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{1437}{1569}{y:i}This film is freely based on|memories of Uschi Obermaier. {2327}{2388}{y:i}In Paris that summer, the students wrote {2390}{2479}{y:i}"Power to the Imagination" on the walls. {2481}{2554}{y:i}In San Francisco,|they danced in the streets {2556}{2611}{y:i}and fought for what had become|their way of life. {2662}{2776}{y:i}And I was at home in Sendling,|a suburb of Munich. {2778}{2895}{y:i}I felt I was dying,|slow and never-ending. {2897}{2979}{y:i}The only thing that kept|me alive was the music. {2981}{3033}{y:i}Without that, I would have died. {3035}{3114}{y:i}Or worse,|I would have turned into my parents. {3115}{3198}{y:i}But music alone|wouldn't get me out of Sendling. {3199}{3287}{y:i}That much was clear to me.|What I needed was a man. {3289}{3343}{y:i}The wilder, the better. {3540}{3595}My God, Uschi... {3920}{3974}Hey, I stole a record from Steffen. {4022}{4061}From London. {4799}{4886}Have you girls lost your minds?|It's too loud! {5048}{5107}Uschi, turn off that awful music! {5108}{5150}Quiet in there! {6335}{6442}Hey!|I work for a big magazine, "Twen." {6444}{6487}Can I take some pictures of you? {6516}{6554}Sure. {7736}{7771}What's the matter? {7855}{7891}What are these photographs? {7928}{7955}How could you? {7975}{8058}Why? They're cool.|I'm going to be a photo model. {8087}{8112}What? {8132}{8167}A photo model? {8197}{8259}Are you crazy? That's not a job! {8325}{8359}And then what? {8390}{8499}What do you mean?|I'll be a model. Then I'll be famous. {8548}{8655}You want to be famous?|Nonsense. {8656}{8758}You think you're better|than everybody else? Well, you're not. {8759}{8855}What's going on?|What has she done now? {8857}{8929}Look at her. She looks like a slut. {8931}{8963}Shut up! {9004}{9059}She's your daughter. {9115}{9226}Uschi, I want you to become respectable.|Do you understand? {9228}{9336}want you to be a lady.|All this is good for nothing! {9338}{9423}Carry on like this|and you'll be a nothing! {9496}{9594}Now take off those clothes! {9596}{9667}Are you crazy or what? {9669}{9799}Does this look like a brothel?|Now clean this pigsty! {9870}{9959}What will the neighbors think|when they see what I've raised? {9994}{10044}Now clean up your damn junk! {10189}{10259}Uschi...|What are you doing? {10261}{10390}What are doing?|Where are you going, Uschi? {11076}{11135}In California|they walk around nude. {11137}{11206}Here they get upset|if you even smile. Look! {11272}{11314}Typical. {11480}{11531}Sabine, look. {12068}{12096}Where are you going? {12098}{12126}We don't care. {12242}{12315}- Hello.|- Hello. {13164}{13218}Where are you headed? {13219}{13270}Commune 1, Berlin. {13406}{13470}Are you musicians? {13471}{13524}Everyone's a musician. {13526}{13551}Really? {13635}{13698}There's a musician inside all of us. {13700}{13808}It's not about being able|to play scales correctly. {13915}{13987}You see, everyone makes music. {14030}{14078}Everyone is music. {14257}{14287}Do you play music? {14358}{14396}We're musicians. {14398}{14475}We can't play scales,|we just live in the moment. {14477}{14589}Yeah? We play music, too,|but we can play scales. {14591}{14687}We've even made a recording.|We're "The Third Ear." {14689}{14731}Here, try it. {14895}{14963}- Hurry up, we're in the East!|- Hold on! {14965}{14997}Ever tried this before? {15040}{15082}Hair tonic? {15084}{15172}You wait for the perfume|to evaporate and chug it. {15174}{15246}- And that works?|- It'll blow your mind! {15461}{15505}Hurry up! Don't talk. {15507}{15559}- Damn, the police! Let's go!|- Let's get out of here! {15616}{15660}Get rid of the hair tonic! {15662}{15710}- You drive!|- Hurry up! {15721}{15773}Get in! {15972}{16000}Wake up. {16060}{16121}- Don't forget your guitar.|- I'll get it later. {16123}{16198}We'll leave the instruments in the van. {16200}{16240}How do I look? {16242}{16266}Good. {16301}{16392}{y:i}This is a stupid idea, Rainer, really.|This is nudism. {16394}{16434}{y:i}Stop complaining. {16435}{16482}{y:i}Nothing but nudism. {16483}{16596}{y:i}To be subversive,|you have to come up with something else. {16598}{16683}{y:i}Commune 1|polarized public opinion in Germany. {16685}{16730}{y:i}There'd never been anything like it. {16731}{16770}Come in. {16771}{16871}{y:i}It was founded with the|intention of abolishing security, {16873}{16957}{y:i}property and the concept of privacy. {16959}{17025}{y:i}The communards rejected the work ethic {17027}{17074}{y:i}and preached fun and free love. {17076}{17116}{y:i}Here you could do as you pleased, {17118}{17191}{y:i}as long as it was done collectively. {17193}{17248}This isn't about being subversive. {17291}{17398}- Why so critical, Günther?|- I'm not critical, I'm decisive. {17400}{17508}Mr. Langhans, you turned the courtroom|into a real circus. {17510}{17582}Why such contempt for German justice? {17684}{17755}No walls, no doors...|I could never live here. You? {17757}{17781}I could. {17783}{17921}The German system of justice|is the justice of the Third Reich, {17923}{18019}and this trial has revealed that|in a big way. {18021}{18083}What's your stance on the use of napalm|against the Viet Cong? {18085}{18142}- What's yours?|- I have my opinion, and you? {18143}{18203}Then why don't you|write it down and print it? {18205}{18354}Mr. Langhans... do you plan to overthrow|West Germany? {18355}{18414}We support a cultural revolution, {18415}{18492}but we oppose all forms|of aggressive resistance. {18494}{18563}We'll play our song|until the system sings along. {18564}{18627}And dances along. Write that down. {18671}{18759}We're fighting for the|eroticization of life, aren't we? {18761}{18859}Does everyone sleep with|everyone around here? {18976}{19069}We are standing on|the brink of a new age. {19071}{19146}The old will be replaced by the new. {19148}{19245}You've got to be blind not to see it.|Without a doubt. {19247}{19308}And... what will this new age look like? {19310}{19398}I'm not exactly sure,|but clearly it has long hair. {19399}{19446}He means me. {19676}{19746}Welcome. I'm Rainer. {19747}{19783}Uschi. {19835}{19915}I'm Sabine. Hi. {19917}{20009}Nice of you to make it.|I saw you on the cover of "Twen." {20220}{20325}{y:i}What's it like being a musician?|It's such a responsibility. {20327}{20421}{y:i}Every string you pluck,|every chord you play... {20423}{20511}{y:i}You travel through a tiny universe,|a microcosm... {20513}{20610}{y:i}of a soundscape, with highs, lows... {20612}{20650}Tape's running. {21804}{21841}Nice rattles. {21964}{21999}Nice hair. {22160}{22213}I wish I were a musician. {22280}{22335}Everyone's a musician. {22956}{22998}Are you sure? {23045}{23083}Yes. {23085}{23171}What should I tell them at work? {24000}{24097}Yes, breathe... breathe... {24242}{24317}Slower... {24319}{24398}No, more like this, please. {24443}{24507}And now with more feeling, okay? {24509}{24570}Yes. {24571}{24675}That feels good. That's intense, yes. {25269}{25355}Now slower. Slow. Slower.|Yes, circular movements. {25656}{25712}Is she your girlfriend? {25760}{25802}I don't own her. {25863}{25940}Well, were you ever a couple? {25991}{26087}For us there are no couples anymore,|only human beings. {26089}{26138}What do you think about that? {26139}{26200}Me? About couples? {26202}{26261}I wouldn't mind having a boyfriend. {26304}{26338}And you? {26415}{26546}I think that we have to|change ourselves first... {26548}{26622}before society can change. {26623}{26726}If we don't change our own lives,|society won't change either. {26772}{26856}Well, I have no idea about politics. {26858}{26946}Uschi, we... us... free love, right? {26996}{27058}I always felt something like that. {27060}{27182}She felt something!|How revolutionary! {27276}{27354}Aren't there any rooms here|where we can be alone? {27409}{27467}That's how it all starts! {27468}{27587}How will anything reach the outside|if we always keep the doors shut? {28227}{28290}Are you afraid to|go without make-up? {28292}{28334}Why are you such a square? {28336}{28426}As a woman, you should help overthrow|the patriarchal system. {28428}{28506}You're just jealous,|you old wallflower. {28602}{28685}Just because Rainer digs you,|you think you're hot shit. {28687}{28764}But that model crap|doesn't count here. Not at all. {28795}{28853}Why are you here anyway? {28855}{28895}For the experience. {28897}{28962}I want to take part|in a peaceful renewal. {29480}{29556}How did this|imperialist whore's piss get here? {29558}{29639}What, you don't like Coke? {29641}{29723}I should've known!|The model! No, I don't like Coke. {29725}{29863}We have to help her understand|the mechanisms of exploitation. {29865}{29938}Coca Cola is a|multinational company. {29940}{30003}You're turning into|a capitalist stooge. {30005}{30114}You know what? I say we exclude Uschi|from our discussions. {30116}{30192}Her lying around is distracting us all. {30194}{30273}As decoration,|at least she could sit upright. {30275}{30391}Uschi belongs to our commune|like everyone else. {30393}{30511}Exactly. Besides, yesterday I put|3 marks into the cash box. {30513}{30588}We thank our patroness|with the political mind of an amoeba. {30590}{30662}Don't let them get to you. {30664}{30787}Any idea who the publisher|of this magazine is? Axel Springer! {30789}{30862}Yeah, "Give Springer a real stinger." {31020}{31094}I say we launch a real operation. {31095}{31154}We should plant rhetorical bombs, {31155}{31218}instead of sitting around talking. {31277}{31326}I think that can be done. {31328}{31368}What do you mean? {31370}{31477}If you're serious about bombs,|I have connections. {31479}{31598}{y:i}The long-haired ones,|whose appearance is a provocation... {31600}{31698}What were you thinking,|bringing that spring chick in here? {31700}{31783}Günther, it's spring chicken. Chicken. {31784}{31840}A little more precision, please. {32203}{32298}Conrad, I think that deep down,|you are actually a little girl {32300}{32383}who wants to be put to bed by Mommy.|With a doll. {32385}{32427}But you don't have that here. {32429}{32538}So you have to accept|that if it's dark, it's dark. {32540}{32615}It's quite clear.|Try it out and you'll see. {32617}{32683}Everyone's part of|the communal collective... {32812}{32922}Damn it! It's not your fault. {32924}{32991}Look at Günther. What do you notice? {32993}{33070}Günther is anti-orgasmic.|That's his problem. {33072}{33172}Okay, so this is the bomb.|And this is the timer. {33212}{33333}It creates an electrical circuit,|and sets a detonator. {33335}{33394}Then you have one hour to get away. {33396}{33482}This is fucked up!|I only meant a metaphorical bomb! {33946}{34067}Kajol! You're back! Nice to see you again.|How was Hamburg? {34069}{34087}Good. {34163}{34258}No way. I don't believe it... {34431}{34466}Hello. {34467}{34494}Hello. {35196}{35275}Stop it. There's no point. {35277}{35368}Leave me alone. {35370}{35419}You've seen all there is to see. {35528}{35707}Uschi! Don't shed your tears|for your lover! {35709}{35829}Uschi! Out there you will find another... {35831}{35922}Rainer!|Your woman is trying to overcome {35923}{35995}her petty bourgeois conditioning. {35996}{36067}I'd say she's failing miserably. {36232}{36272}Uschi, what is it? {36376}{36461}Stop it! You're hurting me! {36463}{36543}That's a conditioned reaction,|not real feelings. {36545}{36600}Look at it as a task I'm giving you, {36638}{36709}for you to improve yourself. {36711}{36769}Is that the extent of what you feel? {37013}{37095}Come on. Don't mind her. Carry on. {37335}{37430}{y:i}Open the door! This is the police! {37432}{37518}- Let's go, men!|- The cops! {37519}{37570}Police! Don't move! {37571}{37650}Do not resist|or we will use our guns! {37652}{37713}Get up! Get dressed! {37715}{37747}Everyone! {37749}{37788}I'm not resisting. {37790}{37848}Rise and shine! {37850}{37914}- Let go of me.|- I'm not resisting. {37916}{37977}If we all stay calm,|nothing will happen. {37979}{38043}I'm not resisting. {38045}{38218}Hold on, I'll get a bladder infection|if I don't get dressed. {38541}{38618}- Let's go!|- Come on! Move it! {38697}{38748}Stop! {38750}{38818}Justice?! This is justice?! {38819}{38901}You preach peaceful protest!|Why do you build bombs? {38903}{38982}That was just a game. {38984}{39046}Rainer, you see that? {39048}{39097}Move it out! {39158}{39214}POLICE DISCOVER BOMB|IN COMMUNE 1 {39216}{39282}ENOUGH TO DESTROY|A WHOLE BUILDING {39284}{39341}WAS THE COMMUNE PLANNING|A BOMBING? {39343}{39410}COMMUNARDS REMAIN IN CUSTODY {39412}{39505}MODEL USCHI OBERMAIER RELEASED {39507}{39616}{y:i}Ho! Ho! Ho Chi Minh!|Ho! Ho! Ho Chi Minh! {39705}{39767}{y:i}A thousand-year stench|lingers on the judges' bench! {39889}{39932}Cut your hair! {39934}{40022}Get a job! Go home, rich kids! {40024}{40122}Look beyond the tips of your noses! {40124}{40174}Go on over to the East, then! {40176}{40253}{y:i}A thousand-year stench|lingers on the judges' bench... {40380}{40458}THE FEDS PLANTED THE BOMB! {40459}{40541}COMMUNARDS DENY ALI L|KNOWLEDGE OF BOMB {41337}{41372}Mr. Langhans! {41374}{41487}Police line...|March! March! {41489}{41525}What now? {41527}{41575}This is only the beginning! {41576}{41627}The state now knows... {41629}{41710}They're afraid,|and they're showing it, {41711}{41788}through these actions... naturally... {42432}{42483}Keep moving! {42642}{42704}Nazis! Nazis! Nazis! {42996}{43035}Piss off! {43441}{43482}The press conference has begun. {43484}{43526}Hand me the "Stern." {43666}{43739}Let me see that...|Ah! I should've known. {43741}{43794}Even on the "Spiegel" cover.|You see, Rainer? {43864}{43902}Our Under-Maier! {43933}{44027}Bullshit. Look at this! {44074}{44128}It's all Uschi. Typical! {44130}{44197}The sex-crazed press!|Our agenda goes to the dogs. {44199}{44310}No, to the chicks.|'Verbal precision.'Right, Rainer? {44312}{44390}On the contrary!|We have to use this. {44392}{44453}Yeah, right, let's do more of the same. {44455}{44574}They won't be able to ignore us...|'Sex sells.' {44576}{44678}That's bullshit, Rainer!|'Sex sells! 'What a load of crap! {44680}{44774}Everywhere you look is|Under-Maier, but no content! {44838}{44899}Hey, the Stones wrote us back! {44987}{45053}Did they really invite us to London? {46780}{46817}What is this all about? {46819}{46863}Want to go back? {50828}{50855}I'll be right out. {50857}{50994}And? How was it? What's Mick like? {50996}{51035}Must we discuss this now? {51037}{51078}This won't get us anywhere. {51080}{51175}I don't want to get anywhere.|I just want to have fun. {51176}{51274}But all your screwing|merely satisfies your animal instincts. {51276}{51365}I love my animal instincts. {51367}{51446}Psychologically speaking,|your relationship to men {51448}{51536}is a case of ideal sublimation|of childhood rejection {51538}{51598}by an unreliable and egotistical father. {51600}{51705}If you keep this up...|Sex is death. Clearly, it is. {51707}{51822}Are you crazy? You don't even know|what it means to let yourself go {51824}{51931}and to be aware of your partner|and enjoy them... like rock music. {51933}{52039}Look at yourself!|What do you see? What's Uschi? {52040}{52151}Nothing but a lust machine.|Press here beep, lust. That's it. {52153}{52200}- Know what your problem is?|- What? {52202}{52265}You're scared of fucking. {52267}{52314}Now that's ugly. What a stupid argument. {52316}{52424}Listen, Uschi! True freedom|can only come from abstention. {52445}{52497}Fine, then I'll abstain from you. {52564}{52626}Come on, Uschi. Let's talk. {52628}{52678}Let go! I don't want to talk to you! {52679}{52739}Then come on, hit me.|Come on, Uschi. {52741}{52782}You really make me sick. {52856}{52928}{y:i}What you just said is nonsense, Rainer. {52930}{52989}Conrad just hasn't found himself yet. {52991}{53056}The problem is simply that|he never cleans the toilet, {53058}{53116}and I hate that. Otherwise he's all right. {53118}{53212}I don't believe it,|it's the Under-Maier! {53214}{53275}I thought we'd gotten rid of you! {53277}{53312}Hello. {53464}{53503}Where've you been for so long? {53505}{53618}I'm just picking up my things.|This isn't for me. {53620}{53682}All this talk,|these endless discussions. {53730}{53768}Who gave you the necklace? {53843}{53873}That chain? {53936}{53967}It's from Keith. {54088}{54162}Uschi, let's go somewhere else.|You and me. {54163}{54240}Rainer, it's pointless.|Don't you get it? {54242}{54317}How nice! Mommy and Daddy|want to start a family! {54347}{54401}I thought this was|a serious experiment, {54403}{54462}not a matchmaking institute. {54464}{54548}I've realized that there are many ways|to reach one's goal. {54550}{54650}You all have a lot to learn.|You all have a long way to go. {54651}{54703}That much is clear. {55143}{55266}You've capitulated, Rainer.|You've simply capitulated. {55268}{55374}Flown the white flag, Rainer.|That photo model, there... {55375}{55484}Don't give me that look!|You've fucked him stupid! {55486}{55553}We could've achieved something,|Rainer Langhans! {55555}{55609}But you betrayed the revolution! {55680}{55758}For that woman|I would've betrayed any revolution. {55759}{55806}Each and every one. {55975}{56065}You! Go to hell, Rainer Langhans! {56067}{56122}Intellectuals shouldn't fight! {56124}{56211}Stop it! Stop it, damn it! {56337}{56378}Rainer Langhans! {56614}{56670}OBERMAIER LEAVES|BERLIN'S COMMUNE 1 {56672}{56737}RADICAL MODEL|MOVES BACK TO MUNICH {56739}{56802}THIS IS HOW|THE COMMUNARDS LIVED! {57141}{57193}Okay, move, move... {57195}{57244}Yes, look at that tummy. {57246}{57287}Uschi, yes! {57693}{57739}Check the exposure. {57788}{57818}Eight. {57884}{57960}Could you perhaps...|turn toward me a bit? {58029}{58084}No, a little more shy, perhaps. {58119}{58152}Like this? {58250}{58405}Pretend that you're really|embarrassed by something... {58925}{58963}Finished? {59170}{59226}Who is that? {59228}{59328}Bockhorn and Lurchi.|They're touring across Africa. {59330}{59434}Two real freaks.|I just develop their film. {59436}{59476}What are they doing there? {59478}{59582}I don't know.|Traveling, exploring, going on adventures. {59584}{59696}Bockhorn views his life as|nothing but an endless trip. {59698}{59776}He's the King of St. Pauli.|He runs the hippest bar {59778}{59871}and stages happenings.|He does what he wants. {59911}{59964}Should I send him a photo of you? {59966}{60079}No, thanks.|But you can send him by in person. {60259}{60382}Oh, Lurchi! Look!|Look how cute! {61553}{61601}What do you think of her? {61932}{61969}Who's that? {61971}{62038}Obermaier from Munich.|Uschi Obermaier. {62216}{62250}Not bad, eh? {62362}{62425}MUNICH 1973 {62797}{62838}Mick who? {62840}{62902}Jagger. {62903}{62946}He's coming here? {63747}{63834}Keith is coming over, too. {63836}{63898}Oh, my God! {63900}{63918}Uschi! {63920}{63983}You always borrow my things! {63985}{64030}They're right here. {64031}{64090}- Where's my top?|- Here it is. {64091}{64160}- My hair!|- What? {64388}{64425}I look like hell! {66542}{66645}Uschi? Uschi? Hey, listen!|My name's Bockhorn. {66647}{66709}I'm on my way back to Hamburg! {66711}{66818}{y:i}I'm in Africa now! Can you hear me?|The connection's really bad! {66820}{66898}{y:i}I'm throwing a midsummer's night party,|in your honor! {66899}{66991}{y:i}I've sent you plane tickets,|they should be arriving by mail. {66993}{67105}{y:i}Hello? Uschi? {67700}{67734}How'd it go? {67735}{67830}It worked. I got her on the phone. {68198}{68220}How are you? {68348}{68361}Hello. {68540}{68571}Hi! {68887}{69082}The watch is a metaphor|for a life running out of time. {69671}{69700}Lurchi! {69774}{69821}Hold Cheetah, will you? {69886}{70010}Okay, people! The party's over. {70012}{70146}Yes, ciao, ciao!|We'll have another one tomorrow, {70148}{70241}but for today, it's over.|Come on! Out! {70308}{70362}See you tomorrow, dear. {70364}{70420}Yeah, see you then. That's it, Angel. {70469}{70507}Ciao, ciao. {70772}{70811}I'm Bockhorn. {70875}{71022}So you're Bockhorn. I sure am curious. {71065}{71093}So am I. {71180}{71226}You've been to all those places? {71228}{71290}Yeah, all of them. {71320}{71368}And where will you go with me? {71420}{71488}To the end of the world, if you want. {71530}{71575}You don't even know me. {71627}{71681}I know our destiny. {72312}{72371}Will you shuffle? {72373}{72417}You do it. {72774}{72849}That's you. {72851}{72924}I knew it. You're a witch. {72948}{72992}That's me. {73088}{73123}And this is us together. {73172}{73223}And this is our future. {73279}{73306}Travels... {73375}{73391}riches... {73451}{73489}children... {73491}{73537}You can forget about that. {73573}{73642}Now the last, most important card. {73731}{73774}So what does that mean? {73776}{73807}You know. {73900}{73958}'Til death do us part. {74140}{74195}You're kinda spooking me. {75300}{75394}Kalle! A little more respect for Charlie!|Come on! {75651}{75687}That way. {75771}{75834}Make room for the King of St. Pauli. {75836}{75884}And the new Queen. {76088}{76159}Uschi, darling, have a seat. {76244}{76314}Lurchi, let's get this started. {76322}{76396}By the way, Uschi... {76398}{76567}That gentleman there, the slugger,|he's our heavyweight boxer. {76610}{76673}You're the hottest piece of ass|I've ever met. {76723}{76872}I say that with all due respect|and humility in the face of beauty. {76874}{76962}Really, Uschi, you're simply|the hottest broad in all of Germany, {76964}{77026}if I may say so. {77028}{77149}Respect, Bockhorn, a real...|Get your hands off me! {77171}{77289}Hey, pimp! Leave the slugger alone,|he still has to fight! {77350}{77466}Charlie, Charlie, Charlie...|Let's drink to Charlie! {77468}{77535}To Charlie! {77939}{78018}Listen, Angel,|you have a hot body and a sweet ass, {78020}{78068}but I'm no pimp. {78070}{78108}- Come on!|- I'm an artist. {78110}{78231}What do you want with that bimbo?|She won't earn you one cent! {78233}{78361}I'll let the whole gang screw me,|and you can watch. {78363}{78451}Stop that before I get horny.|And no one wants to see that. {78453}{78484}Yes, everyone does. {78486}{78552}No, Angel. Knock it off. {78573}{78702}Lurchi!|That old lady is going to make me happy. {78703}{78798}Yeah? You think so? {78799}{78859}Angel! Come here! {78861}{78946}Don't call me Angel. I'm no Angel! {78948}{79015}Fine, then come here, Witch! {79017}{79071}No, you come here. {79148}{79206}Slap some sense into her! {79460}{79533}Alright, Lurchi. I'll take care of it. {79535}{79592}He should put his old lady in her place! {79691}{79755}Come on, you and I need to talk! {80013}{80083}Uschi, this just won't do! {80085}{80127}You're right about that. {80198}{80257}If they see that you're out of line, {80259}{80369}it won't help anybody at all! {80371}{80479}Should I do what you want|so they think you're the greatest? {80481}{80512}Bockhorn... {80514}{80554}Forget it! {80694}{80762}Cheetah! Go! {80764}{80807}You stupid little ape! {80817}{80908}Okay Obermaier,|time to change Cheetah's diapers. {80910}{80957}Change them yourself! {81009}{81083}Lazy bitch! {81085}{81139}A fine mess I'm in! {81227}{81287}Come here, Cheetah-baby! {81368}{81488}Yes, yes... it's alright, Cheetah. {81490}{81547}If you don't start developing|some motherly instincts... {81549}{81585}I'm throwing you out. {81587}{81674}If you want motherly instincts,|run to your mommy in Stuttgart. {81780}{81879}He didn't, did he?|Look what your damned monkey did! {81999}{82114}Hey, Cheetah!|I know, you were here first, right? {82116}{82189}That evil woman|wants to come between us! {82247}{82283}What are you doing? {82285}{82350}Going to the airport. {82352}{82387}Why? {82389}{82458}My agent is waiting. {82460}{82504}What agent? {82506}{82606}My agent.|I forgot I've a meeting with Ponti. {82607}{82608}I hear Ponti's drawn up the contract. {82664}{82763}{y:i}ROME 1973|- You'll work with Jack Nicholson. - Really? {82765}{82856}He's made them all famous.|Brigitte Bardot, Lollobrigida, {82858}{82904}Claudia Cardinale... {82906}{82919}- Hello? {82921}{82961}{y:i}He saw your film, "The Red Sun." {82963}{83011}Yes, I'll send them in. {83100}{83148}Mr. Ponti will see you now. {83450}{83562}Finally! Beautiful! Miss Obermaier,|welcome to Rome. {83563}{83662}Mamma mia, you are beautiful! {83664}{83713}So beautiful. {83836}{83904}Did you get to see Rome?|You like it? {83946}{84086}Are they all like this in Germany? {84087}{84181}I saw your film, "The Red Sun." {84183}{84235}You're a natural actor. {84538}{84598}What? Ten years? {84600}{84674}I'm hosting dinner|with many important people tonight. {84676}{84707}Antonioni will be there. {84822}{84867}There's no way. Ten years, Alma, that's... {85050}{85118}Ten years... I don't know. {85119}{85203}Aren't you happy?|Let me see your laughter! {85205}{85291}Antonioni's next film.|We'll work together. {85339}{85377}See you tonight! {85379}{85427}But Bockhorn and I wanted to... {85738}{85808}What's going on?|You sure haven't made much progress. {85928}{85984}What have you been doing all this time? {86086}{86145}We took out the radiator. {86147}{86177}I can see that. {86225}{86265}What's your problem? {86387}{86440}Uschi! {86442}{86488}Bockhorn's busy right now. {86793}{86913}Oh, Uschi! There you are. Look, Angel... {86914}{86964}Go have a smoke,|then come back and knock. {86966}{87035}What did you say? {87037}{87078}Get out! Now! {87079}{87126}Let her finish! {87128}{87162}What's the monkey doing here? {87179}{87222}The monkey stays. He's watching. {87269}{87305}This just isn't worth it. {87307}{87341}Get out! {87342}{87381}Angel, I'll call you. {87476}{87546}I mean,|you could've really learned something. {87548}{87660}I simply don't understand you.|I build you a luxury bus... {87662}{87699}- Luxury bus?!|- Yeah, luxury bus. {87701}{87743}Show me the luxury here! {87745}{87786}All you do is complain. {87788}{87835}Any idea how much all this shit cost? {87837}{87907}I don't care how much it cost! {87943}{88020}Bockhorn, I'm not staying.|This just isn't my thing. {88034}{88104}All these whores, sluts and players! {88106}{88183}Do you think I want to rot here? {88185}{88306}You promised to show me the world.|And what do I get? {88323}{88372}I'll be gone soon enough. {88374}{88420}- Oh yeah?|- Yeah. {88422}{88441}What's that mean? {88443}{88490}Keith is taking me on tour. {88492}{88520}If you do that... {88522}{88548}Then what? {88613}{88642}Is that all you can do? {88728}{88861}Listen, Lurchi, get her back!|Drag her back inside the café! {88863}{88947}Move your ass and get her back.|The monkey is gone! {88949}{88971}Should I run after her? {88973}{89027}{y:i}Do something! Go out and get her! {89029}{89053}Now? {89054}{89133}Run out there and bring her inside! {89135}{89170}Think of something, dammit! {89171}{89246}I'm going out to get her now, okay? {89356}{89446}Uschi! Uschi, wait!|Come with me, please! {89448}{89598}Bockhorn said I can't let you go!|He'll kill me. Wait! Please!