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{70}{105}/Why are you yelling? {108}{183}/- Guy lying there.|- Sure, must have fainted./ {185}{238}/- Yes. Get some water!|- Yeah, water!/ {248}{369}Man's fainted.|Water! {371}{431}Water! Water! {434}{494}Beer, you idiot.|Beer! {679}{805}WHAT WILL YOU DO|WHEN YOU CATCH ME? {1202}{1225}What's this? {1232}{1276}You didn't bring the cards! {1729}{1794}About the store-room key, I think|it might be enough if just {1797}{1857}three people signed for it,|not the whole commission. {1859}{1907}- That's what I think.|- Very good idea. {1909}{1954}Submit it to the|proposals commission. {1957}{1997}Even just two, actually. {1999}{2064}One would keep a check|on the other. {2067}{2120}Very true.|Submit that too. {2123}{2173}If it's taken up,|you might get a bonus. {2556}{2591}Here they are, chief. {2654}{2704}I meant work cards, moron. {2721}{2794}OK. OK.|These will do. {3127}{3207}Yeah. It was like|that then too. {3220}{3265}The phone would ring... {3280}{3327}...and ring... {3332}{3436}as if it wanted someone|to answer it. {3453}{3521}The cobweb was in|the same place {3523}{3606}when the previous director was|to get the chop. That Nareba. {3608}{3693}- Yeah?|- Yeah. Almost exactly like now. {3696}{3751}- You don't say.|- I tell you. {3756}{3846}And the bucket got knocked|over just like now. {3848}{3887}No kidding, really? {4388}{4453}We're no strangers ourselves {4455}{4538}to import-limiting production. {4548}{4633}We staked everything|on modernity. {4635}{4710}It proved to be|the correct way. {4723}{4774}This enabled us {4776}{4836}/to a considerable degree|not only to stop imports.../ {4839}{4884}Why are you taking notes? {4891}{4979}He's on his way out. {5001}{5101}- See the banquet he's laid on?|- Doesn't mean anything./ {5104}{5182}Dear chap, I've been in this|for 20 years. {5195}{5257}He's got a week left at most. {5260}{5360}- You think?|- I don't think, I know. {5385}{5422}As a result, our production {5430}{5517}limits imports and brings in {5520}{5610}valuable foreign currency {5631}{5721}/by, in a sense, exporting {5726}{5763}/- internally, for the present. {5791}{5876}You'll find the rest|in these folders. {5911}{5993}Now our traditional snack. {6984}{7041}You're late, I'm afraid. {7049}{7096}But help yourself...|sandwiches, chocolate... {7099}{7164}There's even a folder there,|with all the materials. {7169}{7304}- Here, brandy.|- I've come about something else. {7306}{7400}Right. How can I help? {7415}{7460}I'm going to have a baby. {7492}{7520}Ah yes, of course. {7550}{7615}Sorry. I didn't know.|So, no brandy {7632}{7692}or any other liquor. {7700}{7737}If you'll allow me, {7755}{7846}to the health of the future|member of our community. {7851}{7936}Community, yes, but you... {7938}{7991}are the father. {8342}{8392}I'm afraid I don't recall... {8394}{8472}Because it was last April. {8492}{8534}15th, to be exact. {8549}{8695}To be exact, on the 15th|I was in Paris. {8698}{8738}Exactly. Paris. {9289}{9364}- Mr... Gackowski.|- Krzakoski. {9369}{9399}That's what I said. {9401}{9466}I recognized you|by your recognition sign. {9521}{9550}This way. {9637}{9725}Flowers cost the earth here.|But, you know - women... {9730}{9760}After you. {9842}{9922}- Mrugala, my pleasure.|- Krzakoski. {9925}{9955}Here. {10071}{10136}Good you brought the foliage. {10141}{10198}Long time since|we laid anything. {10403}{10454}/So, where to? {10459}{10534}/Chopin's grave, or statue of|what's his name - Mickiewicz./ {10537}{10574}/Go to the statue. {10577}{10687}/Who needs a tour|of the cemeteries?/ {11541}{11609}Szymek, the camera! {11664}{11736}You know, good to have|a record for posterity. {12040}{12110}I'll fix this. {12228}{12266}You hold that, please. {12566}{12657}See? Can't understand a word. {12662}{12717}Crazy country.|Stupid language. {12722}{12752}For example, {12764}{12827}me - that's "moi". {12847}{12967}But me, to him, isn't "moi",|it's "vous". {12974}{13034}But he to him is "moi". {13037}{13108}But to me, he's "lui". {13133}{13188}/Go figure who's who. {13243}{13275}They eat frogs. {13323}{13413}- Hey, Szymek, what's frog|in their lingo? - Grenouille. {13420}{13478}Hear that?|Green wheel. {13564}{13619}Good morning to|respected sirs. {13666}{13741}- How many computers it is?|- How much? {13744}{13814}You say how many,|I tell how much. {13816}{13884}Let's say... 50. {13886}{13975}- That'll be 50 each.|- Make it 40. {13977}{14025}That's 60 each. {14027}{14097}Oh come on, Mr Newton.|The man's come from Poland. {14100}{14160}All right, my loss it is.|Which ones you are wanting? {14162}{14235}The lighter ones, Mr Newton. {14247}{14363}Izaac! You finish your talk,|for you is a schnitzel waiting. {14366}{14426}So? Let him wait. {14428}{14476}You tell him I'm|coming already. {14486}{14568}Just round the corner here|are the best sales in Paris. {14571}{14658}As regards fabrics,|clothes, tights... {14661}{14696}- ...and also...|- They're that way. {14718}{14756}Where did he go? {15277}{15312}/No, don't misunderstand me.|It's just this, you know,/ {15314}{15412}/striking resemblance|to a colleague of mine./ {15414}{15504}/They're all alike,|these colleagues./ {15507}{15577}Don't worry. We'll show|you better ones. {15579}{15610}Won't we? {15658}{15713}/We'll take some pictures. {15715}{15778}- What pictures?|- For your mates. {15780}{15855}Why waste your cash?|All women are basically the same. {15858}{15890}That's right. {15895}{15980}There's a reception at|an art gallery tomorrow. {15983}{16044}/You can take your|pick there. Free./ {16054}{16114}/Get a better class of|merchandise, eh, Szymek?/ {16369}{16434}See all the talent|that's around? {16640}{16702}You go, Szymek will take|a few photos. {16705}{16785}There, a chocolate one, see? {16787}{16830}You go up and say... {16832}{16916}- what do you say, Szymek?|- Just anything. After all, {16918}{16976}- there's no sound in a photo.|- Of course. {16978}{17038}Just straight, in Polish. {17041}{17131}"What's the time?"|And Szymek will click. {18299}{18356}Szymek, show our visitor. {18660}{18717}What's the time? {19511}{19604}/See? Can't understand a word. {19607}{19672}/Crazy country.|Stupid language./ {20158}{20258}- They're all duds!|- It's OK, we'll find a good one. {20380}{20494}- Ah, there's one over there.|- I'd advise against that one. {20621}{20721}- Phone call.|- Phone call? In Polish? {20724}{20784}- In Polish.|- OK, I'll take it then. {21200}{21255}I'm sorry to be so direct, {21257}{21346}but I've just arrived|from Warsaw. {21348}{21398}In my room I've the latest|issues of "Przekroj" magazine. {21399}{21486}Sorry.|Krzakoski's the name. {21711}{21817}- So you're Dorotka.|- Danusia. {22004}{22072}Of course. I knew|it started with D. {22074}{22104}Danusia. {22951}{23011}/Jesus, Mary.|They've killed a man./ {23671}{23711}- Excuse me, officer...|- One moment... {23713}{23751}Well all right...|...but I'm in a hurry. {23818}{23881}- Pardon?|- So, {23883}{23939}it's true we ran him over {23942}{23989}on a zebra crossing|and with a red light. {23992}{24029}Oh, Jesus. {24262}{24353}- Yes, of course.|- Sorry to have troubled you. {24355}{24408}Of course you may go. {24443}{24508}/Disperse, disperse! {24568}{24595}Get up, citizen. {24603}{24678}Want to catch cold? {24869}{24901}Do come in. {25009}{25101}- Good morning.|- Good morning. A drink? {25104}{25159}No, thank you. {25171}{25267}OK. You wait here a moment.|Come with me, madam. {25691}{25766}Careful, dumb-head.|Careful. {25786}{25878}Easy. Here, here. {25916}{25991}Careful you don't break|a light bulb again. {26001}{26119}/Come over here.|Careful./ {26479}{26553}For the doctor. Four legs|and a kilo of lungs. {26555}{26583}I'll give it to him. {26585}{26633}You? {26635}{26688}How do I know who you are? {26690}{26718}I'll give it to him. {27254}{27381}- Very sorry. What's your name?|- Lewandowska. {27427}{27517}You've got meat, right?|I've got some pressed steel. {27520}{27617}What about making ourselves|a few tins for the winter? {27687}{27725}Are you crazy? {27760}{27795}Are you crazy? {27946}{28013}- You know who that is?|- Danusia. {28016}{28126}- Danusia. You know her parents?|- No, as it happens. {28128}{28231}We met in... {28253}{28352}- But the surname, man!|- Don't you know? Krzakoski. {28354}{28412}Hers, you idiot! {28479}{28559}How was I to know? {28704}{28778}I'd advise against that one. {28803}{28905}Sorry to have troubled you.|Of course you may go. {28935}{28990}I really appreciate it. {29184}{29289}How do you mean,|you'll marry me? {29291}{29331}Of course. Got to|think of the child. {29334}{29416}Future citizen. {29441}{29489}But then why did we go|to that doctor? {29491}{29539}Just wanted to make sure|there's no mistake. {29541}{29602}And there isn't. {29625}{29662}A child needs a mother. {29682}{29745}- It's got one.|- Mother and father. {29747}{29795}Father's as important. {29797}{29857}Even more, if the|mother goes away somewhere. {29860}{29910}That's why I believe {29932}{29985}I ought to marry you. {30061}{30138}- But you're married already.|- So? {30166}{30203}My wife will like you. {30458}{30572}Another one, kind of riddle: {30574}{30659}What's the difference between|a woman and a light bulb? {30662}{30699}No, I don't know. {30702}{30787}Well, a light bulb you screw|first and turn on later... {30789}{30819}I'm not in. {30910}{30940}Dudala! {31238}{31278}/What can you tell me, Dudala? {31336}{31399}- Difficult to say, sir.|- You think so? {31429}{31471}How's the plan working out? {31474}{31569}Plan, well... 96%. {31571}{31601}Be honest. {31649}{31734}Well...|Honest... 75%. {31736}{31810}- Honest, I said.|- Honest.../ {31860}{31950}Well, sir, who knows? {31975}{32017}And the arbitration? {32057}{32085}So, well... honest... {32100}{32130}/Yes. {32206}{32246}You needn't tell me. {32333}{32408}I can see we'll have to|go our separate roads. {32491}{32541}Separate roads? {32551}{32704}- Who?|- Me and my wife, who else? {32733}{32885}Great idea, sir. {32914}{32942}Sit down. {32959}{32997}/You see, Dudala... {33012}{33130}...if a man's to work well|and productively {33133}{33238}/he needs to be calm and|content on the home front./ {33240}{33320}He'll work better, and the|workplace will be happier. {33323}{33393}/But domestic friction... {33423}{33483}/that affects everything... {33485}{33599}plans, production, men. {33621}{33724}Your wife's having|an affair, sir. {33751}{33796}She is?|Who with? {33809}{33916}Don't know yet, but that's|the best grounds for divorce. {33919}{33960}And she'll be|the one at fault. {34040}{34130}Go on, tell me more. {34272}{34325}Is Mr Kwasniewski in? {34382}{34413}No. {34416}{34523}- Will he be in later?|- He's in, but somewhere in B3. {34683}{34839}- Foreign. You know the lingo?|- No. Just reading. {34842}{34909}One way of killing time,|I guess. {34932}{35027}You want some? Mr Kwasniewski's|got quite a lot. {35259}{35338}No, no. I'll wait. {35415}{35573}Hello! Yes.|The dark-room. {35700}{35756}- Excuse me!|- Yes. {35759}{35894}Could you ask Mr|Kwasniewski... {35896}{35981}No, it's OK.|I'll tell him myself. {35984}{36019}- Where did she go?|- Who? {36021}{36124}Oh, to that guy, Kwasniewski.|Dark-room. {36126}{36170}Kwasniewski, what|a ladies man! {36200}{36280}Yes, sir, a womaniser. {36282}{36362}We went to this cafe once|with Kwasniewski. {36365}{36405}There was a girl with a guy. {36407}{36497}And what Kwasniewski|did, he... {36525}{36591}Are we implementing technology?|Of course we are. But... {36718}{36818}it's not easy. Sometimes they|deliver, sometimes they don't. {36841}{36871}The ear. {36936}{36991}- I've finished my shift now.|- Right. {36993}{37027}- See that?|- What? {37029}{37054}- Her ear.|- What about it? {37057}{37134}Jesus! Don't you know he|bites his women on the ear? {37137}{37199}/I remember clearly.|3 May. Forestry day./ {37202}{37287}/- That's 3 March, I think.|- Maybe. Guy came up to us.../ {37289}{37347}- Which way to the station?|- Straight ahead. {37422}{37465}Reckon he'll make it in time? {37623}{37713}Look, the younger generation.|We don't count any more. {37715}{37765}We're just excess baggage. {37768}{37823}/We'd have enough to keep us|both busy for two years./ {37825}{37889}No, two months. {37894}{37934}And not both: One. {37936}{38014}Talking's easy,|doing's harder. {38016}{38081}- So we made a bet.|- How much? {38096}{38121}Nothing. Just honor. {38124}{38181}OUR WORKPLACE:|HONOR AND PRIDE {38184}{38291}- So? After two months...?|- Well... {38971}{39036}But you wouldn't make out|with a policewoman, would you? {39198}{39232}Want a bet? {39252}{39319}- Honor?|- No. 200 zloty. {39743}{39795}That'll be a 200 zloty fine. {39798}{39863}Excuse me? 200?|What for? {39865}{39910}You want information?|That's an extra 50. {39913}{39973}But I heard fines were|being lifted as of today. {39975}{40028}If that's what you heard {40030}{40099}then let's meet half-way.|You pay this last fine {40101}{40146}and after that|they'll be lifted. {40149}{40201}Let's meet by all means,|but why only half-way? {40236}{40311}- So that cost you 200.|- No, 400. {40314}{40389}- There were two of them?|- One. {40434}{40491}- So how come...?|- One... {40865}{40955}So? Young man like you,|you want to lose your legs? {41073}{41146}- Both legs?|- You think it's funny? {41181}{41238}50 zloty fine. {41346}{41399}100 zloty. {41417}{41477}And so?|Ended up paying 200. {41499}{41544}There's no stopping him. {41582}{41667}- Ah, the naivety of youth.|- You don't believe me? {41669}{41707}No woman can resist him! {41709}{41777}You can bet on him|and make a fortune. {41983}{42073}This is an authorisation|for two members of staff {42075}{42128}to take a vacation|in Bulgaria. {42130}{42193}In the travel bureau|it would cost 16 grand. {42225}{42301}- You stake 4. Or 3, even.|- On what? {42304}{42346}/On Kwasniewski not making out. {42361}{42409}- Who with?|- Good question. {42636}{42747}Let's say, Mrs Krzakoska.|Director's wife. {42900}{42947}Wait a moment. {43361}{43398}Bye, bye. {43476}{43511}OK. {43581}{43657}Let's make the wager.|Olek will cut. {43659}{43787}Right. You stake the vacation,|16. I stake 3. {43899}{43972}- Tadeusz.|- Tad. {43992}{44048}- Tad.|- Tadeusz. {44233}{44360}- Tad, listen, this guy...|- Kwasniewski. {44395}{44440}He'll confirm it all in court? {44443}{44529}Come on, of course. {44531}{44586}You'll have the proof, anyway.|The elastoplast on the ear. {44589}{44674}You gone mad, Dudala?|What use is a bit of plaster? {44691}{44729}I need proof. {44731}{44764}Hard evidence. {44884}{44915}Wait. {44997}{45055}/Maybe lengthways? {45057}{45092}/What about the head, then? {45120}{45150}That'll do. {45160}{45247}Where did you manage|to get that carp, dear? {45250}{45327}Brother-in-law brought it|from Gdansk. {45371}{45426}You going? So soon? {45428}{45483}Soon? I should have been|then there ages ago. {45486}{45546}- What about the sandwiches?|- Haven't got time. {45548}{45631}- Beatka, Beatka!|- Yes? {45633}{45698}/Dad's breakfast.|On the table./ {45701}{45748}Bring it down. {45751}{45799}It's wrapped up. {45974}{46064}Dad, Grzybczak spelt|"equal" with "kw". {46067}{46117}And Miss said that was right. {46139}{46213}OK, OK. You go on|spelling it "qu". {46228}{46283}L'ordre regne a Varsovie. {46285}{46383}- Order reigns in Warsaw?|- Well, almost. {46585}{46633}Listen, rely on|people you know. {46635}{46664}Not guys from outside. {46666}{46736}- Drive you somewhere, sir?|- No thanks, I'll take mine. {46739}{46826}Who's that guy, that|photographer? {46829}{46876}School mate.|A swot. {46879}{46939}Always had top grades and|it's all gone to waste. {46941}{46984}I tell you. Kwasniewski|will deliver the goods. {46986}{47034}It's not me, it's the court.|I must have proof. {47036}{47110}"Here are the photos,|your honor". {47112}{47175}- Yes, but you know...|- I know what I'm doing. {47480}{47536}Let me see? What day is it?|Won't be back this evening. {47538}{47591}He's gone to work. {47593}{47641}To Emilia, he told me,|the furniture store. {47693}{47721}Oh right. {47753}{47783}Thank you! {47947}{47987}How did you find me here? {48004}{48077}Listen. You made some photos,|once, remember? {48092}{48192}- No.|- You even came to my office. {48194}{48294}- It was two years ago.|- You said you weren't in. {48314}{48342}I said that? I must|have been out, then. {48344}{48453}Sometimes my hands are tied,|you must understand. {48455}{48525}But now there's an opening {48543}{48578}and you're my first choice. {48625}{48708}- A pal's a pal.|- You said you weren't in. {48738}{48773}Yes, well I'm in now. {48788}{48879}It's all fixed. Contract,|equipment, the works. {48881}{48909}From today. {48919}{49004}Today? I can't.|I'm in line. {49016}{49109}- Furniture? I'll fix you up.|- It's not for me. {49111}{49174}A guy pays, I stand|in line for him. {49179}{49221}Can't let him down. {49300}{49385}Romek, a job needs doing,|I rush over straight away. {49407}{49490}To my pal. Things aren't|easy for me either. {49492}{49582}I'll be frank. {49610}{49695}My wife's having an affair.|That's how it goes. {49706}{49756}/Hey, wise guy! {49781}{49858}/Your ears glued up? {49861}{49916}Hey you!|I'm talking to you! {49918}{49971}You keep quiet. This man's wife|is having an affair {49973}{50076}and you're yelling|your mouth off, you moron! {50359}{50397}Pass me Zygmus. {50437}{50489}- Hello.|- Zygmus?/ {50492}{50532}- Yes.|- Listen. {50534}{50608}Come over to the Emilia|store right away. {50610}{50650}Bring a warm coat. {50653}{50763}But... what am I going|to do there, sir? {50765}{50825}Put this gentleman down|for the Kowalski suite, {50828}{50865}light pine, plus cabinet. {50868}{50923}- Monday we settle.|- Monday? {50925}{51010}Sure. 97th in line...|Today's Wednesday... {51014}{51089}could even be Saturday morning.|L'ordre regne a Varsovie. {51091}{51116}Saturday? {51119}{51196}You'll stand here|until I relieve you. {51199}{51236}Over there... no... my place. {51389}{51460}I thought it was|about a brochure. {51475}{51552}Of course, brochure. Listen...|...come over. {51575}{51602}Sorry. {51612}{51640}I'll... {51685}{51715}Sit down. {51725}{51820}But this is an extrajob.|You know. Help out a pal. {51822}{51951}- I see. But, you know...|- Actually, I'm fed up talking. {51953}{52046}It's not just that, {52048}{52148}you know, {52151}{52201}she's cheating on me. {52203}{52311}The worst thing is, during all|this I have to keep smiling {52313}{52417}like it's all|great between us, {52419}{52487}I tell you I can't it much longer,|this pretence. {52489}{52572}- Come on. You're a man.|- Yeah? There are times... {52574}{52694}- ...I just want to weep.|- Oh come on, surely not. {52732}{52808}Help me, will you - I beg you. {52895}{52965}Well, you know... {52968}{53025}I suppose I could try. {53028}{53063}Ready, Basia! {53224}{53299}Basia. Mr Roman Ferde's {53301}{53379}employment card, third group, {53381}{53431}three months' back pay, {53434}{53514}sugar voucher allowance|from January, {53516}{53604}working hours flexible, cameras|always at Mr Ferde's disposal. {53606}{53634}All yours. {54070}{54183}"Our child's smile is our bonus|for the chore of upbringing" {54221}{54248}What's up? {54276}{54306}Well? {54341}{54388}No way. {54391}{54446}All the lamp-posts are the same|distance from each other. {54461}{54501}Got to shorten it. {54527}{54557}Sure. {54579}{54622}I'd cut out "our"|before "child's". {54652}{54732}After all, we know whose kid. {54734}{54772}Not necessarily.|I've got a friend, {54774}{54839}red hair, wife too,|but the kid's dark. {54842}{54894}Hair doesn't count. {54897}{54990}No, it's his skin. Black,|like you see in magazines. {55378}{55499}Excuse me, wasn't Block 5,|3 May Street around here? {55501}{55631}Maybe, once. We've had|everything here. {55634}{55724}Paris, London, Hamburg, {55726}{55811}New York, Melbourne. {55814}{55937}That balcony there, is where|they threw the kangaroo. {55962}{56065}- Yes, but...|- That's how it is every week. {56067}{56142}Each week Fetting kills|Mrs Koczeska, {56145}{56230}and Chamiec unmasks them|each Thursday. On TV. {56232}{56301}It's driving me crazy. {56468}{56571}- This yours? It was by the door.|- Yes, it's mine. {56646}{56754}Great. Here are two for you. {56779}{56844}- Shouldn't I hand them in there?|- No. Let's go. {57669}{57739}- May I?|- One moment. {58110}{58195}What's up? We stand here any|longer, we'll starve to death. {58197}{58250}You want us to starve? {58270}{58330}I can't interfere with|the inspection, can I? {58357}{58407}What are they inspecting? {58410}{58506}Checking for theft.|Bricks or whatever. {58508}{58606}- But everything was stolen|ages ago. - I know that. {58653}{58708}I've made a rough check, sir. {58711}{58791}OK. Now make a thorough one|with the thinner tool. {59064}{59104}There's a brick. {59119}{59177}/Write it down.|One brick./ {59229}{59262}What's this? {59338}{59408}Stealing bricks, eh?|Throw it here. {59956}{60029}Hey, there's a queue! {60031}{60096}You want your mother's son|to have a tooth missing? {60109}{60171}- Just drive, then.|- Right. {60986}{61051}- What do you say to that?|- Nothing. {61202}{61232}And now? {61655}{61728}Back from vacation!|Tanned! {61730}{61793}Yes. All over.|I can show you. {61850}{61888}Give me 3 minutes. {62690}{62772}Credit where credit's due.|The boys are doing a good job. {62775}{62836}Very good job. {62928}{62996}/Hell, he really whacked it. {62998}{63086}- Get his number!|- Get it yourself. Hold on there. {63088}{63186}Hold on? Can't you see|how he bent it? {63191}{63267}Sir, I think we'll have to {63297}{63354}sew the "our" back in. {63357}{63412}You can do the sewing! {64113}{64234}You can't tell a Chinese and|a Japanese child apart. {64236}{64326}Except by name, basically.|Chinese, Japanese. {64341}{64429}Well, except when the Chinese|is a boy, the Japanese a girl. {64431}{64484}Then you can, by their sex. {64486}{64531}Then they're like people. {64549}{64577}Gentlemen, a few minutes {64600}{64677}of your time please.|I need your help. {65191}{65221}Great stuff. {65341}{65378}Great.|That's good as well. {65441}{65479}Must be a leg. {65482}{65509}His. {65659}{65737}- Something got in the way.|- Flower-pot I think. {65752}{65817}Yeah, a flower-pot. {65872}{65943}Hey! That's my flat. {65983}{66058}- My sofa-bed.|- Your wife too, I'm afraid. {66073}{66138}What? You think I'm married|to that fat sausage? {66140}{66193}Maybe she put on weight|after the wedding. {66195}{66238}What is this crap? {66240}{66310}- But it's your place.|- It's the maid. {66381}{66479}- That's something, anyway.|- Got nothing else? {66481}{66584}- What for?|- I'll go crazy, I swear. {66586}{66626}I will. {66686}{66749}Ah, Dudala.|Tad. Listen. {66751}{66815}You've got to fix me up again|with this Kwasniewski. Today. {66817}{66900}- No way.|- Come to my office. Come on. {67045}{67095}/Come on, don't be shy. {67142}{67172}Listen, Tad. {67175}{67256}Get this Kwasniewski guy|for me again. Today. {67258}{67333}Can't. He's gone abroad|for an assembly job. {67336}{67363}OK, telex, cable him... {67391}{67458}/...phone. Get him to come|back just for a day./ {67471}{67546}- One day, from Korea?|- Why did he go to Korea? {67548}{67634}- We signed the deal, remember?|- We?! {67637}{67747}We. We drank that snake liquor|they brought over. {67749}{67847}I remember now.|Turns out {67849}{67897}to have been an economically|unsound decision. {68057}{68120}Sir. {68143}{68215}Personnel to see you, sir. {68385}{68448}Still here?|Off you go. {68450}{68500}Ready.|They're here, sir {68599}{68699}You see Dudala - I mean, Tad,|you view things like this. {68716}{68794}You lack all-round vision. {68796}{68899}Kwasniewski is|not indispensable. {68939}{69010}Kwasniewski is a great one|for the girls. OK. {69012}{69100}But he's not here. And your|reaction? You're lost. {69102}{69200}Mine? There's more|where he came from, {69202}{69245}and I'll find them. {69247}{69295}Watch me, and learn. {69401}{69503}- Do you pay your alimony?|- We do! {69969}{70017}Well go on paying,|honest citizens. {70418}{70473}What you got?|Calendar? {70488}{70558}- Direcor's giving them out.|- What year? {70560}{70590}Last year. {70769}{70824}Sir, {70826}{70886}sir, could I have|a calendar like that? {71039}{71069}Many thanks. {71242}{71317}I've been waiting for a month. {71320}{71355}Take a seat.|One moment. {71455}{71500}- A month, you say?|- Correct. {71550}{71673}Wrong. Not a month.|37 days. {71676}{71781}- So that's longer.|- So you misled me. {71811}{71851}37 days. {71923}{72024}If you've waited so long,|you can wait one day more. {72027}{72107}I'm to wait another day,|while he's only just... {72109}{72147}One moment. {72149}{72199}You're my guest,|so let me speak. {72239}{72387}This gentleman's car was|brought in 8 hours ago. {72389}{72443}/So for him, one more day {72445}{72513}is 300 percent more time. {72515}{72560}- Yes, but...|- Is it, or isn't it?/ {72563}{72603}- Well... yes.|- So one day more {72605}{72690}if you've been|waiting 37 days... {72693}{72758}that'll come to... {72999}{73079}/...well, however you do it... {73171}{73279}- for you, it's 3 percent {73301}{73375}2.72 to be exact. {73377}{73480}/That's a tolerable margin. {73482}{73580}But 300 percent, no way. {73582}{73652}We've got be cost-productive. {73690}{73732}So thank you, and goodbye. {73745}{73798}Sir, the invoice is to be|made out to the firm? {73801}{73863}Yes. Accounts will send|the transfer. And this is for you. {73866}{73916}Thank you. {74222}{74297}My dear fellow.|Give your Tad a kiss. {74352}{74437}- Everything's fine.|- Get in. I'll give you a lift. {74484}{74512}/Shall I wait? {74514}{74577}Go back to the workplace.|I'll go with the director. {75099}{75161}- I'm not going far.|- Identity card, please./ {75204}{75254}/Got a pass here somewhere. {75276}{75316}With a photo, even. {75414}{75444}Take it easy. {75565}{75627}Holy Teresa. {75835}{75897}- My wife?|- Yes. Your wife, and him. {75900}{75981}- At least tell me who he is.|- Can't. {75983}{76083}Believe me, I can't.|I can only tell you that {76086}{76221}- they, you know. For sure.|- But if I could just know... {76223}{76248}/I simply can't. {76251}{76336}You know I'd do|anything for you. {76338}{76387}But not this.|I promised. {76499}{76601}I can just tell you this,|though I shouldn't. {76609}{76697}His initials are RF. {76722}{76734}RF. {76835}{76885}So his first name|starts with F? {76908}{76955}I don't know, don't know. {77113}{77155}Why did you stop|at the crossing? {77158}{77213}Pull over, with your license. {77215}{77271}And you, roll up that crossing.|You're creating confusion. {77274}{77344}Commuting's no problem. {77361}{77416}I get up early. {77459}{77499}2:45 a.m.|Summer, it's dawn. {77501}{77571}2:45, I'm shaved, because {77574}{77656}I shave the evening before.|I've had breakfast for supper. {77659}{77710}I just get up and go. {77720}{77757}Well, you get dressed. {77760}{77800}Put on a coat if it rains. {77822}{77905}- What's the point of changing|after breakfast? - True. {77915}{77962}/Got 5 km to the bus stop. {77997}{78060}Bus comes at 3:45. {78062}{78095}You get there in time? {78128}{78193}No, but that's OK. {78196}{78278}It's full up|anyway, won't stop. {78301}{78353}I walk to the dairy. {78378}{78416}That's an hour. {78431}{78553}/Then high speed to Szymanow. {78622}{78662}Quickest transport, {78664}{78707}milk-truck. {78709}{78747}Milk goes sour otherwise. {78787}{78912}Szymanow, I unload the|milk-churns, get the train. {78932}{79003}Ochota, take the local|to the stadium. {79005}{79048}After that it's|a piece of cake. {79050}{79205}/119 bus, then the 13,|then the 345/ {79208}{79265}and I'm at work. {79283}{79323}But it's only 6:45 a.m., {79343}{79430}so I've got 15 minutes|for lunch in the buffet. {79454}{79556}So I don't need to hang around|after work. I'm back home {79586}{79679}/no later than 22:50. {79681}{79709}I shave, {79719}{79769}have breakfast, go to bed. {79771}{79846}/Citizen tailors are asked {79849}{79955}/to supply more gimp|for poster-hanging./ {79957}{79997}Gentlemen, would you step|over here for a moment? {80000}{80047}Just for a moment. {80050}{80087}I'm behind you. {80090}{80135}I'm before you, right? {80137}{80175}Together, please. {80220}{80250}Good. {80290}{80326}Look left. {80356}{80386}/Now right. {80388}{80436}/- Arm up.|- Me? {80438}{80471}/Yes, up. {80516}{80546}/Back to the right. {80628}{80671}Thank you. Fine.|Thank you. {80738}{80792}I wonder when they'll|open those tills. {80814}{80872}Let them worry about that. {80874}{80902}This was my place, right? {80939}{80969}Thank you. {80997}{81137}/Your attention please. {81139}{81288}/Because of the railway|poster exhibit/ {81290}{81375}/"Train travel saves time", {81378}{81485}/the station will be inoperative|until further notice./ {81488}{81623}/We wish our passengers|a pleasant journey./ {81849}{81931}Apartment 107 for Pol-Pim|is at your disposal. {82160}{82260}/And now, a great idea by our|Useful Plastic Arts Workshop:/ {82262}{82312}/A railway poster exhibit... {82315}{82345}Look, now! {82347}{82400}/..."Train travel saves time". {82402}{82475}/Aptly named, and as we can see {82477}{82561}/hugely popular|with the public./ {82563}{82638}/The exhibition's commissar:|Anna Krzakoska./ {82641}{82671}That's her, my Anna! {82673}{82726}/We pared our slogan down.|In full, it'd have been:/ {82728}{82783}/"Railway travel cuts the time|of travelling by train"./ {82786}{82821}Slim, isn't she? {82823}{82886}/But advanced societies don't|need to spell things out./ {82888}{82931}/- Absolutely.|- There, see? {82933}{82982}/Sometimes, ellipsis|is appropriate./ {83019}{83089}/In view of the educational|value of such initiatives,/ {83092}{83194}/the station's inoperability is|now extended to 1 month./ {83197}{83292}/Another mutual bull's eye|for railwaymen and artists./ {83332}{83395}- You see that?|- I saw that. {83783}{83813}Maciek?|It's me./ {83829}{83891}/I wanted to thank you|for the show/ {83894}{83959}and especially the TV report. {83981}{84016}It was a great help. {84071}{84099}Yes. {84111}{84139}See you. {84214}{84300}Could I stay here|a little bit longer? {84355}{84385}Sure. {84680}{84748}/In pre-war economic and {84751}{84883}/social reality, backward {84886}{84956}/in terms of both|principles and/ {84958}{85053}/infrastructure, one aspect|was particularly unproductive/ {85056}{85202}/and poorly planned:|The balance of protein./ {85204}{85322}/This, as is well known,|is a crucial determinant/ {85324}{85422}/in the economic efficiency|in any society and also/ {85424}{85474}/provides clear testimony|to the manner in which/ {85477}{85519}/such issues are guaranteed. {85643}{85683}You spying on your woman? {85703}{85745}No, a friend's. {85758}{85823}A friend like that I wouldn't|touch with a barge-pole. {85825}{85863}Has his woman spied on. {85865}{85898}They make it all up, anyway. {85900}{85943}Make it all up? {85968}{86036}Guy came to me once,|name of Crow {86039}{86116}got me to follow his woman|around, paid me a grand. {86119}{86221}- A grand a month?|- You stupid? A day. {86224}{86284}He said if I caught her at it|I was to call him immediately. {86286}{86386}For a week, I did everything|I could to nail her on the job. {86389}{86480}- Bed-hopper, was she?|- Like a frog! Guess who with? {86482}{86545}- This Crow.|- Frog with crow? {86610}{86650}It's been known. {86652}{86680}Frog with crow, eh? {86682}{86760}No, I've told it wrong. I'll tell|you about the next one. {86762}{86830}/This one, she started going|out of the house regularly./ {86832}{86891}/Once, she took 12 sandwiches|and was out the door. {86893}{86963}Hey watch it, for Chrissake,|you're spilling the stuff. {86966}{87071}The husband says, where are|you going? She just blushes. {87073}{87143}He waited one day,|two, a week. {87146}{87186}Then one day he followed her. {87188}{87303}She went to the station,|got on a train. {87306}{87404}He jumped on too, different|carriage. When she got off, {87407}{87529}he followed. She headed for|the bushes, began stripping. {87532}{87562}That's too bad. {87587}{87647}- She stripped completely?|- Totally nude./ {87649}{87752}/Then she put on a track-suit|and raced round the wood./ {87755}{87843}4 hours. He followed. Then she|had her 12 sandwiches. {87845}{87878}And 5 hours more running. {87879}{87919}What the hell for? {87921}{88049}Co-op relay team. She was too|embarrassed to tell him. {88051}{88089}Happy ending, then. {88091}{88205}Happy? Day later,|the guy pegged it. {88207}{88290}Not surprising. 9 hours running|without a bite to eat. {88305}{88335}There she is! {88500}{88610}- That one? You're wasting|your time! - You think so?/ {88612}{88698}/Of course. She's too young|to be having an affair./ {88701}{88746}/- Too young?|- Of course./ {88748}{88798}/Women start that after 60 {88801}{88836}when it's too late. {88963}{89001}She's making it up! {89157}{89212}You think she's|too young, too? {89214}{89267}I only think one thing.|I wish? {89269}{89324}I could drive a cab|in New York. {89327}{89367}But there's a lot|of traffic there. {89392}{89449}In America?|Not just traffic. {89452}{89489}There's social inequality, {89492}{89578}trusts, cartels, and|the supremacy of big business. {89580}{89693}But at least when one car|chases another, they go {89695}{89760}hell for leather.|Not like here. {89825}{89888}Slow down, or might take off! {90953}{91006}No way. Don't care if it's|double or triple the fare. {91008}{91036}I'm not going. {91038}{91116}The car's overheating, my head|hurts, my hair's growing. {91118}{91191}- What's that?|- My nerves are cracking. {91364}{91434}Sister, please check the|dressing and tools. {91437}{91467}All counted.|Present and correct. {91469}{91507}Dressing please. {91778}{91875}Ladies and gentlemen. The Kutno|team has finished its operation. {91878}{91928}/Yes. Surgery completed. {91930}{92035}Gorzow are still operating.|What's the jury's verdict? {92038}{92118}Nine points for the surgical|team from Kutno. {92120}{92181}Eight points for Gorzow. {92582}{92637}This random patient business|is a big con. {92640}{92707}Guy we got was so fat I knew|we'd lose as soon as I saw him. {92710}{92760}By the time I'd got|through the fatty layer {92762}{92822}they were already operating. {93031}{93058}Yes, yes... {93068}{93111}It'll turn in your favor. {93113}{93191}It'll show you're strong|and not afraid of rumours. {93193}{93241}Everyone says you're on your|way out, but you don't give? {93243}{93311}A damn, you're on your way,|but to Hungary, {93313}{93356}personally to|oversee assembly. {93358}{93418}And it gives your wife|a new opportunity. {93421}{93519}With you in Hungary, she|can really start partying. {93522}{93557}What's wrong with the taxi? {93559}{93622}- Partying?|- You know what I mean. {93624}{93657}In the meantime... {93687}{93769}We wait for her to move.|Then - click. {93772}{93839}He threw you out?|Did you get his number? {93925}{93993}Even supposing you stayed put {93995}{94043}and caught them - so what? {94045}{94123}You're in the doorway, she's|in bed, he's in the wardrobe... {94125}{94258}It looks like something from|a cheap pre-war capitalist novel. {94260}{94321}Now look at it this way. {94324}{94359}While the husband {94414}{94511}is in a fraternal country {94514}{94589}having sleepless nights|as he oversees assembly... {94591}{94649}- Right, I understand.|- His wife has sleepless nights {94651}{94709}for an entirely|different reason. {94770}{94800}How does that sound? {94860}{94892}"Sokol" sports club? {94912}{94970}- The president, please.|- Look, look... {94992}{95025}- Wacek?|- Listen... {95027}{95107}Legs up! You're|lagging behind! {95110}{95226}Go on! Pedal harder! {95258}{95296}- Maciek!|- What? {95298}{95353}- I need one right away.|- Cyclist? {95356}{95411}- No, bike! The best.|- I can't! {95413}{95476}- President's orders. Quick!|- OK then. {95478}{95588}Kowalczyk! Pull over!|What're you waiting for? {95591}{95672}Pull up off the road!|Kowalczyk... {95852}{95882}Get off.|Hand over the bike. {95957}{95984}On top! {96034}{96083}- See you!|- Bye! {96268}{96343}Sir! Sir! {96445}{96544}Wait! Wait! {96886}{96945}/Question for the Zabrze team. {96947}{97010}"What's the latest percentage" {97012}{97070}"increase in the number|of hospital beds?" {97072}{97140}7218 hours. {97280}{97322}Correct... except it's|the answer to question 3 {97325}{97378}which I haven't read out yet.|Question 3 goes: {97381}{97481}How many free hours has the|health service donated?? {97483}{97578}/But I trust the jury will accept|the advance answer./ {97581}{97643}Yes, the jury accepts. {97686}{97731}Everyone has dreams, {97733}{97808}desires, something they'd {97812}{97897}like to see or hear. {97919}{98007}Mrs Wnuk has cleaned hospital|wards for many years. {98009}{98059}What would you like|to hear most? {98062}{98149}Mr Koracz's song|"About Health" {98152}{98214}is what I would|like to hear most. {98217}{98278}By a happy coincidence|Mr Koracz is here with us. {98343}{98390}# What can I tell you # {98403}{98453}# or, rather, sing # {98455}{98510}# You can't beat health # {98513}{98580}# it's the best thing. # {98583}{98643}I was 8000 zloty short. {98739}{98806}I mean, it's a bargain, {98809}{98874}original Afghan coat... {98919}{98966}Who's selling? {98991}{99031}This Turk, see, {99034}{99124}the food-store manager|told me about him. {99127}{99205}Hey, listen.|Come round this evening. {99227}{99307}I'll try and have it.|For sure. See you. {99347}{99445}# All day #|# Chases disease away. # {100981}{101054}- Are you last in line?|- Yes. {101056}{101089}I'll be behind you, then. {101327}{101375}Excuse me, it's no smoking. {101377}{101422}I know, but I'm not inhaling. {101425}{101515}/Can't pay you. Your photo|doesn't match your face./ {101517}{101575}/Obviously. That's my|brother-in-law's ID./ {101592}{101632}Give me just 500 zloty, eh? {101635}{101675}I can give you 200. {101687}{101732}- You want that?|- All right, then. {102033}{102063}It's me. {102076}{102151}Just one thing.|Well two, actually. {102153}{102254}I've talked about this with|two, let's say, experts. {102257}{102312}And these women|just make it all up. {102314}{102364}All of them.|Yours too. {102367}{102482}/Experts? What are|you talking about?/ {102484}{102567}/Apparently they never|actually - you know./ {102569}{102658}- And facts confirm this.|- Did you catch her at it? {102660}{102705}/That's what I'm saying, no.|But nothing's sure yet./ {102708}{102758}I'll take some pictures of her.|Reckon you'll be pleased. {102760}{102795}Give me a couple of days. {102798}{102880}Oh by the way, I can't|hack it with that bike. {102883}{102950}I'm too slow, bike's too fast. {103301}{103371}Excuse me, any chance|of turning that radio down? {103374}{103426}Can't make it any quieter.|I'll have to make it louder. {103429}{103459}Thanks ever so much. {103692}{103732}- I'm here.|- So I see. {104086}{104123}Wait here. {104238}{104326}You know, when|you phoned me, {104328}{104374}I didn't feel like it much,|but then I thought... {104412}{104454}so here I am. {104457}{104519}I really appreciate that. {104687}{104729}Where are you flying, anyway? {104840}{104895}Assembly, you know. {104930}{104965}Personal supervision. {105008}{105048}/People's Republic of Hungary. {105070}{105118}Would you do anything for me? {105120}{105183}/- Of course, darling.|- Stand like this, then. {105895}{105965}8, 9, 10, {106131}{106246}11, 12, 13, 14, 15. {106411}{106438}Thank you. {106538}{106609}Hey! Is this meal-time,|or work? {106742}{106792}NOT IN SERVICE {107529}{107561}What's up? {107839}{107895}Got to get some planks|over to Zyrardow. {107910}{107940}Can do 7 o'clock. {107942}{108012}7, it'll be ashes, not planks.|It's got to be now. {108015}{108107}- Now? Where's the fire?|- There isn't one yet. {108110}{108167}There will be by 7, probably. {108205}{108280}OK. But what can I do?|I'm full up. {108426}{108491}Dump it here|for a couple of hours. {108829}{108884}- Excuse me.|- Where are you going? {108887}{108939}There's a queue. {108982}{109082}- I don't want the queue.|- Well I'm queuing, just for wine. {109084}{109152}- Where's the manager's office?|- I don't know. {109213}{109243}There's a queue. {109253}{109305}I'm not blind. {109308}{109345}But deaf, maybe. {109348}{109415}I tell you there's a queue|and you push in. {109443}{109483}I'm talking to you. {109485}{109563}What's all this patting?|You a doctor? {109565}{109669}- You weren't standing here.|- Listen, get on the 125 bus, {109671}{109789}go to Castle Square, tell|King Zygmunt on his column {109791}{109876}"you weren't standing here". {110225}{110295}/- Here... you and your 125 bus.|- You asshole./ {110297}{110375}/Why don't you quit bothering|decent people?/ {110377}{110485}/- What's up with you?|- Take your hand off!/ {110487}{110571}Look what they did there,|sir. And here. {110598}{110661}Slawek! {110663}{110682}Over here a minute, please. {110683}{110731}THESE CUSTOMERS|ARE BANNED {110746}{110821}- What's up?|- Quick, quick./ {110823}{110928}Excuse a moment.|Slawek, shoot! {111009}{111064}And straight on our display. {111147}{111227}Fella! If you want... {111229}{111339}take that 125 and stuff it.|Up your ass! {111540}{111593}So where's this 125, citizen? {111595}{111685}- Well, 124, officer.|- ID, please. {111740}{111839}Miss Wiesia, can you|pass me a chicken? {111841}{111874}Hold on. {112111}{112209}The Turk? I know about him.|He'll be... {112211}{112292}- The Turk will be...|- Excuse me, madam,/ {112295}{112335}are you the manager? {112337}{112430}The cleaning lady used a dirty|cloth handling the chicken. {112445}{112487}I'm the manager. {112490}{112557}He just snatched that chicken|from me like a hooligan. {112560}{112602}It was crucial evidence. {112605}{112665}And he snatched my cloth.|My work-tool. {112667}{112731}Sir, he wanted|to steal that chicken. {112733}{112791}Of course, why else?|The man's a thief. {112793}{112871}And a drunk. Because|all drunks are thieves. {112873}{112961}Tell me yourself.|Is that acceptable? {112963}{113071}- Kaz, calm down.|- Here. Dirty cloth. {113073}{113127}That's what cloths are for...|to be dirty. {113129}{113212}Basic hygiene... {113214}{113282}Basic hygiene is about {113284}{113337}knocking before you enter. {113339}{113414}You didn't knock.|And you had a dirty cloth. {113417}{113507}- I won't be buying here any more.|- Kaz, wait! {113509}{113628}Sir, he's offended|all the stores. {113630}{113665}From Sluzewiec, where we live, {113668}{113753}up to Zoliborz. {113755}{113803}This is the last store. {113823}{113893}After this, we'll have|to go out to Bielany. {113895}{113973}I'll go as far as Bydgoszcz|rather than buy here... {113975}{114044}Go on, put me up|on your display. {114046}{114136}We decide who goes|on the display. {114139}{114166}- Oh yeah?|- Yes. {114169}{114261}- And what about now?|- Slawek!/ {114430}{114492}Next time you have an opinion|on our trade, {114495}{114542}think it through. {114580}{114662}Surname? {114730}{114780}I'm just thinking it through. {114782}{114830}Kaz, you're irrational. {114832}{114911}You're demanding things|they know nothing about. {114913}{114978}Darling, they can kiss my ass. {114981}{115021}They know about|that, at least. {115071}{115126}- Over here, please.|- Me? {115362}{115397}I tell you, {115414}{115527}last week I left my car|in a guarded car park {115529}{115589}and they stole the wipers|and a wheel. {115592}{115704}Now I went in to buy margarine,|and the idiots put a dam up. {115724}{115773}Should write to the press. {115775}{115833}Can't wait. {115835}{115930}Well I drive, just as you do, {115933}{116048}never had anything stolen,|and I'm never laid. {116050}{116113}- Late.|- Exactly, laid. {116214}{116364}Ass-ig-na-tion. {116396}{116449}Director Kolodziej here. {116451}{116564}Stefan Wisiorny speaking.|Got any cranes on the site? {116566}{116599}Got one. {116601}{116662}/Send it over to me|for an hour, will you?/ {116665}{116702}I can't.|We're expecting {116705}{116790}a surprise inspection.|Got to work. {116792}{116870}Take an hour out for|a mass rally. {116872}{116900}About Lebanon. {116927}{116960}/No harm in doing that. {117351}{117388}Central Station, please. {117532}{117667}We need prefabs to build|new houses for the people. {117694}{117754}Reality imposes problems {117794}{117892}and we have to solve them. {117904}{117975}Ready. Yours? OK. {118005}{118063}- Up.|- Go. Go. Go. {118128}{118188}Right! Go! Up! {118581}{118611}It's a cabriolet. {119481}{119573}/Will members of the friendship|trip please board the coach./ {119576}{119608}/Faster, faster. {119744}{119839}/Excuse me, is Mr Mustafa in? {119842}{119927}- Mr Mustafa is not in, as such.|- And where would...? {120022}{120084}He ordered a wake-up call|in two hours? Time. {120087}{120135}- Thank you.|- At your service. {120268}{120295}/Please! {120318}{120428}/It's open.|Harder!/ {121250}{121277}Please! {121568}{121641}Sorry. I believe|you ordered a beer. {121959}{122004}I am very sorry {122007}{122099}but your suspicions|are totally unfounded. {122102}{122182}I'm not trading in anything. {122184}{122252}The lady arrived in this coat|and is leaving in same. {122791}{122854}Hello, it's about a coat? {123019}{123106}Your suspicions|are totally unfounded. {123109}{123134}I'm not trading in anything. {123136}{123195}The lady arrived in this coat|and is leaving in same. {123305}{123410}/33, 34, 35... {123412}{123552}/36, 37, 38... {123555}{123648}39, 40. {123761}{123883}/42, 43, 44... {123886}{123991}- I'm going to Nasielsko.|- 45, 46.../ {124788}{124873}- What's the problem?|- I'll tell you. {124875}{124929}Can I have a look|at that wheel? {125069}{125124}/Inflatable,|recreational object./ {125161}{125234}- ID!|- ID? Why? {125236}{125309}15 metres from the perimeter|is a public right of way. {125311}{125392}Anyway, I suggest you read|the minister's decree of {125395}{125462}27 December.|Number 1789. {125465}{125550}Yeah. I'll read, and you'll|slither by. ID. {125552}{125580}Here you are. {125712}{125760}Fine, go ahead. {126043}{126071}Excuse me, {126073}{126166}is there a fitness course|or running track here? {126168}{126211}Ask the manager. {126213}{126312}Karolka, come round|the back of the laundry. {127108}{127136}Come in. {128146}{128236}- You just?|- You needn't have bothered. {128281}{128311}I have the second one. {131128}{131155}Excuse me... {131193}{131303}I would like...|telephone... Warsaw. {131744}{131844}- No Warsaw.|- It's been destroyed? {132157}{132235}So we're just going|to stay silent? {132295}{132345}Why don't you say something? {132347}{132386}I'm thinking. {132388}{132466}It's all turned out|so unexpectedly. {132468}{132506}Not unexpectedly at all. {132551}{132623}You followed and followed me. {132641}{132671}All the time. {132736}{132792}You must be very shy. {132812}{132872}And women like to be adored. {133383}{133480}Helen, come home at once.|Got to finish flat 12! {133483}{133545}Quit wandering around|with that short-ass. {133548}{133603}Come home or I'll|tell your parents! {133645}{133734}If it was a regular guy...|But he's a short-ass. {133761}{133789}And a womaniser. {133814}{133904}I tell you, yesterday he was {133906}{133974}trying it on with the cooks. {133976}{134041}One was making dumplings {134044}{134155}and he just comes up from|behind, friggin' short-ass. {134157}{134217}Me, short-ass?! {135324}{135407}Third World, see? {135468}{135510}Third World.|That's what I {135513}{135605}call a feasible project. {135625}{135663}Take an African, {135718}{135785}give him two lighters, {135845}{135934}tape-recorder even. {135936}{135971}Or two tape-recorders. {136071}{136164}Excellent these plays you write|here in Hungary. {136166}{136214}So he grabs her and... {136345}{136397}He's rid of her|once and for all. {136400}{136427}No need for divorce. {136445}{136502}I'm very sorry. {139587}{139659}Aha, so it's you. {139692}{139732}No it's not me. {139815}{139878}Fijalkowski.|Lawyer. {139880}{139950}In charge of your wife's|divorce case. {140133}{140185}How do you mean:|Apartment and car? {140188}{140274}You misheard. Apartment,|car and savings account. {140276}{140341}- Which savings account?|- Both. {140394}{140451}I'll give you a lift. {140646}{140682}You can't prove that! {140685}{140747}I hope you won't force me to. {140785}{140882}Doesn't look good in court...|cynical exploitation of {140885}{140982}- professional status...|- But where's the evidence? {140985}{141035}The name Kwasniewski|mean anything to you? {141075}{141116}You're a smart guy. {141118}{141168}Give me a call|midday tomorrow. {141186}{141241}Not midday, morning. {141266}{141336}And you call me. {141892}{141973}Look, he's coming!|He's put on even more weight. {141975}{142063}- Quiet. I can see.|- Can't do up his belt. {142075}{142138}/He's gotten so fat,|he puffs as he walks./ {142140}{142223}Wait till he sees his office.|Then he'll start puffing. {142225}{142303}/How much sausage is this meant|to be? 150, 200 grams?/ {142305}{142345}/How can it be 200? {142348}{142424}/Look, those scales|start at 50./ {142426}{142459}/Excuse me, I got up at 5. {142461}{142511}/I've missed three trams and|you're standing here griping./ {142514}{142544}/So what? {142546}{142614}/I got up at 4 and|I've missed six trams./ {142616}{142694}- No way am I taking that.|- What's going on here? {142696}{142774}Pushes in and now he's got|the nerve to say they're cheating. {142776}{142811}Don't give that to me. {142814}{142880}Maybe it's to someone else's|taste. Have a look. Look! {142990}{143075}Do I have to eat this? No,|I'll just get something to drink. {143140}{143170}Dudala! {143296}{143326}Tad. {144220}{144333}No! Really, we're|most grateful. {144348}{144420}Oh, you haven't met.|My wife. {144475}{144533}Must meet up some|time, maybe. {144535}{144596}Maybe next month.|So short of time these days. {144599}{144674}Mr Director, Sir, what time|will you be needing the car? {144676}{144704}3 p.m. {145127}{145192}What's going on...|...in the name of God? {145357}{145430}Changes, changes, changes. {145633}{145753}/So this mate of mine followed her|around, got to know her, and.../ {145756}{145856}/...you know what? Turned out|she was quite different from/ {145858}{145959}/what the husband had told him.|He was just jealous./ {145962}{146032}/Sick with jealousy,|like Othello./ {146034}{146097}- You seen Othello?|- Where? {146099}{146189}- OK, you haven't.|- How do you know I haven't? {146192}{146252}And it turned out she was|unhappy in marriage. {146254}{146322}She needed, you know,|warmth, sympathy, trust. {146337}{146383}You follow? {146385}{146458}Now she's divorcing him,|says he's too primitive. {146460}{146558}My mate, he sees all this,|he's a bright guy. {146560}{146603}He loves her, {146605}{146670}it's what she deserves. {146673}{146743}But he's also got {146745}{146806}a wife and two kids. {146809}{146849}So he doesn't know either.|You know? {146879}{146969}What would you do|in my place? {147186}{147225}Stop! Stop!|Damn you... {147227}{147290}When I catch you... {147292}{147382}What will you do|when you catch me? {147385}{147420}You hear that, dad? {147475}{147590}You see, son, on midsummer's|night the fern flower blooms, {147592}{147661}which it doesn't normally|because it has spores. {147663}{147773}Cows, horses, pigs|speak in human tongue. {147776}{147883}- Isn't that on Christmas Eve?|- Only for Catholic animals. {148174}{148297}THE END {148345}{148417}.:: Napisy24.pl - Wprost od t³umaczy ::.