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{715}{745}One day it happens. {776}{821}You're standing somewhere {826}{909}and you realize you don't want|to be any of those around you. {1111}{1192}You don't want to be|the dickhead you just beat up. {1385}{1481}Your honor, I've got|15 stitches here and 25 here. {1486}{1526}Or your father, {1543}{1577}or your brother, {1601}{1647}or anyone|in yourfucking family. {1872}{1906}Son of a bitch! {2021}{2062}The accused will stand. {2153}{2250}This court finds|Hugo Olivera Castro {2255}{2294}guilty of assault, {2299}{2328}Or the judge. {2333}{2395}And sentences him|to 18 months in prison, {2406}{2515}commuted to a fine of 6,000 euros|as this is a first offense. {2531}{2547}Or even yourself. {2552}{2586}Court is adjourned. {2627}{2666}You just want to run away. {2724}{2773}You must be careful|from now on. {2779}{2838}There can be|no more violent incidents. {2843}{2917}Another offense|means you'll go to prison. {2937}{2978}Hugo, are you listening? {2983}{3037}- Why didn't mom come?|- She's on a trip. {3042}{3077}And don't call me Hugo. {3098}{3123}Fuck. {3351}{3421}Get the hell out|of wherever you are. {5479}{5505}Come on! {5780}{5819}Nd uddenly it happen. {5848}{5886}Omething click. {6003}{6063}Nd you know that|things are going to change. {6199}{6228}They've changed already. {6275}{6300}Dogface! {6388}{6417}Yeah, you! {6645}{6665}Dogface. {7014}{7081}Nd they'll never|be the sae again. {7256}{7296}- Bye, dad.|- Bye. {7327}{7353}Never. {7397}{7439}Nd when it happen, {7462}{7492}you know. {7497}{7583}THREE METERS ABOVE THE SKY {7679}{7719}- Babi!|- Okay. {7727}{7753}Hurry! {7811}{7848}Good morning.|Silence. {7864}{7892}Silence! {7944}{7973}- May I?|- Late. {8116}{8179}Close your notebooks, please. {8194}{8219}She'll pick me. {8224}{8250}Fernandez Camino, {8271}{8303}Luna Vergara, {8333}{8372}and Duenas Martin... {8377}{8422}No, she's outside. {8429}{8457}Absent. {8495}{8527}So, {8552}{8584}Herreruela. {8594}{8625}Translation. {8646}{8671}Take your phone. {8704}{8769}Domu itinere {8816}{8844}eunte, {8934}{8966}moltu {8977}{9021}ambulantu {9107}{9135}fuit. {9334}{9360}Herreruela... {9522}{9574}On the way home {9635}{9674}he had to walk a lot. {9685}{9709}A lot. {9768}{9850}You'll have to study a lot|to get into college. {9885}{9911}Cell. {10473}{10507}Miss Alcazar, {10530}{10570}won't you take my call? {10752}{10783}Sit down. {10828}{10894}We'll continue. De trictu|sensi cui super impia. {10924}{10942}Babi! {10960}{10977}I'm sorry. {10997}{11051}- It's OK.|- Silence! {11456}{11535}Mara, doing it a few times|doesn't mean you're dating. {11540}{11616}So what? Anyway, his pals|told me he never calls. {11621}{11702}And you believe his pals?|Just look at them. {11878}{11906}Claudio, {11911}{11943}change your tie. {12012}{12044}This looks better. {12059}{12122}- Girls, are you ready?|- Yes, mom. {12130}{12181}If you want a lift,|we're leaving now! {12186}{12237}With this make-up,|how old do I look? {12254}{12288}At least 15. {12321}{12364}But I am 15. {12390}{12418}Let's see. {12521}{12556}Like that, {12597}{12650}you're about to turn 16. {13089}{13115}H! {13120}{13226}I wouldn't ask, but it's urgent.|I need 400 euros for my bike. {13231}{13311}- It's in the repair shop!|- Don't worry about that now. {13424}{13452}Chino! {13587}{13681}We've got a new contest|on the Bandstand! {13692}{13732}Are you ready? {13737}{13782}The countdown has started! {13850}{13913}Who'll be king of the Bandstand? {13918}{13965}On your marks! Get ready! {13977}{13995}Go! {14001}{14026}One! {14045}{14073}Two! {14083}{14116}Three! Four! {14128}{14174}Five! Six! {14343}{14407}Don't act like you're desperately|seeking someone. {14412}{14452}But I am. {14509}{14538}There he is! {14543}{14569}Dani! {14611}{14659}- Don't go...|- Hi, Ruben! {14712}{14778}Shit, with all that make-up|I didn't recognize you. {14826}{14857}Would you like something? {14862}{14896}Yes, come on. {15059}{15084}Thirty! {15094}{15119}Thirty one! {15124}{15150}Thirty two! {15155}{15178}Thirty three! {15183}{15251}- Thirty four!|- That's the first one down! {15335}{15367}Katina! {15372}{15418}I thought you weren't coming! {15424}{15518}I was at another party,|but it was full of gays. {15523}{15540}A real bore. {15545}{15609}Someone else who was bored|brought me here. {15625}{15678}That's him,|chasing Berta's brother. {15766}{15789}Hello! {15811}{15863}- Happy birthday!|- Oh, yes! {15868}{15902}Thank you.|Want some? {15919}{15980}No? Well, the drinks|are back there {15985}{16017}and there's a bar outside. {16022}{16059}See you later! {16090}{16181}I love this song.|Let's talk to my new gay friend. {16200}{16254}Fifty one! Fifty two! {16262}{16297}Fifty three! {16315}{16360}Travolta, you're slipping! {16382}{16453}Fifty six! Fifty seven! {17211}{17274}Eighty two! Eighty three! {17279}{17327}Eighty four! Eighty five! {17332}{17415}Ten seconds! Come on!|Let's have a final sprint! {17426}{17516}One, two, three,|four, five, six... {17531}{17563}Come on! {17570}{17637}Seven, eight, {17684}{17712}nine, {17836}{17865}- and ten!|- Ten! {17997}{18049}There's a new king|of the Bandstand! {18054}{18138}Chino has lost his throne|after two years! {18162}{18214}There's a private party up town! {18219}{18284}- Can we go?|- Sure, I've got tickets! {18314}{18373}- Coming?|- Not to a rich kids' party. {18704}{18748}Will you ever forgive me? {18772}{18872}I've been looking for a reason|to do it, but I can't find one. {18877}{18907}Typical of a woman. {18912}{18977}See? That "typical"|is what ruins everything. {19032}{19071}You're beautiful tonight. {19134}{19161}Tonight? {19179}{19204}Always. {19236}{19328}Alicia, your brother rang,|he's coming with some friends. {19357}{19414}But I'm an only child! {19561}{19598}- Yes?|- Hello! {19622}{19655}- Who's my brother?|- Sis! {19660}{19695}Sis! {19723}{19768}There are canapes... {20034}{20073}Listen to the music! {20101}{20129}My little sister! {21091}{21120}Close the door! {21319}{21344}What do you want? {21352}{21380}My purse. {21388}{21432}- Take it.|- I can't. {21453}{21483}Some idiot got it first. {21556}{21583}Here. {21621}{21707}Didn't your mother tell you|not to snoop in girls' purses? {21713}{21752}I don't know my mother. {21791}{21867}- But I'd tell yours something.|- Really? What? {21886}{21950}You can't go around|with just 50 euros. {21958}{21990}That's my week's allowance. {21995}{22051}- It was.|- Now I'll go hungry. {22057}{22117}If you want,|I'll buy you lunch tomorrow. {22156}{22189}You know what? {22195}{22267}When I'm paying,|I like to choose my company. {22292}{22325}- What's that?|- Never mind! {22330}{22376}Stop it! Stop! {22430}{22461}Holy shit! {22489}{22549}Forget about lunch.|What would we do after? {22554}{22581}Tell jokes? {22586}{22705}Look, I wouldn't laugh at yours|and you wouldn't understand mine. {22710}{22746}The jokes, I mean. {22762}{22790}Half-wit! {23033}{23101}If you dare take any alcohol|I'll tell mom. {23106}{23128}Excuse me? {23133}{23164}Don't you remember? {23198}{23243}I accompanied you to school|this morning. {23254}{23302}Well, I was your escort. {23307}{23376}You were the one|shouting stupidities. {23391}{23479}No, I just said one.|"Dogface". {23485}{23517}You liked it, right? {23530}{23572}It always works|with girls like you. {23577}{23600}Like me? {23605}{23648}Up-tight and keen to break out. {23670}{23703}Do you want something? {23708}{23747}A Coca-cola, please. {23762}{23802}I have to drive. {23823}{23862}Babi? {23867}{23904}No, I served myself. {23924}{24008}See? When you're pleasant|you're not such a dogface. {24013}{24038}What? {24260}{24299}- Chico!|- Pollo, take this. {24339}{24429}No, put me down, you brute!|Let go of me! {24642}{24752}No, no! I'm sorry I threw|the milk shake at you! {24757}{24824}The damage has been done. {25249}{25286}You're out of your mind! {25299}{25342}I'm wearing a Valentino! {25395}{25466}- It's freezing!|- It's good for the circulation. {25471}{25523}It pumps more blood|to your brain. {25528}{25610}You offer milk shakes,|you don't throw them at people. {25632}{25675}And tell Valentino {25690}{25740}the dress looks a lot better wet. {25865}{25896}The police, please. {25901}{25937}Shall I get you a towel? {25942}{25982}You don't want to catch cold. {25987}{26021}Go to hell! {26031}{26063}Move, they rang the cops! {26068}{26095}Remind me {26100}{26179}the next time we bathe together|to wash your mouth with soap. {26525}{26587}Why did you do nothing|when he threw me in the pool? {26592}{26612}Babi, {26618}{26661}it was all a set-up. {26666}{26738}I rang those idiots to cause|a fuss so I could be with you. {26818}{26866}Roberta will never forgive you. {26871}{26912}They wrecked the house. {26941}{26974}What the hell? {27055}{27081}What are they doing? {27114}{27143}Go away! {27170}{27209}Stop it, please! {27278}{27319}This is my father's car! {27324}{27352}Bastards! {27450}{27484}You want aggro? {28052}{28115}- You're fucking crazy!|- Go to hell! {28208}{28239}Are you OK? {28525}{28553}Shit! {28568}{28594}It's nothing. {28602}{28636}Just some scratches. {28641}{28685}- They could have killed us!|- It's all right. {28690}{28726}There's still time. {28750}{28781}- I'm sorry!|- Sorry? {28786}{28824}For what? Tell me. {28829}{28892}For calling the police|or for the hit and run? {28897}{28919}You're so sexy. {28924}{28975}Leave him alone, you animal! {28980}{29065}You brute! Leave him alone!|You're despicable! {29097}{29132}You want to grovel? {29137}{29174}All right, say after me: {29179}{29229}- I will not ruin the party...|- Stop! {29278}{29348}I will not ruin the party {29353}{29407}for people who know|how to have fun. {29420}{29463}I won't ruin the party... {29468}{29498}Please, help me! {29503}{29557}...for people who know|how to have fun. {29562}{29601}- Mr. Santamaria!|- What's going on? {29606}{29661}They're going|to kill each other! {29666}{29706}Boys, that's enough! {29723}{29792}Let's get out of here!|Babi, come with us! {29820}{29859}Fuck, it was your fault|that I hit him! {29864}{29898}You made me hit him! {29922}{29948}Get in the car! {29953}{30049}- I won't...|- I won't ruin... That's it. {30073}{30099}Leave him alone! {30118}{30147}I hate you! {30155}{30224}You're an animal, a brute! {30229}{30262}I hate you! {30275}{30307}Put me down! {30332}{30387}All right,|I've put you down. {30495}{30526}And he's gone. {30550}{30580}I'll say goodbye too. {30703}{30746}How do I get home? {31084}{31125}- Let me get on the bike.|- What? {31130}{31169}Let me get on the bike. {31195}{31255}You said I'm an animal|and a brute, right? {31293}{31354}I can't let someone like that|take you home. {31372}{31397}It's for your own good. {31412}{31466}Tomorrow you'd regret|not being consistent. {31553}{31588}Stop, please. {31593}{31623}Want to go somewhere? {31628}{31674}You want your face smashed? {31679}{31702}Scram. {31707}{31732}Scram! {31911}{31988}Get on, I've fought enough people|because of you. {32378}{32423}Wait, wait. {32428}{32457}I'm paralyzed. {32493}{32526}You're squeezing me. {32550}{32599}If you grab my jacket|I can't drive. {32629}{32649}Please... {33247}{33318}You want to stay like this|all night? {33323}{33397}Sorry, I've never ridden|on the back of a bike. {33415}{33465}So I'm the first, right? {33517}{33544}Shit! {33723}{33751}Babi! {33771}{33824}- Did you come on that bike?|- No, mom... {33829}{33904}She had no choice, ma'am, really. {33943}{33994}The boy who was driving her|dumped her {34006}{34054}and she had to come with me. {34120}{34141}Hi, mom! {34146}{34217}Didn't I tell you|to stay with your sister! {34222}{34263}- Hello.|- Hi. {34287}{34313}Get in the car. {34318}{34393}You two won't have|any kind of phone for a week! {34398}{34460}You're exactly like your mother. {34480}{34505}A grouch. {34663}{34714}Are you seeing that guy? {34719}{34752}I don't even know him. {34760}{34798}He's Hugo Olivera, {34803}{34834}but they call him H. {34839}{34917}Something horrible happened|and he wants to forget his name. {34923}{34983}My friends and I say|it's H for "hero". {35005}{35041}He looks like|he'd save your life. {35174}{35207}Who the hell let you in? {35212}{35283}- Get up, you've things to do!|- Yeah, for you! {35349}{35384}No, I understand. {35392}{35494}But I could go to Paris next week|and we'll close the deal. {35533}{35593}Alex, I need to borrow 400 euros. {35603}{35637}Fuck, what a drag. {35642}{35658}Wait. {35663}{35710}We'll talk to Head Office. {35715}{35744}Yeah, sure. {35761}{35783}OK. {35788}{35847}What are you doing?|Give me that! {35906}{35926}Are you crazy? {35931}{35975}Don't give it to him! {35980}{36034}Don't speak! Don't speak! {36039}{36068}Yes, of course. {36073}{36123}In my wallet, in my jacket. {36280}{36301}Yes! {36308}{36350}- No, of course.|- Thank you! {36360}{36425}Really, if he can't,|I'll see to it. {36431}{36493}Hugo, remember about dinner|with dad. {36634}{36669}Are you sure it's here? {36674}{36751}Yeah, I saw it in her diary,|and we're having lunch. {36762}{36839}- You're broke.|- She said she'd pay. {36865}{36904}- Hello.|- Hi. {36948}{36973}That's her! {36979}{37016}- Which one?|- The blonde. {37021}{37047}- Bye, Babi.|- Bye. {37060}{37120}And that's the girl|from the foam bath. {37138}{37167}I'm off. {37172}{37201}God, Babi! {37206}{37252}That's the guy|who stole my allowance. {37257}{37322}- Which one?|- The ugly one beside the bike. {37362}{37389}Oh, no! {37394}{37423}Did he steal from you too? {37428}{37512}No, but his pal threw me in the pool|and wrecked Chico's car. {37517}{37584}You never tell me|the interesting things! {37618}{37643}Hello. {37648}{37687}What are you doing here? {37692}{37722}Hey, take it easy. {37734}{37827}I just came with my friend,|he's having lunch with that girl. {37832}{37886}But she happens|to be my best friend {37891}{37940}and your friend|stole all her money. {37989}{38022}You owe me one. {38029}{38077}Why not invite me somewhere nice? {38082}{38116}What do you say? {38121}{38144}Moron! {38149}{38188}How sweet! {38193}{38225}Coming for lunch? {38230}{38271}You can't have lunch with him! {38276}{38339}But he's paying, so I'll get|some of my money back. {38344}{38385}I thought she was paying. {38390}{38428}I swiped her money yesterday {38433}{38487}so it's like she was paying. {38502}{38525}Don't be angry. {38551}{38579}I'll call you later. {38629}{38655}Excuse me. {38682}{38733}Just to show I'm not a liar, {38751}{38818}didn't you and I have|a foam bath yesterday? {38942}{38981}That's a yes. {39058}{39098}- Hi, mom.|- Hello, love. {39266}{39319}Why is your brother so late? {39347}{39403}You know him,|he's always working. {39468}{39500}Where's mom? {39542}{39590}On a trip,|with a girl friend. {40420}{40470}What grade will you get?|8 or more? {40475}{40542}In Physics?|A distinction, definitely. {40689}{40754}I'm popping out.|Do you need anything? {40759}{40813}No, I'll take a break later. {40848}{40925}Wrap up well if you go out.|It's freezing. {40932}{40964}Yes, mom. {41296}{41377}Rebeca, did your on|ever argue with that man before? {41386}{41443}I didn't even know|they knew each other. {41454}{41484}With his injurie, {41489}{41561}if we don't have some proof {41573}{41616}Hugo could be in big trouble. {41621}{41672}Do you think|I don't want to help my son? {41758}{41781}Hugo, {41811}{41844}have you nothing to say? {41858}{41896}I'm moving in with you. {42168}{42217}Don't you want to know|how it went? {42224}{42253}How did it go? {42258}{42299}If you ask like that|I won't tell you. {42304}{42350}- All right, don't.|- Babi! {42442}{42525}Excuse me, that blonde hunk|was giving you the eye. {42591}{42647}He's still doing it.|Shall we follow him? {42681}{42736}Why are you looking like that? {42742}{42809}You dumped me|and went off with that thug. {42814}{42859}Hey, you don't know him! {42866}{42904}He's got problems. {42912}{42985}He's got no money.|His father treats him badly. {42991}{43025}But he's really nice. {43030}{43080}He asked me|to the races tonight. {43085}{43100}What races? {43105}{43149}I told mom|I'm sleeping at your house. {43154}{43219}- Leave a key under the mat.|- I don't believe this! {43224}{43258}- Why don't you come?|- No! {43263}{43317}I don't want to see him|or his friend. {43328}{43394}Then we're not going|to see each other either. {43399}{43463}- Why not?|- I'm going out with him! {43511}{43538}Katina! {43598}{43644}- Babi!|- Yes? {43662}{43689}Come here a moment. {43694}{43722}Coming. {43846}{43865}What? {43947}{43986}Haven't you something to tell us? {44035}{44077}The Santamarias rang. {44082}{44155}Felipe's nasal septum was broken,|it almost pierced his brain! {44160}{44243}- I had nothing to do with it.|- It's true, she didn't. {44252}{44298}Who asked you?|Be quiet! {44303}{44338}Look, Babi, {44343}{44427}they want to report your friend.|They want to know his name. {44432}{44495}He's not my friend.|I just know he's called H. {44506}{44582}Are you defending him?|How long have you known him? {44587}{44663}The only thing I know|is his nickname! {44684}{44729}You know his name, tell them! {44737}{44832}- Do you think I'm a telltale?|- You told me his name. {44846}{44879}Daniela, his name. {44951}{45014}Hugo Olivera.|That's his name, dad. {45042}{45103}Call them, and say|Babi had nothing to do with it. {45131}{45196}Great, Babi, you've really|put your foot in it! {45201}{45223}Daniela... {45312}{45350}My parents are out. {45371}{45399}Yes, she's here. {45410}{45505}But I reckon that in a week|she'll be dead. {45510}{45584}She informed on a dangerous guy,|and she likes him. {45589}{45646}Stop talking about me|and hang up. {45651}{45699}Wait, I've got another call. {45725}{45753}Yes? {45791}{45833}Yes, just a minute. {45847}{45876}It's for you. {45924}{45949}Yes? {45997}{46048}Good evening!|Yes. {46082}{46149}Katina? She's sleeping. {46167}{46201}Shall I wake her? {46261}{46313}Yes, I'll tell her. {46318}{46336}Good night. {46351}{46377}Bye. {46410}{46431}What's going on? {46464}{46513}What is it?|Who was that? {46518}{46549}It's turned off. {46561}{46602}Where are the bike races? {46607}{46659}The Siamese races?|At the port. {46664}{46711}- Can I go? Please...|- No way. {46716}{46750}And don't tell anyone. {46868}{46895}Know where my sister's going? {47316}{47369}WE REMEMBERYOU {47821}{47856}No, stop, Pollo! {48015}{48082}What a surprise!|I'm so glad you've come! {48087}{48141}Why is your phone off?|Your mother rang. {48146}{48216}- What did you tell her?|- That you were asleep, {48221}{48254}and she believed me. {48259}{48339}She's picking you up tomorrow|at 7:00 for your blood tests. {48344}{48411}Don't be late,|I don't want any problems. {48416}{48444}- Come on, stay!|- No! {48449}{48484}We're going for a pizza. {48489}{48537}I doubt I'd eat|the pizzas you eat. {48542}{48630}Well, it's the untamed shrew! {48635}{48682}Have you come to see me race? {48701}{48747}I didn't even know|you were here. {48752}{48803}Then why are you|red as a beetroot? {48808}{48840}You just make me laugh. {48845}{48873}- Yeah?|- Yes. {48888}{48939}You won't be so cocky in court. {48953}{49028}I said it was you who broke|Mr. Santamaria's nose. {49033}{49081}- You bitch!|- Take it easy. {49128}{49191}You could go to prison! {49196}{49253}That won't happen, OK? {49339}{49393}The day I'm up in court {49399}{49465}this nice girl will say|I did nothing. Know why? {49486}{49510}Why? {49520}{49620}By then you'll be so crazy about me|you'll do anything to save me. {49672}{49709}The race is starting! {49751}{49788}The race is starting! {49826}{49872}Want to ride behind me? {49884}{49917}Never. {49972}{50023}H, will you take me? {50070}{50091}Get on. {50131}{50175}Stop being scared|and you'll have fun. {50201}{50233}You don't even have a belt. {50238}{50316}This is just for Siamese.|So, race or fuck off. {50321}{50353}She's a real cow. {50358}{50423}- What did you say?|- I'm racing now. {50432}{50462}Well, then? {50512}{50543}Give me your belt. {50553}{50590}Babi, no! {50703}{50734}Shit, my scarf! {50849}{50878}Get on! {50947}{50987}Are you crazy?|Don't! {51001}{51049}I haven't got all day. {51273}{51297}Good luck! {52644}{52680}Belts off! {53769}{53805}Come on! {54202}{54240}Up! Up! {54729}{54762}Last lap! {54993}{55023}Chino! {55661}{55683}Stop! Stop! {55706}{55730}Stop! Stop! {55837}{55861}Shit! {56228}{56280}Forget the bike, help her! {56329}{56372}Don't move her! {56377}{56424}- Lift her up!|- Call an ambulance! {56805}{56847}Get on! Get on! {56866}{56917}The cameras!|Cover the license plate! {57113}{57159}Hide here! {57178}{57233}I'll pick you up|once I shake them off. {57238}{57272}Quick! {57452}{57486}Shit! {57946}{57975}I'm here. {57980}{58017}- Where?|- Here. {58032}{58076}Why are you in there?|Come out. {58081}{58128}There's a huge dog out there. {58133}{58168}There's no dog here. {58181}{58219}I still can't come out. {58224}{58253}Why? {58260}{58294}I'm embarrassed. {58391}{58437}Come out now or I'll leave. {58443}{58470}No, wait! {58475}{58503}Wait! {58509}{58530}What? {58540}{58589}Promise you won't laugh. {58621}{58650}I promise. {58916}{58953}What have you done, kid? {58985}{59045}- Are you covered in mud?|- It's manure. {59057}{59095}That's manure? {59100}{59183}I don't believe it!|This is too good to be true. {59188}{59254}I knew it.|Your promises are worthless. {59261}{59348}- Wait, what are you doing?|- I'm getting on the bike! {59354}{59390}Are you crazy? {59396}{59438}You're covered in shit. {59454}{59500}- You're joking, right?|- No. {59602}{59682}If you want,|you can wear my jacket. {59701}{59751}But first take off those clothes {59756}{59817}or you can't get on the bike. {59865}{59937}Fuck, this is disgusting! {59950}{60009}- Look, H...|- I like how that sounds. {60014}{60059}It's the first time|you've said my name. {60086}{60119}If you turn round {60124}{60190}I swear I'll jump on you|and cover you with manure. {60196}{60241}And I do keep my promises. {60271}{60297}Don't look! {60302}{60353}I've got no interest in looking. {60451}{60505}I'd appreciate it if you'd hurry. {60616}{60683}You're a filthy,|disgusting bastard! {60688}{60766}I didn't turn round, did I?|But you've got a great ass. {60771}{60829}I wish I'd rubbed the manure|in your face. {60834}{60881}Now I do hear a rabid dog. {60886}{60925}- Hurry up!|- Look! {60942}{61008}Lift your legs|or he'II bite you! {62022}{62057}Thank you for the lift. {62101}{62150}So I'll pick you up tomorrow. {62155}{62187}What time? {62194}{62249}Sure, and the police|can chase us again. {62254}{62282}Right. {63121}{63176}You were a very brave Siamese. {63207}{63249}Are you going to report me? {63264}{63279}- Yes.|- Yes? {63307}{63368}Really?|Do you swear? {63831}{63877}Oh, Babi, Babi! {63885}{63945}I'm a pig, an animal, a beast, {63950}{63988}but you'd let me kiss you. {63993}{64040}- You're inconsistent.|- And you're a bastard! {64045}{64127}You had your mouth open,|begging me to kiss you. {64159}{64224}Give me back my jacket right now. {64278}{64303}Hotlips, {64314}{64355}what about a good night kiss? {64360}{64394}Go to hell! {64784}{64825}I was really worried. {64830}{64895}Your mom thought I was you|and gave me a good night kiss. {64900}{64950}- What happened?|- It was H, wasn't it? {64964}{65003}He tore off your clothes. {65015}{65041}You'll wake mom. {65046}{65070}Well? {65121}{65150}I'm going to shower. {65196}{65234}She smells of shit. {65443}{65493}Sorry, the police were after me. {65507}{65588}Liar, I saw you go off|with that stuck-up little mouse. {66095}{66166}Illegal races caue diturbances|in the port area {66365}{66420}Throw it up to me! {66427}{66452}Come on! {66789}{66836}She raced as a Siamese {66841}{66887}and saved a girl|who had an accident. {66892}{66921}It's really wild. {66926}{66969}- Are you going out?|- No! {66999}{67025}Sure. {67147}{67209}Katina, not again.|I'm not going out. {67295}{67332}Look who's waiting for you {67919}{67985}Babi! You're seeing H,|aren't you? {68003}{68068}If mom and dad ask,|I'm studying at Katina's. {68073}{68100}OK. {68105}{68146}I'll be back by 11:00. {68192}{68229}I'm the hero's sister-in-law. {68667}{68692}H... {68707}{68737}Got a light? {68867}{68893}What's up? {68898}{68932}New projects. {68944}{69051}Good luck, I don't think that prude|will open her legs so easily. {69142}{69175}I'll call you, OK? {69725}{69756}Vodka with pineapple. {72526}{72557}Dogface. {72596}{72621}Brute. {73769}{73802}Mom, why are you still up? {73897}{73985}Why are you behaving|as if you weren't my daughter? {73992}{74020}It got late. {74025}{74056}Come here! {74395}{74468}- Were you drinking?|- You know I don't drink. {74514}{74569}What's that boy doing to you? {74574}{74674}- Is he making you do anything?|- Nothing I don't want to do. {74753}{74780}Is anything wrong? {74882}{74939}No, dad, I came home late,|that's all. {75086}{75134}I got his license plate. {75139}{75186}- Talk to him.|- They're just kids. {75191}{75252}Tell him if he doesn't leave|our daughter alone, {75257}{75299}he'll be in trouble! {75635}{75658}Is that you? {75733}{75760}I want to see you. {75880}{75951}I' grounded.|I got caught coming home late. {76009}{76050}So it's not an urban legend. {76079}{76122}Nice girls who behave badly {76127}{76162}are till grounded. {76219}{76251}What'll we do tomorrow? {76281}{76310}Go off somewhere. {76393}{76456}Pick me up at the school gate|and take me away. {76466}{76511}I haven't been up that early {76516}{76545}for over a year. {76550}{76578}I might sleep in. {76652}{76687}I trust you, H. {76721}{76752}Good night. {76789}{76820}Bye, Babi. {76909}{76945}- Bye, Babi.|- Bye. {77290}{77331}Let's go inside. {77339}{77381}I can't. H is coming. {77386}{77426}- We're going off!|- What? {77431}{77468}You're going to screw! {77482}{77553}As your best friend,|I want all the details. {77558}{77581}You animal! {77586}{77629}No, I'm really excited. {77634}{77692}It's like I was|losing my virginity again. {77758}{77817}- There he is! Wish me luck.|- Lots of luck. {77957}{78009}Babi! Relax your pelvis. {78057}{78083}Hello. {78782}{78813}Look who's there. {78917}{78948}Hugo... {78981}{79005}Hugo, please. {79010}{79047}Hugo, stop, please! {79098}{79134}H, what is it? {79139}{79204}Hugo, please, don't! {79515}{79555}In physics?|A distinction, definitely. {79587}{79648}I'm popping out.|Do you need anything? {79669}{79705}No, I'll take a break later. {80247}{80289}Son of a bitch! {80549}{80566}Stop! {80617}{80633}Please, Hugo! {80662}{80682}Please, stop! {80687}{80714}H, please! {80769}{80795}Stop, Hugo! {80824}{80848}Stop! {80941}{80966}Are you crazy? {80971}{81010}You could have killed us! {81016}{81044}Stop! {81225}{81247}Stop! {81260}{81286}Stop! {81323}{81346}Stop, please! {81351}{81393}H! Stop, stop! {81927}{81960}Who was that woman? {82086}{82120}She was my mother. {82525}{82598}Your father and your brother|don't know? {82634}{82682}My father thinks|she's with her friends. {82820}{82864}Am I the only one who knows? {84336}{84365}Stop, stop! {84407}{84433}Why? {84469}{84509}We're out in the open. {84571}{84614}There's no one here. {84947}{84989}I said no. {85086}{85115}OK. {85209}{85240}Come here. {85245}{85269}Come on. {87431}{87475}Why did you bring me here? {87480}{87507}Don't you like it? {87524}{87615}My parents always brought us here|when we were little. {87637}{87687}See the house that's for sale? {87692}{87707}Yes. {87740}{87791}My sister and I|pretended it was ours. {87796}{87890}We used to see the owners|and we imagined we were them. {87984}{88012}It's so sad. {88189}{88247}It's like we can|never enjoy it again. {88314}{88349}I knew you'd like it. {88614}{88651}The jacket suits you. {88743}{88782}Who's calling? {88838}{88897}My mother doesn't trust me. {88950}{88978}Or rather, you. {89909}{89951}Is that like mom's signature? {89977}{90017}I think it's perfect. {90022}{90069}- Thank you for helping me.|- Not at all. {90074}{90129}Don't go yet,|come and meet my daughters. {90143}{90168}Girls, {90232}{90290}this is Gustavo,|our new upstairs neighbor. {90295}{90357}- Yes, we've seen each other.|- Yes. {90362}{90459}He doesn't know anyone,|I said you could take him out {90464}{90498}and introduce him. {90503}{90540}Yes, mom, but not tonight. {90545}{90611}The girls have asked me|to go to the cinema {90618}{90678}and as I'm not grounded anymore|I can go, can't I? {90743}{90784}I have to go.|My pleasure. {90789}{90818}Likewise. {90840}{90871}Ciao. {90910}{90957}This weekend, if I can,|I'll call him. {91085}{91181}That hunk is walking|into the lion's den. {92542}{92572}You, "Hello, Kitty". {92592}{92623}This is yours, right? {92628}{92671}You wouldn't have|such good taste. {92677}{92739}The other night, H used it|to tie me to the bed. {92777}{92799}It's strong. {92804}{92840}Not strong enough|if you're here. {92845}{92870}Poor thing. {92875}{92940}You thought he'd promise you|eternal love, eh? {92988}{93024}I feel sorry for you. {93035}{93084}It's obvious|you're crazy about him. {93143}{93195}Give me the scarf!|Give it to me! {93200}{93229}- Let go!|- Give it to me! {93234}{93267}- Get off!|- Let go of me! {93272}{93304}- Stop it!|- Give me the scarf! {93309}{93346}Let go, you bitch! {93437}{93461}Hit her, Babi! {93628}{93670}Hit her, Babi, go on! {93706}{93759}Hit her harder! {93939}{93964}H! {93983}{94014}Shit, it's Babi! {94210}{94254}Let go of me! {94337}{94396}The next time, I'll kill you,|you whore! {94734}{94783}I don't know what happened me. {94808}{94841}I didn't want to hurt her. {94889}{94955}- She said you'd been with her...|- Babi, Babi... {95037}{95085}I won't cheat on you|or hurt you. {95113}{95143}I'm with you now. {95202}{95286}With the girl who'll beat up|anyone who insults her guy. {95390}{95490}You know what warriors do|after their first victory in battle? {96886}{96910}Hugo... {96954}{96998}Someone wants a word with you. {97051}{97122}I'm Claudio Alcazar,|Babi's father. {97172}{97246}- Shall we go down for a drink?|- Yes, of course. {97276}{97294}Hugo, {97311}{97352}we have to talk. {97466}{97526}- H, won't you introduce me?|- Of course. {97555}{97578}Rosanna, Claudio. {97585}{97602}Claudio, Rosanna. {97607}{97647}- My pleasure.|- Likewise. {97696}{97758}Sweetheart,|you want olives or nuts? {97786}{97818}Olives. {97888}{97923}She liked you. {97928}{97967}She doesn't offer nuts|to everyone. {97972}{98015}- No?|- No. {98060}{98122}I don't really know|where to begin. {98134}{98155}You see, {98169}{98194}my wife... {98199}{98290}Olives for the best looking man|to come in here this year. {98323}{98345}Married, of course. {98457}{98481}Claudio, {98527}{98603}I understand|that your wife is concerned. {98635}{98694}Her daughter is with a guy|who rides a motorbike, {98699}{98747}racing around at 100 m.p.h. {98762}{98818}Because I don't want|to see things. {98864}{98900}But suddenly {98915}{98971}someone appears and says|"Calm down", {98991}{99018}"ease up". {99046}{99125}And when you ease up|you become aware of things. {99162}{99255}That there's a dance trophy|among the bottles of tequila. {99270}{99327}That my favorite song is playing. {99340}{99376}That today is Tuesday 13th. {99383}{99473}And that Rosanna would run away|with you right now {99478}{99514}to the ends of the earth. {99533}{99569}Little things, Claudio. {99605}{99642}Your daughter is easing me up. {99740}{99772}And that's good for me. {99968}{99994}Not now, Alex. {99999}{100077}What wrong with you? Didn't you|understand about prison? {100082}{100162}You can't just do as you wish.|I'm sick of being your nursemaid! {100168}{100232}Stop messing around|and behave like an adult! {100292}{100333}And what's that? {100338}{100433}Being old at 30 and not knowing|how to enjoy life? Tell me! {100606}{100631}I'm sorry. {100894}{100940}- Maria Avellan.|- Present. {100953}{101003}- Babi Alcazar.|- Present. {101020}{101054}Irene Catur... {101093}{101123}Here you are. {101162}{101195}Miss Alcazar! {101221}{101262}Did your mother sign this? {101271}{101298}Yes. {101311}{101345}It's odd. {101359}{101440}I've just spoken to her|and she didn't know you were ill. {101482}{101545}Nor that you were absent|on Friday. {101580}{101610}She's on her way. {101631}{101687}You know that what you've done {101692}{101760}means immediate expulsion|from this school? {101849}{101910}- Did they expel me, mom?|- No, {101915}{101995}because we've donated 8,000 euros|to the school. {102000}{102061}- Mom, I promise...|- Be quiet, please! {102066}{102116}Stop making a fool of me. {102121}{102169}When did you decide|to laugh at me? {102175}{102227}I don't know you, Babi. {102236}{102292}- Babi, what's wrong?|- Stay away, Katina. {102297}{102331}And don't call! {102337}{102371}She's in on it too, isn't she? {102376}{102440}It's time you stopped seeing her. {102745}{102793}Katina aid the teacher|is screwing you around. {102806}{102845}They tried to expel me. {102860}{102923}My parents paid a lot of money|to avoid it. {102946}{103005}They're going to lower my grades. {103016}{103067}I mightn't get into college. {103217}{103269}Are you crazy?|You'll wake my parents! {103274}{103302}Come on. {103307}{103367}I'm not climbing down there. {103374}{103409}- I'm scared.|- Scared? {103414}{103460}You're brave.|Come on. {103471}{103506}- No!|- Come on. {103642}{103679}- Where are we going?|- Come on. {103691}{103729}Trust me, Babi. {103803}{103854}- Hey, Pollo!|- Look who's here! {103862}{103904}- Great!|- I didn't expect you. {103909}{103977}- I told you.|- I bet 20 euros I didn't have. {103982}{104016}Get in the water! {104021}{104060}- I haven't got a costume.|- Come on. {104068}{104092}No, H... {104097}{104146}I've thrown you in before. {104151}{104178}Stop... {104187}{104207}No! {104212}{104244}Come on, it's great! {104294}{104330}Save me, Babi! {104340}{104385}- Come on, you two!|- Yeah, yeah. {104449}{104506}Stop! Stop, please! {105560}{105598}I have to tell you something. {105649}{105681}I'm nervous. {105741}{105765}Why? {105809}{105845}I've never done it. {105958}{105983}Me neither. {106005}{106045}Liar! {106068}{106096}Liar! {106116}{106186}Babi! This lunatic just|asked me to marry him! {106930}{106970}I'm not in a hurry, Babi. {107618}{107665}You can't smoke here. {107685}{107719}I'll be brief. {107751}{107785}From now on, {107793}{107843}you'll treat|one pupil very well. {107863}{107906}If I hear that Babi {107914}{107968}has any problem|because of you {107998}{108028}you're in trouble. {108047}{108103}Don't waste your time|threatening me. {108124}{108157}You're not the first. {108241}{108283}I'll just say one thing. {108336}{108367}Listen carefully. {108431}{108456}Pepito. {108471}{108490}Pepito! {108515}{108546}Fetch the ball! {108554}{108580}Pepito! {108585}{108617}The fucking ball! {108636}{108684}This dog must have a trauma. {108689}{108756}Like my aunt's dog,|it thinks it's a rabbit. {108948}{108975}What's that thing? {108980}{109009}No insults! {109026}{109079}He's Pepito,|and he's a slow learner. {109092}{109130}We bought him between us. {109135}{109169}- Who has custody?|- Pollo. {109174}{109220}- But he's staying with his mom.|- What? {109297}{109348}- Don't leave him here!|- Better take him out {109353}{109399}or he'll piss on the carpet. {109404}{109434}Bye, Alex. {109453}{109484}What's wrong? {109695}{109781}If mom hears you're smoking in here,|she'll slice you up. {109815}{109872}But I won't say a word. {109950}{109985}Shall we go see a movie? {110002}{110072}I thought everyone knew|I'm grounded for life. {110113}{110202}We'd planned to sleep over|at Katina's and now I can't go. {110272}{110309}Go on, and have fun. {110369}{110402}And mom? {110410}{110445}I'll take care of that. {110590}{110694}I love the smell of a pipe.|It reminds me of when I was little. {110967}{111000}- Hi!|- Hi! {112063}{112111}FOR SALE {112260}{112315}Wait here,|and don't look. {112498}{112529}I hear the sea! {112614}{112644}What was that? {112820}{112850}Come here. {112908}{112944}There's a step, careful. {113052}{113089}More steps. {113180}{113215}Where are we going? {113308}{113352}I can smell it now. {113445}{113480}The sea! {113912}{113944}Like it? {114057}{114083}Well? {114224}{114262}I never want this to end. {114800}{114839}This is incredible. {114853}{114887}It was your house, right? {114914}{114951}I've bought it back for you. {114956}{114984}You're crazy! {114991}{115042}Now we're the owners. {115492}{115518}Are you all right? {115539}{115565}What do you think? {115598}{115649}Do you want me to be the first? {115674}{115706}And the last. {115732}{115764}Don't laugh. {117214}{117257}Relax, my love. {117278}{117305}Relax. {117838}{117870}I love you, Babi. {118889}{118917}Are you all right? {118956}{119003}- Did I hurt you?|- No. {119049}{119088}I'm not very good, am I? {119117}{119159}You're perfect. {119203}{119257}You made me feel great. {119270}{119300}I'm happy. {119306}{119333}I'm happier. {119341}{119377}No, I'm much happier. {119403}{119471}- From here to Barcelona.|- From here to the sky. {119476}{119508}Well, I'm even happier. {119513}{119544}How much? {119610}{119652}Three meters above the sky. {120722}{120748}Good morning! {121160}{121200}Why is she babysitting? {121218}{121247}Rich kids don't work. {121252}{121317}Her mother has stopped|her allowance. {121322}{121371}Why did you bring Pepito? {121387}{121461}He doesn't like being alone.|It upsets him. {121466}{121507}No, it upsets you. {121588}{121635}We mustn't be apart! {121701}{121729}Hi! {121756}{121797}You brought Pollo and the dog? {121805}{121862}He can look after the kid. {121896}{121936}Hey, champ. {121953}{121982}You're playing tennis! {121987}{122019}Get Pepito off the couch! {122024}{122086}- He's called Pepito?|- Yes, he is. {122091}{122138}And I'm Pollo.|What's your name? {122143}{122199}Show me your favorite part|of the house. {122236}{122294}Come on,|or are you scared of me? {122323}{122366}Come on, hit it hard. {122453}{122512}- Let's go to your parents' room.|- No, come in. {122588}{122614}Sit down. {122946}{122977}- May I?|- Yes. {123582}{123652}- What was that?|- Don't worry, Pollo's in charge. {123657}{123697}That's what worries me. {123916}{123992}Who the hell do you think you are?|A friend of mine? {123997}{124070}- I'm sorry, Babi.|- Get this rabble out of here. {124075}{124116}- Get out!|- Everyone, out of here. {124121}{124192}Get the fuck out!|What were you doing, Pollo? {124220}{124250}I'm sorry. {124255}{124297}Parties here don't last long. {124302}{124344}What are they doing here? {124359}{124413}You get out too.|I don't want to see you. {124433}{124464}Get out! {124469}{124506}You lot don't respect anything! {124515}{124560}Babi, this isn't my fault! {124565}{124592}Get out! {125078}{125163}Hi, thi is Babi.|Leave a mesage. {125623}{125686}YOU AND I|3 M A S {126268}{126347}OK, the meat should be rare|with a little salt. {126355}{126396}- A little salt.|- And the strawberries? {126401}{126446}They're in the fridge. {126451}{126485}No, that's wrong! {126531}{126599}Add the cream|just before you serve them. {126604}{126675}And light the candles|five minutes before she arrives. {126680}{126717}- Five minutes.|- Right. {126731}{126799}- Why not apologize over the phone?|- The dog! {126804}{126840}You're so unromantic! {126847}{126903}She's due at 8:00,|but she's always 10 minutes early. {126908}{126932}OK. {126943}{126968}OK. {127618}{127647}- Yes?|- Hello. {127696}{127748}Babi, supper's getting cold. {127753}{127819}Mom's looking all over|for a ring her mother gave her. {127827}{127878}It' been mising|since your friends were here. {127888}{127958}Is it alway going|to be like this with you? {128013}{128061}- No, Babi.|- Leave me alone. {128761}{128784}Chino... {128819}{128842}Watch it! {128875}{128920}I don't want any problems. {128998}{129041}You don't want any problems? {129069}{129091}Tough guy. {129166}{129195}Don't touch me! {129210}{129242}Look at him. {129247}{129282}He wants a fight. {129470}{129507}I just want the ring. {129963}{130034}H, stop, please!|Stop, you'll fucking kill him! {130039}{130103}I've got the ring!|I've got it! {130509}{130578}- H, go away, please!|- Tell Babi to let me in! {130590}{130637}She isn't here! {130642}{130685}It's H! What'll I do? {130691}{130747}My parents will be here soon!|Go away! {130752}{130780}Let me in, Babi! {130785}{130878}- I'll call the police.|- I have to give you something. {131657}{131684}Why are you crying? {132018}{132046}Miss Alcazar, {132079}{132151}can you tell us|what happened that night? {132241}{132287}Miss Alcazar, did you hear me? {132311}{132389}Can you tell us|what happened that night? {132772}{132807}Babi! Wait! {132936}{132998}Why are you humiliating our family? {133018}{133107}What will they think of us?|We promised we'd help them! {133112}{133161}No, you promised, I didn't. {133181}{133254}Stop being ashamed for me,|stop deciding for me. {133269}{133353}I refuse to grow old|and realize I've become like you. {133398}{133445}I won't live your lousy life. {133477}{133552}H is my boyfriend|and I want to be with him. {134152}{134196}I won't lie for you again. {134205}{134233}You hear? {134282}{134348}If you keep doing as you please,|we're through, I swear. {134397}{134430}Very well. {134453}{134477}I'll change. {134873}{134918}They've passed! {134929}{134961}I passed! {134966}{135027}Be quick,|we've got something to do. {135056}{135105}I got the best grade! {135129}{135223}Forga gave me an 8.|I thought she'd fail me. {135236}{135264}I'm proud of you. {135317}{135348}We have to go. {135362}{135390}- Where?|- Pollo! {135536}{135597}- Come on, Pollo!|- Behave yourself, Pepito. {135608}{135679}Don't gulp your food.|You know it makes you sick. {135735}{135788}He doesn't want|to go back to the witch. {135793}{135817}Who is it? {135823}{135858}Pepito Delivery Service. {135877}{135948}And don't dare treat him|like you treat your pupils. {135953}{135972}You hear? {135977}{136014}Move, Al Capone! {136111}{136137}So long, buddy. {136164}{136216}There'll be more than 100 of us. {136231}{136303}No, not a private room,|the whole restaurant. {136324}{136381}Yes, a very special occasion. {136398}{136440}Not just her good grades. {136445}{136506}A daughter doesn't|turn 18 every day. {136511}{136582}I'll send the guest list|this afternoon. {136594}{136635}- Mom...|- Yes? {136645}{136683}In case you'd forgotten, {136698}{136736}Hugo Olivera, my boyfriend. {136995}{137041}- Hi, Laura! Did you pass?|- Yes. {137182}{137207}Come in. {137240}{137281}Good morning. {137316}{137344}I wanted to thank you... {137434}{137459}Pepito? {137955}{137985}I want to marry her. {138006}{138044}First you need a job. {138053}{138161}Or will she go on paying|for everything, like she does now. {138166}{138211}Tomorrow, I'm going to win. {138232}{138264}So she can see me do it. {138335}{138373}Our girls are incredible. {138410}{138440}We have to live up to them. {138481}{138510}She'll love it. {138616}{138664}- I'll get it.|- H... {138715}{138755}Promise you'll be there. {138771}{138797}What do you think? {139185}{139212}Pollo... {139427}{139475}It's Babi!|Here, take this. {139511}{139533}Hello. {139547}{139576}Can we talk? {139620}{139642}Sure. {139647}{139686}You threatened my teacher! {139722}{139755}Are you stupid? {139799}{139832}You screwed me, H. {139877}{139943}- I thought that if...|- Stop thinking for me! {139971}{140020}Don't treat me like a moron. {140119}{140166}Let's leave it for a while. {140679}{140737}- Shall I say anything to him?|- No. {140869}{140922}I'll be along after the race, OK? {141256}{141312}The dopey upstairs neighbor, {141317}{141355}he'll take us to the party. {141561}{141601}You're a fucking genius. {141658}{141681}Come on. {142774}{142827}- Have you seen H?|- No, I haven't. {143484}{143504}Babi, {143511}{143545}come here a moment. {143631}{143655}Carlos, {143661}{143684}this is Babi. {143689}{143725}- Happy birthday.|- Thank you. {143823}{143854}My love. {143861}{143890}A photo. {144015}{144081}What would happen|if I asked your sister out? {144091}{144182}Her boyfriend would break|every bone in your body. {144191}{144218}That's all. {144230}{144257}Hi, dad! {144276}{144303}Hello. {144631}{144662}Hey, where's your buddy? {144667}{144713}I want some fucking revenge. {144739}{144769}I'm racing for him today. {148038}{148066}I love you. {148554}{148603}Who is our daughter dancing with? {148637}{148683}With a good boy, Rafaela. {150390}{150442}Be careful!|Stop, stop! {150607}{150662}Forgive me, I'm sorry, Babi. {150667}{150721}It's all right, Gustavo. {150912}{150951}I said it's all right.|Leave me alone! {150956}{151014}She told you twice|to leave her alone! Get out! {151021}{151073}I'm just trying to help her. {151186}{151220}What are you doing, H? {151246}{151279}He didn't do it on purpose! {151349}{151380}- Are you OK?|- Yes. {151403}{151438}You think he meant to do it? {151682}{151710}Yes? {151853}{151900}Come on. {151921}{151954}I'm sorry, Claudio. {152632}{152675}- Katina! What is it?|- Pollo. {152688}{152728}Where is he?|They won't tell me. {152746}{152777}Look for him, H. {152783}{152816}Please, I'm begging you. {153014}{153044}Where is he? {153071}{153096}Over there. {153264}{153311}You can't get through. {153459}{153480}Calm down. {153485}{153553}Let go of me! Let go of me!|Pollo! {153569}{153645}Let go of me!|He's my friend! {154415}{154464}H!|H, stop, please! {154471}{154520}Please! H! {155104}{155130}- Don't touch me!|- Listen. {155135}{155160}- Don't touch me!|- Listen. {155165}{155187}I can't take any more. {155192}{155257}Your life is full of shit|and death and blood, {155262}{155297}you don't care about me. {155302}{155359}I do care,|and Babi, I swear that... {155364}{155436}Don't swear anything.|You don't care about anyone. {155441}{155475}Not me or your family|or your best friend. {155480}{155501}It's not my fault! {155506}{155536}- Yes, it is!|- It's not! {155541}{155575}Of course it is! {155602}{155681}You killed Pollo!|You killed him! {157750}{157805}There' alway a moment|when the road forks. {157946}{158043}Each one goe off, thinking|the road will come together again. {158249}{158274}Come in. {158338}{158403}You see the other peron|getting aller and maller. {158489}{158522}That' all right. {158538}{158576}We're ade for each other. {158722}{158760}She'll be there at the end. {158830}{158868}But at the end|only one thing happen. {159077}{159114}The fucking winter come. {159858}{159927}Yes, yes. Don't keep on.|I'm eating well, Alex. {159970}{160017}There's someone at the door.|I'll call you later. {160294}{160327}Merry Christmas! {160462}{160505}Come in, please. {160665}{160736}I haven't been around much|these last months. {160784}{160821}I couldn't, I'm sorry. {160862}{160896}Don't worry. {161013}{161056}Santa left this for you. {161572}{161622}I miss him so much, H. {161654}{161683}I can't... {161693}{161759}Sometimes I think|I'll never find anyone like him. {161781}{161821}No, no one like him. {161874}{161926}But you'll find someone|who'll make you happy. {162005}{162043}Have you spoken to Babi? {162152}{162178}Have you? {162231}{162293}We lost touch after the accident. {162321}{162364}I think she's with another crowd. {162408}{162468}And she's going out|with some guy. {162553}{162607}Maybe you should forget her. {162731}{162767}Want to stay for supper? {162821}{162845}I can't tonight. {162861}{162901}Some other day. {163253}{163281}Thank you. {163401}{163428}That's OK. {164408}{164431}Yes? {164436}{164460}Hello. {164508}{164532}Is Babi there? {164561}{164588}Just a minute. {164618}{164642}Bye, mom. {164647}{164675}Call me tomorrow. {164700}{164725}Take care of her. {164730}{164761}I will, Rafaela. {165107}{165135}Are you ready? {165183}{165222}We're leaving in five minutes. {166281}{166311}What are you doing here? {166336}{166388}- I locked myself out.|- OK, come on. {166473}{166502}What's wrong? {166537}{166564}Hugo, what's wrong? {166617}{166650}What's happened? {167441}{167512}Suddenly you realize|that everything is over. {167572}{167602}Really. {167808}{167841}I'm going away for a while. {167903}{167936}To London. {167944}{167976}To work. {168107}{168144}That's a good idea. {168405}{168445}I can't stay here. {168460}{168493}There' no going back. {168521}{168554}You feel it. {169138}{169222}Nd then you try to remeber|at what point it all began. {169257}{169323}Nd you dicover it tarted|before you thought. {169338}{169364}Hello. {169466}{169493}Hello. {169508}{169536}Long before. {169613}{169681}Nd it' at that moment {169689}{169758}you realize|thing only happen once. {170235}{170330}Nd no matter how hard you try|you'll never feel the ame again. {170351}{170443}You'll never again feel|you're three meters above the ky. {170555}{170644}THREE METERS ABOVE THE SKY {176620}{176695}Adaptation: D. 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