams, everything. {61986}{62103}All we have to do is win|over one American mind! {62107}{62151}You know, I was just thinking,|Marty. {62152}{62209}I'd like to get to know|this Bud Johnson. Personally. {62210}{62252}Okay. Good. {62253}{62356}Maybe take him out|for some ice cream. {62381}{62418}Ice cream? {62419}{62522}What grown man|doesn't like ice cream? {62550}{62637}No higher education,|not much lower education. {62638}{62690}Divorced single father,|recently laid off. {62691}{62721}What's our first step? {62722}{62801}Put you in a room together. See if you|persuade him to come over to our side. {62802}{62943}I like it. Him and me in a room. Yes,|talking ideas, seeing what comes up. {62944}{62989}Great plan.|I'll get you some talking points. {62990}{63031}I'm good off the cuff already. {63032}{63147}Of course! We're just gonna get|an itty bitty think tank together. {63148}{63257}We'll run the data, see what you two|could possibly have in common. {63258}{63297}Your petition has been processed. {63298}{63404}And in accordance with New Mexico state|law, Chapter 1, Article 13, Section 11. {63405}{63507}Could you do us a favor and back|these news people up a little bit? {63508}{63603}We could barely|sleep last night. {63678}{63749}said voter Earnest Johnson,|is hereby authorized... {63750}{63821}to recast his vote 10 days|from today along official. {63822}{63884}And there's a fat guy there,|he keeps leaning on my truck... {63885}{63982}fixing his hair|in my side mirror. {64064}{64153}Said voter, Earnest Johnson,|is hereby authorized to recast his vote... {64154}{64237}10 days from today. Along official|documentary notification... {64238}{64299}to both state,|federal regulatory authorities. {64300}{64374}Bud, life's gonna be|a little different from now on. {64375}{64433}You'll need security|around the clock. {64434}{64459}For what? {64460}{64510}You're a household name. {64511}{64586}Every political nut job in the country|is gonna make their way down here. {64587}{64695}In 10 days, you gonna make the most|important decision in the free world. {64696}{64765}And it is our job to make sure|this thing comes off fair and square. {64766}{64896}So, if there's anything|that you think we need to know... {64941}{64980}Like what? {64981}{65052}Something|we may find out later. {65053}{65134}Better now, than later. {65190}{65285}No, sir,|there's nothing to know. {65363}{65434}Molly! Molly! Molly! {65435}{65504}- I don't believe it. She's his daughter!|- Who's his daughter? {65505}{65567}The Chairman of the Fed,|the girl that won the essay contest. {65568}{65629}Remember, I ran the story on her,|election day? {65630}{65705}This is perfect! The network wants|to do an interview with her daddy. {65706}{65752}I'm not going|to use this little girl! {65753}{65814}I've told you this before.|I have integrity, like Paula Zahn. {65815}{65857}I met Paula Zahn. {65858}{65923}Paula Zahn eats|where my friend is a waiter, alright? {65924}{65986}I don't want to hurt|your feelings, you're no Paula Zahn. {65987}{66014}No Paula Zahn? {66015}{66074}I booked this story.|It was me. {66075}{66180}Yes, that's why everybody here|is trying to rip it out from under you. {66181}{66266}You want a desk in New York,|you want a desk in Los Angeles? {66267}{66329}Forget everything you learned|in journalism school. {66330}{66487}This isn't new anymore. This isn't life.|This is bigger. This is television! {67206}{67273}/The Johnsons have been virtually|/besieged inside their trailer. {67274}{67347}/but we're lucky to be joined|/by their pizza delivery man. {67348}{67437}/How would you characterize|/Earnest Johnson's state of mind? {67438}{67494}/Mostly I'd say, he was hungry. {67495}{67545}/He was hungry. {67546}{67573}/Well, there you have it. {67574}{67612}I ain't tipping him anymore. {67613}{67693}I ought to trim|Mrs. Hardy's elm. {67694}{67809}Looks like it's moving in our roof.|What do you think? {67810}{67904}Hard to tell.|What do you think? {67906}{67965}Definitely. {67966}{68034}/Since has become the most Googled|/town in the world... {68035}{68126}/narrowly edging out in Jihad. {68838}{68877}Holy crap! {68878}{68910}- You Bud?|- Yeah! {68911}{68963}You're Richard Petty. {68964}{68993}You got it, man. {68994}{69055}Hold on. Honey!|It's the king! {69056}{69209}I got a friend down the road I want|you to meet. You wanna go for a ride? {69223}{69311}Yes!|could my daughter come? {69314}{69453}In that case, maybe you'd better|drive. Precious cargo and all! {69528}{69606}Just a minute, Mr. Petty.|Hey, Chubby! {69607}{69726}Just because it ain't rolling, don't|make it furniture! Back out of here! {69727}{69784}Come on, baby! We gotta go! {69785}{69863}You're Richard Petty! {70021}{70084}Molly! Get a picture, honey. {70085}{70205}If you told me two days ago|that I'd be driving your Dodge... {70206}{70241}- Did you get it?|- Yes. {70242}{70345}Get one more. Get it with my chin|out a little bit. Like that. {70346}{70401}Like a hero. {70402}{70440}I told you, you crazy! {70441}{70528}You ain't seen nothing yet. {71159}{71201}Bud! {71202}{71293}This is the President's plane. {71304}{71411}Hello, you be Molly. I'm Mr. Fox,|I work with the President. {71412}{71477}Hi.|Hi. Bud, Martin Fox. {71478}{71528}- Hello.|- How are you? Come in. {71529}{71578}Take your hat off please.|Your hat. {71579}{71649}So, this is the Johnson family. {71650}{71693}Welcome to Air Force One.|Hi, Molly. {71694}{71735}- Thanks for having us, sir.|- It's a pleasure. {71736}{71795}- Mr. President.|- Huh? {71796}{71869}Call him Mr. President. {71870}{71917}It's an honor, Mr. President. {71918}{71969}It's an honor to meet you, Bud.|May I call you Bud? {71970}{72029}Yes, Mr. President. {72030}{72106}Come on in, come on. {72107}{72153}God, this... {72154}{72254}This place|is it's really something! {72266}{72322}It's my little home in the sky. {72323}{72426}It's kinda,|like a trailer with wings. {72435}{72474}Fine analogy, Bud. {72475}{72550}Molly, I saw your speech|on TV the other night. {72551}{72613}Very impressive! {72614}{72687}- Say thank you, baby.|- Thank you, Mr. President. {72688}{72773}- You must be a very proud father.|- Yes, sir. {72774}{72865}God, I'm sorry.|Mr. President. {72905}{72985}You can see why she's definitely|the brains of our operation. {72986}{73053}I know what you mean.|we all need a Molly. {73054}{73104}Marty here, is my Molly. {73105}{73209}That's right. Molly,|I bet a smart kid like you... {73210}{73272}would love to see the war room. {73273}{73297}No, thanks. {73298}{73388}Why don't we have a peek and then your|dad and the President can have a talk. {73389}{73507}Go on, Honey.|Daddy has to talk to the President. {73542}{73575}She's a firecracker! {73576}{73669}Yes, sir, she's the whole deal! {73680}{73755}I wouldn't mind seeing|the war room, Mr. President. {73756}{73877}I'll show it to you later.|And please, call me Andy. {73878}{73948}- Andy?|- Yeah. {73958}{74021}Are you sure,|that-that other guy... {74022}{74089}I know, things can get|a little formal around here. {74090}{74160}Commander in Chief, running|the country and all that. Please. {74161}{74231}I am just an ordinary man,|like you... {74232}{74299}The kinda guy you can sit down|and have a beer with. {74300}{74387}Would you like a beer, Bud? {74423}{74481}A beer? {74519}{74552}No shit? {74553}{74612}No shit. {74614}{74669}Well, then... {74670}{74745}- Yes. Hell, yeah, Andy.|- Okay! {74746}{74795}David, would you get us|a couple of beers, please? {74796}{74860}- Thank you very much.|- So... {74861}{74981}you're gonna have some|story to tell your friends. {74994}{75106}I read about you in the paper.|They say you've never lost an election. {75107}{75210}That's right. You can learn|a lot from reading the newspaper. {75211}{75329}They also said that you don't|believe in anything anymore. {75330}{75374}Even if it meant|selling your mother's soul. {75375}{75465}No, see, no, see that's libelous,|Because my mother is a wonderful... {75466}{75553}wonderful, wonderful woman. {75866}{75958}If you met my mother,|you'd understand. {75959}{76016}You a football fan, Bud? {76017}{76111}Well, I'm an American, aren't I? {76146}{76206}I played a little in high school. {76207}{76241}Did you now? What position? {76242}{76276}I was quarterback. {76277}{76390}I always thought football was|a strategic game. A lot like diplomacy. {76391}{76478}You got your offense, your defense,|the President is like your quarterback... {76479}{76533}and the American voters... {76534}{76627}Well... they're like the coach. {76650}{76684}Never thought of it that way. {76685}{76722}Now the coach's job|is to make sure... {76723}{76833}that the right man has|the football at the critical time. {76834}{76901}I know exactly what you mean,|Andy. {76902}{76960}Do you? {76988}{77050}Maybe not. {77101}{77192}Bring in the football, please. {77210}{77264}Bud. {77286}{77352}You wanna hold the football? {77353}{77441}There's a football in there? {77507}{77568}That case holds|the launch codes... {77569}{77647}to America's nuclear arsenal. {77648}{77712}That's what|this election's all about. {77713}{77817}launch codes like...|missiles and shit? {77835}{77939}I want you to pretend|that America is a team... {77940}{77997}- and you're the coach.|- Okay. {77998}{78085}Let's say it's the 4th quarter. We've|got possession, but we're down by five. {78086}{78144}North Korea has us pinned|in our own fifteenth line... {78145}{78266}with one second on the dooms day clock.|What are you doing to do? {78267}{78400}Okay, you go long. The only thing|standing between victory and defeat... {78401}{78471}is a successful Hail Mary.|One play. {78472}{78510}Who are you|gonna give the ball to, Bud? {78511}{78590}Do you pin your hopes on some|liberal second string quarterback... {78591}{78717}who hasn't had five minutes|in the big show? Of course you don't. {78718}{78764}You do the smart thing. {78765}{78851}The only thing. You go|with your strongest arm, the man... {78852}{78991}who's carried you through the season,|who's never let you down. {79046}{79118}Bud, America's counting on you. {79119}{79218}Yes, sir.|I'm not gonna let them down. {79219}{79281}But, here. {79310}{79388}Wouldn't want to drop|the old football. {79389}{79455}Blow up France or something. {79456}{79473}You couldn't. {79474}{79597}There's a whole bunch of secret|codes and these special little keys. {79598}{79666}Here's to you! {79673}{79765}Look at all... Look at all|this stuff they give us, Molly. {79766}{79857}They give us the same shampoo|that the President uses. {79858}{79915}Great. {80016}{80111}So, what did you guys talk about? {80149}{80206}- Stuff.|- What stuff? {80207}{80271}You know... {80274}{80308}grown up stuff. {80309}{80360}Like? {80361}{80419}Like... {80498}{80552}Bud! {80557}{80586}What stuff? {80587}{80675}Like grown up stuff.|You know, coaching. Football. {80676}{80757}Geothermal nuclear war. {80780}{80838}Andy's, a great... great guy. {80839}{80926}He's not Andy.|He's the President of the United States. {80927}{80972}And he just wants your vote. {80973}{81036}And gee, guess what?|He's gonna get it. {81037}{81114}It's not even yours to give! {81115}{81185}You're gonna... {81201}{81263}ruin everything. {81264}{81334}Andy, the President,|invited me to watch the game... {81335}{81373}- with him on Monday night.|- That's a bribe! {81374}{81424}That's not a bribe. {81425}{81452}- Is too.|- It is not. {81453}{81484}- Is too.|- It is not. {81485}{81573}- Is too!|- Is not! What it is, "too"? {81574}{81622}- What the hell do you know?|- More than you. {81623}{81649}- You do not.|- Do too. {81650}{81731}- You do not.|- Do too. {81786}{81856}- Fine.|- Fine. {81971}{82082}Did you smell|all the leather on that plane? {82176}{82269}/If I made you feel second best {82284}{82360}/I'm sorry I was blind {82361}{82460}No, baby, leave it, leave it.|That's Willie. {82461}{82548}/You were always on my mind {82612}{82638}/Hi, I'm Willie Nelson. {82639}{82723}/And when I'm not performing,|/I'm usually getting involved. {82724}{82807}/Hey, Bud, if you're out there|/and you're watching... {82808}{82843}He's talking to us! {82844}{82936}/There's a special dinner,|/especially for you in your honor... {82937}{83077}/hosted by my good friend and|/Presidential candidate Donald Greenleaf. {83078}{83199}- /I'll see you here tonight.|- I'll do it, Willie! {83208}{83298}This is really getting weird. {83925}{83961}Democrat or a Republican? {83962}{84049}I'm Art Crumb,|Donald Greenleaf's campaign manager. {84050}{84101}- Nice to meet you.|- Same here. {84102}{84228}You must be Molly. Quite an essay.|You have a future in politics one day. {84229}{84310}You might too. One day. {84345}{84415}Shall we go in? {84432}{84497}Not too hard to be nice,|come on. {84498}{84562}Party. Party! {84563}{84671}Right this way...|make yourselves at home.