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{4008}{4054}Come on, Peter. {4073}{4145}Wake up. Peter. Wake up. {4179}{4213}Here's your suit. {4314}{4379}Do you know if your sister|slept in her room last night? {4414}{4441}I don't know. {4511}{4547}Come on, Peter. Get up. {5088}{5168}Oh, Charlie.|For God's sake, come on! {5226}{5273}It was freezing last night! {5282}{5323}That's how you get pneumonia. {5327}{5360}That's okay. {5367}{5418}Okay, come on.|Let's go. We're late. {5421}{5464}Your mother's|in the car already. {5719}{5773}Um... {5797}{5918}It's heartening to see so many|strange new faces here today. {5937}{6033}Um, I know my mom|would be very touched {6043}{6110}and probably a little|suspicious... {6114}{6203}um, to see this turnout. So. {6300}{6408}My mother was a very secretive|and private woman. {6414}{6456}She had private rituals, {6459}{6531}private friends,|private anxieties. {6547}{6578}It honestly feels|like a betrayal {6581}{6635}just to be standing here|talking about her. {6798}{6861}She was a very difficult woman|to read. {6883}{6950}If you ever thought you knew|what was going on with her, {6953}{7009}and God forbid|you tried to confront that. {7101}{7133}But when her life|was unpolluted, {7136}{7193}she could be|the sweetest, warmest, {7196}{7244}most loving person|in the world. {7286}{7332}She was also|incredibly stubborn, {7335}{7396}which maybe, explains me. {7445}{7507}You could always count on her|to always have the answer. {7544}{7603}And if|she ever was mistaken, {7606}{7658}and well,|that was your opinion... {7661}{7776}And you were wrong. {8340}{8381}There aren't nuts in that? {8393}{8428}- No.|- Good. {8470}{8506}Does that have nuts? 'Cause|we don't have the EpiPen. {8509}{8534}I know. {9198}{9294}Hello, Rexy! Good dog. {9297}{9334}Shoes off, everybody. {9341}{9396}Charlie, shoes off. {9593}{9627}It does feel weird. {9660}{9689}Yeah. {9723}{9757}Should I be sadder? {9776}{9865}You should be|whatever you are. It'll come. {10382}{10430}Hey, how's it going? {10433}{10472}Mmm, just working. {10497}{10553}Taking a break|from avoiding the show. {10673}{10767}So, you still toiling away|at the hospice? {10777}{10843}Yeah, between this|and the, uh, preschool. {10886}{10958}So what's our deadline now?|Seven months? {10971}{11038}- Six and a half.|- Ooh, coming up. {11074}{11118}Any ideas for titles? {11305}{11330}Come in. {11357}{11382}Hey... {11387}{11434}- Goodnight, kiddo.|- Goodnight. {11500}{11581}Are you, uh... Are you feeling|okay about everything? {11584}{11629}Yeah. Fine. {11646}{11679}A little sad? {11703}{11759}Mmm... {11762}{11837}Yeah, I get it. I know. {11845}{11883}- Goodnight.|- Night. {11886}{11917}Love you. {12281}{12306}Who's this? {12370}{12402}That's Grandma? {12664}{12714}You know|you were her favorite, right? {12751}{12793}Even when|you were a little baby, {12796}{12811}she wouldn't let me feed you {12814}{12854}because she needed|to feed you. {12858}{12895}Drove me crazy. {12919}{12968}She wanted me to be a boy. {13078}{13136}You know, I was a tomboy|when I was growing up. {13149}{13251}I hated dresses|and dolls and pink. {13294}{13338}Who's gonna take care of me? {13343}{13411}Um, excuse me. {13414}{13464}You don't think|I'm gonna take care of you? {13498}{13535}But when you die. {13607}{13638}Well, then... {13664}{13705}Dad will take care of you. {13735}{13768}Or Peter. {14170}{14213}You never cried as a baby. {14258}{14294}You know that? {14336}{14378}Even when you were born. {14594}{14645}Did you feel|like you wanted to cry today? {14767}{14819}You think it might feel|like a relief? {15427}{15460}Goodnight, sweetheart. {18145}{18175}Mom? {19154}{19206}I just scared myself|in the workshop. {19249}{19292}With... With what? {19416}{19442}No. {19966}{19994}Are you done? {20041}{20070}Almost. {20100}{20181}So, maybe we finish the toy|after the quiz. {20184}{20212}What do you think? {20259}{20295}- Okay.|- Okay. {20501}{20559}Oh, my God! What was that? {20884}{20924}So, if we go by the rule {20927}{21006}that the hero is undone|by his fatal flaw, {21009}{21071}what is Heracles' flaw? {21099}{21126}Arrogance. {21129}{21190}Okay. Why? {21200}{21265}Because he literally refuses|to look at all the signs {21268}{21338}that are literally handed|to him the entire play. {21351}{21400}Okay, interesting. {21403}{21456}So he thinks he has control. {21459}{21492}But let's all remember, {21495}{21567}Sophocles wrote the oracle|so that it was unconditional, {21570}{21664}meaning, Heracles never had|any choice, right? {21667}{21733}So does that make it|more tragic or less tragic {21736}{21788}that if he has a choice? {21791}{21838}- Less.|- Okay. {21841}{21887}- Why?|- Because. {21954}{21996}Care to|weigh in, Peter? {22037}{22085}Um, about which part? {22139}{22162}I think it's more tragic {22165}{22205}because if it's all|just inevitable, {22208}{22265}then that means that|the characters had no hope. {22268}{22285}They never had hope {22288}{22332}because they're all just,|like, hopeless. {22335}{22353}They're all like pawns {22356}{22417}in this horrible,|hopeless machine. {24192}{24240}- Hello!|- Hi! {25258}{25294}Did you go up|in my mom's room? {25324}{25351}No. {25370}{25413}Mmm. Door was open. {25558}{25579}Hello? {25582}{25619}Sorry. I know it's irrational. {25622}{25663}- No problem.|- Thank you. {25687}{25738}Hey, Dad. It's the cemetery. {25746}{25773}About what? {25794}{25822}Let me see. {25839}{25904}Hello? Yes. {26079}{26115}What does that mean? {26133}{26165}Desecrated? {26274}{26315}But it's only been a week. {26397}{26468}Yes, okay, yes. Sure. {26471}{26504}All right. I understand.|Yes... {26507}{26575}Uh, why don't I call you back?|Yes. Goodbye. {26578}{26605}What was it? {26649}{26707}Uh, just some billing crap. {26738}{26796}Okay, well, I'm, uh...|I'm gonna go see a movie. {26823}{26850}Okay. {27508}{27523}He would say {27526}{27606}"I'm a burden, I'm a burden,|I'm a burden." {27706}{27761}And I would|tell him, "No, no." {27928}{27998}But yes,|he was a burden. {28015}{28087}Now we've set aside|some time for any newcomers {28090}{28132}who might like to speak. {28135}{28174}So, anyone. {28177}{28257}If it's your first|or second time with us, {28260}{28298}the floor is open. {28387}{28455}Yes. Would you like to... {28458}{28488}Maybe not. {28499}{28567}Okay. No pressure. {28750}{28778}My name's Annie. {28783}{28814}Hi, Annie. {28855}{28899}My mom died a week ago. {28906}{28983}So I'm just here|for trying it. {29008}{29069}I have a lot of resistance|to things like this, {29072}{29143}but I came to these|a couple years ago. {29146}{29220}Well, I was forced to come|and I guess it, um... {29254}{29302}I guess it helped. So, um... {29373}{29458}My mom was old and she wasn't|all together there at the end. {29461}{29515}And we were pretty much|estranged before that, {29518}{29588}so it really wasn't|a huge blow. {29595}{29721}But I did love her. {29755}{29788}And she didn't have|an easy life. {29791}{29866}She had DID, which became|extreme at the end. {29871}{29906}And dementia. {29909}{30005}And my father died when I was|a baby from starvation, {30008}{30074}um, because he had|psychotic depression {30077}{30092}and he starved himself, {30095}{30147}which I'm sure was just|as pleasant as it sounds. {30150}{30187}And then there's my brother. {30191}{30235}My older brother|had schizophrenia {30238}{30266}and when he was 16 {30269}{30309}he hanged himself|in my mother's bedroom {30312}{30350}and of course|the suicide note blamed her {30353}{30434}accusing her of putting people|inside him. So. {30524}{30571}That was my mom's life. {30870}{30896}And then she lived|in our house {30899}{30938}at the end before hospice. {30941}{30976}We weren't even talking|before that. {30979}{31027}I mean, we were|and then we weren't. {31034}{31073}And then we were. {31142}{31178}She's completely manipulative. {31181}{31260}Until my husband finally|enforced a no-contact rule, {31263}{31317}which lasted until I got|pregnant with my daughter. {31320}{31343}I didn't let her|anywhere near me {31346}{31383}when I had my first, my son, {31386}{31427}which is why I gave her|my daughter, {31430}{31489}who she immediately|stabbed her hooks into. {31498}{31561}And I just...|I felt guilty again. {31564}{31599}I felt guilty again. {31605}{31627}When she got sick, {31630}{31681}not that she was really even|my mom at the end, {31684}{31795}and not that she would ever|feel guilty about anything. {31906}{31991}And I just don't want to put|any more stress on my family. {32046}{32102}I'm not even really sure|if they could... {32140}{32184}Could give me that support. {32268}{32312}And I just...|I just feel like... {32396}{32445}I just sometimes|feel like it's all ruined. {32512}{32612}And then I realize|that I am to blame. {32675}{32698}Or not that I'm to blame, {32701}{32815}but I am blamed! I'm... {32844}{32932}And what do you think|you feel blamed for? {33012}{33045}I don't know. {33142}{33166}Hey, what's|going on in town {33169}{33210}anyway, Mister?|A convention or something? {33213}{33227}What? {33230}{33256}Well, those clothes|you're wearing. {33259}{33280}I talked to a guy this morning {33283}{33330}who was wearing|the same kind of outfit. {33333}{33384}Maybe it's the guy|you're looking for, huh? {33387}{33420}You spoke to him? {33429}{33476}What did he tell you?|Where did he go? {33479}{33508}Hey, what's the matter|with you? {33511}{33538}Hey, take your hands off me. {33541}{33574}You will tell me|what he said to you! {33577}{33600}Well why should I? {33603}{33641}Hey, who do you think|you are anyway? {33694}{33727}He came in|with the dog tags! {33730}{33755}Wanted to know|about the address {33758}{33785}and I told him how to find it. {33788}{33812}Where? {36810}{36895}Hey, um, do you think|I could maybe borrow {36898}{36935}one of the cars tonight? {36941}{36999}Why? Where are you going? {37003}{37069}Oh, just like|a school barbecue thing. {37074}{37117}Oh, so you're not eating|with us? {37120}{37162}No, I was still gonna|eat here. {37165}{37196}Well, you can eat there|if you want. I just didn't... {37199}{37260}No, no, no. I'm gonna|eat here. I just, I... {37263}{37328}Just be going to hang out. {37390}{37419}No drinking? {37455}{37528}We're not even old enough|to get drinks if we wanted to. {37535}{37604}Well, that's a crock. I'm just|asking if you're drinking. {37614}{37653}Well, I just answered no. {37695}{37735}You gonna take your sister? {37771}{37840}Uh... Does she want to go? {37855}{37919}Have you asked her? {38007}{38035}Charlie? {38764}{38790}Charlie! {38841}{38942}I mean, what are you doing?|Leaving the house barefoot? {38947}{38968}Are you some kind of idiot? {38971}{39036}You can't roam around|with no shoes and no coat. {39040}{39083}- I want Grandma.|- Oh. {39097}{39158}Oh, what?|You're angry with me now? {39240}{39298}You are going to this...|Hey, socks off. {39301}{39345}You're going to this party|with your brother. {39361}{39380}What party? {39383}{39448}Some school hangout|with other kids. {39487}{39501}That's okay. {39504}{39579}No, it's not okay.|You're going. {39582}{39616}- Why?|- Because it'll be fun. {39619}{39663}Because you'll get to hang out|with other kids. {39666}{39694}- With who?|- With your... {39697}{39737}With your brother.|With other kids. {39865}{39901}- Fine.|- Good. You're going. {39904}{39950}- She's going with you.|- Great. {39953}{39996}Now this really means|no drinking. {39999}{40042}Yeah, I really wasn't|going to. {42352}{42388}Whoa. Hi. {42422}{42453}Oh. Hi. {42469}{42501}How's the party? {42530}{42582}Why? You wanna know|if you should come? {42591}{42640}Uh, yeah. What do ya think? {42699}{42731}Either way. {42794}{42849}Hey, do you happen|to smoke at all? {42852}{42891}I have really good weed. {43045}{43099}- The other room has a bong.|- Sick. {43232}{43267}Do you wanna wait out here|for a second? {43270}{43317}- No.|- Charlie, please, just... {43320}{43362}It'll be two minutes|and then we can hang out. {43365}{43436}You can draw.|Please, Charlie. I'm... {43475}{43523}Oh, shit, look. They're|giving out chocolate cake. {43526}{43553}Not to everyone. {43556}{43586}Yes to everyone. It's a party. {43589}{43635}- I don't know anyone.|- Nobody does. {43638}{43703}Just walk over and stand there|and they'll give you a piece. {43706}{43748}Hurry up. They're gonna|run out. Come on, Charlie. {43889}{43971}Hey, guys. Peter has weed. {44544}{44583}That was|your sister downstairs? {44590}{44639}Yeah. Charlie. {44685}{44716}Is your sister hot? {44783}{44831}I actually saw her|drawing me last week. {44835}{44856}Oh, yeah? {44859}{44925}Yeah. She made me|look retarded. {44932}{44965}Yeah. That's Charlie. {45668}{45703}Peter? {45707}{45776}Charlie. {45785}{45839}What's up? {45944}{45976}Are you okay? {46014}{46059}It's hard to breathe. {46099}{46124}What do you mean? {46153}{46204}I think my throat's|getting bigger. {47389}{47439}It's okay, Charlie. We're|almost at the hospital, okay? {47872}{47920}Charlie! {49836}{49868}You okay. {49943}{49970}Okay. {51606}{51656}Okay, good.|They're home. {51671}{51697}Good. {53064}{53113}I'm running out|for some balsam wood. {53116}{53143}You want anything? {53146}{53203}I'm good, sweetheart.|Drive safe. {53206}{53269}Okay. Back in 20. {54170}{54253}Oh, my God! Oh, my God! {54364}{54464}Oh, no. I can't, I can't... {54467}{54597}I just want to die! {54743}{54805}Oh, God. It hurts too much! {54808}{54859}I just need to die! {54969}{55050}Charlie! {55147}{55240}Oh, God. {55386}{55463}Oh, Charlie! {60561}{60622}Hey, are you guys friends|with Becky on Facebook? {60637}{60677}You're friends with Becky? {60691}{60752}I said "Facebook friends." {60774}{60814}But seriously,|you see her statuses, bro? {60817}{60858}Oh, my God,|dude, I know. {60861}{60919}- Like, every ten seconds.|- For real. {60922}{61011}Oh, dude, what about, uh,|fucking... Let me hit that. {61014}{61062}- Brian?|- Brian and his girlfriend. {61065}{61093}He calls her something... {61096}{61144}He calls her something really|goofy, dude. What does he... {61147}{61174}Oh, he calls her princess. {61238}{61287}Who fucking calls|their girlfriend "princess"? {61290}{61328}What the fuck? {61331}{61347}Dude, he's like, {61350}{61413}"I'm picking up|my princess from the airport. {61416}{61468}Fucking eating cous...|What the fuck. {61471}{61487}It's couscous. {61490}{61564}Couscous. I don't give a shit,|"...with my princess." {61567}{61596}You hit that shit? {61599}{61624}Who's his girlfriend? {61627}{61710}Some, uh, some fucking|stupid college chick. {61740}{61762}Oh, damn. {61765}{61821}I wanna fucking stupid|college princess, bro. {61824}{61863}Yeah. {61866}{61906}Oh, hey dude.|Dude, dude, dude. {61909}{61937}Are you... Are you all right? {62003}{62067}I think I'm having a...|Like a reaction. {62081}{62104}My throat is... {62107}{62149}I think my throat|is getting bigger. {62158}{62237}Dude, it's just it's...|It's just weed. {62241}{62282}Chill, man. It's all right. {62287}{62329}Just hold my hand. Hold on. {64651}{64730}Uh, I'm so sorry|to chase you down. {64733}{64796}Uh, were you not|coming in, or... {64812}{64890}I... No, I just, um...|I forgot something. {64893}{64960}Oh, okay, sorry.|Sorry, I just... {64963}{65024}I recognized you|from a few months ago. {65045}{65134}Oh, God.|I feel very silly. I'm Joan. {65165}{65195}Hi. {65198}{65237}Are you doing better? {65265}{65326}- What?|- After your mother? {65341}{65400}What? No, no.|That's not... {65462}{65532}My, um...|My daughter was killed. {65542}{65622}Oh. I'm... {65625}{65687}I'm so, so sorry. {65707}{65775}Oh, would you like to|come in with me? {65778}{65822}Or we could even|just have a coffee. {65825}{65889}Uh, I'm sorry.|Really, I, um... {65892}{65951}I can't...|I really did forget something. {65954}{65988}My son died. {66030}{66066}Oh. {66128}{66165}I'm so sorry. {66178}{66219}How old was yours? {66306}{66333}Thirteen. {66345}{66414}God. That's awful. {66456}{66590}My son and my grandson|drowned four months ago. {66600}{66641}The little one was seven. {66650}{66684}Oh, my God! {66703}{66779}I've been coming here|for a couple of months now. {66803}{66842}And it has helped. {66847}{66906}It doesn't|make it easier obviously, {66909}{67015}but sometimes|it makes it less lonely. {67061}{67098}Okay. {67101}{67167}And now I'm about to|embarrass myself but, uh, {67211}{67318}if you need someone|to talk to... {67334}{67374}'Cause we all do. {67522}{67560}If you need it. {67621}{67688}Okay. {67692}{67745}Thank you. Really. {67810}{67836}Okay. {67950}{67979}Bye-bye. {68289}{68326}- Hey.|- Hey. {68360}{68417}- I'm going to bed.|- Where were you? {68420}{68511}At the movies.|Gonna go to bed. {68514}{68565}Okay. I'll come up with you. {68580}{68606}Okay. {69092}{69143}I'll be right back. {69169}{69228}No you won't.|You're taking the blanket. {69248}{69283}I can't sleep. {69341}{69378}It's freezing out there. {69403}{69439}Well, the heater's up there. {69476}{69503}Okay. {69546}{69575}Is that okay? {69625}{69672}If it gets too cold,|come back in. {69791}{69829}I just need to sleep. {71977}{72001}Shit. {73532}{73578}Oh, Annie. You came. {73581}{73612}It's a little earlier|than we said. {73615}{73672}Ah, you're perfect.|Come in. Come in. {73846}{73905}Uh, your welcome mat. {73914}{73966}Ah!|It's kind of cute, huh? {73969}{74033}Yeah. My mother used to|embroider ones just like that. {74036}{74092}Did she really?|Isn't that funny? {74114}{74163}Please come in. Sit. {74192}{74237}First there's the... {74264}{74311}The smell of something wrong. {74356}{74454}And then the body. {74479}{74619}Covered in black blood,|like tar. {74753}{74836}And her head wasn't there|so I couldn't see her face. {74839}{74898}But they were gone. {74929}{75021}And her hands,|and her little finger nails. {75876}{75931}How is your relationship|with your son? {75964}{76013}- Peter?|- Hmm. {76042}{76092}Oh, God. Um... {76163}{76210}Okay, I sleepwalk. {76269}{76336}I mean, I haven't done it|in years, but, um... {76353}{76426}A couple years ago,|I woke up {76438}{76508}and I was standing|next to Peter in Charlie's bed {76511}{76587}when they shared a room. {76640}{76669}And they were {76716}{76787}completely covered|in paint thinner. {76822}{76861}And so was I. {76882}{76919}From head to toe. {77002}{77065}And I was standing there|with a box of matches {77068}{77109}and an empty can|of paint thinner. {77170}{77209}And I woke myself up|striking the match, {77212}{77289}which also woke Peter up,|and he started to scream. {77332}{77377}And I immediately put|the match out. {77380}{77429}Like, immediately. {77432}{77492}I mean, I was just|as shocked as he was. {77523}{77589}And it was impossible|to convince them {77592}{77642}that it was just sleepwalking, {77645}{77738}which of course it was, but... {77755}{77803}The timing was awful. {77806}{77870}Peter and I had gotten into|this stupid quarreling phase, {77873}{77947}just forever arguing|about nothing, such... {78009}{78045}Frivolous stuff. {78125}{78179}And Peter always held it|against me. {78198}{78234}And there was nothing|I can say {78237}{78286}and nothing I can do {78293}{78370}because it happened. {78448}{78491}While I was asleep. {78593}{78646}Hey! That was quick. {78662}{78704}Did you bike all the way here? {78707}{78760}Um, no. Actually my friend|drove me home. {78763}{78836}Oh, uh, by the way,|Peter, have you, um... {78839}{78911}Have you signed up for that,|uh, SAT prep course? {78914}{78931}I'll do it tomorrow. {78934}{78968}Yeah, you know what,|you gotta do that {78971}{79007}because it's coming up. {79875}{79918}Jesus Christ, Annie. {79952}{80012}You're not planning on letting|him see that, are you? {80015}{80052}- Who?|- Peter. {80055}{80096}How do you think he's gonna|feel when he sees that? {80099}{80135}What? It's not about him. {80138}{80161}Oh, no? {80164}{80222}No. It's a neutral view|of the accident. {80456}{80498}Are you, uh, are you|coming down to dinner? {80501}{80513}I'm making dinner. {80516}{80572}No, I made the dinner.|I came to get you. {80575}{80639}Come, stay, whatever you want.|I don't really give a shit. {81773}{81811}This is really good, Dad. {81844}{81869}Thanks, buddy. {82334}{82370}You okay, Mom? {82460}{82485}What? {82538}{82585}Is there something|on your mind? {82644}{82687}Is there something|on your mind? {82753}{82862}It just seems like there might|be something you wanna say. {82865}{82897}- Peter...|- Like what? {82900}{82950}I mean, why would I wanna|say something {82953}{82999}so I can watch you|sneer at me. {83031}{83076}Sneer at you?|I don't ever sneer at you. {83079}{83102}Oh, sweetie.|You don't have to. {83105}{83139}You get your point across. {83144}{83188}Okay, so fine. Then say|what you wanna say then. {83191}{83206}Peter. {83209}{83313}I don't wanna say anything.|I've tried saying things. {83316}{83348}Okay, so try again.|Release yourself. {83351}{83386}Oh, release you, you mean. {83389}{83437}Yeah, fine. Release me.|Just say it. {83440}{83471}Just fucking say it! {83474}{83530}Don't you swear at me,|you little shit! {83533}{83577}Don't you ever|raise your voice at me! {83580}{83622}I am your mother! {83625}{83657}Do you understand? {83660}{83754}All I do is worry and slave|and defend you. {83757}{83846}And all I get back is that|fucking face on your face. {83849}{83925}So full of disdain|and resentment {83928}{83971}and always so annoyed. {83974}{84023}Well, now your sister is dead. {84036}{84113}And I know you miss her,|and I know it was an accident {84116}{84146}and I know you're in pain. {84149}{84196}And I wish I could take that|away for you. {84199}{84261}I wish I could shield you|from the knowledge {84264}{84361}that you did what you did,|but your sister is dead! {84377}{84420}She's gone forever! {84460}{84510}And what a waste. {84513}{84574}If it could have maybe brought|us together or something. {84577}{84623}If you could have just said,|"I'm sorry", {84626}{84674}or faced up to what happened. {84677}{84736}Maybe then we could do|something with this. {84739}{84802}But you can't take|responsibility for anything! {84805}{84870}So now I can't accept... {84873}{84972}And I can't forgive because... {85033}{85111}Because nobody admits|anything they've done! {85870}{85904}What about you, Mom? {86041}{86086}She didn't wanna go|to the party. {86135}{86178}So why was she there? {86215}{86272}All right. We're|stopping this right now. {86314}{86342}That's it. {86394}{86470}I said stop right now. {86473}{86502}Fine! {86685}{86708}Fine. {88475}{88505}Joan? {88529}{88587}Oh! Annie! {88590}{88666}- Hey.|- Oh! {88675}{88719}- Annie!|- Hi! {88751}{88794}Oh, my! {88799}{88834}How are you? {88837}{88888}- Oh, Annie! I'm...|- Are you okay? {88928}{89030}I'm... I am, yes.|I'm really good. {89033}{89131}- I'm really, really...|- Okay. {89152}{89238}Something's...|Something happened, Annie, {89241}{89355}and I feel completely|turned around. {89358}{89412}What happened? {89415}{89456}I don't even know|if I should say. {89459}{89486}What do you mean? {89489}{89527}You're gonna think I am crazy! {89530}{89555}No, not at all. {89558}{89612}Oh. Okay. {89635}{89665}All right, come on. {89723}{89831}I met a spiritual medium. {89864}{89934}They were performing|an open séance. {89937}{89977}I know, I know|what you're thinking, {89980}{90020}but they asked me to attend. {90023}{90088}They were bringing skeptics|in and scientists. {90091}{90152}So I went, fully skeptical. {90155}{90262}And what I experienced there,|Annie, was truly... {90267}{90281}Open séance... {90284}{90426}They brought in the spirit of|a man from the 19th century. {90429}{90517}And no, no, not in a kind of|smoke and mirrors way, no. {90520}{90546}And the man sitting|next to me {90549}{90626}was a completely|cynical neurologist {90629}{90731}and he looked permanently|changed by the end of it. {90734}{90808}No, I... I... I know|what you're thinking. I do. {90811}{90898}But I... I approached|the medium afterwards {90901}{90965}and I asked her about my son|and my grandson {90968}{91041}and she came to my apartment|and she... {91173}{91225}She ended up performing... {91248}{91353}Well... She conjured|my grandson. {91376}{91442}No, no, no, I know, I know|what that smile is. I know. {91445}{91501}Annie, Annie...|I wouldn't believe it either, {91504}{91543}I didn't believe it, {91551}{91637}but I heard his voice. {91654}{91719}I felt his presence|in the room. {91722}{91781}Annie, this is real. {91822}{91865}What are you doing right now? {91875}{91911}I'm just here shopping. {91914}{91948}Do you wanna come over? {91953}{92031}Oh, Annie. Please, Annie.|I really think you should. {92034}{92105}It would be everything|if you came. {92407}{92447}Nice mood setter. {92683}{92717}Okay. {92758}{92814}I'm going to put my hand|on the glass, {92846}{92897}but I'm not going to|add pressure. {92918}{92957}You do the same. {93167}{93203}All right. {93329}{93363}Louis... {93422}{93495}Louis, are you here?|It's Grandma. {93753}{93853}Louis, if you are here|with us, {93881}{93965}please just try|and slide the glass. {94071}{94163}Louis, if you're here... {94234}{94263}Hi, Louis! {94266}{94350}- Hi, Louis!|- How did you do that? {94372}{94478}Louis, I'm going to ask you|some questions. Okay, sweetie? {94488}{94592}If the answer is yes,|slide the glass to the right. {94601}{94639}If it's no, {94643}{94718}slide it the other way,|to the left. {94721}{94762}Do you understand? {94842}{94920}Louis, are you okay? {94991}{95029}Are you in pain? {95059}{95137}- Oh, my God!|- It's okay. It's okay. {95146}{95189}It's okay. It's okay. {95192}{95267}Louis, I brought|your chalkboard. {95274}{95338}Remember your chalkboard? {95362}{95409}Can you write something? {96096}{96189}Oh, Louis!|I love you, sweetheart! {96198}{96248}I'm sorry.|Could we stop? {96264}{96281}What? {96284}{96334}- I'm sorry.|- Please... {96337}{96394}Louis, we're going to stop|for a second, {96397}{96441}but I'll be right back. {96532}{96547}Are you all right? {96550}{96582}I'm sorry, I'm just...|I really... {96585}{96620}I understand, I understand. {96623}{96669}That's exactly how I reacted|the first time. {96672}{96705}I have to go. Okay.|I'm... I'm sorry. Thank you. {96708}{96774}- No, no. It's okay. It's okay.|- Thank you. Yeah. {96957}{97021}I know. I know, honey. {97024}{97070}If you want to try this|on your own... {97073}{97132}- God...|- It's okay. It's okay. {97135}{97184}First light the candle, {97187}{97252}then choose an item that|belonged to your daughter. {97255}{97320}That will be your link.|Mine was the chalkboard. {97323}{97356}That's my link. {97360}{97410}It's all right.|It's all right. {97413}{97473}It's okay. There you go. {97476}{97513}Then when you're ready, {97522}{97566}read this out loud, {97569}{97639}every syllable,|very carefully. {97646}{97700}Sorry, why?|What is it? {97703}{97736}I don't know|what language it is. {97739}{97790}The medium|had me read it first. {97793}{97840}It's to make things start. {97843}{97900}But remember,|your whole family... {97903}{97967}Every member needs to be|in the house. {97970}{98033}Your son, everyone.|Very important. {98036}{98078}- Okay.|- Okay? {98087}{98137}Deep breath. {98140}{98182}You didn't kill her, Annie. {98314}{98336}What? {98352}{98399}She isn't gone. {102383}{102449}Mom?|What are you doing? {102571}{102607}What's going on? {102635}{102675}You're sleepwalking. {102838}{102930}I'm sorry. Is Charlie here? {102995}{103043}Why are you scared of me? {103141}{103168}What? {103262}{103309}I never wanted|to be your mother. {103426}{103452}Why? {103466}{103506}I was scared. {103552}{103628}I didn't feel like a mother. {103647}{103688}But she pressured me. {103708}{103740}Then why did you have me? {103743}{103812}It wasn't my fault.|I tried to stop it. {103863}{103892}How? {103952}{104001}I tried to have a miscarriage. {104071}{104100}How? {104128}{104150}However I could. {104153}{104228}I did everything they told me|not to do but it didn't work. {104240}{104286}I'm happy it didn't work. {104296}{104339}You tried to kill me. {104342}{104382}No, I did not. I love you! {104385}{104412}You tried to kill me! {104415}{104457}- I love you!|- Why did you try to kill me? {104460}{104494}I didn't!|I was trying to save you! {104497}{104546}Why did you try to kill me? {105188}{105217}Peter? {105266}{105301}Peter, sweetheart? Wake up. {105304}{105355}- What?|- It's okay. It's me. {105358}{105415}I am so, so sorry|for everything. {105418}{105450}- Please, please forgive me.|- It's okay. {105453}{105478}I can't stand|the things I said. {105481}{105517}It's okay. It's okay. {105555}{105609}Can you get up, sweetheart?|We're gonna try something. {105612}{105646}I was having a nightmare. {105649}{105682}Oh, it's okay.|We can do something. {105685}{105702}Do what? {105705}{105753}I figured it out.|Come on, come on. {105808}{105885}Steven. Baby. Steve, wake up. {105913}{105943}- What?|- Come downstairs. {105946}{105974}We're gonna try|something together. {105977}{106028}Come on, come on. {106087}{106123}Steve, come on. Let's go. {106473}{106516}- Dad?|- It's okay. {106707}{106741}Come on, come on! {106897}{106961}Okay. So... {106964}{107009}It's freezing in here. {107012}{107050}Wait! No, no, no.|What are you doing? Wait! {107053}{107074}I'm gonna close the window. {107077}{107109}No, no.|We can't change anything. {107112}{107148}I don't wanna mess it up. {107152}{107205}Everyone needs to sit.|Come sit. {107225}{107260}My friend Joan taught me|how to do this. {107263}{107326}What friend Joan? {107332}{107361}We need our palms on the table {107364}{107402}and our fingers to touch.|Please. {107405}{107437}What are we doing here, Annie? {107440}{107475}Please. You'll see. {107522}{107598}Please. Trust me. {107680}{107714}All right, fine. {107805}{107854}We can do it over here then. {107869}{107924}Peter. Okay. {107953}{108012}Okay, Steve. Come on. {108034}{108075}I need you both|to concentrate. {108078}{108097}On what? {108100}{108120}Think about Charlie,|if you can. {108123}{108179}- Oh, for fuck's sake.|- Sweetheart, please, please. {108182}{108204}I tried this 20 minutes ago {108207}{108238}- and it worked.|- What worked? {108241}{108262}I would not be bringing you|down here if it didn't. {108265}{108282}Well, I just need to show you. {108285}{108374}- Show what?|- Fuck! I'm a... {108384}{108409}I'm a medium, okay? {108412}{108442}I was|seeing apparitions earlier {108445}{108499}and I just shook them off|and I shouldn't have. {108506}{108529}Please, I know how it sounds, {108532}{108554}but there's no way|to talk about it. {108557}{108608}I just need to show you, okay?|Please, you'll see. {108611}{108654}- I'm completely lucid.|- Peter, go to bed. {108657}{108696}What! No, no, no!|Peter, please! {108699}{108720}We need to do this|as a family. {108723}{108788}This needs all our energies,|okay? Together. {108791}{108849}All right, I'll stay. {108855}{108890}Steve. Steve, please. {108893}{108946}I really, really need you|to be open to this. {108949}{109021}Please, please.|I promise... Both of you. {109024}{109093}Please. I need you|to be open. Please. {109098}{109183}Come on, Steve.|Come on, come on. I promise. {109186}{109260}Okay. {109273}{109311}Okay, good. {109319}{109365}So, I read that earlier. {109368}{109412}I don't think|I need to read that again. {109428}{109476}What language is even that? {109486}{109545}Try to concentrate. {109708}{109735}Charlie? {109772}{109811}Charlie, are you here? {110005}{110042}Charlie, it's Mommy. {110067}{110105}And Daddy and Peter. {110278}{110339}Charlie, if you're|in this room with us, {110344}{110386}I'm gonna have us all|touch the glass. {110389}{110424}Don't add pressure. {110451}{110487}Now if you're in here,|Charlie, {110490}{110544}I want you to move|the glass for us. {110547}{110572}Even if it's just a tiny bit. {110575}{110599}- Oh, Jesus Christ, Annie!|- Even if it's just the tiniest {110602}{110641}little movement.|Okay, Charlie? {110696}{110722}Okay. {110748}{110840}Shit. What the hell? {110861}{110908}- What?|- You don't feel that? {110922}{110941}What? Feel what? {110944}{111037}Like, you don't feel|the air flexing? {111120}{111167}Wow! Yes! {111170}{111226}Thank you, Charlie!|That was so good! {111233}{111310}Okay. Now, Charlie,|what I'd like for you to do {111313}{111383}is I'd like for you to show|them what you did earlier. {111488}{111522}Can you show them what|you just did for me before? {111525}{111576}- Mom.|- She's gonna do it. {111689}{111736}- That's enough!|- What! No, no, no! {111739}{111795}Listen,|when I did this earlier, {111804}{111866}this manifested on the page.|I saw it! {111869}{111900}- I saw it!|- What is it? {111903}{111935}- It's Charlie!|- Annie! {111938}{111964}Charlie, did you want to draw|some more? {111967}{112013}- You can keep going.|- Stop it! Stop it! {112016}{112067}Okay, we need to keep|our fingers touching... {112070}{112108}You are scaring him! {112111}{112168}No, I am not!|Peter, Peter, listen... {112171}{112195}Stop it! {112198}{112254}Listen to me.|There is no need to be scared. {112257}{112286}This is your sister. {112316}{112337}Mom. {112410}{112474}Charlie, what's wrong? {113441}{113463}Hello? {113488}{113567}- Mom?|- Mom? Mom? {113570}{113593}I don't like this. {113596}{113632}- Dad, I don't like this.|- What's happening? {113635}{113665}- Please stop.|- Annie, please, stop this. {113668}{113690}- What's going on?|- Please stop this. {113693}{113724}- Please.|- Mom! {113727}{113761}You're really freaking me out.|Please stop. {113764}{113789}What's happening?|Why is everyone scared? {113792}{113822}Dad, make it stop. {113836}{113866}Why|are you scaring me! {113869}{113920}Make it stop! Make it stop!|Make it fucking stop! {113923}{113971}- Make it stop!|- Where's Mom! {113974}{114043}Stop it!|Stop it now! Please stop! {114046}{114092}Mom? Peter?|Peter, I'm scared. {114095}{114141}Dad, make it stop! {114144}{114235}What the hell?|What are you doing? {114447}{114482}What happened? {115545}{115603}Our country has had|many ups and downs {115606}{115634}economically speaking. {115637}{115670}We've talked|about the struggles {115673}{115789}during the 1800s|compared to the fall of 1929, {115796}{115856}in an era that|become known appropriately {115859}{115896}as the Great Depression. {115899}{115994}For a decade we suffered|through many, many hardships. {115997}{116114}In 1929, Wall Street had been|going so well {116117}{116209}that when it finally crashed|because of the Great Boom, {116212}{116321}it caused a huge decline|in the economy. {116324}{116411}So much so|that it caused food lines. {116480}{116556}This is where|the Federal Government has, {116559}{116592}or still has... {116849}{116899}Uh, uh. Yes, Peter? {116902}{116962}Um, I'm sorry.|I have to go to the bathroom. {116965}{117027}Um, of course. Take the pass. {117112}{117144}As I was saying... {117279}{117297}Hello? {117309}{117348}Can you guess|who just called me from school {117351}{117399}in complete hysterics? {117422}{117483}- Charlie?|- What? {117516}{117568}Uh, nothing. What happened? {117571}{117603}Peter just called me, Annie, {117606}{117654}terrified,|crying in the halls, {117657}{117681}convinced|he's being threatened {117684}{117741}by some vengeful spirit. {117744}{117790}Why does he think|he's being threatened? {117793}{117865}Listen to me, Annie.|I have a son to protect. {117877}{117891}What does that mean? {117894}{117947}It means that that's what|I'm worried about right now {117950}{117968}and that's how... {117971}{118003}Hey, don't talk to me|like this. {118006}{118043}He's my son too... {118051}{118070}Oh! {118330}{118389}Do not hang up on me again. {118392}{118472}I am not sleepwalking anymore.|Do you understand? {119075}{119096}At the tone, {119099}{119148}please record|your voice message. {119151}{119183}When you are|finished recording, {119186}{119256}you may hang up or press pound|for more options. {119259}{119301}Annie, hi! {119304}{119355}This is Patrick|at the Archer Gallery. {119358}{119437}Um, I was just calling|first to see how you're doing, {119440}{119478}how your family's doing. {119481}{119509}We've all been thinking|about you {119512}{119563}and just worrying about you {119566}{119613}and hoping you're okay. {119616}{119675}You guys have been in our|constant thoughts and prayers. {119678}{119802}And then also, uh, we just|wanted to, well, to say first, {119805}{119868}if you need us to postpone|the show or push the date, {119871}{119916}it's obviously more than okay. {119922}{120014}And if not, uh,|we just wanna call and see {120017}{120095}if we could help|in any way or offer... {120384}{120447}Oh, jeez. That smell. {120674}{120725}Annie?|What's that smell? {121336}{121373}What the fuck happened here? {121398}{121453}I didn't feel like|looking at it anymore. {125497}{125525}Charlie? {126487}{126549}Peter?|Oh my God, Peter! {126575}{126606}What's wrong, baby?|What's happening? {126609}{126631}What are you doing? {126634}{126655}What do you mean? {126658}{126695}You were pulling on my head! {126698}{126724}What? No I wasn't.|I just came in. {126727}{126780}You were screaming.|What happened? {126783}{126810}I saw Charlie in the corner {126813}{126857}and then you started|trying to pull my head off! {126860}{126904}Oh, Peter.|I would never do that to you. {126907}{126951}Are you crazy? Please, baby. {126984}{127022}What corner|did you see Charlie? {127063}{127094}Peter, listen to me. {127097}{127146}I don't know what's happening|or what you just saw, {127149}{127187}but I am stopping this. {127190}{127236}Do not tell Dad|what you just said to me. {127239}{127286}Do not, okay?|Because it is not true. {127289}{127308}Something is happening {127311}{127333}and I'm the only one|who could stop it. {127336}{127381}Do you understand?|I'm the only one {127384}{127416}who can fix this. {131296}{131323}Joan? {131432}{131488}Joan, please.|I need to talk to you. {131574}{131642}Joan, I really need|to ask you a question. {131819}{131848}Joan! {132393}{132429}Peter! {132562}{132592}Peter! {132652}{132699}Peter! {132791}{132846}I expel you! {132937}{132981}Zantany! {133095}{133129}Dagdany! {133188}{133231}Aparagon! {133291}{133333}Peter! {133340}{133415}Get out! {133518}{133554}Peter! {134276}{134305}Oh, God. {139317}{139388}...so everyone|feels justified. {139427}{139515}Iphigenia's murder|was commanded by the gods. {140251}{140313}So, really,|Agamemnon had no choice... {141002}{141034}Peter. {141081}{141123}Peter, what's wrong? {141183}{141233}Peter, are you all right? {141365}{141424}Can he breathe? {141427}{141462}Peter,|what are you doing, man? {142462}{142524}Call from West High School. {143008}{143038}Hello. {143065}{143093}Yes, it is. {144011}{144052}Oh, thank God. {144104}{144163}Wait, what? Oh my God! {144166}{144228}What happened?|What happened to him? {144231}{144279}Oh, no, no, no, no, no. {144282}{144369}Oh my God. Oh, no.|Oh, who did that? {144372}{144430}He did it, apparently,|to himself. {144470}{144504}Smashed his face|into his own desk. {144507}{144568}Okay, Steve. Wait, wait.|Wait, Steve. Listen. {144571}{144633}Take his feet.|Please, take his feet. {144766}{144840}Steve, uh, upstairs... {144843}{144940}In the attic when you were|gone, I went up there and I... {144943}{144963}I just... I really need you {144966}{145010}to go up there|and see what I saw. {145036}{145074}There's a body. {145098}{145126}Yeah. I mean,|I think it's my mother, {145129}{145170}I think, but I can't tell|because the skin's all black {145173}{145234}and she's all distended|but the head is gone. {145268}{145340}Will you, please? I just need|you to go and see upstairs. {145382}{145445}Please, Steve. {145724}{145759}And then there's more. {145774}{145840}You mean more than your|mother's headless body? {145843}{145877}Of course there is. {147022}{147073}- Jesus, fuck!|- Okay, there's more. {147076}{147115}What the fuck was that? {147118}{147147}Why didn't you|call the police? {147150}{147189}The police can't help us. {147203}{147220}Who the fuck is that up there? {147223}{147274}Do you remember Joan,|my friend whose grandson died? {147277}{147336}- She took me to her apartment.|- It did look like your mother. {147339}{147375}Well, listen. She taught me|how to do the séance. {147378}{147435}I didn't even want to, but she|brought her grandson back {147438}{147489}and I saw it and felt it just|like you did with Charlie. {147492}{147546}Now, look.|This is my mother's album. {147549}{147586}Now look here. See this? {147589}{147647}See her?|That's her. That's Joan. {147650}{147679}She didn't even mention|knowing my mom {147682}{147721}and I've never met her before,|but she approached me. {147724}{147752}She consoled me. {147755}{147805}She told me about this séance,|and she showed me how. {147808}{147833}Now look at this.|See this symbol? {147836}{147857}On the necklace|my mom gave me. {147860}{147901}It's her necklace, right?|They're both wearing it, {147904}{147952}and they're wearing it|in every photo. {147955}{148003}And look at that pattern!|Did you see up there? {148006}{148064}This was painted|above the body, right? {148067}{148103}In blood! {148129}{148223}You dug up the grave.|It was you, wasn't it? {148226}{148239}What? {148242}{148261}All those nights you were {148264}{148292}pretending to go|to the movies. {148295}{148317}You're not even listening! {148320}{148359}And then the day|the cemetery called, I said, {148362}{148412}"Oh, I won't tell her|because she'd be worried." {148415}{148467}Oh, God damn it!|Listen to me, Steve! {148470}{148504}I know you don't trust me {148507}{148552}and there is nothing|I can do about that. {148570}{148627}But they put a curse on us|when we brought Charlie back. {148630}{148675}We made a pact with something. {148678}{148698}Something that is|in this house. {148701}{148741}I don't know what it is|but it is after Peter. {148744}{148811}I watched these pages fill. {148814}{148875}All of them are Peter! {148885}{148930}I'm sorry.|I don't know what I did. {148933}{149006}I don't know what I did|but Peter is in danger... {149018}{149065}And I started it. {149078}{149128}Now if we destroy this book, {149140}{149184}it will take me too. {149209}{149241}I tried to burn it. I tried. {149244}{149286}But my arm caught on fire|on its own {149289}{149324}as if I was linked to it|because I am linked to it. {149327}{149388}I understand this now. Please! {149400}{149448}If we don't destroy|this book... {149521}{149562}Peter will... {149597}{149663}Oh, God. Do you understand? {149693}{149795}We have to do this. Please,|please, please, please. {149798}{149833}For Peter. {150103}{150153}I need you to trust me, Steve. {150194}{150262}It needs to be me.|It's my fault. {150265}{150349}It's my fault.|I know it's my fault. Please. {150352}{150426}Please, I need you|to throw it in the fire. {150455}{150484}Please, I just...|I can't do it. {150487}{150543}I can't.|I'm just too fucking scared. {150546}{150588}But if we don't do it... {150591}{150651}If we don't do it,|it's gonna be Peter, {150654}{150731}it's gonna be our son.|Okay, I know this. I know so. {150734}{150807}Just, please, please,|please, please, please... {150927}{150985}Steve, please.|Please understand, baby. {150988}{151097}Please, please.|Please throw it in the fire. {151296}{151345}Sweetheart, please. {151351}{151404}Please take it, take it.|You gotta do it. {151407}{151434}You gotta do it. {151441}{151487}Okay. Thank you, thank you. {151490}{151587}Okay, here. Okay. {151590}{151636}Now listen to me.|Listen to me. {151812}{151913}Oh! You are|the love of my life. {152035}{152122}I love you, Steve.|I love you so, so much. {152142}{152203}Oh, God, I love you so much. {152206}{152249}And I love Peter so much. {152352}{152387}Now please, just... {152424}{152467}Please just throw it in. {152900}{152952}I'm not gonna do this|with you anymore. {152970}{153018}What? No, no, no! {153021}{153075}No, no,|it's not helpful for you. {153093}{153153}You are sick, Annie. {153172}{153214}I need to call the police. {153238}{153282}Oh, God! {154892}{154918}Mom? {155009}{155034}Dad? {157362}{157390}Mom? {157417}{157437}Dad? {158068}{158102}Hello? {159248}{159287}Mom? {163106}{163165}Stop! Mom, please stop! {163168}{163222}Mom, I'm sorry!|Okay, I'm sorry. {163324}{163400}Mommy. Mommy, please.|I'm begging you. {163403}{163444}I'm begging you to stop. {163641}{163668}Mommy? {165514}{165555}Just gotta wake up. {165558}{165610}You just gotta wake up.|Come on. You're okay. {165613}{165690}Just wake up. Wake up!|Wake up! Wake up! {174722}{174826}Oh, hey, hey, hey.|It's all right. {174839}{174871}Charlie... {174964}{175001}You're all right now. {175070}{175166}You are Paimon, {175191}{175261}one of the eight kings|of Hell. {175327}{175392}We have looked|to the Northwest {175395}{175441}and called you in. {175463}{175536}We've corrected|your first female body {175545}{175654}and give you now|this healthy male host. {175671}{175805}We reject the Trinity and pray|devoutly to you, great Paimon. {175815}{175917}Give us your knowledge|of all secret things. {175926}{176038}Bring us honor, wealth,|and good familiars. {176052}{176123}Bind all men to our will, {176126}{176270}as we have bound ourselves|for now and ever to yours. {176441}{176483}Hail, Paimon! {176501}{176560}Hail, Paimon! {176586}{176646}Hail, Paimon! {176673}{176726}Hail! {176774}{176846}.:: Napisy24.pl - Wprost od t³umaczy ::.