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{1}{72}movie info: XVID 640x272 23.976fps 699.6 MB|/SubEdit b.4072 (http://subedit.com.pl)/ {2274}{2351}Everyone inside now! {2454}{2536}Lucinda, we're going in. {2550}{2609}Lucinda! {2627}{2709}Lucinda, we're going in. {2715}{2774}Lucinda! {2865}{2965}Now, you remember tomorrow|is our official opening day, don't you? {2966}{3021}- Yes, Miss Taylor.|- Yes, Miss Taylor. {3022}{3102}And you remember Principal Clark|ran a competition last month {3103}{3215}to find the best ideas to celebrate|this very special day. {3216}{3277}- Me! Me! Me!|- Me! Me! Me! {3278}{3377}Well, yesterday,|the staff selected the winning idea, {3378}{3466}and it came from this class. {3498}{3576}The winner is our own {3611}{3653}Lucinda Embry. {3654}{3698}Lucinda?|Why her? {3699}{3735}Lucinda?|Lucinda? {3736}{3810}Come on, everyone. {3849}{3993}We'll be closing our dedication ceremony|with the burial of a time capsule. {3994}{4087}- Yes?|- What's a time capsule? {4256}{4317}This is a time capsule. {4318}{4377}Wow.|That's incredible. {4378}{4449}Now, I need you|to put your thinking caps on, {4450}{4510}because I want each of you to draw {4511}{4595}what you think the future|is going to look like. {4596}{4688}Then we'll put the pictures in the capsule,|and 50 years from today, {4689}{4848}a group of children just like yourselves|will open it up to see what you drew. {4849}{4885}Doesn't that sound exciting? {4886}{4939}- Yes, Miss Taylor.|- Yes, Miss Taylor. {4940}{5005}Let's begin. {5069}{5121}That is a lovely spaceship there, Dawn. {5122}{5178}Thank you, Miss Taylor.|Well done. {5179}{5285}And that is a nice robot, Andrew.|Very good. {5286}{5356}Time's up. Everyone hand your work in. {5357}{5428}And make sure you write your name|on the envelope. {5429}{5454}My name's over here. {5455}{5503}Thank you, Harold.|Thank you, Miss Taylor. {5504}{5553}Lucinda, you need to finish up now. {5554}{5635}- Thank you.|Thank you. {5675}{5730}Oh, Lucinda. {5731}{5832}The assignment was to draw a picture. {5846}{5921}This was your idea. {6104}{6208}Okay, I want you all to finish, please. {6285}{6383}/Welcome to all|/our friends and esteemed colleagues. {6384}{6509}/We, the students and faculty|/of William Dawes Elementary, {6510}{6646}/hereby bury this time capsule|/in dedication of our new school, {6647}{6695}/and we charge our descendents {6696}{6830}/to open this vault of history|/50 years from today. {6840}{6958}/To the future and the promise that it holds. {8029}{8079}Lucinda? {8080}{8132}Lucinda? {8133}{8165}Lucinda? {8166}{8281}I'm certain Lucinda|is simply being over curious. {8282}{8346}Can you please help find her? {8347}{8405}The cloakroom. Check the cloakroom. {8406}{8479}Lucinda. Henry, come on. {8480}{8542}- Lucinda?|Come on out now. {8543}{8602}Lucinda? {9088}{9147}Lucinda. {9193}{9257}Oh, my God. {9327}{9445}Make them stop.|Please make them stop whispering. {12549}{12623}Caleb? Take a look at this. {12624}{12691}There you go. {12742}{12769}What is it? {12770}{12868}Saturn's rings await your approval. {12885}{12942}Has anyone found life on other planets? {12943}{13043}Not yet. Guess it's just us for now. {13088}{13165}Okay.|Then how many that might have life? {13166}{13296}Well, if you count the number of stars|similar to our sun in this galaxy, {13297}{13394}then you factor in the probability that|they have Earth-like planets orbiting them... {13395}{13442}There are 10 million possible worlds {13443}{13564}with four million mature enough|for life to evolve. {13567}{13608}Why do you even ask? {13609}{13697}Just making sure if you're listening. {13698}{13763}- Where you going?|- To watch that Discovery program. {13764}{13871}But it's Dad's famous Sunday night|hot dogs on the run... {13872}{13897}...time. {13898}{13986}I can't consume that.|I've decided to become a vegetarian. {13987}{14029}Well, when were you planning on|telling the guy {14030}{14085}who buys the groceries around here? {14086}{14190}Are you deaf? I just told you now, Dad. {14241}{14335}/The cubs are now|/six months old and bounding with energy, {14336}{14472}/but, any parent knows,|/this is also a mixed blessing. {14473}{14556}- Off.|- No, it's almost over. {14557}{14654}You're not gonna be able to concentrate|in class tomorrow. {14655}{14782}I don't have class tomorrow.|It's the 50th anniversary, remember? {14783}{14847}I remember. {14942}{14999}Caleb, {15060}{15136}when I said it was just us out there, {15137}{15216}you know I was talking about space, right? {15217}{15295}I didn't mean heaven, or anything. {15296}{15445}- I'm sure wherever Mom is...|- Dad, you don't even believe in heaven. {15471}{15532}I never said that, Caleb. {15533}{15649}I just said we can't know for sure, that's all. {15653}{15780}If you want to believe,|you go ahead and believe, okay? {15797}{15865}Okay. Bedtime. {16038}{16109}Hey, you and me, {16137}{16228}- together forever.|- Forever. {16280}{16316}I love you. {16317}{16388}I love you, too. {17971}{18000}We're going to pose a topic {18001}{18073}to get you thinking along the right lines|for your term paper. {18074}{18193}It's the subject of randomness|versus determinism in the universe. {18194}{18244}Who's jumping in? Jessica? {18245}{18314}Determinism says|that occurrences in nature {18315}{18412}are causally decided by preceding events|or natural laws, {18413}{18494}that everything leading up to this point|has happened for a reason. {18495}{18605}That's right. That's what determinism says. {18675}{18765}Spencer? Tell me something about the sun. {18766}{18816}It's hot. {18817}{18847}Elaborate. {18848}{18914}Temperature's about 10,000 degrees|Fahrenheit on the surface, {18915}{19006}- 27 million degrees at the core.|- Good. {19007}{19065}Stacey? {19113}{19176}A word or two about the composition. {19177}{19213}Mostly hydrogen. {19214}{19289}Also helium with some carbon|and nitrogen thrown in there. {19290}{19417}Excellent. Now, I want you to think|about the perfect set of circumstances {19418}{19518}that put this celestial ball of fire {19525}{19613}at just the correct distance {19699}{19793}from our little blue planet for life to evolve, {19794}{19904}making it possible for you|to be sitting here in this riveting lecture. {19905}{19949}But that's a nice thought, right? {19950}{20079}Everything has a purpose, an order to it,|is determined. {20115}{20232}But then there's the other side|of the argument, {20237}{20378}the theory of randomness,|which says it's all simply coincidence. {20406}{20527}The very fact we exist is nothing|but the result of a complex {20528}{20638}yet inevitable string of chemical accidents {20642}{20720}and biological mutations. {20721}{20806}There is no grand meaning. {20849}{20924}There's no purpose. {21226}{21298}What about you,|Professor Koestler? {21299}{21399}- What?|- Well, what do you believe? {21449}{21534}I think shit just happens. {21571}{21664}But that's me. Class dismissed. {21732}{21828}Now, that's some very heavy shit|for a Monday morning, by the sounds of it. {21829}{21921}Since when does the cosmology|department audit my lectures? {21922}{22056}Since my esteemed colleague|in astrophysics owes me a latte. {22083}{22161}So what's on|your scientific mind today? {22162}{22269}Do you remember Kim's little sister?|Ph-double D's? Remember her? {22270}{22336}Is it ethical to say things like that|about your sister-in-law? {22337}{22438}What? It's factual. It's peer-reviewed.|I mean, it's like... Anyway, whatever. {22439}{22483}- She's in town this Friday.|- Okay. {22484}{22557}And she thinks that you're intriguing,|which I thought was code for gay, {22558}{22708}but apparently not because she's asked|if you would join us for dinner. {22715}{22790}- Yeah, I... I don't know, Phil.|- Come on, John. {22791}{22872}Come on, you owe me for last time|you skipped out on me. {22873}{22925}- Caleb was panicking.|- Yeah, look, I know. {22926}{22977}And the time before that,|he had a sore throat. {22978}{23021}- Oh, no.|- What? {23022}{23078}- Damn it! Damn it!|- What? {23079}{23146}Caleb's ceremony. I'm sorry, Phil. {23147}{23197}Hey! Hey! Friday! {23198}{23275}I'll think about it! {23290}{23344}/- This little light of mine|/- This little light of mine {23345}{23408}/- I'm gonna let it shine|/- I'm gonna let it shine {23409}{23468}/- This little light of mine|/- This little light of mine {23469}{23530}/- I'm gonna let it shine|/- I'm gonna let it shine {23531}{23589}/- This little light of mine|/- This little light of mine {23590}{23635}/- I'm gonna let it shine|/- I'm gonna let it shine {23636}{23821}/- Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine|/- Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine {23886}{24014}/Fifty years ago, the students and faculty|/of William Dawes Elementary {24015}{24094}/imagined what the future might hold. {24095}{24173}/Today, we unveil their legacy. {24174}{24256}/Now, I'd like to introduce you|/to someone very special, {24257}{24344}/Miss Priscilla Taylor. {24370}{24437}/Since Miss Taylor was there|/for the original dedication, {24438}{24579}/it's only fitting that we have her|/do the honors today. {25017}{25071}Wow! {25271}{25323}You almost forgot again. {25324}{25437}I made it in time to hear you sing.|You were the best one up there. {25438}{25549}- You could not hear me.|- I could. I swear. {25602}{25660}Gotta go. They're starting! {25661}{25706}All right, easy, easy!|No pushing. {25707}{25814}Everyone is going to receive an envelope. {25871}{25975}Open them gently now. They're very old. {26026}{26110}Miss Taylor! Miss Taylor! {26137}{26199}Thank you. {26213}{26297}Everyone's gonna get one. {26589}{26702}- Hello again, John.|- Hello. How's it going? {27374}{27411}Hey, what'd you get? {27412}{27512}Boring.|Everyone else got a picture. {27948}{28008}Caleb, could you please watch|where you put this? {28009}{28088}I don't want you to lose another one. {28089}{28143}It's making funny noises. {28144}{28232}Try turning the volume down. {28283}{28367}Hey, Dad? You know that kid, Jason,|from soccer practice? {28368}{28393}Mmm-hmm. {28394}{28494}He's having a sleepover this weekend,|and he was wondering if I can come. {28495}{28536}Sounds like fun. {28537}{28573}They have a boat. {28574}{28685}Jason's dad said he might take us out|on the lake. {28686}{28726}I'll think about it. {28727}{28844}- That means no.|- It means I'll think about it. {28941}{29012}What are you doing with this? {29013}{29077}You weren't supposed to bring this home.|It belongs to the school. {29078}{29194}But maybe it means something,|like a math puzzle or something like that. {29195}{29281}Yeah, that's good, I don't know,|but it's not ours to keep. {29282}{29373}Now, you return this as soon|as you get to school tomorrow. Got it? {29374}{29456}Okay, let's go. Bedtime. {29776}{29876}/O'er thy spirit gently stealing {29998}{30089}/I my loving vigil keeping {30141}{30226}/All through the night {30351}{30417}/Goodnight, baby. {30418}{30488}Goodnight, Mom. {31010}{31105}/Our tigress lives|/in Kanha National Park, {31106}{31181}/in the forests of Kipling's Jungle Book, {31182}{31235}/where dawn elephant patrols {31236}{31383}/ensure this is one of the safest places|/for tigers to roam. {31397}{31478}/Year after year... {31739}{31798}Damn it. {33320}{33379}9l11l01. {34014}{34122}Two thousand, nine hundred|and ninety-six. {34188}{34247}Come on. {34278}{34358}What the hell is this? {36446}{36509}/In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina... {36510}{36633}/There could be|/thousands of bodies here... {36875}{36939}Oh, my God. {37042}{37096}Dad? {37137}{37221}Dad, we're gonna be late! {37351}{37448}Do you have your knapsack all set? {37474}{37550}Thanks for the ride, Mr. Koestler. {37551}{37625}Dad, are you sick? {37636}{37669}I'm fine. {37670}{37744}Don't you think you're acting|kind of awkward today? {37745}{37874}Am I awkward?|I just had a lot of work to do last night. {37878}{37928}Okay. {37929}{38003}- Bye, Dad.|- Bye. {38158}{38184}Look at this. {38185}{38232}- Look at the numbers beside the date.|Yeah. Yeah, yeah. {38233}{38268}Two thousand, nine hundred|and ninety-six. {38269}{38294}Right. {38295}{38333}That's how many people died|in the attacks that day. {38334}{38361}- Yeah.|- All right, stay with me. {38362}{38439}I know how this sounds, but I've matched|these numbers to the dates {38440}{38556}of every major global disaster|for the last 50 years in perfect sequence, {38557}{38588}except for three. {38589}{38666}And these events haven't occurred yet,|starting with this one. {38667}{38744}So tomorrow, somewhere on the planet,|this number string predicts {38745}{38864}that 81 people are gonna die|in some kind of tragedy. {38865}{38960}- Whoa. I mean, have a listen to yourself.|- I know. {38961}{38997}- It sounds pretty crazy.|- I know. {38998}{39076}I mean, even for you. {39224}{39308}- What's this?|- Open it. {39334}{39386}Oh! {39392}{39436}Why are you showing me this? {39437}{39557}The day Allison died in the fire,|it's on the list, too, {39558}{39684}from a piece of paper that's been|buried in the ground for five decades. {39685}{39767}- Yeah.|- Can you explain that, Phil? {39768}{39844}I was up all night going over this.|I went through that list again and again, {39845}{39915}and I tried to fault it and I couldn't. {39916}{39972}Maybe someone's playing|a really shitty joke... {39973}{40081}Right! Right! Except I saw them dig it up! {40117}{40167}I watched them pull the capsule|out of the ground {40168}{40217}and hand that sealed envelope to my kid. {40218}{40274}Okay, let me ask you this, then. {40275}{40332}All these uncircled numbers,|what do they mean? {40333}{40385}I don't know yet. Maybe nothing.|But the circled... {40386}{40444}Maybe they all mean nothing. {40445}{40513}Okay, Phil, hey,|can we just start over here? {40514}{40607}I'm not saying that 81 people|are going to die tomorrow, okay? {40608}{40670}I'm just trying to understand|why this is saying they will. {40671}{40736}Okay, it's spooky, all right? I'll grant you.|It's more than spooky. {40737}{40774}But just step back, all right? {40775}{40851}You have all these uncircled numbers|with no sequence to them. {40852}{40928}I mean, numerology,|kabala, Pythagorean cults, {40929}{40994}there are systems|that find meaning in numbers, {40995}{41053}and they are a dime a dozen. Why? {41054}{41172}Because people see|what they want to see in them. {41196}{41248}I mean,|that's really what you think I'm doing? {41249}{41327}Yeah, I think that losing Allison|has spun you off your axis a little, {41328}{41432}and I think it's clouded your judgment. {41500}{41566}I'm just saying it's clouded your judgment. {41567}{41638}Don't you think? {41654}{41754}- Where are you going?|- Off campus. {42254}{42308}Yes? {42333}{42380}But you do remember her? {42381}{42469}Oh, yes. I remember Lucinda. {42519}{42612}She was such a sad little girl. {42776}{42836}Would you like some iced tea? {42837}{42927}Oh, no. Thank you. Thank you. {42934}{43049}Do you remember the day your students|buried the time capsule? {43050}{43129}Oh, yes.|The children were so excited. {43130}{43206}And what about Lucinda? {43207}{43282}That was the day we couldn't find her. {43283}{43362}She was hiding in a closet, under the gym, {43363}{43489}scratching at the door with her fingernails|like some kind of animal. {43490}{43565}Scratching at the door? {43566}{43654}- Why was she hiding?|- I'm not sure. {43655}{43734}She was holding up the class|writing all those silly numbers. {43735}{43818}I had to hurry her along. {43819}{43867}Then we found her, {43868}{43954}and I knew something had frightened|the poor dear, {43955}{44043}but we never could get her|to tell us what it was. {44044}{44171}Miss Taylor, my son got|Lucinda's time capsule message. {44234}{44318}Do you remember this?|Is this what she wrote? {44319}{44434}Oh, Professor, you are testing|an old woman's memory. {44435}{44565}- Can you believe it's been 50 years?|- It's a long time. {44699}{44776}I believe that's it. {44781}{44845}How rude of me. {44846}{44969}I never offered you a drink.|Would you like some iced tea? {44970}{45025}No, thank you. I'm fine. {45026}{45080}I thought maybe I could meet her. {45081}{45205}Oh! I'm sorry.|Lucinda passed away several years ago. {45294}{45359}I said I'm Caleb Koestler's father. {45360}{45431}I'm calling to find out|the names of the two janitors {45432}{45585}that pulled the time capsule out|of the ground yesterday at the ceremony. {46068}{46189}I'm not sure I understand|why that would be a problem for you. {46190}{46336}/Yes, sir, we're afraid that|/that's privileged information. {46582}{46639}Caleb! {46695}{46793}- Who was that?|- I don't know. Just some guys. {46794}{46827}What did he give you? {46828}{46925}Just this. Kind of cool, isn't it? {47014}{47100}What did I say about talking to strangers? {47101}{47131}Have you done your homework? {47132}{47166}Give me 10 more minutes of practice. {47167}{47293}I don't want to have to ask you twice,|Caleb. Come on. {47680}{47734}Hey! {47772}{47801}Hey, stranger. {47802}{47868}At what age do we learn to knock? {47869}{47953}I said I was going to drop by on my way|to the graveyard shift, remember? {47954}{48009}- Didn't you get my message?|- I've been busy. {48010}{48076}Can you not play with my things? {48077}{48172}- You're always busy.|- Yes! Yes. {48238}{48310}How's my nephew?|Decided to become a vegetarian. {48311}{48376}A what?|- Why, you got a problem with that? {48377}{48507}You're not feeding him Dad's famous|Sunday night hot dogs again, are you? {48508}{48576}You know, if you want someone to take him|off your hands for the evening {48577}{48636}so you can go out, you know,|like normal people do... {48637}{48690}I appreciate the offer, but we're fine. {48691}{48762}And, believe it or not, Caleb and I have got|a good thing going here. {48763}{48788}Uh-huh? {48789}{48878}Yeah. So you can report|that back to headquarters. {48879}{48957}Mom says hi. So does Dad. {48958}{49025}Grace, don't. {49090}{49143}I get that you don't like|being the son of a pastor. {49144}{49195}I am the son of a pastor. {49196}{49235}That's fine. {49236}{49339}- You're still his son. Can't you let it go?|- Can't he? {49340}{49404}You know he asks after you|every time I see him. {49405}{49463}- He worries about you.|- He said that? {49464}{49555}- He doesn't have to.|- Right. {49564}{49634}You're going to have to speak to him|one day, you know. {49635}{49681}This can't go on forever. {49682}{49735}You know it's what Allison wanted, {49736}{49853}for Caleb to have a grandfather,|and vice versa. {49893}{49977}Okay, I'm going. I'm going. {49978}{50052}By the way, Grace, how are you?|How's your life? What's going on for you? {50053}{50130}- Thank you, John, for asking.|- I have to get up early in the morning. {50131}{50179}What have you got going on?|I'll say a prayer. {50180}{50241}Please... {50247}{50285}Don't. {50286}{50341}Okay. {50400}{50450}/And at the ASX 200 index in Australia, {50451}{50529}/one of the bigger losers today|/so far in the recession, {50530}{50591}/down about 1.5%... {50592}{50660}/The dispute has now lasted|/for some three weeks, {50661}{50721}/with talks yet to resolve the issue. {50722}{50821}/Experts say solar flares this weekend|/may disrupt cell phone communication... {50822}{50871}- Experts.|/... and some satellite transmissions. {50872}{50897}/The problems can... {50898}{50940}/The attorney for the family|/talked to reporters {50941}{50985}/after the press conference today. {50986}{51042}/The price of oil|/hit yet another record. {51043}{51123}/A devastating fire|/burns out of control in the Gulf. {51124}{51201}/That story leads our headlines|/at the top of the hour. {51202}{51305}/Plus, all the latest world news|/at midnight on October 15th. {51306}{51347}Eighty-one. {51348}{51386}/Tonight, in the Gulf of Mexico, {51387}{51461}/an explosion on a soon-to-be|/decommissioned oilrig {51462}{51551}/triggered a fire which burned|/for three hours before it was extinguished. {51552}{51626}/Officials don't yet know|/the exact cause of the explosion, {51627}{51718}/but believe a malfunction in|/the cooling system may have been at fault. {51719}{51765}/Our last run into the rig... {51766}{51820}/Due to the prompt response|/of the rescue unit, {51821}{51901}/the structure was evacuated|/with no loss of life. {51902}{52024}/Farmers across the Midwest are continuing|/to feel the effects of a record drought... {52025}{52085}/Across China and Southeast Asia... {52086}{52122}/And here's Carl with the weather. {52123}{52180}/- Looks like a scorcher's on the way.|/- That's right, Bob. {52181}{52269}/The forecast shows more high pressure|/moving in later this week. {52270}{52358}/It seems our Indian summer|/is set to last a little while longer, {52359}{52435}/so don't put away your hats|/and your sunscreen just yet. {52436}{52517}/Temperatures are set to reach|/another record high this week. {52518}{52623}/Thunderstorms are blowing across... {52730}{52785}- Hello?|- Dad, where are you? {52786}{52854}You're on carpool this afternoon. {52855}{52924}Caleb, I am so sorry. {52925}{52988}I'll pick you up in 10 minutes. Okay? {52989}{53051}Okay. Bye. {53351}{53467}/William Dawes|/Elementary School, alternate route. {53468}{53551}/No alternate route available. {53552}{53596}/Hey, you've dialed Phil and Kim. {53597}{53677}/We can't get to the phone right now,|/so please leave a message. {53678}{53756}Hey, Phil, it's John. {53787}{53838}I'm sorry about yesterday. {53839}{53942}I kind of freaked out on you, didn't I? {53943}{54059}Well, look, I'm not ready to meet anyone|in any kind of special way, you know, {54060}{54190}but I would like to take you up|on your offer for dinner. {54194}{54354}I think it would be good for me to just,|you know, get out of the house and... {54827}{54927}The uncircled numbers are locations. {54984}{55052}This location. {55408}{55495}Get back in your vehicles.|We'll clear this up in a minute. {55496}{55596}Get these people back in their cars! {55598}{55677}We can open up the far lane. {55678}{55789}What's going on?|Can we get through or what? {55802}{55860}Hi. Is everything okay? {55861}{55914}I'm sorry, sir,|but you need to get back to your car. {55915}{56049}- Anybody hurt?|- A couple of injuries, but nothing serious. {56066}{56141}Get down! Get away! {57096}{57157}Hey! Hey! {57835}{57906}Help me! Please! {57917}{57975}Help me! {57976}{58060}Help me, please! Help me! {58882}{58920}Are you okay, sir? {58921}{59006}Step back, sir. Step away. {59376}{59492}/Today we witnessed one of|/the worst days in recent US aviation history {59493}{59639}/when four planes crash-landed|/across as many states from Maine to Miami. {59640}{59759}/One tragically ended in disaster|/when Flight 74 from Pittsburgh came down {59760}{59872}/2 miles from the runway near|/Logan International Airport and exploded... {59873}{59917}Can you go upstairs|while I talk to your dad? {59918}{59987}/No act of terrorism|/is expected to be involved. {59988}{60062}/The National Transportation Safety Board|/is looking into possibilities {60063}{60164}/that a malfunction in the navigational|/systems of the planes caused the crashes... {60165}{60237}- You didn't tell him anything?|- Of course not. {60238}{60335}/First estimates put|/the presumed dead at 81. {60336}{60373}Do you need to talk?|/- NTS is linking {60374}{60420}/possible navigational malfunctions {60421}{60460}/- to an unprecedented level...|- I just... {60461}{60513}/... of electromagnetic radiation|/from a series... {60514}{60558}I just want to sleep. {60559}{60643}/Government officials are quick to reiterate|/that at this time {60644}{60775}/no act of terrorism is suspected|/to be involved. {60887}{60965}What happened, Dad? What's going on? {60966}{61060}Truck broke down on the highway. {61235}{61326}It's more than that, isn't it? {61350}{61422}I'm going to bed. {61458}{61535}Get your homework done. {61536}{61636}And you should go to bed, too.|No TV tonight. {61637}{61740}- Why? I always watch an hour of TV.|- No more questions, Caleb. {61741}{61837}I can ask questions when you tell me|things to do that don't make sense. {61838}{61923}You won't let me play soccer,|you won't let me stay over at Jason's, {61924}{61971}and now you won't tell me what's going on {61972}{62060}and why you're acting so weird all the time. {62061}{62141}I'm not a kid anymore. {63106}{63211}Oh, my God. John, you... You were there? {63262}{63402}The date, the number of dead,|the GPS coordinates, lat and long. {63411}{63498}- Why didn't I see that?|- It wasn't coincidence. {63499}{63584}I drove past at the exact moment|the prediction came true. {63585}{63613}It's not coincidence. {63614}{63708}Okay, John, I didn't say it was. {63735}{63805}So what are we calling this?|Synchronicity? {63806}{63920}Two unrelated events,|digging up a time capsule, plane crash, {63921}{64013}combined to create a significance|for the subject, you? {64014}{64099}I keep seeing their faces, {64117}{64176}burning. {64215}{64274}Oh, man. {64306}{64400}Okay, look.|We're way beyond the bounds here, John. {64401}{64437}We don't have a frame of reference. {64438}{64522}There could be multiple meanings|to consider. {64523}{64597}There are two disasters left. {64598}{64634}What are you saying? {64635}{64738}The numbers are warnings meant for me. {64796}{64873}They might just as easily|be a warning to stay away. {64874}{64939}You could have been killed today, John.|Caleb would have been orphaned, {64940}{65003}and you want to go put yourself|back in harm's way? {65004}{65079}Two disasters left. {65243}{65380}Right now my scientific mind is telling me|to have nothing more to do with this, {65381}{65461}and yours should, too. {69091}{69145}Dad! {69394}{69451}Caleb, what's wrong? What's wrong? {69452}{69488}Dad! {69489}{69567}It's okay. It's okay. {69602}{69682}It's just a bad dream. {69712}{69792}It's just a bad dream. {70082}{70136}Hey! {70294}{70348}Hey! {70354}{70431}You stay away from us, you hear? {70432}{70506}Want some of this? {70903}{70977}One, two, three... {71340}{71431}- Got your hat, honey?|- Yeah. {72282}{72353}Caleb, why don't you check out|the dire wolf? {72354}{72458}- I'll catch up with you, okay?|- Okay. {72753}{72813}Do you know that all wolves are born deaf? {72814}{72854}Really? {72855}{72890}But, you know, when they get older, {72891}{72953}they can hear another wolf's howl|from 10 miles away. {72954}{73008}Wow. How did you know that? {73009}{73073}I read it in a /National Geographic. {73074}{73146}/Mammal responses to rising|/temperatures and other climate changes... {73147}{73193}Hi. {73194}{73221}Hi. {73222}{73302}Is that your daughter? {73303}{73397}- Yeah, why?|- Why? That's my son, {73398}{73484}and they look like|they're already best friends. {73485}{73557}Yeah, Abby's probably telling him|about the animals. {73558}{73659}Even as a baby,|she was completely fascinated with them. {73660}{73774}Yeah, he's the same.|He likes extinct animals. {73821}{73882}I'm John. {73884}{73946}Hi. Diana. {73947}{73980}What are they doing now? {73981}{74041}Caleb's showing her something|in sign language. {74042}{74145}- I'm sorry. I didn't realize...|- He's not. {74146}{74247}Sounds just get jumbled up sometimes. {74249}{74344}He has a hearing aid, which helps,|but he's not deaf. {74345}{74440}He is an expert in sign language. {74442}{74510}I don't think it's ever been this hot|in October. {74511}{74551}Air conditioner must be out. {74552}{74600}Dad, can we get a drink? {74601}{74638}Can we get one, too? {74639}{74736}Hey, would you and Abby like to join us? {74737}{74801}Sure, that'd be nice. {74802}{74836}Abby, this is John. {74837}{74880}Hi.|Hey, Abby. {74881}{74905}What's that over there? {74906}{74979}It can be tough sometimes,|because, you know, I'm by myself. {74980}{75024}I know how you feel. {75025}{75120}- You're a single parent, too?|- Yeah. {75121}{75147}I kicked him out years ago. {75148}{75197}He couldn't keep his hands to himself, {75198}{75279}so I decided he couldn't keep me|to himself either. {75280}{75368}Well, it's... It's his loss. {75428}{75515}And you? You're separated, or... {75516}{75573}Diana, {75602}{75696}we didn't meet here by accident. {75702}{75786}I need to talk to you about something, {75787}{75887}ask you something about your mother. {75934}{76010}My mother? What about my mother? {76011}{76108}Did she have some kind of ability? {76169}{76216}Ability? {76217}{76294}A gift of some kind? {76331}{76397}- Who are you?|- Yeah, it's awkward. You don't know me. {76398}{76482}I'm John Koestler.|I teach astrophysics at MIT. {76483}{76533}My son goes to William Dawes Elementary, {76534}{76605}which is the same school|your mother went to. {76606}{76742}Fifty years ago, she put this|in a time capsule. It's a list of dates, {76743}{76857}events that I think|she believed would happen. {76867}{76899}Look, I don't know|what any of this is about... {76900}{76956}And I thought if I could talk to you|or your father... {76957}{77029}My father's dead. {77053}{77158}I think it's possible that there are people,|like your mother, Lucinda, {77159}{77213}who can see things before they occur. {77214}{77271}Abby, we're leaving! {77272}{77329}Honey? {77334}{77377}I followed one of your mother's predictions {77378}{77454}and I watched 81 people burn to death|in that plane crash yesterday, {77455}{77524}when she said it would happen,|where she said it would happen, {77525}{77570}and there was nothing I could do about it. {77571}{77641}She says 170 people will die tomorrow|in New York City, {77642}{77710}and in three days' time,|October 19th, 33 more. {77711}{77801}Stay away from me and my daughter. {77802}{77895}Abby? Let's go, honey. Come on. {78046}{78110}Stay right there. Diana? {78111}{78153}Diana, I think this has something|to do with my son. {78154}{78181}Get in there, honey. {78182}{78244}I don't know how, or why,|but I think he's in danger. {78245}{78352}So I'm asking you please, please help us. {78364}{78423}I can't. {78821}{78889}/A class-action suit|/brought by the families of the victims {78890}{78960}/is meant to be heard beginning next month. {78961}{79059}/Commuters along the Eastern Seaboard|/are reassessing their travel plans {79060}{79161}/in response to an FBI warning|/of a possible terrorist plot. {79162}{79238}/The Department of Homeland Security|/raised the national threat level {79239}{79326}/from elevated to high|/after intelligence reports suggested {79327}{79421}/an attack on a major East Coast city|/may be imminent. {79422}{79540}/Police have urged citizens to stay vigilant. {80390}{80428}/FBI New York,|/how may I direct your call? {80429}{80517}The attack will take place tomorrow at|the corner of Lafayette and Worth Streets. {80518}{80585}Cordon off the area from midnight.|Are you clear on that? {80586}{80621}/Sir, let me patch you through|/to our agents... {80622}{80714}Please! Do exactly as I say|or many people will die. {80715}{80799}This is not a crank call. {80867}{80968}You said you'd take him off my hands. {81562}{81661}I know there's something|you're not telling me. {81662}{81752}Don't let him watch the news. {82346}{82421}/Well, traffic on the FDR|/right now is looking pretty heavy, {82422}{82478}/this gridlock we're looking at|/probably won't let up for hours. {82479}{82625}/Most of this traffic is headed|/downtown to the Westside... {83718}{83764}Why hasn't this intersection|been sealed off? {83765}{83791}Excuse me? {83792}{83845}I said why hasn't this intersection|been sealed off? {83846}{84003}- Didn't you get the tip-off about the attack?|- Sir. Sir, please calm down.