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{1212}{1258}Junction City! {3784}{3819}Stay. {3892}{3919}Excuse me. {4147}{4236}Marshall, it's the Younger gang!|I just saw them, bold as brass! {4238}{4315}- Take it steady, Frank.|- Cole and Bob Younger. No mistake. {4317}{4397}- Where are they?|- The bank. Four men, right now. {4399}{4447}The Younger brothers. {4449}{4515}Looks like we caught us|a real big fish. {4517}{4552}All right, boys. {4554}{4622}Spread the word.|Everyone knows what to do. {4624}{4687}Just tell them to hold it|till I give the signal. {4689}{4746}All right, gentlemen.|Hold steady. {4748}{4835}Now we can do this the easy way--|nobody has to die-- {4837}{4901}or we could do it the hard way. {4903}{4945}The choice is yours. {4971}{5044}You, open the safe. {5046}{5112}I don't know the combination. {7249}{7314}I hit him.|I shot Lightning Jack Kane. {7316}{7375}I got him, Clem.|I seen him buck just as I fired. {7639}{7710}I just shot Kane,|the fastest gun alive. {7711}{7762}Maybe you hit him too,|but mine was a head shot. {7764}{7815}Knocked him forward,|right out of the saddle. {7817}{7885}There ain't no maybes.|My shot was plumb in the middle. {7886}{7956}It's the Younger brothers.|We got the Younger brothers! {7975}{8031}- We got one too!|- I got one. {8033}{8085}Set the camera up here. {8087}{8135}Let's get that dead body|in the front. {8137}{8183}I want the committee|right behind it. {8185}{8256}And get the town hall in the back.|This is history. {8258}{8304}That there is Sam Jorgenson. {8306}{8368}Where's the other one?|Where's that Lightning Jack? {8370}{8461}We got Kane, Marshall. Me and Pat here,|we filled him full of holes. {8463}{8531}Horse took a fright|and dragged the body, I reckon. {8533}{8603}He ain't the fastest gun alive--|not anymore. {8634}{8701}- You better go fetch the body.|- Yes, sir. {8703}{8781}Marshall Kurtz in the center. You've|gotta be in the center of the photo. {8810}{8843}Can we have a statement? {8845}{8925}I'm not much for speeches.|I leave that to the politicians. {8927}{9007}I am just a man|who's doing the job... {9009}{9055}that people elected me to do. {9057}{9177}I think today we sent out a message|to all lawbreakers. {9179}{9226}In Junction City... {9227}{9277}you will respect the law... {9279}{9326}or you will learn to fear it! {9327}{9363}- Hear! Hear!|- Right! {9365}{9434}I guess these boys|are just slow learners. {9468}{9533}Three cheers for Marshall Kurtz.|Hip, hip, hooray! {9619}{9690}All right. Hold it. {10591}{10638}- Read that out to me.|- Yes, sir. {10640}{10715}But you don't need the gun, sir.|I ain't the law. {10754}{10813}Read it. {10814}{10874}''Younger gang wiped out.'' {10953}{10988}That part. {10990}{11068}''The only flaw in the trap|was the escape... {11070}{11128}of Lightning Jack Kane... {11179}{11253}although several witnesses swore... {11254}{11301}he was shot full of holes... {11302}{11360}and riding dead in the saddle. {11406}{11532}Kane is of medium height|and build, blond hair... {11576}{11651}with a mean, weathered face... {11653}{11736}and has an English accent.'' {11738}{11789}- English?|- Yes, sir. {11790}{11869}I don't speak English.|I'm a bloody Australian! {11913}{11966}How can I send this|to my mates back home... {11968}{12036}and tell them what a big success I am|if it says I'm English? {12058}{12138}- Bloody newspapers. Never get it right.|- That's right. {12164}{12224}''Marshall Dan Kurtz|was unconcerned... {12226}{12277}saying, 'Dead or alive... {12278}{12337}Kane don't matter. {12338}{12385}We got Cole Younger. {12386}{12477}He was the leader and brains|of the gang. {12478}{12541}Kane was a follower... {12543}{12605}and just a brainless no-account. {12606}{12685}Without the Younger brothers,|he's nothing.''' {12765}{12811}He's nothin'? {12841}{12887}Without the Younger brothers,|I'm nothin'? {12889}{12912}Right. {12914}{12961}Brainless no-account? {12962}{12993}That's what it said. {13102}{13136}We'll see who's brainless. {13210}{13269}What's all that shooting|down there? {13315}{13362}What's going on? {13537}{13591}{Y:i}That's four bags of soap... {13593}{13639}{Y:i}and two sacks of flour. {13641}{13756}You got that, boy?|That's four bags of salt... {13758}{13805}two bags of flour. {13806}{13853}That's on top... {13854}{13901}of my regular order. {14386}{14486}His handwriting is so messed up,|Mr. Curran. Maybe I can make it out. {14488}{14541}It says, ''Thank you, sir.|Is that everything?'' {14542}{14599}That's what I thought it said,|but it's bad written, real bad. {14618}{14675}Get him to load the rest|on the wagon out there... {14677}{14724}and you better do|the tallying up yourself. {14726}{14777}Being he can't write proper... {14778}{14830}we don't want him|doing no figuring, do we? {14928}{14988}Put the rest of those goods|on Mr. Curran's wagon. {14990}{15034}And no more sass, you hear? {15036}{15121}Pay him no heed, Mr. Doyle. It's a fine|Christian thing you've done... {15122}{15194}taking on this poor, unfortunate boy. {15196}{15249}It's been a real struggle,|Mrs. Franks. {15251}{15298}The boy was poorly raised. {15299}{15371}His folks filled his head|with all kind of fool thoughts... {15373}{15420}that he was just as good|as a normal man. {15422}{15473}Of course when they died|of the cholera... {15474}{15563}I knew it was my Christian duty|to take him in-- {15565}{15619}try to get his mind right. {15621}{15670}Bless you.|Good day, Mr. Doyle. {15672}{15730}Good day to you.|It's real hot out there today. {15762}{15782}Oh, it sure is. {15856}{15890}Ben. {15942}{16005}Judge Curran|is one of my best customers. {16006}{16066}I ain't gonna have you sassin' him. {16216}{16280}That's it! No more notes|and no more writing. {16282}{16312}You understand? {16314}{16372}Half the folks around here|can't read or write. {16374}{16427}And it irks them|that somebody like you can. {16449}{16480}It's unnatural. {16482}{16592}I took you on when nobody else would.|I deserve some gratitude. {16739}{16813}Finish loading|and tally up the cash drawer... {16815}{16864}and take it to the bank. {17030}{17083}Now hold steady, gentlemen. {17085}{17156}We can do this the easy way--|no one has to die-- {17158}{17229}or we can do it the hard way,|but the choice is yours. {17286}{17341}Fill it up. {17509}{17556}Shut the door. Against the wall. {17558}{17622}Hands in the air.|Keep clear of that window. {17682}{17728}Fill it up. {17747}{17782}Yeah. {17783}{17830}Against the wall. {17886}{17959}Keep away from the window.|What the hell's this? {17961}{18024}- Storekeepers. We're closing up.|- What? {18026}{18118}Stores-- they close at 4:00.|They do their bankin' from 4:00 to 5:00. {18150}{18201}Maybe you ought to come back|after 5:00. {18358}{18408}You. {18434}{18473}You. {18474}{18526}Yeah. Open the safe. {18665}{18706}I said open the safe. {18708}{18792}I can't. I'm just a teller.|Only the manager knows the combination. {18822}{18866}Where's the manager? {18950}{19003}Shit. {19005}{19030}Over there. {19146}{19195}Away from the window. {19197}{19267}Hey, they're robbing the bank!|Quick, call the sheriff! {19269}{19321}Hands down! Give me that. {19795}{19847}Better hope you got|a lot of friends out there. {19897}{19992}- Hold still, boys. He's got a hostage.|- It's only the dummy. {20038}{20093}Hold still, everyone. {20260}{20320}Mate, come on. {20356}{20429}Trail 'em,Jed,|but stay well back. {20431}{20490}We need a few good riflemen|with fresh horses. {20491}{20558}Find me someone that can read tracks.|We'll meet at the livery stable. {20612}{20658}Go. {21138}{21196}One word and you're dead. {21506}{21587}- Where did they go,Jed?|- Through that pass. {21589}{21621}Do we circle? {21622}{21683}No, follow me! {21777}{21811}Mount up. {21972}{22061}When I say jump, you jump.|No questions, no back talk. {22083}{22118}Mount up. {22520}{22589}What are you,|part Indian or something? {22590}{22641}No, an Indian|would have been smart enough... {22643}{22702}to let me ride right into them. {23026}{23113}- Tracks gotta be here somewhere.|- Take the men and circle the ridge. {23114}{23173}- We'll head for the county line.|- Let's go, boys. {23412}{23446}Get down. {23514}{23561}You did good. {23563}{23637}Kept your mouth shut.|I'm letting you go. {23673}{23707}You can talk now. {23781}{23834}You can't talk? {24079}{24122}Turn around. {24124}{24177}Face that tree. {24178}{24245}Turn back, you're a dead man. {24346}{24399}Don't even think about it. {24525}{24557}''I'll join your gang.'' {24709}{24752}What gang? {24754}{24839}What are you gonna do anyway,|walk into a bank and write 'em a note? {24888}{24966}Dumbest thing I ever heard of.|Take your boots off. {25026}{25112}Quick. I don't want you|running back over there... {25114}{25162}to tell the posse where we are. {25342}{25407}Just be glad... {25409}{25469}that you're walking back to town... {25471}{25531}instead of lying|across the saddle. {26382}{26441}Hold up, boys. {26464}{26517}It don't make no sense. {26518}{26610}He's turned the horse loose|and kept the boy. {26612}{26716}Maybe he's just running that poor|dummy boy barefoot out of pure meanness. {26758}{26817}Stay alert, men.|And shoot on sight. {27464}{27514}Shit, how did you get-- {28062}{28099}I'm snakebit. {28151}{28226}I can't be snakebit.|That's a Navajo snake charm. {28228}{28280}Cost me $50. {28457}{28501}Yeah. {28502}{28549}Suck the poison. {28813}{28859}You're gonna have to suck|the poison out. {28861}{28907}I can't reach it. {29294}{29340}What? Put the gun down? {29640}{29704}That's it?|Is it just a splinter? {29730}{29760}No bite. {29778}{29830}See? Snake charm works. {29948}{30003}I ain't scared of snakes, okay? {30005}{30056}I just don't like 'em. {30234}{30268}Nonetheless... {30296}{30379}you was willing to chaw on my butt|to save my hide. {30419}{30466}Fact is... {30467}{30520}you've been saving my hide|since we met. {30546}{30602}I ain't a man|to take that lightly. {30604}{30638}Let's git. {30902}{30949}They'd have turned back by now. {30950}{31018}A posse will never cross|the county line. {31020}{31066}We've got some talking to do. {31601}{31663}I thought you'd given up tobacco. {31665}{31715}All right.Just this once. {31938}{31996}How come you can't talk? {32279}{32325}Baby. You had a baby. {32418}{32505}You're the baby.|Baby can't talk. {32507}{32554}You was born dumb... {32555}{32602}but not deaf. {32603}{32659}Not deaf. {32661}{32735}What's your name?|What do people call you? {33255}{33335}Ben Doyle. Ben Doyle... {33337}{33401}meet Lightning Jack Kane. {33494}{33581}That's the Lightning Jack Kane. {33659}{33734}You probably heard of me. {35000}{35034}Outlaw. {35452}{35498}You want to be an outlaw? {35500}{35546}Doesn't everybody? {35666}{35713}Gonna help me rob a bank. {35741}{35848}Yeah, I could have used|some backup last time, but-- {36103}{36166}Your ears, your eyes for me. {36218}{36256}You think I need them? {36330}{36402}What makes you think|I need your eyes? {36551}{36608}Just what gave you that notion? {36818}{36921}Yeah, well, my eyes get|a little fuzzy up close... {36923}{37001}trying to read|and squinting down a sight... {37003}{37060}but I can hit anything|you can point at... {37062}{37137}and it'll be dead|before your finger's straight. {37218}{37291}See that? That's an evil eye.|Got it off a Navajo medicine man. {37293}{37346}$ 7 5. {37348}{37410}That's my aiming eye. {37412}{37474}So don't starting thinking|just 'cause one part of me... {37476}{37534}ain't working good|that I got a weakness. {37651}{37686}Yeah. {37711}{37784}I guess you know better than me|how folks react to weakness. {37898}{37991}Anyway, you still think|I need help? {38534}{38621}''I can tell a one-dollar bill|from a hundred-dollar bill. {38761}{38791}They're all ones! {38813}{38899}I knocked off a bank|for 50 bucks. {39054}{39088}What? {39345}{39398}''I'll never tell anyone.'' {39566}{39621}Oh, you'll never tell anyone.|Of course. {39664}{39723}Hey, while you're at it... {39725}{39818}don't go talking to no one|about that snakebite either, eh? {39820}{39882}Don't go talkin' to no one, eh? {39902}{39948}I just come out with 'em. {39950}{40008}Don't go talking to no one.|Don't tell anyone. {40088}{40178}I'll probably make up a lot more|funny jokes like that about you. {40180}{40269}But if you ride with me,|nobody else will. {40552}{40598}Have you ever tried|Arizona chicken? {40759}{40802}Australia is a colony. {40804}{40888}So if you rob a bank back there,|you're wanted all over the country. {40890}{40991}But in America, you can rob banks|in five different states. {40993}{41063}You still got another 30.|Across the border and you run free. {41065}{41189}No worries. Yeah,|democracy is a wonderful thing. {41313}{41361}What? {41363}{41470}Ah, gut pain.|Well, pick your outhouse. {41471}{41534}And next time you eat buzzard,|only the drumsticks. {41732}{41807}We ain't got all day.|Go anywhere. {42738}{42786}Must have been a powerful,|bad smeller. {43001}{43060}What do you smell, old Mate? {43124}{43187}Not you. Him. He's Mate. {43189}{43235}That's his name. {43237}{43298}I was going to call him Thunder|at one stage. {43300}{43372}You know,|Lightning Jack and Thunder. {43374}{43431}He wouldn't hear of it. {43433}{43514}Aha. That's what he smelt. {43781}{43850}No, they're just plain folks. {43852}{43918}I never shoot plain folks... {43920}{43954}unless they annoy me. {44006}{44053}Mount up. {44173}{44219}Sling it. {44290}{44337}Act like your mind's gone away. {44339}{44411}Smile. I don't need a gun. {44413}{44480}I'm gonna charm these folks|out of a $ 10 horse. {44482}{44531}Five dollars, maybe less. {44533}{44579}I got a silver tongue. {44605}{44652}Howdy, neighbors. {44654}{44724}$30 for this bag of bones! {44726}{44792}Thieving bastard.|I should have shot him. {45367}{45439}Now relax.|Like I said, democracy. {45441}{45511}We're not wanted in this state|till after we rob the bank. {45739}{45804}All right. I go in... {45806}{45862}I go to the far wall... {45864}{45934}wave the money,|then you come in. {45936}{46021}I do the speech.|All you gotta do is draw your gun... {46023}{46070}and cover me. {46112}{46188}Oh, unless someone goes|for their gun. {46190}{46236}Then you shoot them. {46527}{46615}Now, hold steady, gentlemen. Ma'am. {46660}{46722}We can do this the easy way-- {46724}{46770}no one has to die-- {46772}{46845}or we can do it the hard way. {46847}{46884}The choice is yours. {47650}{47721}There's someone robbing the bank!|Get the sheriff, quick! {48342}{48394}Bank robbery bungled. {48509}{48555}''In a display of criminal stupidity... {48557}{48634}one of the two would-be robbers|managed to shoot himself... {48636}{48709}before the tellers|could even raise their hands. {48829}{48883}His partner panicked... {48885}{48972}and the two fled in fear as|the bank staff laughed in their faces. {48974}{49092}One witness thought one of the men|was Jack Kane.''Jack Kane? {49094}{49141}What happened to Lightning Jack? {49170}{49216}I sweat blood earning that handle... {49218}{49305}and some pissant reporter|just leaves it out. {49306}{49348}I'm writing him a letter. {49385}{49456}''But U.S. Marshal Daniel Kurtz|dismissed this claim... {49458}{49566}saying, 'Every time there's a robbery,|someone identifies Kane. {49603}{49670}But that colorful outlaw era|is finished. {49672}{49748}Kane is just a loose end|who will be cut off. {49750}{49825}He sure ain't no Jesse James.''' {49859}{49909}What do they mean,|I ain't no Jesse James? {49941}{50002}What's so special about Jesse James? {50004}{50050}He sure didn't impress me none. {50399}{50457}Do I know Jesse James? Yeah. {50458}{50548}Rode on a few banks a couple of years|back with him and his brother Frank. {50550}{50632}Frank's the brains.|Jesse is a pecker-head. {50714}{50773}Pecker. Down there.|That's your pecker. {50775}{50821}Jesse's a pecker-head. {50986}{51027}Is he bald? {51096}{51182}No, he's not bald.|Just dumb. {51184}{51280}Dumb like I was to try and rob a bank|with a greenhorn like you. {51508}{51555}We've got to face the facts. {51597}{51679}I was born to be an outlaw.|You wasn't. {51742}{51814}Go home, kid. Forget it. {51816}{51867}Just one good headline. {51893}{51951}Is that too much to ask? {52151}{52188}You want bullets? {52216}{52262}What do you want them for? {52264}{52327}Gonna rob a bank? {52329}{52364}By yourself? {52453}{52511}Oh, you're gonna join up|with the James boys. {52513}{52581}They're gonna learn you|to be an outlaw? {52583}{52656}So one day I'll pick up the newspaper,|and it'll say... {52658}{52734}''Jesse James and Ben Doyle rob bank.'' {52765}{52827}Like they could teach you things|that I couldn't. {52858}{52905}I suppose they'll put that|in the paper too. {52944}{53028}''Jesse James succeeds|where Jack Kane failed.'' {53179}{53228}Nah. {53702}{53756}I was just joshing you.|Come on. {53758}{53839}Those James boys couldn't even teach you|to fart like an outlaw. {55546}{55610}Yeah. There'll be more of them. {55612}{55662}If they come down for a visit,|just do like I do. {55664}{55710}I've spent some friendly time|with the Navajo. {55729}{55785}There'll be no trouble|if we follow their rules. {55787}{55834}Just passing through. {56008}{56079}Show no fear. No disrespect. {56124}{56170}But most important-- {56270}{56292}Shit. {56318}{56373}No rules. They're Comanche. {56374}{56427}Just mount up steady-like. {56766}{56821}They ain't gone. {56822}{56884}Comanche don't even have a word|for retreat. {56886}{56932}They'll be circling right now. {57702}{57767}That means the other three|will come from my side. {57967}{58016}Don't shoot, no matter what. {58048}{58094}Just follow me. {58624}{58663}Get down! Ride low! {59628}{59722}Try and stay on your horse.|I can't take on the whole bloody tribe. {61821}{61895}Why didn't we shoot them?|They're Comanche. {61897}{61948}We don't know their names. {61950}{61996}You don't know nothing|about Indians, do you? {62029}{62092}If you kill a Comanche|and you don't know his name... {62093}{62141}his spirit goes into an owl... {62143}{62255}and every night that owl will|come around calling out, ''Who? Who?'' {62257}{62342}If you can't sing out the right name,|it'll follow you forever. {62344}{62408}Bad medicine. {62410}{62504}Eh? I learnt that secret|from old Red Eagle himself. {62506}{62560}He was a Comanche. {62561}{62653}Sold me this charm.|It keeps grizzly bears away. {62655}{62701}Only $30. {62754}{62844}I think we got a problem, Dan. {62845}{62977}Granville? That's ten days' hard ride|from where he was hiding two days ago. {62979}{63052}- This is horse shit.|- No, it's called competition. {63053}{63120}That stuff we ran on law and order|and the Younger gang wipeout... {63121}{63173}got picked up nationwide. {63175}{63227}{Y:i}Heck, the Mail made you|a national hero, Dan. {63248}{63303}So our rivals are rooting|for the underdog. {63326}{63445}They'll try and turn Kane|into some kind of folk hero outlaw. {63446}{63506}Then you'll be just the lawman|who failed to catch him. {63534}{63634}So far it's just this one small paper,|but it could catch on. {63636}{63712}Then we'll have to deflate|Mr. Kane pronto. {63730}{63753}How? {63754}{63827}I can find the right people|with the proper incentive. {63829}{63919}What I need is some financial support|from the law and order association. {63921}{63980}Well, I'm sure|that can be arranged. {63982}{64070}{Y:i}Junction City and the Mail|are behind you 100%. {64104}{64131}Governor. {64284}{64323}I'm safe. {64325}{64363}There's no law in Wayside Flats. {64401}{64457}I got us a cabin|a couple of miles up the road. {64458}{64530}Tomorrow I'll start teaching you|the outlaw trade. {64532}{64604}But now there's something|more important-- {64606}{64641}the Red Garter Saloon. {64870}{64936}There's only one reason|this town exists. {64937}{65020}Tell me, how long has it been|since you bedded down a woman? {65100}{65146}Don't know? {65254}{65292}You never? {65293}{65340}You never? {65444}{65509}You're a full-grown man. {65511}{65557}We're outlaws. {65856}{65921}Figured on learning you|how to rob banks. {65946}{66003}Never figured on learning you|at lovemaking.